Volfan 20

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Congrats on the win and y'all deserve credit but you gotta get ya boys in the comments above talking all that smack when like you said this is yall's first win in Knoxville in almost 40 years... but anyways good stuff today:)
Bruh calm down its one game. Team was worn down from Georgia and had a ton of turnovers. JG is a problem but it will be addressed and we will be fine. Be happy we can even watch football with the pandemic that we are in.
Remind me how many times you've beaten Tennessee in the last 40 years? Great performance today but maybe look at the all time record before you talk smack lmfao.
Kentucky would be lucky to be lumped in with Tennessee.... utterly dominated for almost 40 years but win one because we gift it to you and Kentucky is all of a sudden relevant lmfao.
Don't worry bro they win for the first time in 36 years in knoxville and think they did something lmfao. Kentucky's defense played well but if JG didn't gift y'all the ball twice would've been a ball game. Killed the whole teams confidence and made them look clueless. Good luck the rest of the season but don't talk smack or say this is a rivalry until y'all win a couple in a row at least.