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Maybe this kid is thinking he can take the same route as Kamara. Bama to Hutchinson to Tennessee to the NFL. Not to mention Tennessee was his other leader when he signed with Bama.
Exactly. They way a coach or team chooses to speak to the media doesn't effect results on the field in any way. Saban, Meyer, Fisher, Swinney.... etc, would all tell you the same thing. And if recruits are buying what Jones is selling, then that is much more important than entertaining some press members. Now, results on the field must also continue to tread up as well, but I don't blame Jones for not giving the press anything to make a story out of.
It really is though. I wonder how many of the voters know so little about the teams they are voting on. Katy Perry was on Gameday why don't we give her a vote, or Dale Earnhardt Jr.
I would have picked Barnett also. Cordarrelle Patterson was ridiculously good but he only played one season on a bad team. Kamara might eventually be a good pick for this time period if pro careers are being considered.
I think we see a jump in his completion % this year as he starts to work in more intermediate routes to his arsenal. Kid seems to have a calm demeanor on the field. I think it really hinges on the O-Line and that 21 sacks decreasing by a good amount.
We know how recruiting rankings work. The point that most Vol fans are trying to make when saying stuff like that is the state of the program, especially regarding Butch Jones isn't as bleak as writers like Crist would have you think. Recruits are still buying what Jones is selling and obviously feel he is going to be around for some years. The specific problem I have with articles like this is that for one quotes at Media Days have absolutely no bearing on how a football team does during the season and the lead writer for a college football website can't seem to understand that. But I guess I should have known he used some ridiculous criteria, based off of his predictions results. And second, he didn't even use all of Jones' quote, specifically the part where Jones said he wasn't satisfied with last year's results. But no, he will use a partial quote to write articles like this, and probably put this in a "I Hate You, John Crist," piece to try and justify it.
While credible and reputable media personnel are basing their predictions off of things like returning talent and experience, SDS cares about what is said at a freakin press conference. Nobody is lauding beating Northwestern or Nebraska, and nobody is accepting mediocrity, but when every Tennessee article you write has sarcasm and derision then you are going to get some backlash. Saban and Jones could have gone to the podium and said anything, but you would have spun it in the exact same way, and that's our point.BTW, you have yet to mention that Jones saying the season wasn't a failure, wasn't the end of his statement. He also said, in the same breath, something along the lines of, "While I don't view last year as a failure, this team (program) didn't accomplish everything they wanted and still has a lot of work to do. But you were to busy writing another Bash Jones story to care about what was actually said.
You base part of your prediction off of how a coach speaks at media days? Good God, is there anything about you or this site that doesn't scream amateur journalism?
Our coach could learn to have a little thicker skin as well. At least it seems like he may have learned something after watching him at Media Days, this year. Very boring. Didn't provide any sound bites. Seemed more relaxed.
Even if it was an attempt at a jab, it is still not worth making a story out of. The purpose of media days is to give updates on the teams, but the media act like it is a failure if they don't come back with something juicy to report. The result is manufactured drama like this article and many other like it.
God the media is desperate for a story. Let me get this straight. Kirby is jabbing Tennessee by insinuating that UT was more talented? Saying that is a reach is being generous.
You are exhibit A when it comes to amateur journalism. Going back and forth in the comments with posters doesn't help your reputation either. And thanks for proving my point about you being an egotist.
Only a self-absorbed egotist would label a coach and his players idiotic for not giving the media (the same media that has been piling on him for months) anything to make a story out of, and he is not going to change his personality to suit press members. You must have lost some money on Tennessee last year, looking at your predictions for the upcoming season.
Looks like recruits have more optimism about Butch's longevity than a lot of media and opposing fans. Just goes to show that "journalists" are a dime a dozen these days and most of them actually have no idea whats going on at these schools or how they are being perceived by the people who matter.
Whether you are talking about the fan forum or the fan base as a whole, you are wrong. Butch's approval rating is higher among the Tennessee family than the media and opposing fans would have everyone think. Of course there are a few loud mouths in every fan base, but with the class Butch has coming in, it would take a 6-6 season or worse for them to consider firing him.
Just shows the caliber of talent Tennessee was churning out. To still be up with the Nations elite after the dry spell that UT has been through is really impressive.
There will be less of a hot seat for Jones if he wins 8 or 9 games, then there is right now. Especially with a potential top five class coming in. He broke the streak against Florida and is going for 3 in a row over UGA. I guess it depends which 8 or 9 wins and which 3 or 4 losses it is, but Jones' seat isn't as hot as most pundits would have you believe.
Didn't mean that Horn was from the same place as Gerald, just that he is a USCe lean that Tennessee's staff can flip.
It's nice to get a player from another team in the division's back yard. Jaycee Horn will prob follow suit.
That is a common misconception. The reality is, unless Butch misses a bowl game his job is safe. Especially considering the recruiting classes he will have coming in over the next few years.
And yet here you are on another team's page bothering people, but I'm the troll. Ok.
Feel a lot more confident now about Tennessee's chances now that Crist picked them so low.
Really don't understand why everyone likes to pile on this kid. Never did anything to anybody, he just works and competes.
Your first sentence is an indictment of what you really are. No body said anything to you, but you took it upon yourself to comment on another teams page and then start trying to bother people. Which is the literal definition of an internet troll. Between posters like you and the articles on freakin drink cocktails its getting pretty much impossible to take this site seriously.
Lets see. I'm on the Tennessee page making a prediction about the UT game. You are on a Tennessee article throwing insults and trying to make meaningless internet wagers, while trying to flash some sort of ill-conceived internet bravado. Looking back at your history I can see you have been bothering people for a long time, and then validating it by calling them a troll and insulting them. I feel stupid for even responding to the likes of you. I will leave you and your sad little life alone.
Well you are stuck in Never Never Land where UK is actually good at football.
Thanks for proving my point. And SevenT showed up to further cement yalls supreme troll status. The fact that SevenT is so cordial when conversing with you, also shows the extent of the Troll collusion. Never thought I would see the day when people talk trash on behalf on USCe or UK football. And nice post. Next time why don't just copy and paste my exact text and save yourself some time.
I'm not excusing losing to USCe or Vandy, because that shouldn't happen. Butch absolutely has to prove a lot of things this season. But he also has many qualities that are required to be a really good head coach. Every coach that comes to the SEC faces a learning curve and what was tough for Butch to change was hiring a quality staff to replace his buddy system. He has done that. The talent has always been there because of his recruiting ability so lets see if this new staff combines with a hopefully healthy and definitely talented roster to get some surprisingly good results.
Ah. You must be the USCe equivalent of SevenT. I guess every team needs there supreme troll. As much as I'm sure everyone would love to see you leave the site, I would rather spend my time here commenting on articles instead of wagering meaningless and pointless bets against internet tough guys. Good to see actual USCe fans though. Didn't think there were any until Spurrier got there.