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Slipped out of the basement again, it must be tough having "LITTLE MAN SYNDROME!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
Get back to the basement JUNIOR!! Little Man Syndrome!!
Hey "LITTLE MAN" does mommy know you crawled out the basement and got on her computer!! She will bust your a$$!!!!!
Saban said Botch made the best coffee he ever drank!
SDS, how many more times are you going to run this article.. Fact, coach JH owes this kid nothing, he had a chance to sign in the early sighing period and chose not to! Kids flip on coaches all the time!! Nothing to see here!
You're about a worthless piece of Sh!t, you post on every article on SDS! you must have a boring little life "LITTLE MAN"
Maybe if you would get off Little Kirby he could coach all his 5 STARS better!! Little Nicky is still your DADDY!!
I didn't think anyone could top Dave Hooker writing a stupid article, but you did it Nagi..
Do you dawgs miss Chaney yet!! Oh i forgot he was awful, but on the bright side you got Coley.. lol
Hey gatorboy14 emphasis on (BOY).. Do everybody a favor and pull your lips over your head and SWALLOW!!!!!!
You need to read this Hooker because know absolutely nothing about what's going on with U.T. football, you just make stuff up! SDS YOU CAN SURELY DO BETTER THAN HOOKER!!
HOOKER, do you even realize how stupid of a writer you are!!! Got a man crush on Big Phil do ya!!!! What did Pruitt do to piss you off?
Another two minutes of my life wasted reading a stupid article written by the dumbest sports writer in the world! Maybe you should apply for the job Hooker sense you know a lot about nothing! SATURDAY DOWN SOUTH is HOOKER the best you can do!! PITIFUL
All Paul cares about is Nicky Satan and Bammer, he jumps a every chance to bash the rest of the SEC!!
I don't know what your bragging about, i think the last time Georgia won the National was 1980, Tennessee 1998. You Georgia fans are so classless, I don't like Alabama except when they kick Georgia's azz!!!
Another brilliant article by Hooker!! Hey Dave, i'm sure you will be the first one that Coach Pruitt calls when he hires an offensive coordinator!
The brilliant Dave Hooker strikes again. NOT!!!!