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So this means UF would beat Arkansas by 20+. No one is holding Tennessee to 17 not even Georgia.
This coming from someone who’s team plays in a glorified high school stadium and is a basketball school
We’ll see. UT stayed with them into third quarter last year with only 68 scholarship players. This yearUT has 79-80. More depth. It will be close
Coming from a Vandy fan that got drilled at home. That beat a Hawaii team with 51 new players and almost list to Elon
Kentucky won't beat Tennessee!!! So Kentucky isn't winning out. Heupel is the logical choice doing more with a depleted roster and playing competitive in every game they lost.
Tennessee on the football field are going in the right direction and Kentucky will find that out soon
Just stop it. It’s fans like you that threw things and made the rest look bad. Grow up
You are correct. Sad that 500 idiots out of 102,000 think it’s a good idea to throw things. It made me angry to see a well played even contest end like this
Terrible behavior by a minority of the crowd. But you can’t play the injury thing on closeness. Tennessee was down 3 OL and their starting RB along with their starting MLB. Tennessee lost the game but it showed Tennessee is a team to be reckoned with. Still not an excuse for those lame fans throwing things
Actually while he was at UT, the series was 2-1-1 in favor of UT. But I agree this is sad
tonytiger, UT whipped Missouri up and down the field on the day they played. Look how bad UT has been too, so I wouldn't brag or comment about this game. LOL
Georgia had 2 turnovers which made it closer. Kentucky is still Kentucky. There are 2 or 3 games they shouldn't have won, Vanderbilt and Missouri comes to mind. Vols will beat Kentucky Saturday
Will you say the same thing when Auburn beats Georgia and it might happen.
Lol. That one won't even be close
Yet they dominated Florida's "vaunted" defense. Lol
While it was a good win for SC to get, they did beat a depleted UT roster made up of half reserves. They play 10 times, UT would win 9 and probably pretty convincingly.
Why are you hoping, Tennessee is going to beat Kentucky Saturday so it won't matter for Kentucky
Says the guy who's team barely beat Vandy after a botched call
Kentucky won't beat Tennessee so it won't matter
Auburn nor Florida is good enough
No, he didn't have a concussion. He is a thug. This comes from someone inside program. He's a cancer and Butch Jones protected him as long as he could. Would you play a kid that told you to f off after losing the fumble in Georgia game and again after he went back in. See if this team doesn't play better now.
Score was only 10 points because UT played soft defense (prevent) allowing Florida to score easy but eat up time. By the way, I have a person close to situation saying the coaches were working overtime trying to keep Hurd out of trouble. He's involved in a lot of bad stuff. I hate it but it happens
What an immature comment. I will pray for you
Lol. Florida defense couldn't control Tennessee offense much less Alabama
No, you beat an prepared team with 8-10 starters out. SC may have improved but Tennessee should have won that by 30
Agree, a lot of injuries but second teamers are better than SC. This team wasn't prepared
You have to thank them, because Tennessee curb stomped Florida. Lol