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Yet another example of SDS sliding down the tubes. Letting homers like this take cheap potshots and regurgitating the same stats and trivia EVERYONE IS ALREADY NAUSEATINGLY AWARE OF. Just title the next article: "1 for 15" and be done with it.
Florida didn't really! Kentucky found a way to...be Kentucky again.
No wonder your fanbase is universally despised; this guy is a straight up punk.
So all that said and you're still a trashy, unintelligent, loser. You feel any better? Nope. You need to get a job, probably a woman--or guy if that works for you--and stop picking your nose so much. You'll have a new life if you do those things and who knows, maybe in two or three years you'll be able to move out of Mom's basement.
This article is BS. They lost because they weren't ready to play. Plain and simple. People need to start facing reality instead of worrying who's talking about them. Pitter patter...
Yet another MORONIC take on Tennessee’s struggles. They’re losing because of poor coaching. Plain and simple. Lay the blame where it belongs. Twitter or Facebook or Instagram have absolutely NOTHING to do with their performance.
Butch Jones SHOULD never have been hired; that said, there were plenty of people who thought the choice of Pruitt was a sound one. Personally, I’d like to see them give Kiffin another shot. Can’t get any worse, and he’s gotten much better. With the facilities, recruiting, and financial resources, he’d do well IF he’d stay for long enough to get things done.
Check yourself IDIOT. You sound like a little 10 year old punk that’s butthurt over something else anyway.
Dude, you are so pathetic it’s amazing. You can always tell the losers by them piling on someone when they’re down.
Bring back Lane Kiffin. There; I said it! I’m sure people will laugh, but I guarantee you that if Kiffin had another shot—and the resources they’ve given Pruitt—he’d turn it around in 3-4 years. It’s been a freaking travesty of a freak show for over a decade anyway! WTH do we have to lose?!
Another classless comment; pretty much to be expected from you. Jennings is a winner; Pruitt did nothing more than make that known.
I wouldn’t say we “wet” the bed. That game qualifies as a number two. And no more mattresses please.
It was supposed to be a coaches and players only meeting but the coaches forgot to come. Like last Saturday.
Worst nightmare I could have for this year just happened.
Georgia. Freaking. State. Unbelievable. Team looked completely uninspired and unprepared. I've NEVER been so embarrassed of a Tennessee team at any sport.
Georgia. Freaking. State. Unbelievable. Team looked completely uninspired and unprepared. I've NEVER been so embarrassed of a Tennessee team at any sport. We'll be lucky to win four games playing like that.
Not sure where your butthurt against Tennessee developed but the stale, juvenile jokes are getting old. Is that you Butch?
How ridiculous! And this guy calls himself a sportswriter?! Mizzou will be fortunate to win 8 games; more likely, 6-6 or 7-5.
Two of the absolutely worst fanbases in the country... Anyone really that surprised?
Agreed. I couldn’t stand Munsen after making that ridiculous, CHILDISH comment. And this was back when Georgia beat Tennessee once a decade.
Why not just come out and say this guy is a Gator alum?
Amazing how many people are swinging—and missing—with these Florida predictions. This team will take a significant step back from last season; possibly 7-5 or 8-4 at best. Most overrated team in the country. (Right alongside Michigan.)
Florida is the most interesting team in the conference this year... Really difficult schedule and I think they overachieved last season so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them either win the East OR go 7-5 and end up behind a couple others. Great thing is, we’ll ALL KNOW SOON.
Hope this stings for all the hateful people who attacked this guy’s character after he did THE RIGHT THING and left Tennessee. All the hateful—and mostly untrue—comments directed at someone who really was playing his heart out was hard to see. Some people are just jealous and twisted and when the wheels came off that season they wanted someone to blame. They chose the wrong person and we ended up with the REAL DEADBEAT for another season which would be the worst in our history.
Tennessee fan here but Timmy wins this one going away. The guy was one of the most fierce competitors I've ever seen.
No worries, we’ll be back to competing with everyone—including Bama—in just another year or two with Pruitt and the staff he’s built in Knoxville. I know y’all forget when you get on these long winning streaks against us but we’ve beaten you more than anyone else in the country. (Before this streak started, the series record was 44-37-8 with you guys just 7 games ahead of us. We’ll start evening things up here shortly.
An SDS writer familiar with a whole decade of the conference?! Impressive!