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I love Mike Leach and was excited when we were about to hire him. However, you can not base everything off of one game against a team who had two returning starters with a new DC. All of that said, I would love to see Leach succeed in the SEC.
I agree with you on the recruiting front, but disagree with you on the upsets. They are called upsets for a reason. No excuses for those losses. I like Pruitt, but I would have thought the admin learned a lesson after extending Butch too early.
He was referring to his track record as a coordinator, I'm sure. I'm surprised they gave him an extension before year 3.
The #1 guy on this list gets the shortest bio. The "journalist" who wrote this made no mention of Clausen's incredible road record. This article is a joke. Does anyone edit this crap?
Holiday has already moved to receiver per report from The Athletic. Kasim Hill is transferring. I think it's either Maurer or Shrout who transfers, but not both.
"A&M also gets a chance to travel to Knoxville to in a game set to finally decide which fan base is the most insane." Really? Growing up in Houston, A&M fans are completely sane and normal. Go to a game at Kyle Field. No fan base is more gracious to an opposing team fanbase, unless of course you're a Longhorn fan. Vols fans win the insane comparison... And I'm a Vols fan.
Can still have quality individuals on average defenses lol.
I agree with you there. If it's not on paper, it's vapor. If we a have a good season, we might be able to keep them all. If we don't, we can probably say bye to some of them. However, it's still nice to see at least some momentum in our direction.
Plenty of coaches speak their minds on the political front (i.e. Popovich, Kerr). It just becomes a problem when the media disagrees with the opinion.
While what you say is true, think about if you are in their position. Recruiting is about relationships and trust. If you have a coach selling you on their vision, promise you they aren't leaving, and then up and leave, you might be upset as well. I agree with you 100 percent that people should accept the fact that coaches leave and it's a business. However, for teenagers making a life changing decision, this situation is hard to accept and move on.
The two games today were a disappointment compared to yesterday's. Houston looked legit. PJ Walker looks like the best QB in the XFL right now. Hopefully the teams gel more as the season goes on. I'm actually enjoying this league.
Here we go again. Media hypes up Tennessee. They tell everyone to get pumped for how we are going to surprise the conference. Season starts. Get thumped by Florida, Alabama, Georgia. Lose to a team or teams we should not lose to. Media declares us the laughing stock of the league. Media wonders how UT fans could have been excited at all for the season. And most UT fans are standing there knowing we were cautiously optimistic, if optimistic at all, about the season while getting ripped by a media who created false expectations in the first place. Rinse, wash, repeat.
I don't think that's what he was implying.
I thought the fan reaction was a little much, but I am glad we didn't hire Schiano. I don't know what is or isn't true concerning his alleged involvement in the scandal at PSU. I just didn't like the idea of his style or system at UT. He seemed like he would be another Butch Jones. I didn't think he would fit the Knoxville culture much like Butch.
Don't call it an update if nothing has changed. Trash journalism.
Do you think the guys doing the video shoot feel awkward? Every uni reveal video I've seen seems like the guy doesn't know what to do with himself lol
I agree. Just trying to help the journalist with his credibility. Doesn't look too professional when you get information like that wrong.
Tennessee is playing Georgia State. LSU is playing Georgia Southern.
Sources from The Athletic say that Wright hasn't taken reps with the 1's yet. He might not be starting by the first game. Niehaus and Tatum have been getting most of the reps at RT.
Yep. He doesn't have to try to be relevant. His program won 11 games and played more primetime games than we did. More relevant I'm the big scheme of things than we are as of right now.
Trying to stay relevant? His program is in a better position than ours is right now.
Then again, we need to throw the ball in order to get to a bowl lol