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some of the best would be ranking in the top 5-10 season not coming in at 11 or 12. That is like saying , "I made a 50 on the test, that was some of my best work."
His recruiting hasn't touched the level of Fulmer. Grad rate only dipped heavily with Dooley.
This is pathetic. No the last two seasons have not been some of the best in the last 20. They might, MIGHT, rank 11 and 12, MIGHT!!!
The right decision was made but it sure solidifies the Gators dodging LSU last year. GVille actually gets hit by Irma and they can play it no problem this year.
Certified troll. Dormady had all the time he wanted.
By this article it sure looks like the AD was covering it up and then the cops got involved. Whoops. "Original reports indicated that Florida’s athletic department had been handling all investigations and punishments as an “internal matter”. The matter, however, has been out of the athletic departments hands since the UFPD’s investigation. Investigations from both police departments remain open. The findings will be sent to the state attorney, who will make the decision on whether to file charges. The Gainesville police department has been investigating credit card fraud and grand theft allegations against defensive end Jordan Smith, who is alleged to have paid rent with a stolen credit card. The GPD has made contact with other individuals regarding the case. Other players were deemed “persons of interest” by the police department." And the the idiot smith used it for rent and the Chicago company got involved.
No smith actually did something that got a Chicago based credit card company involved. This thing blew wide open when that happened.
"cover their tracks for spending stipend money of things stipend is not supposed to cover" Fraud Unreal, they used the money, claimed it was stolen to get more, and used it again to buy more stuff. That is fraud, no matter what they bought with it.
Not my words at all. All reports and they use the word "fraud" In addition to seven players being suspended for "fraudulent" charges to school-issued debit cards, Florida will also suspend tailback Jordan Scarlett and WR Rick Wells. Scarlett and Wells’ week one suspensions appear to stem from the same scandal that landed Antonio Callaway in hot water. The suspensions Wednesday of Scarlett and redshirt freshman receiver Rick Wells now means nine players who, according to reports, are being investigated by university police for "credit card fraud". Another player, freshman receiver James Robinson, has been suspended following a marijuana citation. Jordan Smith reportedly investigated for "credit card fraud" and "grand theft": The redshirt defensive lineman was one of the seven players suspended for at least the Michigan game, as announced last weekend, and who were reported to have been suspended for misusing school-issued funds. An apartment company has reportedly accused Smith of paying rent with a "fraudulent" credit card. (Trey Wallace and Oliver Connolly, The Read Optional) Grand Theft LOL
Well at this moment florida players are the only ones dumb enough to claim a credit card to be stolen so they could get another to use it again.
Wait, What? Nothing major? He had a rape allegation that UF had a booster sit in on. He also is under a title IX investigation for it currently. Go ahead and say he hasn't done anything. If he was at a rival you would be screaming for him to be kicked off. I don't like Butch but he suspends players when those type of allegations arise. You have multiple players committing credit card fraud that Fla tried to cover up but got leaked by the media. It forced their hand to do something. It is a class 3 felony in fla and 5 years in prison but you are crying because some dude writes an article about a coach not having control of his program. Clearly Shark Humper has lost control.
correct, I'm surprised TN QBs were mentioned but they were highly rated out of HS so they are going off potential. UK QB is a manager of the run imo and Shurmur isn't very good. He had two good games out of all his starts. Granted one was against UT, vomit.
Is awful. Keep padding those stats against FCS teams.
Tennessee was 38th nationally in rushing. Kelly averaged 6.4yds a carry. Do you even look at stats when writing this stuff?
This is bad. You have a guy that is the only player in sec history to have 10 sacks in 3 consecutive seasons, broke a school record of a legend, and you didn't put him on the list. Craziness. Cam is great and help TN greatly but Barnett in a once in a generation player.
No one passes on them because they run all over them. Sorry but SC does not have the edge in anything.
No they won't. Ark and LSU will beat them. Ark at home is a different team all together and they are coming off a bye week. LSU was winning when they canceled and will win the make-up game. I think UGA has a great chance at winning this game. That fla offense isn't very good and the UGA D can cause some problem for them. Chubb and company can take FLAs corners out of this game.
We get the bulk back. We have played without our 3 best players for 5 games now, Get 1 back. No excuses.
Tabor was beat 3 or 4 times that game by Jennings. Torched once "he fell down". Jennings shook him out of his shoes, that is why Tabor fell down. Tabor's draft stock has dropped a ton. Wilson is legit.
Butch made the best coach in your schools history quit. Let that sink in. You guys are terrible and think mushchamp will save you. Again, let that sink in. Carolina is awful and not relevant. Meanwhile the Vols have had 3 gameday games this season with a top ten ranking. Have fun cheering for that garbage team you like so much.
BOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO You guys go two bye weeks out of this situation and def used this one to get healthy. I sure wish TN could get an extra bye week since we have lost 9 starters to injury already.
serious? He hasn't done a thing since App State and all he did then was drop TD passes. He isn't a good teammate and is all about "me". You don't need that on a team. He was the only player that stayed on the sideline when Danny O was laying on the field hurt. That tells me all I need to know about him as a person.