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Gosh Ron, you’re so clever. You are right I don’t know, but one thing I do know is that you are a condescending moron. That is absolute.
Says someone from the glorious state of Alabama.
You're right Fuzzy. These Georgia fans have become the most insufferable bunch in college football. There are more Georgia fans that post on Tennessee articles than Vols fans. They can't wait to come argue with gwhite. The same ones everytime. Must have pretty pathetic lives. Sad really.
Heck of a win, heck of a game, and heck of a game coached by Musselman! SEC putting on a clinic so far!
Hi I'm Dawgs 2021. My favorite football team is really good. But personally I'm a loser. I'm the type of guy that gets my kicks out of going to another teams articles and making silly comments. I think it makes me cool, but it really doesn't, it makes me pathetic.
Congrats Ron. You have officially joined gwhite and Corch as the most obnoxious posters on SDS. You always post these little snarky comments. No buddy you aren't more clever than everyone else, you just think you are. Get a life chief.
Good to see you showed up Bill to give your opinion. Clearly when you pull for a juggernaut like South Carolina, your an absolute expert on everything SEC. You basically referenced that Tennessee hadn't "played anybody". By all means tell me who in the SEC has, in your expert opinion of course. Please enlighten me. I know you took time out of your busy life to come comment on another teams articles, so I assume you have some real interesting takes other than the moronic ones you have posted.
How awesome that you couldn't wait to come to other teams articles and throw shade at another teams win. By the way the team that outplayed you all day with a backup Qb, and obviously the refs on your side, lost today. So what does that say about you. But of course your fat self is laying around on the couch wondering how you could make somehow feel as miserable as you feel about yourself. Get laid buddy. It never occurred to me to go to another teams articles and troll. But hey, I'm not a pathetic........ that needs to feel validated by some cool comment I make.
Ron you are now rivaling Corch as the most pathetic person to post on SDS. I cant imagine how miserable yourife must be. I'm assuming you both must be middle schoolers. I can't imagine grown men spending so much of their free time posting on another teams articles just for some kind of gratification. Then again maybe you both are incels and this is as good as gets for you. Corch loves to call Tennessee fans hillbillies. Maybe you need to take a little trip to the home of your new 5 star QB Gunner Stockton. There is a reason they filmed Deliverance there. Enough said.
Yeah. But are you old enough to remember when you had a life that didn't depend on getting your kicks by going to another teams articles and posting dumb comments. Pathetic.
I am sure Boondock you sit down and analyze every game played every year to know that “Heupel uses the fake injury as much as any coach in CFB” because you are uniquely qualified to do so. That being said most teams use the fake injury to slow downs teams that play with a high pace. Is your argument that every team that plays against Heupel uses a fast paced offense? I’m sure you have data to back up this statement. Please post this wonderful information. Thanks buddy
Good to see Corch still going to Tennessee articles and commenting after that humiliating loss yesterday. It further proves to me that he probably isn't even a Georgia fan. Just a sad lonely incel trying to get his kicks anyway he can. Because if he was really a a Georgia fan, he would be worried about that "elite" defense's ability to stop the pass, not bowl games of other teams. Hang in there little buddy, someday you will be desirable and relevant to someone besides yourself.
Heck of a game. Almost glad Kentucky converted the First down after the missed face mask. Didn't want that to be a determining factor. I'll take the ugly win. Some positives and some negatives. I really think Wandale Robinson was the 2nd best player on the field tonight (Cade Mays). Dude is always open. If he played in a pass heavy offense, with a great Qb, he might be in the Heisman race. Will definitely be playing on Sundays
Buddy its not a couple. It happens everytime your team loses. At least you guys win alot. Keeps the death toll low.
First of all, what happened Saturday night is a disgrace. But for all these other fan bases to come on here with their sanctimonious attitudes and insults is laughable. You guys act like your fan bases have never acted out. I find the insults from Alabama fans particularly hypocritical. Just last week Al.com had an article about Alabama fans killing each other after losses. Thank god you guys win most of the time. One can only imagine the body bags needed for a 3 game losing streak. Also the fine people in your state threw tons of bottles and objects at Jeff Gordon after he won a race at Talladega. The same people that holler “Roll Tide” on Saturdays. I also laugh when other fan bases throw around the moniker “hillbillies”. As southerners we probably shouldn’t use that word to describe each other. But when in Rome…. Alabama ranks 2nd to last in quality of life in the US, and has the 4th most trailer parks. But at least your football team is good. Georgia fans really like to throw that word around in reference to other teams. Good grief, have you people ever been to Northeast GA?? The town your next big 5 star QB is from is a redneck paradise. Heck right in the middle of the town is The Rebel Store. A hillbilly superstore. Proud member of the chamber of commerce, no doubt. It’s right there on 441 south so all the people from Atlanta, headed to the casino, get a good view of it.
