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29 for the Bama/Tennessee line doesn’t sound right… More like, 35 1/2, 20 beer bottles, and a golf ball.
And if you’d told me at the beginning of the year that we would be in that position at this point…I’d have told you to pass the pipe. I actually think we have a good chance to go 8-4 now: win this weekend—very possible but not surprised if we don’t—and get one more out of the tough stretch of Bama, UGA, and UK, and we’re there.
I might be the only one who thinks it, but I think Kentucky is going to give UGA a much better game than people are predicting. I understand the line being so high but it just has the feel of one of those games that’s played closer and more competitively than expected. I’d say Georgia gets the win but it’s something like, 31-23. And the Tennessee/Ole Miss game may not be the shootout everyone is expecting either: with the number of injuries—on both teams—I wouldn’t be surprised to see a final score around 28-24. But I’m sticking with my Vols to get the win in the 1st Annual CertaPerfect Bowl.
Amazing to me that the line is so large on this game. UGA giving up over three touchdowns to an undefeated conference team at the midway point in the season is crazy. Either too little respect for Kentucky or too much for Georgia: I’m thinking a bit of both. I’ll say it’ll be a much better game than most people think and Georgia gets the win, 34-24.
He'd be crazy to go to Texas though. If it ain't Ole Miss, it's going to be someone that nobody expects... I just can't see him in burnt orange! (And all the points ArchToOxford made seem compelling enough for me.)
Spot on, Fuzzy. I too was seriously concerned with--what's the plural for "exodus?" with all the players we lost--but Huepel and Company deserve a great deal of credit for managing to get so much production from a very limited roster. I think everyone was more concerned about the optics of so many really key guys wanting out: especially AFTER some of them had met with the new coaching staff. Best of luck to all those guys and I'm sure most will do well, but they might have made the wrong call on this one. "Exodi?"
You butthurt? Herbie has more going on than you—and apparently three quarters of the clowns defending this moron coach.
More BS from little boys acting like “real men.” Literally NONE of the football values you named are being “taught” in this drill. More weak-minded, cowardly little boys acting like “real men.” Pathetic.
99% of the babies I see throwing “snowflake” around, are weak, cowardly little people. I guarantee you that you wouldn’t be saying this to me or any of the other people commenting here. Funny how that term gets used on radio, or message boards but you won’t use it directly to someone’s face. Another keyboard cowboy.
Yeah, and we know how stupid the techniques you’re talking about now are. You people are pathetic and ridiculous; and you’re not teaching these kids toughness and hard-nosed football either; you’re teaching them how to hit someone who’s down and that’s IT. Weak, cowardly BS is all it is.
THIS! Nice analysis and you were spot on about Tennessee rolling early.
This comment isn’t going to age well. And you might want to consider removing that Power T from your profile.
Dude, this is a sour grapes comment if I've ever heard one. Stay classy.
Actually, Georgia's "scrubs" are still all 4 star recruits! That's what happens when you're recruiting at the level they are.
It still chaps mine that BJ went 8-4 in 2016 with THAT roster! How the heck do you beat Florida and Georgia but lose to South Carolina and Vandy!!?? And considering the fact that he had Dobbs, Hurd, and Kamara in that backfield, he shouldn’t have got another chance to coach anywhere.
Yeah, I'll bite...you just don't get to say a team is bad when they start 5-0: while I agree they didn't look good against lesser opponents--Mizzou, Chattanooga, South Carolina—the fact is, they finished and won those games. Bad teams don't do that. Now I'm not predicting them going to Atlanta--nobody is touching UGA this year and that finally may include Alabama—but I certainly expect Big Blue Nation to celebrate a 10-2 season. This is a tough stretch starting with the Florida game and next they get a wounded, but dangerous LSU team then Georgia, Mississippi State, and Tennessee. If they can just go 2-2 in those games (which is what I think will happen after dropping games to Georgia and either LSU or Tennessee) they’ll hit 10-2. And I’m a Tennessee fan but I don’t think we’d win a rematch with the Gators either. They just have a much more robust roster than us right now and while we can hang with them, they’re just deeper and a bit more talented right now. But next year??!
And you were almost born as a male. Landed somewhere just in between.
…and congrats to you and Big Blue Nation on an even huger win!
Agree totally. And after seeing you guys play the last couple weeks I’m down with Florida making it to Atlanta. If y’all can get by Georgia of course!
Considering it was 35-snap just 12 minutes into the game, pretty sure the Dawgs are gonna cover. Hell, if they’d left JT and the 1st team offense in, it would’ve been 175-0.
Great player! Loved seeing him play at Tennessee.
... which usually NEVER gets called in those instances. We're always saying we don't want the game decided by refs but I think that's what they were going for. Terrible coaching call if possible.
Great comeback Boxster! Beat me to the punch.
You mean Tennessee won’t be the only UT that sucks? We’ll be fighting it out for the Birmingham Bowl in no time!
Can’t believe we’re back in the same mess that plagued this team with Pruitt and Guarantano.(Sounds like a comedy team, don’t it?) I had a puff of hope that Huepel might be “The Man” but it’s pretty obvious that the Football Gods have not only turned their backs on Tennessee, they’ve decided to make us the mockery of all for ANOTHER decade. Or two.