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That game was the beginning of the end for me with Butch Jones. I can remember thinking that he'd SURELY be fired after the following week's loss to the Gators after he botched about 15 ways to win the game. We do owe Oklahoma one! Or two.
Chris Steele predicted it. Quit trying to run; best leave that to the players.
Here’s his options: Stay in Tennessee with a program that you’ve built and with the momentum and exposure he’s already created, could lead to a championship prior to retirement. Also, the fanbase is already in love with him so he’s not going to worry about job security. Or.... Take the high-pressure, high-criticism UCLA job with totally unrealistic demands that if they haven’t been met within 2 seasons, could result in forced retirement. I kinda think he goes to LA; that being said, he’d be much better off staying in Knoxville.
This foul—it was a foul—should never have happened in the first place as the ball went off the Purdue players foot just prior to the call. All that said, you can’t shoot 14-28 from the charity stripe and expect to win an NCAA Tournament game. But man, as a Vol fan I’ll really miss watching this team play. Admiral Schofield was truly special and we’ll miss Kyle Alexander too. We’ll be back though. GO BIG ORANGE
What is your point saying "White kid?" Why you bringing that into the conversation? I
I still think Duke is a better overall team. But this team COULD be better than that. Let's see them get back to playing championship defense!
We really need this game. Pruitt can gain a lot of believers if he gets this team--with this offensive line--bowl eligible. Tennessee 31 Vandy 30 GBO
My money's on NO. He makes some of the most asinine, ridiculous comments of anybody on this site.
You need some antidepressants. Fact is, Pruitt will have this team competing for the SEC East in 2 years. UGA had the misfortune--along with everyone else in the conference--of having to deal with the buzzsaw that is Alabama and now that you guys see somebody coming at you (albeit in the rearview mirror) you sound worried and a little pissy. Time will tell if Pruitt is a better HC than Smart, but I'm more than happy with Pruitt. What you guys need to worry about is how bad you're going to get hammered by Bama rather than kicking somebody who's getting back on their feet. GBO
What are you, 5 years old? Stupid, ridiculous comment; he could stay for his senior year, rush for 200 a game and STILL couldn't carry Herschel Walker's jock strap.
You're so full of... the refs bungled this BIG TIME. To not review something as critical as that play showed there was serious home cooking going on in the Cock's favor. Bull$hit call that literally cost us this game. I'm tired of bad officiating costing ANYONE the game.
Yeah, you were off a little on the score prediction. Vandy's hammering the Hogs 45-24. But I'm sure the rest of the $hit you said was spot-on.
10 minutes of stupid. Should of known.
You have a strange idea about what success is. He did nothing more than talk smack and turn tail and run when the brown stuff hit the fan. He was infamous for failing then throwing his players under the bus when he was questioned about losing. Why am I taking to you about success? Pretty obvious you have NO CLUE when you're defending Butch Freaking Jones. You guys would probably hit it off.
Gotta be smoking that good medicinal stuff. UCF didn't earn SQUAT. They have a bunch of whining, crybaby fans--bandwagon at that--and would get their butts handed to them if they played even a marginal schedule. Quit whining.
Good for y'all! I love seeing somebody put those Dawgs in their place when they start running their mouths. Unfortunately, my Vols ain't been equal to the task lately so it was great to see you guys get er done.
Dude, just go away if you don't like Tennessee. Pretty obvious you're either a closet Florida fan or just a bitter little troll. GBO
Playoff Committee, PLEASE rank these idiots in the top 4 so they can get their asses whipped and finally shut up. People learn absolutely SQUAT from history; every damn time one of these clowns make it to a game that matters over a GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM they get their butts handed to them and everyone sits back and says "We knew this was going to happen! They didn't play ANYBODY. Go play DII football please.
Thanks Dawg. Tough stretch for our team right now but if they continue to play with the same grit they demonstrated today, they'll be in the hunt next year. You guys look like you'll be back in ATL; as well as the playoffs, but don't sleep on Kentucky. They're legit this season. GBO
Hats off to the Wildcats! Kentucky is showing "Big Brother" Tennessee how to get it done. Now follow this up with a win at A&M next week and you'll be flirting with top 10 status.
"It was the worst performance by a college team I’ve ever seen. In my life. Ever." Really??! I'd say it was right up there with y'all's "Blackout Game" when you broke out the black unis and got whipped by Bama at home. (Pretty sure it was 31-snap at the half in that game.) Ridiculous comment.
No, you own 5 pairs of jorts. And the attitude of a filthy little 3rd grader.
Still butthurt over Pruitt trashing Richt, huh? You don't know what the hell you're talking about; that's EXACTLY the kind of fire I want to see from my HC. If you think that penalty had any bearing whatever on the game, you don't know much about football.