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Honestly the O-Line was actually solid all night. Dormady wasn't sacked or even pressured all that much, and they opened up enough holes for John Kelly to go off.
Genuinely curious, who would you replace on that list with a UK player?
Yeah, this doesn't take into account the many times that he's escaped pressure and just tucked and run.
Sometimes you don't know it's clickbait, until you actually click on it ...
We haven't been that lackluster. I mean getting blown out looked really bad, but it doesn't discredit the rest of the season.
Most of that is on the OL though that was missing three starters.
I think Ole Miss is really good, but honestly, you got to have the Vols ahead of them right now.
Man, just ignore him. No need to bring the UT program into this. We don't all agree with what Ut_volz posted.
Yeah it has to be played. Imagine if UT loses the next two games, and Florida doesn't have to play one of its opponents from the West. Knoxville would melt.
So true. I want to see if our receivers can match what is one of the best receiving corps in the nation.
I'm by no means an expert, but I think it's one of those plays where everyone is so busy paying attention to the football in the air that they just kind of ignore each other and go for the ball.
Nice to see VT do well. Makes that win look even better.
I think it will be one of those games that will be really close until the end, and then UT will put up a couple of TDs at the end and win by like 14.
A&M is really legit this year too. The games between those three will all be tied for most important imo.
I mean, they only have one loss (granted it wasn't pretty), and it was to a good Ole Miss team.
Yeah, I used to genuinely dislike Oregon, but now I'm gonna root for them every game.
Literally, every team has THAT writer that they hate.
I definitely agree we need to start better. Florida's offense does look improved, but I'm not sure how much we can take from a win against Kentucky.
Well, I mean we play in a few weeks. The rankings will work themselves out in the end.
To be honest, most of the breakdowns I saw came from the left guard and center. The other guys didn't play amazing, but I was really disappointed in Thomas and Robertson like the article shows. If those two play better, then I think the o-line can be serviceable.
Not sure why Josh Dobbs is so high. I definitely felt that he was solid last year, but not top-ten good.
Yeah, to possibly make him register as a sex offender and slap him in jail is completely over-the-top.
Honestly, next year's running back class is one of in not the best in recent memory. I bet the 2018 RB class is a little worried.
Florida, Georgia, A&M, and Alabama in consecutive weeks and two on the road is not an easy schedule...
Honestly, I think the Florida game will define UT's season. If we win, we have a great shot at reaching the title game. If we lose, it's the same old, same old.
Didn't Justin Coleman have a good year with the Patriots? Definitely a down year for vol rookies.
Week 1 seems to have plenty of good football to watch.