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I wish TN was in the same place, unfortunately the vols were are in a much deeper hole than florida was. That's something we can win in lol
I just wanna thank most of the fans on here that are not TN fans...because most of you guys aren't making fun of Tennessee and picking on UT fans. It's truly sad what has happened to does feel like there is a curse here. I take so much pride in my state and so much pride in the vols. It is so hard to watch a representation of the state who does not measure up by any means to a once powerhouse and true blood brother of the mighty SEC. The big four titans of the SEC (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee) are no longer together. Sorry SEC, TN has embarrassed you.
Classic Vandy fan blaming an 18 point loss on a call. I wish Vandy wasn't in the just doesn't make any sense. However, if anyone should leave the SEC it's how in the world does that make any sense?
Florida is easily no.2 in the east as of right now. Even though they were unimpressive against miami. Vandy will never be elite.
XD that's funny...I love the vols and I'm just depressed, so I just try to laugh now. I saw a meme on Facebook that said, "Girls need to date a Tennessee fan cause if they stay loyal to TN football they'll stay loyal to you."
Just when you think things can't get worse on rocky top...they do. It's honestly sad. I feel bad for TN fans, they've had to bear complete crap the last decade.
Honestly, I think he made a good point about JG when he was a freshman. As a QB the job requires you to be a leader to some point. I never saw Josh Dobbs pout on the sidelines while Justin Worely got to play. Josh Dobbs always held his team high. JG always looks sorry for himself and quite frankly he just gives up. He needs to grow a pair and get some fight in him. A QB has to be a leader or at least someone who can deal with adversity and JG cannot. He looks defeated the second something goes wrong.
Ya'll crack me up. Can we just all agree that we've had some good years and have had some bad years? Alabama has been freaking dominant the passed decade...Auburn has had a few good monents, (Bama is way better though despite the loss this year) and Tennessee has sucked for the most part. TN hasn't come close to Bama other than close games in 2015 and 2010. There was a time when TN regularly beat Bama...Tn used to be a feared titan is the sec. Right now bama is the power house. Auburn has just kinda hung around from time to time.
YESSSS! Maybe now we can upgrade from a turnover trash can to a turnover recycling can!!! I'm so excited!
Brick by brick? I don't don't get it. That sounds really stupid.
I couldn't disagree more with your last sentence. Even teams above 10 are as good as some of those in the top 5 such as, TCU and LSU. 6, 7, and 8 teams have been extremely good in the past and very well deserved more than a lowly bowl. A 4 team play off is 2 games while an 8 team play off is more game isn't gonna kill somebody. "Gladiators" seriously? One more game and they're gladiators fighting to death now? That is absolutely rediculous. It would truly prove who is the best while bringing more viewers to the fantastic college scene.
I want something to do with Kiffin. My IQ is just fine. I'm a smart pup. He's a good coach. We need the Chicken back.
Bring Lane home. He named his son Knox for crying out loud. Lame Chicken needs to come back to Tennessee.
I think Jim Bob Cooter would be a great coach. I think we need a young fired up coach. That was how Nick Saban was and he was nothing spectacular at the time. We should go for Cooter.
We passed the ball on the 1yrd line almost every time? Why not give the ball to Kelly who got them to the one? 3 missed field goals 2 dropped touchdowns. 3 interceptions one of them a pick six. Tennessee won that game about 20 times before the last 9 seconds. Florida isn't even top 3 in the east this year in my opinion. Georgia, TN, and either cocks or vandy are the 3 best in no particular order. I had TN losing to GA and Bama this year. We have to beat Georgia. Tennessee also has to get Muschamp off of their backs. I do not like that man he's not a respectable coach. Anyways I'm done ranting. Go Kelly and Go Vols.
If TN's defense is the slightest bit better...the vols will win by 10 or more. Florida has no QB and so many players out. This looks ugly for the gators. If florida doesn't force at least 2 turnovers they will not win.
Ummmm he's gotten a little better...there is some truth to that though.
I got I really did. That was great. Mann Florida and TN used to be the titans of the SEC and the country. 2014-15 losses to Florida ripped my heart out. I almost cried last year to be honest. This is such a good rivalry. Fantastic article.
The flag may have been uncalled for was pretty awesome. Way to spark a rivalry.
To be honest I was wondering how many people would jump on that comment. I wasn't serious. Just onw person's life is way more valuable than all of football and a whole lot more. This time is extremely important. They made the right call.
I tried to look it up it's been a long time. TN's offense is gonna be rolling in the swamp. If UF doesn't put together an offense they will drop the 2nd game as well. Sure Florida has a great defense but no defense can stop a half way decent offense all of the time. Plus Uf has a lot of starters suspended. Florida's chances don't look good this year so far.
I'm a Vol and love the SEC. So when the SEC is playing against other conference teams "It's all about the south." This is where the gods of football come to play. Auburn...beat the crap out of Clemson! What the heck is Mizzou doing in the SEC? I don't understand they're not southern nor are they in the east. Plus they suck worse than Vandy which is quite a statement. They aren't good enough consitently to play here.