I bleed Orange and White. 'Nuff said.

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No, it got it right with Satan... LOL
Fournette definitely deserves to win the Heisman... not just as a gifted athlete, but also as a humble, gracious young man.
The Falcons and Titans both have home games the next day, so those options are probably out. The Panthers have a bye week, so that could happen if Charlotte didn't get hit too hard by the storms.
Meh. I'd rather do my tailgating on the River.
I have to disagree on the issue of the Smokey grey helmets. Personally, I think they're awesome. And I saw a picture on the helmet on Facebook with a warning for opposing QBs: "If you can see the Smokies, it's too late."
I'm sick and tired of playing NCAA '14 over and over. Thanks a lot, O'Bannon; hope it was worth it!
McElwain: "So what can you tell me about that cat up there in Knoxville, Butch Jones?" Spurrier: "Not much, 'cept I'm 0-2 against him, hoss."
January 4th, 1998. If you don't remember what happened that night, don't EVEN call yourself a Vols fan.
How in God's name can anyone hate puppies?!? As much as I don't like to say it, GO GATORS. At least for today.
So they want to refer to UT as "the team from the East". That's OK; they're just scared because they know the role they must accept after they get spanked on Saturday by Tennessee... er, I mean, "the team from the East".
Regardless of who wins, I think it will be a close game.
If I were a Kentucky fan, I'd be upset that they're not showing their win over Tennessee (10-7) in 2011 that broke a 27-game losing streak to the Vols and sent Wildcat Nation into a state-wide orgasm.