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For you NashvilleGator that would be a Floridian Slip.
He doesn’t get the blame—no quarterback should unless he’s directly responsible for throwing a pick six to end the game or the like—HOWEVER… I’m still astonished that Huepel is so high on him…he looks like a statue and seems to have a lot of insecurity in his play. (Hesitates a lot and is late or inaccurate on many throws.) The horrible tackling, blocking and PLAY CALLING are what really killed us. I’ll be shocked if Milton is still playing with the first team in another two weeks. Nico must just not be anywhere near ready to play: they would have probably put him in the second half just to see if his scrambling ability would have helped against the Florida defense.
Where the hell does SDS get these writers? The bulk of this is ridiculous, knee jerk journalism that panders to the team of the moment. Time to start looking for better sources.
Would y’all at SDS please get someone who actually understands the game of football and knows what a ranking actually is to put these out. This list is ridiculous.
The Dude just doesn’t like Tennessee. Someone in Orange must’ve taken his lunch money or his girl. (Or both) Tennessee 38 Gators 16
I actually think Tennessee has been playing possum in these first couple games. (At least offensively.) They've shown very predictable sets, limited throwing the ball down field, and stuck to a very vanilla game plan. That changes on Saturday. Vols 38 Gators 16
I know nobody will believe this—until they see it—but Milton will finally get over the hump against a good defense and play well. Between that and our running game—and one of the best defenses we’ve had in nearly 15 years—they will get a convincing win over an outmatched Gators team. Tennessee 38 Gators 16
We’re gonna curb stomp you guys. Tennessee 38 Gators 16
Stick a fork in them! They’re done. And if they look that bad the rest of the season they could end up with 4 losses. They have a difficult schedule and will get everyones A game this season.
strancharm Get off his leg. And melchie you conveniently forgot that just before that 16 year old was born Tennessee was busy beating Alabama SEVEN YEARS IN A ROW. Funny how short y’alls memories are…kinda like something else of yours.
Funny that the first person to post on this TENNESSEE article is a Georgia fan…makes me wonder if you’re busy looking over your shoulder? (You should be.) Tennessee is on the verge of becoming the next elite program in the SEC. What Kirby Smart has done at Georgia is impressive; beat the GOAT and did so using his own model. That said, Heupel is building a monster that will be unstoppable once our defense catches up to the offense. And Joe Milton will be just fine this season. Your shotgun analogy is ridiculous too; he’s completing 66% of his passes and should have had nearly 300 yards today if a normally reliable Keyton doesn’t drop a 65 yard pass that was right in his hands. I get that you guys are scared. It makes sense when you’ve been playing at such a high level and know that everything is cyclical in sports—and life. You guys had your turn…it’s ours now.
Good win. Vanilla game plan, and Milton looked good.
No freaking way this team loses to Florida and South Carolina. Despite what everyone is predicting about that Florida game, we’re going to beat them convincingly…and as for Carolina we seriously might beat them by 50 points.
Tennessee guy stole your girlfriend? Beat you up and took your lunch money? Make fun of yo Mama? Just don't get why this guy is so incapable of writing about Tennessee without getting his undies twisted. This is a Tennessee team that is going to very likely be better than last year's team. I get how that's hard to accept for many people but all the pieces are there and despite what O' Gaga says here, the schedule sets up very nicely for the Vols. So as Will Smith—or Tua would say… “Keep Tennessee out of your mouth.”
I’m done with SDS Between all the crummy pol up ads and the juvenile writing-hello O’Gara—it’s become a horrible site
As a Tennessee fan it’s more than a little ridiculous that a Clemson team—that’s virtually the same team we whipped in the Orange Bowl—is ranked ahead of us. Line em up again and we would whip them again! GBO
O’Gara is a hack. This is pretty ridiculous.
Tennessee will beat Bama. Convincingly. You guys just don’t understand how good of a QB coach Heupel is. He’s gonna have Joe ready to play. And our defense will be much better than last season. Tennessee 42-Bama 31
This site stinks anymore…constant pop ups and crummy, flavor of the week writing that simply panders to the teams at the top. In no world is Smart a better coach simply because he’s come out better “over the last 34 games. Ridiculous journalism.
TDOW If you're really ignorant enough about college football to think you can compare Josh Heupel to Butch Jones or Jeremy Pruitt you maybe shouldn't bother commenting on these posts. I understand that Georgia fans are busy looking over their shoulders knowing that Tennessee is coming, but please.
Tennessee/South Carolina All-time series Tennessee leads, 28–11–2 Largest victory Tennessee, 52–0 (1929) Longest win streak Tennessee, 12 (1993–2004) Current win streak South Carolina, 1 (2022–present) But please enjoy that 1-game win streak.
Can’t wait to see Joe Milton tear it up this year just to shut up all these wannabe analysts. The guy is uber-talented and he’s had enough time with Heupel to work out the bugs in his game. It’s gonna be nice to see all these guys crawl dad their comments about him come December.
They’re going to be lucky to be 4th in the East.
You must not pay much attention to the game. Tennessee will have a markedly better defense than last season and as for their loss of offensive production, we saw how much that mattered in the Orange Bowl against Clemson: no Jalin Hyatt or Cedric Tillman? No problem! Our offense will still be one of the best in the country and this team will be a playoff contender again.