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Yea I agree with you but the problem with Butch was that he got talent but couldn't develop it. Roster has talent but it needs to be coached and groomed.
Seriously? Does Race have to come into this? If you were trying to be funny thats a big swing and a miss.
Interesting thought. Instead of beating up on each other, we just abuse those teams. Sounds good to me.
I think the Cocks can actually go to a good bowl. Returning a good team this year. The Cocks should push UGA this year. Just hoping my boys can get 0ver 6 wins. Cant wait for Football. Go Vols!!!!!!
Man I gotta tell you, I'm a Cowboys fan and Claiborne never lived up to that draft spot. He was always hurt and when on the field he was a blown coverage assignment. I doubt its all due to Dez just dont think the system was a fit for him.
To be honest I think thats what he is doing. His first job is to change the culture at UT. Pruitt is bringing a bard nosed approach and I actually like it. Butch was great at motivating the fan, but thats not winning games. He constantly talked about how great the team was going to be and it never happened. Now you have a guy thats not going to sugar coat anything. These plays need tough honest input from their coach. I think CP is going to do that. He already says the best players will play and I think thats going to lead to younger guys seeing the field more than older players. Go Big Orange!!!!
Man cant believe I am agreeing with a UGA and LSU fan (lol) but you both are right. I think we have talent but the talent hasnt had the chance to develop. Jones seemed to be able to recruit but did a horrible job of developing talent. The toughest job CP will have will being able to develop those guys on the roster. The talent is there just have to get the most out of them. My bet is 7 wins.
My thoughts exactly. Some kids will stay and others will be rooted out. Not a bad thing bc they can find opportunities at other schools. I knew this would happen, just shocked it hasn't been more kids. 6 wins next season is a reachable goal.
UConn is s step up but high expectations. Not saying he cant coach there but why not stay at USC where he is praised. Just coming of a Final 4 trip. Ok this was a down year but dude can coach. Team would have been better if PJ Dozier would have stayed. Stay with the Cocks. Ok enough of that Go Vols!!!! LOL
Not a Gamecock fan at all, but damn I am a fan of yours now. Speak that truth.
This is awesome. Great kid, and phenomenal player. Congrats UGA. Side note, glad he is leaving soon. LOL.
Naw man. The suspended guys were freshman. Probably wouldn't contribute to this game anyway. Not a Cocks fan but looking forward to you guys taking them to the SEC Woodshed. Good luck.
I think a couple of things played into the Carolina loss. The Jalen Hurd saga was a huge thing. No excuses but it killed the locker room. Now the Vandy loss..... man that was ridiculous. We couldnt stop anything. My thinking is that 8-9 wins. But game experience for our young guys has to factor in. Young guys took their lumps.
Not trying to sound like a homer but I think we will be better then most people expect. Hell with a decimated defense last year we got 9 wins. Bringing back a good part of the defense and improved coaching staff. Just have to avoid the injury bug. The East will be up in the air. Good Florida and UGA teams. A Carolina team with damn good QB and RBs. Tennessee with returning defense and good skill players. Any of these teams can win it. Just ready for the season. Go Vols!!!!!
Living here in Columbia SC, I think the USC coaches should keep the players out of 5 Points. There is always something going on or fights breaking out. These kids go out and some idiot wants to pick a fight because its a high profile individual. Ridiculous. I'm not a fan of USC but most of these kids are good, but trouble will come looking for them. Skai Moore is a good kid. Hope this mess clears up and doesn't hurt his season.
You are right but Kelly took that role at the end of last season. Great kid.
The new faces of the team are going to be Kongbo, Darrin Kirkland and Jauan Jennings. Actually looking forward to this year. No hype to try to live up to. Young kids getting experience last year will be big this year. Also think Dormady will begin season as starter. He knows offense well but JG will take the spot from him before the year is done. Just my thoughts Vol Nation.
Man I was just about to type that. No hate on Bentley but the fans gobbled up his statement. Shouldn't hate on JG for making his statement. Gotta believe in yourself before anyone else does.
Ok you go ahead and think that. Pretty hard to keep a mobile QB healthy and around for that long. He can get experience watching and learning. Thats better then 300 lb DTs and Ends crushing you. I simply think for the long run (1-2 yrs down the road as you said) I would have kept him fresh. Take it how u like.
I'm sorry but playing this kid this year was a dumb move by Muschamp. Never a good move to play a freshman QB in the SEC. He should have been redshirted and prepare for next year. Not being funny, but Carolina was not expected to do anything this year. So why burn a year of eligibility for a bad season. The kid as great potential but he is gonna take his lumps. Hell they haven't even played the tough SEC teams yet. Good luck kid.
Gotta say I somewhat agree with the rankings. I'm a huge Vols fan but i dont think we are there yet. Can Butch get this team to turn the corner. It seems every year we are close in a major game. Can he bring that out of the players? We have talent but so does every team in the East. The big question next year will be can Butch use the talent and make a big jump. Oh and I gotta say these are some of the most respectful comments from other SEC East teams I have ever seen. Must be the off season. LOL