Vols 98

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You obviously have not dissected the Vols roster and coaching staff. This Tennessee team is built for 10 wins and the schedule helps too.
It's not too soon if you look at the roster and the coaching staff.
9 regular season wins and a bowl win is very possible! People forget that Butch left behind a lot of talent and now UT has a coaching staff to go along with players! Tennessee won't win the East in '18, but 10 wins is possible!
Scott Stricklin acted in how an AD should act by firing McElwain. Currie is yes man. What a disgrace he is!
If you listened to his interview on 3HL in Nashville yesterday he went over that.
Jackson's son's being recruited by Butch. He knows quite well in how the south works.
Gruden's loving having his name out front for UT. He needs to get serious about taking the job if he wants to continue being adored in East TN.
It's sad Tennessee football has reached a level when APR and a 6th win's a deciding point in making a bowl.
This is a great thing to talk about! Bring back Lane if UT does not spend on Gruden or Chip!
Let's do this! The Return! Randy Edsall, Johnny Majors, Bobby Petrino, Mike Riley, John Robinson, and Bill Walsh all returned to the university they left! If Gruden or Chip Kelly don't come it's time to restore order in the SEC East with Lane!
Bobby Petrino's only championships came when Brohm was on his staff. He's never won without him.
41-0 loss to Georgia at home. Bad taste still after that beat down.
Thank you Phil Jones for your honesty and insight! You and Jayson Swain are true VFL's that mean a lot to the program!
Great to hear that Majors and Fulmer are absolutely on the same page now.
All of the UT booster fat cats do not want to come off their cash. All they care about is their access and counting their money at the same time.
Butch has completely buried the program into the ground.
Time tells a lie and that is where Butch Jones is at.
Voltrainconductor must be a liberal. Never accepting facts and going off on emotion.
Dormady is supposed to be a leader of this football team, where is his captain status?
Butch's best friend's daughter's fiance needs to take command of the locker room and unite the team. I doubt that will happen after Butch playing favoritism and the team has quit on him since they found out what Butch did for Dormady.
Brett Favre has more wins against Alabama than Butch Jones does.