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We’re literally on the cusp of the 2020 season being cancelled. Both college, and the NFL will very likely not play this season. We’re still at least a month or two from being able to return to some sense normalcy and there’s little chance that they will be able to bring everything together in such a short timeframe. I hate it, but we’re likely not going to see football until 2021.
Florida sucked about as bad as Tennessee that season, so enjoy your empty win! The most deflating play to MOST Vol fans was Guarantano’s fumble in the end zone—which was returned for a touchdown—as we would have had an actual shot at beating Bama in Tuscaloosa. You little Gators forget that our REAL RIVAL, is Alabama. Nice to beat you guys but a win over Bama is worth two wins over Florida.
I'm sure you watched it on the 11 inch, black and white TV Nick loaned you?
Trump supporters are pretty much the most ignorant, treasonous people in the country. Amazing how so many of you still call yourselves “Patriots.” He’s a sick, twisted little liar, and all you guys can do is LIE to defend him. You call actual “news” fake, and listen to BS from Fox or whatever lying, right wing rhetoric machine backs your pathetic narrative. Dump Trump! And all his weak-minded, glassy-eyed sheep.
It would negatively impact the scholarship limits in place, as well as putting more athletes on an already full roster in most cases.
Not sure what rock you’ve been under but there isn’t one shred of this article that is inflammatory, or sensationalistic. They’re simply speculating on timetables based on CURRENT INFORMATION. And I’d bet you don’t trust any of the media outlets—at least the ones who don’t preach what you want to hear.
Y’all really are brainwashed. Trump is an absolute moron and has bungled this from the start. Nothing new here. He will go down as the biggest mistake in political history. And all his glassy-eyed, sheep will be remembered with disgust.
Gayturdboy, you’re jorts are WAY too tight today. Loosen them joints up before they cut into your ovaries.
We get South Carolina to open the SEC season. (Not that that’s any better!) They’ll be fine; just had to get rid of the butterflies.
Right up there with beating the Gators in Gainesville, or Bama in Tuscaloosa. Enjoy it when it happens, cuz it don’t happen often!
Trump is a disgusting, draft dodging coward. Can’t understand you’re love of the maggot.
And Kirby, if you ain’t Smart enough to know, the political parties in this country are completely flipped in ideological alignment since Reconstruction in the US. But you’re so Smart! Sure you knew that.
Poor Coach! It just hurts like hell that y’all can win the East EVERY YEAR but still manage to lose either in Atlanta, or in the Natty! At least when Tennessee was in position to win something, they DID. Like I said, you don’t get another Herschel to carry you on his back to a title.
Enjoy the little cheap shots while you can. Won't be a minute till we'll be back to thumping UGA regularly. You guys had an ENORMOUS WINDO with both Florida and Tennessee taking a backseat to the Dogs in the East, and in true Georgia fashion, you blew it. Perhaps another Herschel Walker will be born sometime soon and you'll win another championship? Only takes the best player in the history of the game for you to get a title.
I’d take that bet, but the odds are better that you don’t have $5 to put on it let alone, $100. Of course it helps that you’re not paying Mom for rent money.
That's exactly why I find it hilarious that Republicans call themselves "The Party of Lincoln." More White Supremacists, and bigots in the Republican Party than there are on the rest of the planet.
Doesn't take "leadership skills" to whip up a mob; as evidenced by the sorry, excuse for a "leader" sitting in the White House right now. Manipulate the ignorant; CHECK. Demonize the Press; CHECK Enlist the aid of foreign powers--enemy or not--to jeopardize, and undermine elections: GAME OVER Trump is simply "Hitler Light."
Dude, way to be a complete JERK. The man asked you to clarify your point and you come back like a little b1tch! Enjoy mediocrity; right what you’re headed for apparently.
This might sting a bit. He's a helluva recruiter, and he'll be tough to replace.
Not funny! Only thing he's making great is Fox News ratings. Put him in prison where he belongs.
Don’t know what you do for a living but we’re in desperate need of quality writers. And this is the best thing I’ve read all week. Stay classy
Leave Mom alone please. Decorum, Man! You’re on SDS!
He could’ve won one at Georgia... If he’d been born 60 years ago.
The Michigan player couldn't stop Harris on the field so he's gotta take it to Twitter and Instagram. Bout right. Don't like them running up the score? Play some D!
Helluva comeback! My concern is it should never have been necessary. This team better improve on offensive production next year or.... Shut up Grandpa @#$!
Tennessee spelling.... And that game took 5 years off my life.