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Better quaterback, running back, and yes, reciever.
As usual? Tennessee wasn't ranked in the top 25 last year.
It's nice to see this guy transfer to Tennessee. I play high school football in Georgia, and he was in a training program with some other guys at our campus. A professional trainer who has sent many guys to both the college and the NFL was working with him. Him and his trainer spoke to my team about his hard work and dedication. He seems like a solid pickup.
I would put Tennessee somewhere in that list. Fans are always intense and not to mention it being an insanely loud stadium.
My bad. You're right. My second reason was about how fans were confused that he wasn't on it.
This list is not a very good one for three reasons 1. Spencer Rattler? He proved nothing last year and will likely be a bust. 2. Will Levis is extremely overrated. He threw for 2826 yards, 224 TD's, and 13 INT. That is average at best. He also loses his best wide receiver. I don't understand why everyone thinks he is great. I know ya'll will think I'm biased but Hendon Hooker should be on the list. He is a proven starter and returns the best receiver in the SEC.
It could just be that the players love the coaching staff or that they think Tennessee could be turning things around. But of course you have to pick the reason that demotes Tennessee.
I'm not talking about your offense and whether or not it was a penalty. I'm talking about how your defense couldn't stop us. Two touchdowns in the first four plays.
Was Kentucky was able to control our gimmick offense? NO
What a joke. "Let you guys catch up." What was the score of the game this past year?
If we are talking about overall history, then Tennessee is one of the best sports programs in NCAA history.
Georgia is better in football. Tennessee is better in baseball and basketball.
I think anyone who slightly knows football knows that it was a touchdown.
Tennessee is better overall in sports than Georgia. Kirk, you ever back up your statements with facts?
Umm, Tennessee's skill level is above Missouri by a lot. TN smashed them in football, have a better baseball team, and have a better basketball team. In what sport do they compare to Tennessee?
I don't give a lick about media markets. So long as I can watch my team play and have them keep their rivals, it doesn't matter what USC and UCLA does.
Love how you take shots about a team and player that the article doesn't even mention.
Coming from a Missouri fan. Also, he was plenty good.
I'm not disagreeing with his conclusion. I'm just saying that if he says our passing offense is better, our rushing offense is the same, and our kicking game is worse, how is our overall offense worse?
Would have been nice to see Hooker throw. He probably would have been right up there with the best. Wonder what happened?
Think it's hot. Try living in Georgia where it has been over 105 degrees.
Let ne guess, just because Alabama has Nick Saban, no other coach can be decent.
You should be glad somebody is agreeing with you. Most of your comments are so idiotic that no pays attention to them.
For once Ron, I am with you. They are both farther west. BCSooner just realizes his team doesn't fit in. Now he's trying to make other teams feel the same. All those teams he listed are more in the SE than Oklahoma and Texas.
I predict USC to flop. Even with all these transfers and commitments, they just won't be able to deal with the pressure. The only way they win is with their ridiculously easy schedule. It must be nice to be out west where there are barely any decent teams.