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You truly live a pathetic life corch. I couldn't imagine living such a miserable life that I got my kicks by going on line and antagonizing people. Hang in there little buddy, you will find something else to fulfill your life someday.
Hopefully his teammate will follow suit! From what I have read it seems very likely. If we land him and Salter we might overtake Ohio State for number 1 in recruiting rankings. It's early,but a heck of a start. It creates alot of buzz and alot of other potential signees will definitely take notice!
I have no problem with someone signing where they think that is best for them. But for a kid to blatantly lie and indicate that other teams need to work on building a better relationship with him after he has already signed? I can honestly say if this is the way he conducts himself maybe we are better off without him.
It's also rich that u criticize Tennessee celebrating its wins. Granted you beat Tennessee, but exactly who should you guys be celebrate beating other than that. Duke? New Mexico State? Western Carolina, Arkansas, Southern Miss? According to you beating South Carolina and Mississippi State is nothing to celebrate. Tennessee beat them as well. I guess beating a 4-8 Ole Miss team is parade worthy. See how foolish you look when you throw rocks in a glass house.
Boy that's rich. Somebody from Alabama calling another state rednecks. Shouldn't you be on one of your teams articles defending your crybaby coach. Because after all it's so "unfair" you guys lost yesterday. Also I always think its funny when people post comments calling players names and disparaging their character. Because if they encountered these players on the street, they wouldn't have the guts to say it to their face. But that's what message boards have created. A platform for idiots and cowards to shoot off at the mouth
And your problem is, that you have such a pathetic life, that you get your kicks by going to other fans teams and making asinine comments. Cant relate to that. But maybe your life will improve and you can find something more constructive to do.
I agree Baint. We really needed this one. I thought Guarantano played fantastic. Happy for him. All around good game. Jauan Jennings has officially entered my top 5 favorite Vols ever. Everything you could want in a football player
So let me get this straight for all the people, especially Georgia fans, that came to our pages to make fun of us after the GA. State loss. So if we beat South Carolina by 20, and Georgia loses to South Carolina. And Georgia State beat Tennessee, imagine what Georgia State would do to Georgia?? By the way Georgia loss to a third string QB. Tennessee was basically playing musical chairs at QB. Just food for thought.
Jeez Fuzzy. You brought of several of the trolls I didn’t even come up with. Just shows the volume of them clogging up other teams articles. Most insufferable fan base of all. And that’s saying a lot, Tennessee included.
Crickets?? No Kirby, no mountain, no usmc??? Gosh, you guys sure have alot of time to spend on other teams articles,
Mountaindawg, USMCDAWG, KirbySmart?? Crickets. You guys sure spend a lot of time on other Teams articles, why not on your own?
This is a little bit hypocritical, but with good reason. As a Tennessee fan I hate it when other fans come to our articles and make comments on our articles. As of late, the overwhelming majority of negative comments on our articles come from Georgia fans. You just just lost to a middle of the road SEC team with a third string quarterback. At home by the way. Almost as bad as losing to Georgia State. No Kirby isn’t Nick. And you guys aren’t Alabama. Humble yourselves!
Nobody making excuses. But when most of the comments on A Tennessee related article comes from the same fan base. It gets old. Most insufferable fan base by far in SEC. And that’s saying a lot, Tennessee included.
At this point in time I am incredulous. I have watched football for 40 years , and more times than not it’s about matchups. My guy against your guy. The next variable is coaching. Can my coaches out coach ur coaches. Tennessee has 30+ 4 or 5 star players. They currently have more combined coaching national championships of any staff in SEC. yet somehow we lose to a team full of 1 and 2 stars and coaches that obviously aren’t currently desired by top notch problems. So what’s the answer. Don’t know. Let’s not kid ourselves is Nick Saban winning with Wake Forrest talent? No. But is Alabama winning without elite coaching? Probably not. Yet no matter how many good players and coaches and players Tennessee brings in we lose. There are three 5 star offensive lineman and several 4 star densive lineman on Tennessee . Yet somehow they got pushed around by a bunch of kids that are on a team that didn’t even exist a few years ago. Can’t explain it, other than cursed.
