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I was wondering how somebody would try to spin this story into something bad because it’s UT. Good job. You should be real proud.
Fans? This is out of our hands. We’re not the decision makers.
Pretty classless. This rivalry has gotten ugly in the last decade. Just know that not all Vol fans share that sentiment.
Let's be honest here. ND being ranked isn't a surprise. They went 4-8 last year, started this season with a W over Temple and they're magically ranked again. Ga tech on the other hand is a damn good football that run the triple option better than anyone.....you ought to know since they won last season. So tell us....what's your excuse?
"Georgia got the biggest win in the east since..." uhh how about since last season when Florida went to Baton Rouge and beat LSU? That's a much bigger win than Georgia beating a team that went 4-8 last year and somehow ended up being ranked after beating Temple...
I'm kinda thinking the same thing. If it's a big rival, sure go for it....
Don't know a single song and haven't heard of most of these artists.
Exactly what gives you the idea that Butch gives them a slap on the wrist? He kicks players off the team immediately after being "accused" of rape. Saban is the one you're thinking of. Possession of a stolen gun on his team gets you maybe half a quarter suspension.....
Gotta give it to'em. They found a way to win all three games. Next season is a long way away though.
How about that Kentucky game though? I laughed pretty hard at that one.
I don't think we would be or should be even if we beat Vandy. Our defense is so decimated with injuries that we won't stop any offenses with a halfway decent running game.
They haven't beaten anyone worth mentioning. I'm not worried about the Gaytors
What a game!! This is why I love SEC football. Larry Munson, you sir, can suck it. The rest of UGA fans, keep your heads up. You gave TN all we could handle.
Surely your fan base doesn't claim you you classless prick.
I just want some football to be played. Enough of the talk!!
Hahaha damn, guy. Calm down. We're all having fun here.
I am usually one that's impressed with the turnout/atmosphere LSU has to offer, but I have to point at that spring game this year. That attendance was pathetic. I just find it ironic that one of the criteria is loyalty, but the attendance for the LSU spring game didn't reflect that. I know, I know. The spring games don't mean everything, but it should mean something when it comes to rankings like this.
For someone who isn't worried about us he sure is paying us a lot of attention....
Gee, a UGA fan that doesn't understand why we get excited about something that involves our team....that's new.
I think a trophy for what might be a once in a lifetime game at Bristol isn't a bad idea. As for the location, Bristol was for many years the hottest ticket until they ruined the track. Anyone that complains about Va Tech being sub-par well, that's not our problem. They had just as much time to prepare their program for it as we have.
Ehh, just the media being the media. Both great programs. It's just that one team is the favorite to win the east and the other isn't.
Tennessee has suspended all players accused of anything pertaining to the law suit. Not one player has been charged for rape....not that hard to look up facts.
Exactly what Fisher Mann said. The past doesn't have anything to do with this season.