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2-15 ain't nothing to brag about. Thank you Clemson for don what you did. Go vols!
Defense was the issue this year. With the exception of Alabama, the offense was better than I've seen in years.
The pas is all we have? All gator fans talk about is the 11 game win streak. Is that not in the past? I think so.
Maybe you should be upset that your team lost to a team that barely squeaked by app state and lost to a previously 3-4 USC tea
You're talking about when Butch was at Cincinnati? I don't think you can count that. Even a Derek Dooley SEC team is better any team from the American athletic conference like Cincinnati. You can't hold that against him. On the flip side, yes The way coach jones goes about things makes me want to pull my hair out. Even with all of the injuries that UT had sustained, we should have beaten USC by three TDs. I love Donna as a person, but I'll be glad to see him go. Sometimes he plays fantastic, while other times I think I could go out there and do a better job. We need consistency and a QB who can throw the ball. I've never been a fan of running QBs. I'll be excited to see dormady and/or garuantano next year. This loss ruins our season, oh what could have been.
Preach it brother. He throws that hand in my face, it's going up his ass or I'm being escorted out of the stadium. And you should know you can't talk any sense into the bammers. Rammer jammer, yellow hammer, go to hell Alabama!!!
What vols fans have said, "this is our year"? Certainly not me. Come on Blake Cunningham, find someone else to troll.
I agree, the talent is there for UT. I believe it's the coaching that is the problem. I love Butch and just about everything he does. I'm just so sick of the coach speak all the time. I want just a little bit of will muschamps attitude mixed in there. I want to see him fired up. This is supposed to be wide receiver U. They have very talented relievers but zach azzani is not a great coach for that group.
Of course you were hoping TN would lose. You're a UGA fan and a grown man that likely barks like all other UGA fans. The hate is real. I hope UNC destroys UGA. GO VOLS!