Hi my name is “Gromit” I am the most self important person you will ever meet. Even though I am a Florida fan, I have proclaimed myself the authority of everything Tennessee football. I am clairvoyant. I can literally tell you what’s going to happen in the future. I Am really clever too. Because I have the maturity level of a 12 year old, I decided to be clever and assign the coach for a Tennessee a silly nickname. Man do I crack myself up. Now if I meet this coach on the street I wouldn’t dare call that name to his face, for fear of getting my freaking brains beat out. But I am cool alright. I am so cool and have such a great life I go to other teams articles and give rambling diatribes. Yep that’s me “Gromit” or as most people call me moron
Well Army you and aMountain are constantly on our pages commenting on every thing. It never once occurred to me to go to another teams page to make stupid comments. But then again I have a fulfilling life and don’t need to get my kicks that way. If Chaney is so bad, what does that say about ol Kirby. Clearly he was going to be retained as your OC, so I guess his decision making sucks. If I was Georgia fans I would worry more about how to get all those 5 star recruits to perform like Alabama’s and Clemson’s. Instead of going to other teams pages every time SDS posts an article.
Way to get all them 5 star recruits ready to play Kirby.
Was that Sam Ehlinger or Ricky Williams rumbling through Georgia defenders.
Anybody else notice that Georgia fans are conspicuously missing from this thread.
Because clearly Tyson Helton is responsible for us giving up point totals of 40, 38,58, 50, 47,and 38 agin. I don’t know what games everybody is watching, but I would say the offense is the least of our problems. The defense is abysmal.
This rings of desperation. Tennessee was in the running for several big recruits 2 weeks ago. But you got to wonder,after these 2 miserable performances by the coaches and players, how many did we just lose. I think Pruitt knows that and is trying to do damage control by suggesting guaranteed playing time immediately.
I agree Bryan. It’s hard to run an offense when your playing with literally one of the worst offensive lines in the country. I find it strange that everyone is calling for Helton’s job, yet no one is saying anything about the defense. The last 2 weeks have been some of the worse defense I have seen played at Tennesse, and that’s saying a lot. Guys look confused, can’t tackle, and constantly seem out of position. I see the defense being a way bigger problem. I don’t think anybody should be fired. But Sherrer shouldn’t beyond criticism just because he is Pruitt’s big buddy.
Congrats to Missouri. That was an old fashioned butt whipping. I think Helton has done an outstanding job. I thought the game he called against South Carolina was one of the best games I have seen called in a long time. What people fail to realize is that with the huge offensive line defenciencies it really limits what you can call. If you don’t understand that, you don’t know much about football. Its not even through one season and here we go, people calling for coordinators to be fired.
So Georgia fans come to troll. Nice. You idiots need to realize that you would have had mo more success against Alabama than we would have had. I never in my life thought I would pull for Florida. But I think I might next week. You should thank God that Alabama isn't a cross division rivalry game. You have a hard enough time with Auburn
Gatoboy you never cease to amaze me. I thought after the beat down,you took at home This past weekend, I thought we might be rid of you for a little while. But nope here you are, trying to criticize what is by all accounts a nice gesture by Tennessee. But I guess you have to get your kicks someway. Pitiful. Get better at life.
I can’t imagine how pathetic of a life one most have , that they would get their kicks off commenting on other teams news. Since you brought the Cade Mays thing up, teams all over the country have been raiding Georgia for years. I am sure Clemson really enjoyed having Deshaun Watson. That one had to hurt. At Tennessee we sure did appreciate Eric Berry, Josh Dobbs, Alvin Kamara... I could go on and on.
Bryan you are absolutely obsessed with Mike Debored. While I agree we should look to replace him, he is far from our only problem. The biggest proble Tennessee has is at QB. I like Dobbs as a person. But his inability to throw the ball acurately forces Debored to simplify the offense. To suggest that a team should change their entire offense to accommodate a RB is ludicrous. A QB yes. A slightly above average RB, no. Which is what Hurd is. You can defend him all you want. But the fact is he quit on his team. And yes, NFL teams will care. If you think Bill Bellichek wants a player like that you are wrong. He is a fringe NFL player anyway.
Boy you trolls from other teams must live pathetic lives. It would never occur to me to go to another teams message boards and antagonize their fans. I am hoping most of you guys are just punk teenagers, and it makes you feel tough or something. Because surely grown men wouldn't think its cool. Pitiful. Some of you guys are really delusional. Georgia fans and Kentucky fans criticizing other teams. That's laughable.
Pretty sure most vols fans don't care. Always had negative things to say about Tennessee. Even criticized Coach Fulmer for encouraging the players to go to church. Atheist malcontent