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Indeed it does. But no more than the 1000 other cuts Tennessee fans have suffered as a result of inept leadership. We went from being a proud, championship level program, to the laughingstock of the country due to all the morons on The Hill who are short-sighted enough to hire chumps like Derek Dooley and Butch Jones but pass on prospects like Kirby Smart. And to “Dave,” dude, you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about if you really think this guy is a scrub. You either don’t know football, or just don’t know JACK.
You’re NOT for equality. Ask a woman. (And I’m not talking about the browbeaten, brainwashed women in the South.) They’re as blind as extremist religious groups about human rights and have no self respect anyway.
Carolina is so full of ignorant, bigots. You people deserve Lindsay Graham. How pathetic.
You probably back the scumbags who did that to George Floyd, huh? Amazing how bigoted most of the two faces on this site are...you have no problem with watching young black men win ball games for you but stop short for showing support for equal rights for them. Hypocritical, bigots.
Too bad for the women in your family. That you have so little respect for them and vice versa. And all you ignorant, right wing, babies on here (jblank and Bama86) are the real problem in this country. You act just like the bigots who threw rocks at civil rights groups in the 60s. Traitors and bigots.
"Entitled harpy?" I'm sure you'd use that description your own daughter, wife, or sister? (Of course for you those are possibly all the same person.) Grow up. She's got a very valid point.
Do Vol fans a huge favor and make it permanent. I’ve never seen an athletic program as snake bitten as ours. Unbelievable.
What’s hilarious is he WORKED FOR SABAN before he came to Tennessee. You guys are so freaking delusional it’s scary. And talk about stink? Directions to Birmingham: South til you smell it, then West til you step in it.
This from an Alabama fan who lives in a state that’s nearly dead last in every statistical category measuring quality of life. You can always look down at Mississippi though, right?
Using toothpaste in Arkansas now? Times, they are changing!
Further proof that Florida is riddled with classless, dirtbags who have no integrity whatsoever. This loser just cost us one of our most pivotal players at the most crucial point in the season. (Fulkerson is already ruled out for the rest of the SEC tournament with a facial fracture and it’s highly likely he’ll be out of the NCAA tournament too.) Florida sucks.
Cuz you obviously don't know what you're talking about. You have some of the most ridiculous, childish, and downright idiotic comments of anyone on this site.
That's the most ridiculous, antiquated argument on the planet. There are literally BILLIONS OF DOLLARS being generated by college athletes and they should absolutely be getting paid beyond the scholarship for playing. I bet with an attitude like that you voted for Trump...quit licking the boot of the foot that's on your neck for a minute and you'll see you're getting played.
Saban has done well at Bama, but if they don’t get back to the National Championship game this year, he’ll be in trouble. Said no one in the history of mankind.
Dude, you are such a little punk. If you’re mother weren’t so good to me, I’d be ready to take you out behind the barn.
They’re exaggerating the sanctions UT will likely receive as well...watch and see, but I’d be surprised if there are Level 1 violations included. The skinny is that the violations were not as bad but were hyped to give more credence to Pruitt being fired with cause. While there may be a Level 1 violation, I don’t see the NCAA trying to constitute it as “lack of institutional control.” Of course, who the hell knows what they’re going to do!
It’s called sarcasm...unbelievable to me that you still can’t understand that. But I’m sure Crossville Elementary doesn’t teach that to their 6th graders.
And yet just last year Finebaum was singing his praises! (Pruitt’s) He was nearly gushing about all that Pruitt had accomplished; not saying that Huepel will be the answer for Tennessee, but it’s become very obvious to me that so many of these analysts are completely off in their assessments. Finebaum is amazing at breaking down what’s already happened but his forecasting skills don’t impress. This guy is a better coach than Pruitt—plain and simple. We needed an upgrade and that’s exactly what we got. How much of an improvement he’ll be remains to be seen.
Having a guy who understands the importance of the quarterback in college football today cannot be understated. If he can find someone to run a better than average defense, we may be ok.
Welcome to Tennessee! The farm league of college football. Play well enough and you might get called up to the big leagues someday. Unbelievable situation. If you’d told me this is what UT football would look like 10 years ago...I would’ve probably just invested in some Bama gear.
“Firefighters getting pvssy for the first time in the history of pvssy or fire.” If your highlights of football dominance include victories over Tennessee in 2020–or, the past decade for that matter—you may want to get some better highlights. And it’s sure starting to look like Stoops has hit his ceiling.
Hats off to Bama Basketball! Just took down UK and still looking strong. Hope my Vols get their $hit together and give the Tide a go.
It’s all about the defense with this team. It’s become so cliche to say, “it starts and stops with the defense” but it’s accurate for Tennessee. And Barnes had some funks like this while at Texas too. Hope we can course correct soon; just our luck that the ONE YEAR when Kentucky Basketball is down and out, we’d pick to flop. Unbelievable.
You forgot to mention that Tennessee guy... “Whoever’s Left.”
TFK_Fanboy (emphasis on “boy”) really sounds like a whiny little.... Taking pleasure in beating a rival is perfectly fine; enjoying their struggles as families and people is just downright sadistic. (Which you are.) I’ve run across a bunch of cool, classy, and informed UGA fans on my SEC journey but I’ve also seen some real scummy little people too. You’re a candidate for leader of the latter.
I don’t understand all the hoopla...every time I go to McDonalds I order the UT Happy Meal that comes with a Quarter Pounder with cheese, fries, and $7,500 in unmarked, non-sequential bills. What’s the big deal?
So SDS has officially given up on actual journalism?! Every piece now is just some effortless, knee jerk pile of $hit composed for kicks and giggles. “Let’s do two things here at SDS folks...get the home fans screaming and have the rivals piling on!” Working for now but people will eventually demand some, you know..actual decent writing and reporting.