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Saban has done well at Bama, but if they don’t get back to the National Championship game this year, he’ll be in trouble. Said no one in the history of mankind.
Dude, you are such a little punk. If you’re mother weren’t so good to me, I’d be ready to take you out behind the barn.
They’re exaggerating the sanctions UT will likely receive as well...watch and see, but I’d be surprised if there are Level 1 violations included. The skinny is that the violations were not as bad but were hyped to give more credence to Pruitt being fired with cause. While there may be a Level 1 violation, I don’t see the NCAA trying to constitute it as “lack of institutional control.” Of course, who the hell knows what they’re going to do!
It’s called sarcasm...unbelievable to me that you still can’t understand that. But I’m sure Crossville Elementary doesn’t teach that to their 6th graders.
And yet just last year Finebaum was singing his praises! (Pruitt’s) He was nearly gushing about all that Pruitt had accomplished; not saying that Huepel will be the answer for Tennessee, but it’s become very obvious to me that so many of these analysts are completely off in their assessments. Finebaum is amazing at breaking down what’s already happened but his forecasting skills don’t impress. This guy is a better coach than Pruitt—plain and simple. We needed an upgrade and that’s exactly what we got. How much of an improvement he’ll be remains to be seen.
Having a guy who understands the importance of the quarterback in college football today cannot be understated. If he can find someone to run a better than average defense, we may be ok.
Welcome to Tennessee! The farm league of college football. Play well enough and you might get called up to the big leagues someday. Unbelievable situation. If you’d told me this is what UT football would look like 10 years ago...I would’ve probably just invested in some Bama gear.
“Firefighters getting pvssy for the first time in the history of pvssy or fire.” If your highlights of football dominance include victories over Tennessee in 2020–or, the past decade for that matter—you may want to get some better highlights. And it’s sure starting to look like Stoops has hit his ceiling.
Hats off to Bama Basketball! Just took down UK and still looking strong. Hope my Vols get their $hit together and give the Tide a go.
It’s all about the defense with this team. It’s become so cliche to say, “it starts and stops with the defense” but it’s accurate for Tennessee. And Barnes had some funks like this while at Texas too. Hope we can course correct soon; just our luck that the ONE YEAR when Kentucky Basketball is down and out, we’d pick to flop. Unbelievable.
You forgot to mention that Tennessee guy... “Whoever’s Left.”
TFK_Fanboy (emphasis on “boy”) really sounds like a whiny little.... Taking pleasure in beating a rival is perfectly fine; enjoying their struggles as families and people is just downright sadistic. (Which you are.) I’ve run across a bunch of cool, classy, and informed UGA fans on my SEC journey but I’ve also seen some real scummy little people too. You’re a candidate for leader of the latter.
I don’t understand all the hoopla...every time I go to McDonalds I order the UT Happy Meal that comes with a Quarter Pounder with cheese, fries, and $7,500 in unmarked, non-sequential bills. What’s the big deal?
So SDS has officially given up on actual journalism?! Every piece now is just some effortless, knee jerk pile of $hit composed for kicks and giggles. “Let’s do two things here at SDS folks...get the home fans screaming and have the rivals piling on!” Working for now but people will eventually demand some, you know..actual decent writing and reporting.
Congratulations on being 6th instead of 7th in the East. And the minute Tennessee hires a competent coach—still not holding my breath—we’ll be back to stomping UK on a yearly basis. Stick to basketb...never mind.
Here’s the truth that hurts...Matt Hayes is such s pedestrian, hack of a “writer” that he has to resort to hit pieces on rival schools—Gainesville Homey—to get a little attention. What’s disgusting is that SDS has lowered the bar to such a degree that they’ll let someone who couldn’t get a job with the National Enquirer submit anything on their site. Must be getting hard up for readers publishing such click-bait.
You mean like all two times? Amazing how much UK fans have to stretch to gather accolades for their football program. Stick to your basketba.....oh yeah. Never mind that too.
There were 10?!! Not sure I’d say that LSU even had 10 great moments this year. Of course, Tennessee had about 2!
Still salty about the beat down Tennessee put on you guys?! Come on! Get over it. And Cody just like most Bama fans doesn’t understand math very well; they may have beat Tennessee but they still have THREE FREAKING LOSSES. Tennessee had a bad day against Bama and has not been beaten outside that game. Get with it.
Not sure about greatest of all time but that offense certainly was the best I’ve seen in MY lifetime. And just last year I was thinking nobody would eclipse the performance LSU put on...this team certainly would have given them a run for their money. Give me this Bama offense and the 2011 defense and I’d put THAT team up against anybody, anywhere.
Uh, no. Lotsa buildup for an absolute beat down. Karma sure has a Crimson hue these days. Hats off to Rammer Jammer.
Don’t know what y’all think but I’m betting this will be an amazing football game. I was skeptical about OSU’s resume but after watching them take down Clemson—as well as an under appreciated Northwestern team—they look to me like the only team in the country capable of giving Alabama a challenge. And yes, Surtain may have to have the game of his career to help stop Sermon and Co. with the way they’ve been running the ball. Bama should do better against the downfield passing game but the running game is what will decide this game. Bama 34 OSU 28
1) New Head Coach 2) New Head Coach 3) ...
That was my point...most people would have been screaming for him to go for it. More of that hindsight thing.
Yeah, I kinda saw that coming too. Amazing how “PAC-12ish” some of these coaches get in crunch time. Cinci should have had this one but hats off to the Dawgs who played all 60 minutes and never let up.
What kind of IDIOT punts the ball with 3 minutes left on 4th and 3??!! A Smart one apparently.
I used to think Pruitt was a Trojan Horse sent from Bama to ruin Tennessee football. Now I’m convinced.
Kody, 10 years ago I would have argued this point with you. Now, not gonna do it. Auburn has shown—even with Malzahn underachieving—that they are a more organized, and more competitive program top to bottom. (Recruiting, preparing their players, and on the field.) Tennessee needs to find someone NOW and that’s problematic as Phat Phil is apparently stricken with indecision at the worst possible time. Any prospective coaches are certainly going to be snatched up prior to Tennessee getting off their butts and doing the right thing. And the top 5 recruiting class we had two months ago is quickly bleeding out; after a beating from A&M this weekend and a probable loss in the “Everybody Gets to Play This Year Bowl” the class will likely not even be in the top 25 and we’ll be looking for a coach when there’s none to be had. This sounds really familiar.