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Anybody heard any updates on Trey Smith. Pruitt said that he thought he was making progress a few weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything since.
Kelly will have 25 yds by the end of the 1st or midway through the 2nd quarter.
Have you not been watching the games? Dormady hasn't been sharp, but JG is not ready yet. Not saying he won't get there, but Dormady should be the starter. JG got 3 or 4 series against UMASS and did nothing outside of a nicely thrown ball that was dropped by Johnson. And he doesn't seem as comfortable running the ball as he was supposed to be coming in. He is still young and has a high ceiling but Dormady needs to be the starter right now.
Muschamp went 4-8 in 2013. 5-6 would not even be their worse record in the last five years.
Good article. As for the game. Carolina by two touchdowns.
Really Good article. Has me even more excited for Saturday. The best part is that this once great rivalry has had new life breathed into it. Here's to hoping that it becomes the best in the SEC/Country again.
Underachieving? Ha. Judging by your Beiber haircut I would assume you were about 15 years from being born the last time Georgia won a Natty. Georgia is the epitome of underachievement. Sitting in an olympic-sized swimming pool of talent and haven't won a natty in almost 40 years. That is underachieving at its finest. I hope we keep Jones too. At least that way we know UGA will be a win every year.
And you are also about to have a three-game losing streak to the Vols.
The point the author used to drive home the entire premise of his argument is wrong. In talking about State's home-field advantage he mentioned that it is the Cowebell-Ringing faithful that caused the 3rd and 93 against La. Tech. However, that game was played at La Tech in Ruston.... so, yeah, that is wrong. I looked at the article from SDS he linked regarding the 3rd and 93. You can clearly see the La. Tech endzone in the cover photo. I understand making a mistake here and there, but there is literally something semi-egregious in about 85% of the SDS articles.
TEU! Lol. But for real, we might be Punter U. 3 starting punters in the league are UT grads. Colquitt(Chiefs), Colquitt(Browns), Palardy(Panthers). Matt Darr is currently a Free Agent, but was just with the Dolphins.
Good to hear that Gainesville avoided being hit too hard. Praying for those in more affected areas.
I'm with Albert Haynesworth on the last point. Your defense is at an inherent disadvantage playing a yard off the LOS. Must adjust, or UF will be able to control the game on the ground.
The rock is painted by opposing fans all the time. It has thousands of layers of paint. I hope you aren't comparing that to tree poisoning.
I think it was more of the scheme that was the issue against Ga. Tech. Shoop had a game plan that involved playing the D-Line a yard off the line of scrimmage and sending no pressure, and it did not work. He was stubborn and did not adjust like Johnson did after we stopped Tech on their first two drives and the result is what we saw. I didn't think Mack or Kongbo played that poorly. Kongbo had like 7 or 8 tackles(its impossible to get sacks against a team that doesn't drop back and throw), and Mack played pretty solid as well. Both played about 90 snaps also. If they get gashed by Florida then there should be much more cause for concern.
Crompton was Kiffin's QB in 2009. Worley played for Dooley, which is yet another reason we shouldn't be to down on Worley.
Good Assessment but it's Dormady not Dormandy. A large part of our fan base keeps making that mistake. I think he has earned the right for us to get his name correct.
I guess they are expecting the conditions to be at their worst on Saturday evening. But conditions during these earlier game times will still probably be very sloppy.
Very Close. It seems like getting 90 thousand people out of the stadiums and to safety before this gets bad will be next to impossible. Besides if the storm is hitting on Friday evening, why are they moving the game earlier? Wouldn't the conditions be worse closer to the time the storm makes landfall?
So, I wonder if this writer believes that Tennessee wins the East or that Georgia gets beat so bad by Alabama in Atlanta that Tennessee ends up with a better bowl.
Agree. I was really impressed with the O-Line last night. Should be even better with Richmond back.
Yup, and we need to be able to rely on Wolf more as well.
Well that's not what it looks like when you are bragging about how peachy your life is like a jaded teenager. You never let Butch slide when it comes to getting offended so easily during his pressers, but that is exactly what you do. You can say you weren't offended, but your actions say otherwise. You think any other notable writer is going to squabble with fans in the comment section. Never.
And it still prob should have been enough for Tech to win, even with those two turnovers. It's amazing that Tennessee had no turnovers and two penalties with a new QB, new offensive coordinator, and a lot of other new pieces on offense. But if they didn't play a clean game Ga. Tech would have rolled.
PJ could cure a whole hog with the level of saltiness he is demonstrating. I know most UGA fans were probably happy with the outcome, but the whole SEC is glad that d-bag has to shut up, at least for the time being.
Thanks Mountain Dog. Everybody has stuff to work on, but getting out of week 1 with a win should not be scoffed at. I don't understand how yall opened as a 6ish point underdog to the Irish. I think yall have a much better team than them, even without Eason.
Dude. You make fun of Butch Jones for getting defensive so easily, but yet you display the exact same behavior by reacting to comments, like this. I actually thought the article was fair. Tennessee's defense was porous after the first two drives and must be addressed in earnest. But, it does NOTHING for your credibility when you are getting so easily offended and spouting off with random posters in the comments.
Who the hell said it is ok to give up as many yards as Tennessee did? Nobody. Tennessee won, and they won against a team yall can't seem to figure out either.