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Kirkm, sorry Dawg but you’re just way too high on Florida in your predictions. They just ain’t gonna be in the East race this year. I’d say a more realistic pick would be… UGA TENNESSEE KENTUCKY FLORIDA/SOUTH CAROLINA MIZZOU VANDERBILT The great news is we'll all see soon!
Fulmer wasn’t savvy enough to pay players. Richt might have but even if he had…you guys still wouldn’t have won.
Ain’t about remedial English Dillh0le. It’s about sidestepping the algorithms that don’t allow us to call you what we really want to. D1p$hit
I’d agree with the losses to Bama and Georgia but I think we beat Florida and LSU We’ll go 9-3 or 8-4 with another loss or two to possibly Pitt, Kentucky, or an improved South Carolina, I’ll be optimistic and say 9-3. GBO
He hasn’t “done fine.” Nowhere close to fine…he’s a very average announcer and he should have never got the job. There are PLENTY of others more capable and qualified to handle the job and it’s a shame that he’s still there. He constantly misses calls, gets players mixed up and the fact that so many people seem ready to accept his mediocrity speaks for what our program has become. Bring on a New Voice!
See, I disagree with the whole “bad boys” persona that everyone is slinging around now. Yes this team talks more smack than the average, but it seems more like much of this has been stoked by the media and a couple opposing fan bases. (Hello, Irish Nation and Vandy) I don't like some of the over the top celebrating and jawing with the refs on a regular basis but it's done by more than 75% of the teams in the country. These guys were dominant with a capital D this year and that tends to bring out the haters; if we'd been jockeying around with other teams in the top 10 all year this wouldn't be more than one article; now, it'll be the entire off-season narrative and the takeaway from a very impressive college baseball season.
Should be a great game. You guys have been tearing it up since our series…16-4 and some very impressive wins in that stretch. GBO!
Butch Jones used to be able to get 14 on the field. Remember his patented “5-4-5 Defense?”
Funny, huh? Of all the teams we play, I’d love to see us sweep them too!
That’s exactly my fear, zach_attack! Fortunately, this is baseball not basketball and our postseason play is a helluva lot different than the NCAA tournament. Your Bulldogs will be salty for that series and it’s in Stark Vegas if I’m not mistaken.
Here’s some attention for the wittle fella. Feel better?
And this one wasn’t competitive until the eighth inning! Had the feeling our guys went on cruise control when they got up 4-0. Nice way to close the series though!
Good analysis. Your point about JJJ is particularly true: this guy could really benefit from one more year in the program. He’s definitely turned up his level of play this year—very noticeable on the defensive side of the ball—but if he can improve his inside play he’ll be a much better prospect.
What are you talking about?! Tennessee has the best D in the country. (We just choose not to play any in the postseason. Or offense for that matter.)
Hogs always get respect from me. You guys may not be a perennial powerhouse, but you’re always one of the toughest teams in the conference. (Going back before your SEC days when you were still in the Southwest Conference) You guys will have your hands full with Duke but then I didn’t see y’all taking down Gonzaga either! WPS!
All that sounded good…if they didn’t choke it away. I agree on nearly every point you made but for some inexplicable reason, this team suffers these offensive cold spells far too often. Hate that we just can’t get over the hump.
EXACTLY! We could have beaten Michigan 3-2 and I would have been happy. Instead, we’re doing what we always seem to be doing in March…watching everyone else play. Go Baseball Vols
But they didn’t. More of the same. So tired of this. Unbelievable that this program can compile so much talent…and do absolutely nothing with it come tournament time. Makes that first SEC Tournament title about as meaningful as beating Florida in the Swamp in 2001. (Then turning around and losing to LSU in Atlanta the following week.) Go Baseball Vols!
Death, Taxes…and the Vols gacking up in the Big Dance. Why do I have to love basketball so much? Just ain’t fair.
Over 30 posts on this article and not one Kentucky fan! Weird. Must be guzzling that mash…or, more likely hugging the toilet by now.
His media stance is one of the only reasons he has such a large following. Politics in sports makes for more trouble: about as ridiculous as the Chik Fil A telling people how to live their lives. Shut up and cook the chicken!
But if the offense isn’t subbing, why should they be required to wait for defensive players to rotate? It’s cheating: plain and simple. If teams can’t keep up with a fast-paced offense, then they need to better condition their defense. Or score more points.
No, they HAVE to address it. You can bet that if Saban were running an -up-tempo offense and teams were flopping on them—like Ole Miss did all game against Tennessee—Tide fans would be screaming for a rule change. And the whining is coming from people who get busted cheating and don’t want to be busted for it.