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Don’t know what you do for a living but we’re in desperate need of quality writers. And this is the best thing I’ve read all week. Stay classy
Leave Mom alone please. Decorum, Man! You’re on SDS!
He could’ve won one at Georgia... If he’d been born 60 years ago.
The Michigan player couldn't stop Harris on the field so he's gotta take it to Twitter and Instagram. Bout right. Don't like them running up the score? Play some D!
Helluva comeback! My concern is it should never have been necessary. This team better improve on offensive production next year or.... Shut up Grandpa @#$!
Tennessee spelling.... And that game took 5 years off my life.
I didn’t mean to say Kentucky is ready for the Playoffs; just that they no longer settle for letting games slip away that they had a chance of winning! In past years, this program would have run into the situation y’all had with QB injuries and limped to the season’s end. Not so with Stoops and Company in Lexington! They not only finished the season strong, Lynn Bowden, Jr. is looking like he should’ve got an invitation to New York and NOBODY wants to play Kentucky! He may not have Kentucky going to Atlanta but he’s certainly changed expectations for Big Blue Nation. In September, not March!
I really believe Kentucky has turned the corner and is in the upper level of SEC football. Bowden is a freak and Stoops has really done an impressive job.
I’m your Huckleberry! Nice Doc Holiday reference.
More trash! No comparison, and a BS, fluff article designed to pump up Gator Nation and get all the LSU fans arguing with them. Move along please.
FAU?? Really? He’s a COORDINATOR. People never learn.
Another little punk that has absolutely no clue what their talking about. Kiffin's just as responsible for the mess as Dooley and Jones: you don't get to assemble a class of recruits, then bolt on them the minute something pops up. He blew the timing, and screwed himself AND our program on the way out the door. And we're competitive NOW which you'd know if you weren't an ignorant puppy.
Georgia fans are about as hilarious as they are delusional; Smart isn’t the SOLE REASON Bama had such dominate defenses. If you’d pay attention to the stats provided in the article you’ll see that Pruitt’s D allowed fewer points per game over the two years he was Defensive Coordinator under Saban. But I’m sure y’all don’t like FACTS.
...and let ME guess...you voted for the Head MAGAT? You guys are a joke.
Shockley got his butt kicked REGULARLY when he played QB at UGA. And y’all won’t be laughing come Saturday...Bwahaha
The “analyst” is just a butthurt ex-UGA player who had his butt kicked regularly by Tennessee. No credibility.
Should have “Gator” somewhere in that username. He’s a great player and people are just piling on. Move along please.
A Kentucky fan talking about “choking.” Perhaps we should listen...pretty obvious they know what they’re talking about.
Sick little boy. Please go away. At the very least, go see a shrink. You’ve either got some significant organic damage or a personality disorder. I’m betting BOTH.
What did the Wolf say in Pulp Fiction? “Let’s not start $&@ing each other’s $&@@s just yet!”
Let's not start ........info each other's .....s just yet.
Same way you still watch UGA's last National Championship? Right.