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I agree. Oklahoma would fit like a glove and the Hokies have that SEC feel as well. But if you’re simply talking about adding powerhouse programs go with OU and Clemson. No way the ACC would want to see Clemson leave though!
PTheRicker Dude, you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. Fulmer was--and is—the kind of guy who would run through a brick wall for his team or program. He suited up for four years at Tennessee as a player, and before succeeding Johnny Majprs as Head Coach--a job that he did a helluva lot better than Majprs--he was a standout Assistant Coach. Majors was a slightly above average coach and the only people who really missed him were the same dolts who argued that Tennessee should retain Butch Jones. Fulmer simply made poor choices as an Athletic Director in an attempt to turn around a team that had been floundering for more than a decade. His downside was he lost his mojo as Head Coach and shouldn't have come back in the first place. But as far as him being selfish and not caring about Tennessee Football, nothing could be more wrong. He may have went out with a whimper but the guy is a Vol for Life.
Phony Egan You’re thinking about NC State beating Vandy is about as pathetic as you piggybacking your username from a faux-bada$$. There’s absolutely NO REASON to think that the Wolfpack—down to a few pound puppies left after being depleted by COVID—would have beaten Vandy to advance.. And all that garbage about Chinese propaganda tells everyone one thing: you’re off your meds again.
What an idiotic comment. COVID Is not over until people stop dying and being hospitalized for it. Ignorant, self-centered thinking like this is why over 600,000 people are dead in this country.
Right, tennman68?! I wish I had a dollar for every ridiculous prognostication he's thrown out... I get that players transferring has the potential to have a huge impact but many of the guys who transferred weren't major contributors. This is very likely a 6-6 team but we might surprise and win another one off the radar like Mizzou, Florida, or Mississippi. (Yeah, we ain't beating the Gators this year but I couldn't resist!)
Petty, nit-picking journalism. Wright State was jawing at Tennessee players and fans ALL NIGHT LONG. They were fortunate enough to take 2 out of 3 against us in Knoxville last season, and let their mouths write a check their a$$es couldn’t cash. Instant karma. GBO
Unbelievable game... still can't believe he hit the Grand Salami! GBO!
Right!??!! I was already picturing us in the Loser’s Bracket matchup with Duke tomorrow... who I would NOT want to be playing after them losing today. Fast forward to the second pitch and it was lights out! Except on UT campus;, they'll be partying tonight.
I agree...with one exception; I think if we go up against Vandy again, we can take them. Arkansas has shown me—as well as everyone else in the country—that they are undoubtedly the best team in baseball this year. We had two opportunities to beat them and both with a favorable setting: Knoxville was rocking as much as it ever has when they came to town and we had a great presence in Hoover as well. The only team capable of taking down these Hogs is...themselves.
I’d go so far as to say that the top 8 teams are locks and LSU will very likely be in as well. I’d say that Bama and UGA could both play themselves out if they have early SEC Tourney exit(s). Interested to see how well my Vols do this year: the conference tournament has become a graveyard for Tennessee Dreams over the last decade so hopefully these guys can break the streak! And shout out to KENTUCKY BASEBALL!!! Thanks for the assist on taking down Vandy and gifting us the East!
What a bunch of two faced, hypocritical ZEALOTS. Seems like the South is full of hypocrisy. No problem with gambling but you can’t get a beer in every other county because of the Bible thumpers. Glad I got the hell outta there.
Indeed it does. But no more than the 1000 other cuts Tennessee fans have suffered as a result of inept leadership. We went from being a proud, championship level program, to the laughingstock of the country due to all the morons on The Hill who are short-sighted enough to hire chumps like Derek Dooley and Butch Jones but pass on prospects like Kirby Smart. And to “Dave,” dude, you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about if you really think this guy is a scrub. You either don’t know football, or just don’t know JACK.
You’re NOT for equality. Ask a woman. (And I’m not talking about the browbeaten, brainwashed women in the South.) They’re as blind as extremist religious groups about human rights and have no self respect anyway.
Carolina is so full of ignorant, bigots. You people deserve Lindsay Graham. How pathetic.
You probably back the scumbags who did that to George Floyd, huh? Amazing how bigoted most of the two faces on this site are...you have no problem with watching young black men win ball games for you but stop short for showing support for equal rights for them. Hypocritical, bigots.
Too bad for the women in your family. That you have so little respect for them and vice versa. And all you ignorant, right wing, babies on here (jblank and Bama86) are the real problem in this country. You act just like the bigots who threw rocks at civil rights groups in the 60s. Traitors and bigots.
"Entitled harpy?" I'm sure you'd use that description your own daughter, wife, or sister? (Of course for you those are possibly all the same person.) Grow up. She's got a very valid point.
Do Vol fans a huge favor and make it permanent. I’ve never seen an athletic program as snake bitten as ours. Unbelievable.
What’s hilarious is he WORKED FOR SABAN before he came to Tennessee. You guys are so freaking delusional it’s scary. And talk about stink? Directions to Birmingham: South til you smell it, then West til you step in it.
This from an Alabama fan who lives in a state that’s nearly dead last in every statistical category measuring quality of life. You can always look down at Mississippi though, right?
Using toothpaste in Arkansas now? Times, they are changing!
Further proof that Florida is riddled with classless, dirtbags who have no integrity whatsoever. This loser just cost us one of our most pivotal players at the most crucial point in the season. (Fulkerson is already ruled out for the rest of the SEC tournament with a facial fracture and it’s highly likely he’ll be out of the NCAA tournament too.) Florida sucks.
Cuz you obviously don't know what you're talking about. You have some of the most ridiculous, childish, and downright idiotic comments of anyone on this site.
That's the most ridiculous, antiquated argument on the planet. There are literally BILLIONS OF DOLLARS being generated by college athletes and they should absolutely be getting paid beyond the scholarship for playing. I bet with an attitude like that you voted for Trump...quit licking the boot of the foot that's on your neck for a minute and you'll see you're getting played.
Saban has done well at Bama, but if they don’t get back to the National Championship game this year, he’ll be in trouble. Said no one in the history of mankind.