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I was gonna use the same comparison! When Saban lost to LA Monroe at home, there were PLENTY of people screaming for his head. Turned out better than they ever could’ve thought. Same as you, not saying he’s going to replicate what Saban did—I truly believe he’s the best coach in the country—but I think Pruitt will be just fine.
Trump is a disgusting maggot. Amazing that ANYONE is still stupid, or gullible enough to still be backing this disgrace.
Hopefully, Dooley won’t show up on the sidelines! If Pruitt breaks out the Orange pants for this game, we’re in trouble.
Birth year actually. Born in 2014 would make him five years old right now. (But I'm sure he'd insist, "I'm five and a half!") In his cute little jorts. And his Tebow jersey. And Jennings didn't need to throw Butch Jones under the bus; everybody on the planet--with the exception of Gboy—know dang well that Butch Jones was driving the bus that ran himself over.
He was in full Beast Mode today. If we keep getting guys like him, we will get back in the mix.
...and Carolina was gonna win 10 games this year too. This will be another close game either way. I’ll say, 20-17, Tennessee.
Not so fast on the Tennessee pick. We may not be able to beat Florida, Georgia, BYU, Bama-/or even Georgia State!—but we’ll beat Kentucky. Funny you would even speculate on beating Tennessee! Y’all had the BEST TEAM OF ALL TIME and still managed to choke against the Vols. Count on being Blue come game day.
I’m amazed they’re still putting him on the field. He’s obviously got something in his head preventing him from playing winning football. I don’t care how much potential he has or how many great practices he has, GET HIM THE HELL OFF THE FIELD. Very obvious he’s lost whatever potential he had.
Wasn't any "gift" to it. Tennessee went out there and took that game. You guys can complain about Moorhead all you want but he wasn't on the field; your players looked like they had no interest in playing and Tennessee's D was on them from start to finish.
Orgeron made a fantastic move with the assistants he brought in and the change in offensive play but there's NO WAY he's a better HC than Saban. Or even Mullen. Both of these guys are significantly better than Coach O but he should be credited for pulling the trigger and initiating the changes necessary to make LSU the player they have always had the potential to be.
Waiting for the abbreviated version. ADHD won't let me read more than a few sentences before I start having flashbacks to English Comp II. (Or, the 4th qtr of Saturday's game.) I like Moorhead but I see your point.
Nice not to be on this list for a week. See y’all next Saturday night.
Betcha we won't catch him singing, "Rammer, Jammer, Yellow Hammer. Hell, ANYBODY can sing Rocky Top these days.
Actually, he's right about the POSSIBILITY; and you saying that this game is as sure a bet as Vandy is ridiculous. It's obvious--even with the early season struggles--that Tennessee is more capable than Vanderbilt. The fact is, ALL the pressure is on UGA this Saturday. Tennessee can go out and lose by 30 but if they don't, the narrative will be that "Georgia is not ready for Primetime," and not "Tennessee is still a Trainwreck.
... and, CHECK. Interested to see just how good y'all are. Slamming the Bulldogs was a great start but you have one of the nastiest schedules in the country from this point.
One thing I don’t need to know is three more things about Tennessee.
Why is Tennessee not on this list? We’ve only lost three out of four and they were pretty good teams? (Except for Georgia State and BYU.) It’s that ESPN bias! We should be ranked no lower than #103 and CFN lists us at #105. Tragic. And yes, recreational use is legal here in Oregon.
Except for Tennessee of course. They could be 1-11 and the 1 would be a win over Kentucky.
They love piling on don’t they? Getting pretty disgusting.
I sincerely believe Florida is the most overrated team in the country: that said, if Tennessee pulls this game out, I’ll be shocked. But very, VERY happy.
THIS is what the rest of the writers at SDS should strive for. Excellent, well reasoned defense of Saban—who shouldn’t need defending—and a pleasure to read. Scary to think what LSU would’ve been like had he been there since 2000!
More BS! The game wasn't rescheduled because of a hurricane either--apparently Florida fans DO forget—it was because of the terrorist attack of 9/11. Tennessee outplayed Florida for nearly the entire game.
Yet another example of SDS sliding down the tubes. Letting homers like this take cheap potshots and regurgitating the same stats and trivia EVERYONE IS ALREADY NAUSEATINGLY AWARE OF. Just title the next article: "1 for 15" and be done with it.
Florida didn't really! Kentucky found a way to...be Kentucky again.
No wonder your fanbase is universally despised; this guy is a straight up punk.