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Mark, Bailey is also battling Maurer. If you have kept up with spring practice, Maurer has been getting a noticeable amount of reps and attention from the staff.
Actually, not opposite ends of the spectrum due to the fact they could recruit but not develop.
First off, several of those prospects were rated higher than three stars i.e. Barnett, Kamara, Tuttle. Secondly, Butch could not develop; he relied on the talent he recruited. Thirdly, it takes recruiting high ranking players AND developing them. Pruitt and Butch were on opposite ends of the spectrum in those regards.
You sound like more of a troll than he does. Plus, he's not wrong minus the decent Josh Dobbs years.
Wow lol. He was asked about each team and he gave an answer. Wait to judge a 17/18 year old kid based on the fact he answered questions in an interview. What's he going to say, "Yeah, I don't like that school"? Lol
This was meant to be an original comment, not a reply to STG.
He's 15-19 in the Big 10 and UT would have to pay a significant buyout. Never was excited about Fleck. Your making it sound like UT fans are wringing their hands about Fleck is a reach.
I know that you would like to think Herman wants to come crawling back, but there is a possibility this is all a farce.
Lol it's hard to listen to! I haven't watched in quite a while now.
Again, no outright proof. Just speculation. As someone who lives in Texas, I don't blame him for taking the UT job over South Carolina. Who wouldn't? I'm sure he wants out as well since they were openly shopping around for a new head coach. However, this report is speculation, and I laughed when your reporter was trying to explain how Tanner "probably" reacted. A lot of creative licensing there.
A lot of speculation here. A lot of "may haves" and "reportedlys." This dude is in fantasy land looking for attention. Not buying it. They addressed this on Football Scoop. Plus, Finebaum is the Jerry Springer of the SEC and a lot of the fans and writers who call in fit right in with that show's mantra.
1. Hugh Freeze 2. Hugh Freeze 3. - 1,000,000. Hugh Freeze
I was hoping y'all would blow us out by even more so we would have even more of an excuse to let Pruitt go. I'm disappointed in you, Florida.
They were competitive in the first half. That's it. Play calling other than that scoring drive was absolutely atrocious. Our offense is straight outta the 2007 Alabama playbook. Pruitt's program looks a whole lot worse than Mullen's. It says something when your players are fighting hard but don't stand a chance. It made me sick to watch that game. Our program leads the nation in moral victories. On top of that, Pruitt's post-game interview sounded like a coach who is in a downward spiral. Donors are wasting their money on this staff. I'm wasting my time watching the games. Heck, I'm wasting my time reading about the Vols and even commenting about them. Hugh Freeze, come on down!
I love Mike Leach and was excited when we were about to hire him. However, you can not base everything off of one game against a team who had two returning starters with a new DC. All of that said, I would love to see Leach succeed in the SEC.
I agree with you on the recruiting front, but disagree with you on the upsets. They are called upsets for a reason. No excuses for those losses. I like Pruitt, but I would have thought the admin learned a lesson after extending Butch too early.
He was referring to his track record as a coordinator, I'm sure. I'm surprised they gave him an extension before year 3.
The #1 guy on this list gets the shortest bio. The "journalist" who wrote this made no mention of Clausen's incredible road record. This article is a joke. Does anyone edit this crap?
Holiday has already moved to receiver per report from The Athletic. Kasim Hill is transferring. I think it's either Maurer or Shrout who transfers, but not both.
"A&M also gets a chance to travel to Knoxville to in a game set to finally decide which fan base is the most insane." Really? Growing up in Houston, A&M fans are completely sane and normal. Go to a game at Kyle Field. No fan base is more gracious to an opposing team fanbase, unless of course you're a Longhorn fan. Vols fans win the insane comparison... And I'm a Vols fan.
Can still have quality individuals on average defenses lol.
I agree with you there. If it's not on paper, it's vapor. If we a have a good season, we might be able to keep them all. If we don't, we can probably say bye to some of them. However, it's still nice to see at least some momentum in our direction.
Plenty of coaches speak their minds on the political front (i.e. Popovich, Kerr). It just becomes a problem when the media disagrees with the opinion.