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Spurrier - raised in Tennessee, yep the greatest coach I have ever seen in my lifetime. Such a shame he wasted his talents in the swamp with reptiles. :)
Lame Kiffin, the guy who threw away a national title by running back to LA....I mean have you ever been to LA? Why anyone would want to live there rather than in east Tennessee is beyond me, truly cannot understand that one. He had no idea how much he had it made in Knoxville - he is a smart guy and could have created a dynasty, but threw it all away....will be fun watching Pruitt destroy ole miss
Evans and Smith are both 4* players. 247 knows this, hopefully they will make it right in their official rankings soon. Kaemen is simply brilliant. Reminds me of Barron who played for that team we will not mention over in loserville. Phenomenal player, Kaemen is much in that same mold in my opinion.
Yes these rankings will change once the other classes catch up with Tennessee....but let that sink in, "bama and uga etc are catching up to Tennessee" / sorry to break it to you fellas but the giant in Knoxville has awakened. It is time to see the Vols reigning in their rightful place on top of the SEC. All is returning to its ordained structure. :)