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Absolutely would. They’ll go at least 6-4–at the VERY least—and could get to 8-2. O’Gara needs some help with his analysis.
Conor is a hack: pretty obvious he’s out of his depth writing on the SEC. Seems to be a theme these days, but he’s been good at keeping the good ole boys frothed up with his political views so he’s become very en vogue. Still don’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to football though.
You guys need a real head coach. Sorry, but after this season, you’ll be back in the market for one. And A&M pushed all-in with the wrong guy; Jimbo will end up falling about as flat as Malzahn and be lucky his agent got him such a heavy buyout in that $75 million contract.
Don’t be bitter cuz Burreaux is gone! Doesn’t suit you Bayou Bengals. Fact is, we weren’t mediocre—at least talent wise—under Trash Can Jones! Ask Florida, and 2016 UGA. (Please insert Dobb-Nail Boot comments.) We certainly were from a COACHING standpoint, which is how you beat the aforementioned Gators and Dawgs, but lose to South Carolina and VANDY—with a trip to the Sugar Bowl on the line. Tennessee isn’t a mediocre team and hasn’t been since we lost to BYU last year: they were down several significant role-players in the early season and got bit for it. They won’t repeat those mistakes this year and our offense is moving from a liability, to a unit capable of holding their own in an offensively challenged conference. Again, I look for this team to do no worse than 7-3 this season and with a couple breaks could surprise and go 8-2.
Please hire some decent writers. Pretty obvious this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. This is more regurgitated trash from the Butch Jones era. If you guys can’t tell this team has turned the corner and is on par with the Auburn’s and A&Ms of this league—let alone Kentucky (AT HOME) you need to be writing on Peewee Football. 7-3 with losses to Alabama, Georgia, and EITHER A&M, or Florida but not both.
Bet you miss the good old days in the South where you could just break out your Klan gear and burn a few crosses when people got “uppity.” Some pretty disgusting people around this site: seems to be a trend. You guys love watching these predominantly Black athletes and refer to them as “your players” but can’t relate to anything in their lives. How very two-faced.
Love how I say something construed as negative about FLORIDA and get bashed by UGA and Bama fans. Maybe they’re right...Tennessee might be back.
Saw this writer on the Feinbaum show and while he seems like a nice enough guy, it’s pretty obvious he’s completely out of touch with SEC football. Kentucky is gonna beat Tennessee AT Tennessee but lose to Mississippi State in Lexington?! Please get guys with some actual writing experience.
Can’t wait to see Florida lose 4 games this year. People are high on this team and they’re gonna be one of the biggest flops of the season.
Tim Brando was VERY high on them. And high on something else too.
WonderChicken Yeah, right. Roosters say, “cock-a-doodle-doo!” Carolina fans say, “Any cock’ll do!”
Break out your Klan robes and be done with it. I swear, some of you people would have thrown rocks at MLK and the Freedom Riders. See all those hateful faces in pics from the 60s when young people of color were trying to get in schools in the South? They look just like YOU GUYS do today.
You sound like you’ve got the hook all the way down in your guts. Trump is a disgusting, worthless scumbag and is a traitor to this country. You feel like endorsing someone like that, what does that say about you? Biden 2020
Guy looks legit and should prosper under Chaney. Coach Pruitt is doing a helluva job bringing these guys in. GBO
You just love spreading lies. Must be a 45 lover. He’s a loser and so are his sheep. You people will have a reckoning for all the lies and treason.
Already moved out West. My wife and I got sick of all the racist, bigoted, punks in the South. (She’s a veteran and a Critical Care Nurse but since she’s not White we got tired of all you narrow minded MAGATs asking her for her Green Card. Ironic how she’s done more for our country than most of the jack@fffs who harassed her. Good old “Southern Hospitality.”
How narcissistic can you get?! ““tyrants don’t last long in areas that live to be free.” You jackasses voted for Trump and you have the audacity to talk about tyranny and living free?? And who makes moronic statements like “people die...you can’t control it.” You must be related to the Governor of Florida. The problem with people like you...and pretty much every phony conservative I’ve had the displeasure of knowing—is how little regard you have for the lives of others. You people could give two $hits about anyone who doesn’t look, sound, and pray just like you. Which is exactly why you can be so cavalier with the lives of others. Probably why you guys make such wonderful bigots.
This is the greatest example of this country having their priorities screwed up: worldwide pandemic and realistically a quarter million deaths by Thanksgiving and we’re STILL talking about playing college football. And nearly ALL of this crap is coming from GOP supporters and “Christian conservatives.” How completely two-faced. But hey, if you can seriously tell me that the moron they (and Putin) put in the White House, is representing anyone but himself, why should we expect anything different?
And Tony, you keep watching Fox & Friends and telling yourself, “everything’s fine!”
You’re fooling yourself if you can’t see that it is about politics. People throw around the saying “Sports is a microcosm of life,” freely, but still can’t make the connection. Obviously, you can’t either. Keep that head lodged where you’ve got it. Wouldn’t expect anything less from you.
Connor O’Gara...championing the weak-minded, and the zealots with his mighty penmanship. More likely, leading the swine around by their noses cuz it’s getting him a helluva lot more clickbait than writers pimping common sense and respect for others. Truly hope this guy gets some ripened karma.
Y’all need to come to grips with the fact that there WILL BE NO COLLEGE FOOTBALL played this season. All these writers are doing—hello Connor O’Gara—is stringing you along because THEY KNOW YOU DESPERATELY WANT IT. And saying ridiculous crap like “Well, the players still want to play” is more ridiculous fuel on the fire; of course they want to play! Everyone wants things to return to “normal” but to continue to try to force the issue is just making things worse. Accept it and move forward.
Conor does a great job of keeping the Southerners frothed up. Not very difficult these days; when the majority of people believe the word of a gutless, snake oil salesmen over the head of the National Institutes of Health. Same morons who were screaming that the Earth was flat 300 years ago. Just newer pantaloons.
Pretty stupid stuff. Bet I know who you voted for.
You guys are so twisted it’s pathetic. But then you still support a draft dodging, bigot. Cognitive Dissonance Abounds.
“Left wing loonies” which translates to “People who believe in science, truth and Democracy, over BS, alternative facts, zealotry, and your Draft Dodger in Chief.” Disappointing how many of you guys actually believe in him and the garbage he peddles via Fox & Friends. #FoxBots
We can sure tell where O’Gara stands. So much for objectivity in journalism. Amazing level of cognitive dissonance going on in this country.
If anyone is really surprised it’s because they have their head buried somewhere. About like 75% of this country.
Didn't know weed was legal in Alabama. Kentucky winning the East would rank up there with UMBC beating UVA. Keep on toking.
I bet you claim to be a Christian too. Intolerance and judgment: the REAL Christian doctrine. I GUARANTEE that if he hadn't been dismissed, you'd still be defending him too. How two-faced.