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The responses to this post are more entertaining and sad than the post itself. Why does anyone feel the need to even respond to that post? The dialogue on this site is very entertaining yet concerning at the same time haha.
You're right about Pruitt. He doesn't care how he comes off at press conferences. I don't mind that one bit as long as he starts to win games. If we would've hired Leach he would've been an A+ in these rankings lol.
Corbin is one of the greats. I love watching them play. They do it right. He has obviously found a great balance of structure/professionalism and fun. Great coach and great program.
How am I a "Nega Vol"? Did you read my comment? I don't mind the Jennings trash talk. Why would your first response to me be that I am negative toward my own team? I'm not the one being negative. I just call it like I see it. Finally, how would having a bad season purge "negavols"? Wouldn't more losing cause more pessimism? Just a thought.
Their point is that rivalry is not as lopsided as the UT-UF "rivalry." I see what they're saying but I don't mind the Jennings trash talk. It is difficult to talk trash when you've won only one game in however many years, and the UF team we beat was not very good. We just don't have much to stand on compared to Mullen.
You know, this was a lot to read in one sitting. You know, it was brilliant to avoid answering a lot of questions. You know, I understand not wanting to answer a lot of questions that have been asked a million times already, you know?
Just some trash talk. No big deal. It happens.
My lying? All I am stating is that it is humorous to me that the comments resulting from these subjective posts are considered debates. Opinions on this site are not often given with reason or stability, but with anger, hatred, and abrasiveness. I'm sorry I disappointed you. I promise I will strive to rise above the mire of ignorance.
You see the same problem in popular media outlets such as ESPN. They moved away from having a majority of their shows presenting objective pieces, and now have multiple (too many) shows based upon unqualified opinions. These shows promote "debate" which in reality is senseless yelling. I don't know who is to blame, the media who pushes subjective debates that accomplish nothing, or the people who eagerly soak it up.
That's your opinion. I understand giving takes and people having quality and intriguing debates, but with the clientele that this website serves, it's more senseless bashing and trolling.
#10 is debatable. These Top 25 rankings were all click bait and extremely subjective, which you admit to, and for that I am appreciative. Journalism at its finest can do without subjective rankings that incite senseless arguments.
Come on now. You know what I'm getting at. Exciting moments in the decade. A 41-0 drubbing of a terrible team isn't exactly top 25 material. The game I mentioned had so many twists and turns. Thought it should make the list.
I like SDS as well for the constant coverage, but sometimes it's just click bait.
It's great. Seth Emerson did move there. I read a lot of his stuff, and he's great.
The fact that there are RB's on this list who have not played a down made me realize reading this list is a waste of my time. Thank God for The Athletic.
Taylor was good last year but not very consistent. Had two GREAT games against two good teams, but somewhat disappeared in other games. Hopefully the D-Line can step up in the absence of last year's seniors.
I don't know if you have ever read any comments on this website, but this is part for the course. Don't take people too seriously on this site. They get wound up fast. I like to read for entertainment.
I completely agree it is a long, arduous, and sometimes painful process. However, one of the problems is that bad reporters are constantly portraying a situation as fact instead of "this is what may have happened." In our hourly news cycle today, people are so quick to report new "facts" so they can be the first one on the wagon. I wish the media would be more careful and considerate instead of immediately all or nothing. But you are right, there are definitely good sources out there.
Yep. Because everyone makes sure an airport isn't named after someone who went to a rival school. Just trash talk. Chill out.
This list lol. How about Trey Smith? Will he be at spring practice even if he's not participating in drills? What about Tee Martin's impact on WR?