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we have hype every year, usually by the media because we were a long time NC contender, this is the first year for a lot of these players, the first year for coaches and the first bit of learning for a lot of people. we'll overcome, we even did with Butch and his debacle, until it led us to our worst season yet. Even then we will start again, fresh with new players and new intentions, to get us to where we need to be.
mediocre teams like kentucky? oh wait..all these teams are becoming better, they are recruiting better and every little school is taking recruits from all over the world now, not only in football but basketball as well. the gators forget how much of a whooping we gave them only a few years ago, life is a long time.
I've been saying it for a while, it wasn't about the game for most people there, it was the atmosphere and being part of something big. Jealousy is an ugly color.
I highly doubt it, considering how many people from all teams and colleges will be there not to mention the amount of people outside, you've probably never been to a Bristol race or drag race, it's the entire atmosphere plus the inside noise that makes it fun for everyone. I also doubt VT will go away being too disappointed if they lose, it's going to be fun for everyone.
I've said it before, it's all about the atmosphere and the fans, not so much the teams on the field (although i hope it'll be a good game anyway, as long as we still win.) i'll be there tailgating and just hanging outside for the most part and i expect that to be more fun than sitting in the stands anyway.
"the moron, Joshua Dobbs, who is so dumb" says all you need to know about that persons opinion..
The Battle at Bristol isn't about being in the best seats or the boxes, the giant screen will keep you in the loop but it's more about the atmosphere, with people tailgating outside and 150k inside it's going to be outrageous. Just being a part of it will be something to tell the grandkids about.
We haven't seen any this winter, some people are excited, buzzkillington.
Way to be sour about not getting play time, or not being the center of attention for once. I bet those same loving people treat him like royalty so he can be their meal ticket later in life. And all these people are getting salty over something they know nothing about, how about you let it play out before everyone condemns the entire Vols team.
As someone that shaves their head all the time, it can get annoying and takes some time. I'm assuming it's just easier to grow it out and let it go, as I also used to do. I don't think he's trying to win any fashion shows, but if that's the only thing wrong with him I call that a win.
I think his point was that when all the recruits want to go to Alabama, and everyone jumps on their bandwagon because they win ships after ships then who is interested anymore? Now most of us love our team and could care less, but if a lady in your life constantly wonders why that red team is kicking the crap out of you every year, then something is off. But as a Vols fan we won't be seeing much more of that, to the rest of you..I'm sorry, I hope for the best for you guys too.
When we start telling them they did good for doing what they are supposed to do, that's where this generation of entitled whiners comes from. Go to school, get your education, play some football and move on to a job or the NFL, no praise needed, life isn't over and you didn't win it.
And nothing will be done, because every team knows as long as you win by any means necessary they will never take away your W. Until the powers that be start doing what they should this crap will continue to happen, called or uncalled.
I have never liked him, i hope he stays as far away from my Titans and Vols as possible. He doesn't play our style of ball and i personally think he got lucky at Oregon with natural talent, trick plays, and keeping teams off balance with tempo. Of course it's not my choice and if he can work with Mariota or as an OC at the vols i suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world, but i think his ego and purse are a bit too large for that.
Knowing who Peyton is as a man(the guy has always been open with his life inside and outside of football), anyone who believes that story is completely oblivious to who he is, how he's always played the game, and his character. GG al jacrap.
Notice how he apologized to everyone but Norman. That's probably why you won't see an apology from him either. Defensive players are supposed to get under your skin, i.e. Sherman, Ray Lewis, etc. it's the responsibility of the receiver to suck it up and if all else fails tell the official to watch out for the next few plays and he will take notice, they do it all the time, hell i've done it before when i played it's not that big of a deal.
This is how you know these people know absolutely nothing. Anyone with a brain would pick Berry as their kick/punt returner.
TN and Australia all in one helmet? No please, it's just too much fun to be having at this time of year, I can't take it.
Because some of our guys were playing in high school games this past January. I'm hoping everyone will stay around for at least 2 more years, make us a powerhouse again and help us move to the future before they move on and hopefully go to the Titans so i don't have to root against them. Hopefully that kicker and punter comment above was just for draft picks because we've had one of the best punting games in history this year.
