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He reminds me of the "Ray UGA" guy. People joke and say "typical (school) fan being delusional" but that's all in good fun and this is far beyond that. This is all an elaborate ruse. I can't believe anyone would cognizantly represent themselve and their base in this manner.
I can't believe that this is anything other than deep and very committed satire.
Most of the "bold" prediction articles have 1-2 bold predictions max, but this isn't one of those articles.
With a name as elegant and prestigious as Kroger Field, why wouldn't you just rename it to Kroger Arena? They could have halftime 3-point contests with the winner getting coupons for fresh produce.
I always hated those. I came to hate them less over time but never stopped hating them.
I'm definitely not predicting it, but I wouldn't be shocked if Tucky pulled one out against UGA or Aubbie IF either of those have offensive struggles - not that Kentucky's offense isn't without question. I think Stoops is proving he's a guy that can do more with "less" from a recruiting class standpoint.
Imagine being a black player and seeing your coach sporting, essentially promoting, a network hell-bent on discrediting BLM via false information. Gundy has freedom to wear whatever he wants. Players have freedom to react
This is about a lot more than recruitment or football. Someone just lost their life, and they lost it youn. Maybe he had been involved in criminal activity.. maybe not. What does that have to do with the fact that he's dead?