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“Firefighters getting pvssy for the first time in the history of pvssy or fire!”
This guy is clearly waiting for UT to hire a winning coach before he commits elsewhere. Pretty obvious he loves Tennessee, but I don’t blame him for souring on the current staff, given the givens. Anybody on The Hill paying attention here? This is the beginning of the body shots that may very well result in our entire class bleeding out. (And we’ve already had a decommittment this week.)
I’ve wracked my brain, wrung my hands and gnashed my teeth for nearly 20 years trying to understand WHY Tennessee has developed such horrible sports karma?! Perhaps Bama fans were right all along—God that hurts—and this is simply payback from the Universe for Fulmer snitching them out? But it can’t be just that, right?! I get the football woes, but that doesn’t explain the other areas we’ve suffered in this millennium; (Basketball Vols getting “almost there” nearly every year, the Baseball Vols—though Tony Vitello has them playing competitive lately they’ve been a doormat for 15 years), and even the Lady Vols with all the misfortune they’ve gone through including losing the best coach in the game in such traumatic fashion. For the life of me, I just can’t get why one University could have such horrific things happen to them in such an utterly degrading way. Maybe Peyton really DID teabag that reporter all those years ago.
How is Tennessee not ranked in the top 10?! We’ve got to be the best 5 loss team in the country! And according to Pruitt, Guarantano should be in the Heisman running too; you know, since he gives us the best chance to win every week and all. Someone please take 2020 out behind the barn and put it out of it’s misery.
Not really. What O did was simply preside over a team of mega talented players and do the easiest pressers on the planet after GI Joe went out and tossed 5 touchdowns and 480 yards a day. The Chizik comparisons are appropriate; he won’t come anywhere close to recapturing that kind of magic—especially with Saban and Fisher in the West. He’s a dead man walking. My question is why Pruitt is not leading this list?
Pruitt has shown he’s as hard-headed and unteachable as Butch Jones. Anyone who has ever watched football could tell you that Guarantano is NOT THE MAN. Yet Pruitt keeps starting him despite that proven knowledge. He’s literally KILLING this team by continuing to start him and not preparing Bailey, who is quite obviously, the best option going forward. Guarantano should not have started the season, but at the very least, should’ve been pulled in the second half of the Georgia game and never seen the field again.
This coaching staff is looking like a hot, garbagey mess. And I’m being nice.
You don’t seem to understand numbers. Dems got more than ignorant Trumpers.
“The Butch Jones effect” continued. When he beat Florida and Georgia in 2016 I was scared we were going to be stuck with him for another 5 years. Fortunately, as we know now, he’s the only dip$&@! capable of beating Florida and Georgia but losing to South Carolina and Vandy. Pruitt and gone yet but this game, a loss to A&M, and a thorough beat down from the Gators should put the necessary nails in the coffin.
Unfortunately, he’d have to play at 200% to be relatively effective based on his performance. Unbelievable how far this program has fallen.
None of them deserve a dollar after watching the product they put on the field this season. Pruitt, Cheney, and Ansley should give their entire gd checks back after seeing how terribly they’ve led this team. Hot, garbagey mess.
On a side note, thanks to all you good old boys in Georgia who helped turn Georgia blue! Go Joe!
You guys really are SHEEP. Amazing how many truly stupid people we have in this country; and that the majority of them are gravitate to the GOP.
1) They shouldn’t have fired him and DEFINITELY not during the game 2) Guarantano should never have seen the field this season; he’s no better than he was three years ago and we need to move forward
Guarantano had no business on the field. He’s shown he’s not capable of coming through for the offense—in games that matter—and Pruitt should be preparing this team for the future. That’s he’s become so stubbornly enamored with a subpar quarterback may very well cost him his job.
Hog fans shouldn't worry if they drop this game... Y'all get Tennessee the following week.
Typical terrible writing by SDS: “Guarantano still had a decent day throwing 2 touchdown passes without committing a turnover.” He was 13 for 24 for 162 yards. That is NOT a decent day for a quarterback. (Maybe in 1939 but not now.) Tennessee will be lucky to win two more games this season; I must admit that I drank the Kool-Aid before the season began and somehow BSed myself into thinking.,, “He’ll be a better QB this year! He’s had two years under Cheney and with the quality running backs we have and our tremendous offensive line--another myth—he’ll turn the corner and this team will be competitive.” We’re no better than we were with Butch Jones. Unbelievable.
The line on the Tennessee/Bama game could be +40 and Tennessee STILL won’t cover. Crazy days
Not arguing with you calling THIS game; I’m talking about Kentucky being the 3rd best team in the East. There’s a lot of football left and with them starting 0-2, they’ll have their hands full proving that.