I'm not a fan of Alabama's uniforms and never have been, not because of the bland look or boring feel of it all(I'm sure the old farts love it) but getting young people interested and involved in your traditions helps you bring in recruits. "Tradition" or having a rich history in your uniform only goes so far, and not changing with the times merely because you don't want to will only hurt the program in the end. Yes they will still get many good recruits because of their record and because they are Bama, but think of how many more you could have if they would just throw in a few flares. My grandmother is the most stubborn traditional Vol fan in the world, but she likes our smokey greys because it gets people excited to watch the game we wear them in each year, and to her more people cheering on the vols and getting excited is more important than "muh traditional uniforms durr."
It should have been clear to them that overall McCaffrey was the better player anyway, don't get me wrong Henry has shown in his time that he is a consistently good back, but McCaffrey just deserved it more. The award should go to the best all around athlete and human being, and that wasn't Derrick Henry.
Just look at the way Hurd moves when he runs, he's got that power push from the ground up, sure he gets hit sometimes with a shoestring tackle but that's more likely the play calls than his own fault. He's also been splitting run time with Kamara this season and even though i'm glad they did (because the little guy is quick) he still put up great numbers, and every time he gets the ball up the middle you know he's going to give it everything he can and hell he can fall for at least 5 yards. Now if our O-line gets better in the off season, and we get some receivers in the mix with Dobbs arm getting better he will be able to run through just about any defense, and he has the speed to break out when he gets through. He may not be the greatest to ever play the game but coming from a team that needs a good power run game to mix with our dual-threat QB and (albeit not shown this season) good receiving core, i'm thinking next year he will be nothing short of record setting. Yes, Chubb is good, and Fournette may be quicker, but looking at Hurd's track record of resilience you can't keep him down for more than a play per game. Every other team just better be ready to get smashed in the mouth, because that's how we've always done it, and will hopefully bring that back in the future. I'm not saying he's going to win the Heisman or anything, but saying he's not as good as Chubb coming back from injury or any other backs in the SEC is a bit low, even for those that naturally pick on TN for whatever reason.
That's what i think of everytime i watch them, if they were in a balcony and made of felt it would be the greatest commentating job ever. I enjoy listening to them for the weird crap they say, and as always Gary likes to dump on TN, so i just laugh...can't take those guys too seriously.
Everyone always complains on these pages about their team being behind another, but i'm actually ok with where TN landed. considering the past few years and hiccups we've had i can feel it coming back now, on our way to the top again. Sorry rest of the SEC, but when you look at who we play the majority of our season it's filled with past champions and the toughest teams in the country every year. So sad that other teams are behind us because they are undefeated against high school grade teams.
Just too bad he won't be around for all Vol fans to hate on, those of us old enough to remember why we do anyway. My grandma still hates his guts.
Nothing too bad about arkansas, besides your now head coach, Petrino, and that doofus of an ex-president.
If they would just give NCAA FB one defensive penalty challenge per half it would change the outcome of a lot of these games. I hate seeing a great game all day, giant battle, only to be won by some crap ref call, it happens far too often these days. Not to mention like 5 times this season alone where bad calls caused a team to lose in the last few seconds.
Man, sure are a lot of SEC football coaches on here, your teams must be doing great this year..seriously, taking over from 2 horribly failed coaches and rebuilding a team from the ground up isn't as easy as some of you think. He had some good talent first year, and then lost most of it to the NFL. We should have won more games, we just couldn't close out, but that could be attributed to the fact we have the youngest team in the game, most of our guys were playing for high schools at the beginning of this year, and we don't have depth yet so when someone gets hurt we have to move others around and make them learn on the fly against some of the most talented teams in the country. Look at our schedule and compare it to anyone elses, then look at our teams experience compared to those other teams. We have a good gunslinger QB up and coming and a lot of guys who will be here to make it a powerhouse in a couple of years. It's not Jones' fault the program went to crap after Fulmer was let go, he got a steaming pile that he had to sift through and make into a winning team before everyone gets all pissy and wants him fired as well. Give him a few more years and then let him go if we can't compete, what will it hurt? We're used to losing at this point, not going to hurt my feelings if we have to lose a few more close games to good competition to get back to championship status. Worry about your own teams instead of putting ours down, trying to get back to what we were, how many big games have we won compared to other "good" teams? That's what i thought.