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Hold on now lol as a vol fan that's offensive to think you got it bad.
For real. No way does Ohio State deserve a playoff bid with only what will be 6 games. UGA, UF, and A&M all deserve a playoff spot before Ohio State in my opinion. I think Ohio State is likely better than the 3 teams I mentioned but 5 regular season games is a load of crap.
I think TN will give Texas A&M a harder time than what people think. I think they're starting to figure out a better QB situation. Aggies will totally win but I don't think it's gonna be a cake walk.
Well that UGA is the best defense in college ball I've seen in a long time. They raked JG nearly every passing attempt. That was crazy. Props to UGA. I will say this was TN's worst performance this year meaning UGA didn't really get Tennessee's A game or even B game for that matter so many penalties and undisciplined football. That is definitely due partly to the defense of UGA but anyways, Tennessee isn't quite there yet however, I do see the Vols taking down Florida at the end of this year. Maybe next year TN will match UGA.
This is hilarious...although I think Muschamp is the most disappointing son
Lane Kiffin is literally college football's best entertainment. Love the guy
No offense intended but this is literally about football not your education or anyone's. If you took offense to that loser comment personally to the point of your education and your personal achievements...and then accusing somebody else of "latching" their accomplishments to a football team to validate their that's immature. In fact, it's laughable.
I really enjoy watching him...he's gonna be the best in the SEC by the time he's through with the Vols.
^True^ it's literally every year they get ranked so high when they really are average. It's similar to Auburn.
Mizzou needs to get out of the SEC they are not good enough and they are not South or East. They do not have SEC culture or blood it makes not sense.
Bennett has played pretty good but doesn't he kinda look like a weenie?
People please move on with your lives. Corona is real but it should not keep us from living. UGA fans cheer on your team as you normally would...that's part of living.
So what you're saying is that Nick Saban is either gay or he's a girl?
UGA punted twice and only scored 27 points? Ouch...
That comment is hilarious made my day. The game will be close but that was funny got a good chuckle out of me...gotta love college football.
Coming from a non Tennessee fan you are out of your mind. UGA isn't going to cover the spread. This game is gonna be close...UT has better offense and Dawgs have better Defense. It's gonna be a good one. I'm calling for the upset here it isn't gonna be a surprise if it happens.
No one needs to watch Vandy...they'll never amount to anything in college football. Good for baseball but that's about it.
It's hurting not having Jennings and Callaway already...Keyton couldn't catch a ball unless it was perfect.
Florida did not role pass or "torch" Ole Miss. Florida's defense looked terrible as did Ole Miss'. Everyone keeps talking about how Florida blew out Ole Miss...did anyone see that? I didn't. A two possession game doesn't sound like a blowout to me.
You're sound like a hopeless Tennessee fan
yeah this is gonna be ridiculous.
I love Lane Kiffin's comments. Gets everyone pissed and it's hilarious. I am a Vol fan who is over Kiffin and really just think he's hilarious.
I feel like Tennessee always give extensions and raises too soon. I think this next season will truly tell where the Vols are headed.