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Realease Dobbs and TN will be the team everyone expects - do you really believe that the Coaches were planning to give Astro Dobbs the ability to use his feet down field against App State ...? Butch said "the o line broke down and really took us off our game plan " ... The one problem is An O line that thought they had it going against a top rated rush defense (6th) ... Week 1 to Week 2 is where teams improve the most and I bet next week will show the True meaning of TN hype .... Why ? Because it will be the game plan to run Dobbs more... When he is free to run that is when Dobbs is his best and TN wins ... Heck if for some reason Dobbs ever gets injured , TN has two QBs that can Win ( Freshman QB Jarred Q is for real ) - faster on his feet and passing is accurate ... So the coaches just need to let Dobbs do his thing !!
All the ones Jealous of this attention the VOLS are getting after a decade of getting no attention , remember one day it will happen to you !! The VOLS are real and APP State is real (living 1 hour away from APP State) I know just like many "how good they really are " - they can beat anyone any given night and will be a top 20 team by season end .. Look at their record the past 20 years ... Rated top 30 in most offensive and Deffensive categories... TN did not play up to their ability but again the coaches weren't planning an all out assault and it about backfired because the game plan was not changed .. The game plan was not to run DOBBS - this is where TN is dangerous and it will come and TN will show all the haters at "the biggest game ever "....Battle at Bristol -- of course since TN is getting all the hype, all the ones on here bashing this Bristol game and TN , then I hope you don't plan on watching even the first second - but we all know down deep that you will tune in just to see how awesome it is !! To bad TN is for real and all the others that used to be are not !!! TN will pull out their guns and again why would they want too last week and take that chance of getting one injured - yes it about bit them , but it's a WIN against a better team than "most " of the top 25 played and struggled with !!