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I was saying that because we were favored by around a touchdown and were higher ranked. Clearly both don't matter. I wish we could have won it though. I agree that Florida was the better team and that we were outplayed. I'm just gonna say that gator fans need to learn to win with class.
You would think that you'd have come up with a new insult by now. Let us hear something else at least.
He's probably a little frustrated after a loss. That's how a normal fan reacts. You would be just a little disappointed if your team lost to a team they should have beat. Do you expect him to get on a sports article and sing Kumbaya with the gator fans? C'mon man.
Now that's what I call a comment. Couldn't agree more with the last part.
Trinity Thomas? Why not give it to some one like Olivia Dunne? Take one look at her and then tell me why the heck she shouldn't win it.
Can't wait to see all these players start transferring out when they see how real football is played in the SEC. If ya'll can only have a 8-5 record in the Big 12, you'll have a fun time in the SEC. IT JUST MEANS MORE.
No we don't need more of them. They ain't never gonna be a true SEC team. I'm pulling for them to lose every single SEC game they play.
Absolute BS that he's taken before Hyatt and Tillman. Gonna laugh when he fails.
I think the only loss would maybe be LSU and Iowa. I agree that Tennessee-Ohio State could go either way.
You think i care about womens basketball. If we do good thats fine but if not its not that big of a deal.
At least he got playing time. That's more than a keyboard warrior like yourself could ever dream of.
Not saying I'd take Williams, but I sure wouldn't take Bowers.
I would never say this any other time but I would root for Alabama and Georgia to smash these newcomers right in the face. Make them want to run back to their Big 12 with their tails between their legs.
I take that as a compliment being called a golfball thrower. And no, nobody remembers that game. Who was our coach back then? Butch Jones.
Its gonna be funny when all the Oklahoma fans come on this site and chattin like they're actual SEC members. They gotta learn how to play real football.
You think its funny that a nice man with great character and athletic skill tore his ACL, possibly ruining his childhood dreams? I'm not a fan of Bennet but I wouldn't want to see him lose his dreams because of one play.
Love to see the respect given to Byron Young. Don't know why he hates on the rest of the Tennessee players. It'll just make it better to see the players takin in later rounds dominate.
Oh please. No Jalin Hyatt. Id rather have him on my team than half the players on this list.
Nice pickup especially since we lost three receivers to the portal.
Tennessee on a low attendance day would still have more than Georgia. Tennessee's home capacity is that much bigger then Georgia. As I said before a sellout for Georgia is a low day for Tennessee.
Yeah a sellout that is 10,000 less than Tennessee.
I hope they lose all of their SEC games and regret switching conferences.