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I don't think that's what he was implying.
I thought the fan reaction was a little much, but I am glad we didn't hire Schiano. I don't know what is or isn't true concerning his alleged involvement in the scandal at PSU. I just didn't like the idea of his style or system at UT. He seemed like he would be another Butch Jones. I didn't think he would fit the Knoxville culture much like Butch.
Don't call it an update if nothing has changed. Trash journalism.
Do you think the guys doing the video shoot feel awkward? Every uni reveal video I've seen seems like the guy doesn't know what to do with himself lol
I agree. Just trying to help the journalist with his credibility. Doesn't look too professional when you get information like that wrong.
Tennessee is playing Georgia State. LSU is playing Georgia Southern.
Sources from The Athletic say that Wright hasn't taken reps with the 1's yet. He might not be starting by the first game. Niehaus and Tatum have been getting most of the reps at RT.
Yep. He doesn't have to try to be relevant. His program won 11 games and played more primetime games than we did. More relevant I'm the big scheme of things than we are as of right now.
Trying to stay relevant? His program is in a better position than ours is right now.
Then again, we need to throw the ball in order to get to a bowl lol
They need to throw the ball if they are going to beat the Vols...
Landing him is just the beginning. Keeping recruits is the difficult thing for most programs. That's why I don't pay too much attention to news like this.
Nah man it's all good. I thought it was a decent list up until the end haha.
His list isn't serious lol. Just trying to get a rise out UT fans.
Isn't McElwain's barn being renovated "Fixer Upper" style? I wouldn't rank that above OSU.
Guarantano had better be tough this year. His backups have no college experience. That's scary. Especially considering our atrocious O-Line play last year. Hopefully the O-Line can step it up with the new frosh additions. It might be another long, arduous year for Guarantano. But one can dream for a six win season haha.
I'd hate to be the one to make the decision on Trey Smith. That's a lot of liability.
I believe blackmail and impersonating a lawyer. Allegedly he sent a letter to a Kansas newspaper claiming he was a lawyer and told them to stop covering a story dealing with his actions.
Also, I want to point out that not all inner city kids suffer from absent parents. I was just using that example since he brought that up in the interview.
I just finished the fourth season. Personally, I would not want to play for or coach with Brown. I understand the camera crews don't capture everything and that they show you what they want you to see, but it seems as though his program was somewhat disorganized. Simply an "I have better athletes than you" philosophy. Also, as a man of faith, I just don't see how calling a kid a mother f*cker is building him up as a man of character. I've worked with kids from the inner city. They want love and attention that hasn't been given to them by absent parents. Yes, he's gotten them to the next level, but what about instilling in them the desire to become better men?
Many studies have been conducted and are showing that cell phones, while beneficial in many ways, have many adverse effects.
The responses to this post are more entertaining and sad than the post itself. Why does anyone feel the need to even respond to that post? The dialogue on this site is very entertaining yet concerning at the same time haha.
You're right about Pruitt. He doesn't care how he comes off at press conferences. I don't mind that one bit as long as he starts to win games. If we would've hired Leach he would've been an A+ in these rankings lol.
Corbin is one of the greats. I love watching them play. They do it right. He has obviously found a great balance of structure/professionalism and fun. Great coach and great program.
How am I a "Nega Vol"? Did you read my comment? I don't mind the Jennings trash talk. Why would your first response to me be that I am negative toward my own team? I'm not the one being negative. I just call it like I see it. Finally, how would having a bad season purge "negavols"? Wouldn't more losing cause more pessimism? Just a thought.