And 99% of Alabama fans cant read at a 4th grade level. So whats your point?
Corch you truly are one of the most pathetic human beings possible. I cant imagine getting my kicks off posting juvenile comments on an opposing teams articles. You literally post stupid comments on EVERY single article. I'm convinced you sit around wsiting for Tennessee articles to pop up. Pathetic. I sorta feel sorry that you have nothing better to do. May i suggest spending the evening in the company of a beautiful woman. I know i sure enjoy it. Or if thats not your thing maybe some nice young man you could pick up at one those night spots in Athens. Either way find something. Everyone on SDS thinks your a complete idiot.
Congrats to Arkansas. Well played and well coached. But what a disgrace. We are truly the laughing stock if the SEC. Pruitt is completely in over his head. Of course he will make excuses and blame everyone else. But its all on him . Nobody does less with more except Kirby Smart. Its amazing what real coaches can do. Look at Pittman, Dan Mulen, Tom Allen, Chris Peterson. Guys that are able to elevate the level of play from their guys. The wheels are getting ready to fall off in Knoxville
I'm sure you would have been perfectly fine with Jamie Newman being " fed, trained, and housed by Wake Forest. But now that Georgia doesnt benefit, not so much. Obviously Newnan didnt stay, but i'm sure you would be his biggest fan. But wait, Georgia might be considering starting J.T Daniels. Wasnt he fed, housed, educated..... at Southern Cal? Hypocrite much????
Guarantano is a good kid. I defended him in the past. But he never took the next step. He is the same qb he was 3 years ago. He actually has played poorly all season. He missed 9 open receivers in the South Carolina game. 9!! He has been given every chance in the world. Its time to move on. Its unfortunate that Bailey will get thrown into the fire and have to face Alabama. But Pruitt owes it to the rest of the team.
Cade Mays didnt even play idiot. You're just looking for any excuse why they lost. Pathetic.
You truly live a pathetic life corch. I couldn't imagine living such a miserable life that I got my kicks by going on line and antagonizing people. Hang in there little buddy, you will find something else to fulfill your life someday.
Hopefully his teammate will follow suit! From what I have read it seems very likely. If we land him and Salter we might overtake Ohio State for number 1 in recruiting rankings. It's early,but a heck of a start. It creates alot of buzz and alot of other potential signees will definitely take notice!
I have no problem with someone signing where they think that is best for them. But for a kid to blatantly lie and indicate that other teams need to work on building a better relationship with him after he has already signed? I can honestly say if this is the way he conducts himself maybe we are better off without him.
It's also rich that u criticize Tennessee celebrating its wins. Granted you beat Tennessee, but exactly who should you guys be celebrate beating other than that. Duke? New Mexico State? Western Carolina, Arkansas, Southern Miss? According to you beating South Carolina and Mississippi State is nothing to celebrate. Tennessee beat them as well. I guess beating a 4-8 Ole Miss team is parade worthy. See how foolish you look when you throw rocks in a glass house.
Boy that's rich. Somebody from Alabama calling another state rednecks. Shouldn't you be on one of your teams articles defending your crybaby coach. Because after all it's so "unfair" you guys lost yesterday. Also I always think its funny when people post comments calling players names and disparaging their character. Because if they encountered these players on the street, they wouldn't have the guts to say it to their face. But that's what message boards have created. A platform for idiots and cowards to shoot off at the mouth
And your problem is, that you have such a pathetic life, that you get your kicks by going to other fans teams and making asinine comments. Cant relate to that. But maybe your life will improve and you can find something more constructive to do.
I agree Baint. We really needed this one. I thought Guarantano played fantastic. Happy for him. All around good game. Jauan Jennings has officially entered my top 5 favorite Vols ever. Everything you could want in a football player