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For those wondering why SDS has published multiple articles on UT recently, just look at the comments. Over 100 comments on this one alone. Whether you love or hate UT. They are polarizing.
We probably got run over by a drunk UGA player going 100mph in a 50mph zone, based off recent events.
Rattler and Rogers should be above Leary. Probably Milton too. The SEC is a different animal than the ACC.
Tell me sir. What are Milton's stats under only Heupel? Small sample size but I know for sure he hasn't thrown a pick since he has been in Knoxville. And the stats under Heupel are the only ones that matter in this argument. Heupel has never had a QB that didn't improve under his guidance. I smell a little jealousy because in no universe would anyone pick Beck over Milton.
I would also argue that Cooper Mays was our second best/most important O-Lineman last year. Not Carvin, as McElroy stated.
LOL. I see I struck a nerve. I like Cadillac, he was a great RB, but he was never more than a place holder as coach. Good on Freeze for retaining him though.
Its not Richardson's fault that Sun Belt Billy is terrible. He was the 4TH OVERALL PICK IN THE DRAFT. And that is despite how bad of a coach Sun Belt Billy is. Yall need to get your head out of your backsides and realize its the coach not the QB. Like I said, enjoy your 5 wins this year. Maybe only 4.
Sun Belt Billy will have the gators floundering again. There is no Richardson to bail him out this year. Enjoy your 5 wins.
27 point favs against another power 5 school, week one. My how times have changed in Knoxville.
Where tf is the SEC's leading returning receiver, Tillman?
Maybe you should read the previous posts before posting, or you could just copy and paste someone else's comments. Either way, 45-20. Carry on.
Aidoo 7 foot, Tamba 7 foot, Huntley-Hatfield 6'11", Plavsic 7 foot, Fulkerson 6'9". Tennessee was smaller last year and it cost them in the tournament. Barnes is more than addressing those deficiencies this year.
Highly doubtful. Emerson is from West Tennessee and transferring to Memphis is an easy transition for him and his family. Why would Maurer, who is from Florida, transfer to Memphis when Memphis already has Grant Gunnell? If Maurer transfers it will be somewhere in or around Florida.
Henry T. was excellent in run support and covering his gaps. But he lacks the foot speed to cover receivers over the middle. I would throw slants towards him to the TE's and WR's all day.
Gators with a big win at WVU. UT beating KU by 19 is a little more impressive. Plus if Tennessee played UF 10 times they prob win 7 or 8. Just much more talent on UT's roster with Keyontea Johnson out.
By this metric, Tennessee is favored by the same amount as LSU. Interesting.
And... he just received an extension. Dumb Article.
Pruitt will not be on the hot seat if Tennessee does not reach .500 That's ridiculous.
Cade Mays is a possible 1st round pick and was tabbed by a previous article as being the #1 transfer in the SEC. He should have been included.
Would love to see what Jauan Jennings could do with Rodgers throwing to him.
Uncle Mo seems to be wearing Big Orange right now.
Ah yes. Another SEC school signing a song about Tennessee. Hilarious. Especially since Tennessee handled Auburn on the plains last year.
There has to be Vandy Fans in order for their to be sad Vandy Fans.
If Leach is available and interested then the Hogs should hire him asap. His recruiting ranking over the last several years at WSU is around 60 while he usually fields top 25 teams. Perfect for Arkansas who doesn't have exceptionally strong instate classes or consistent top 20 classes in general.Leach is a little strange and quirky but the man is a savant when it comes to offensive football.
Johnny Manziel to Memphis and Beale Street Bartenders rejoice.
Thats what happens when you have had 5 different coaches in 10 years. You have to reset ALOT. Not to mention this will also be the first time in the last decade Tennessee has had the same strength and conditioning coach for 2 years in a row. Funny enough To'oto'o and Wright said one of the reasons they picked Tenn over Bama and WVU is because of the stability of Tennessee's staff over the last year compared to those two schools.