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If your a True Vols Fan, you will understand what I'm about to say. Phillip Fulmer was our Coach and our program went down hill when they let him go the way they did (like it or not that's the truth). Fulmer bleeds Orange and is respected at UT, he has my respect so trust him. He brought Coach Pruitt on board to run this Team and 1 full season is not enough time to turn around the issues we had at UT. He needs time, not this crap story and Dave if you could do any better you should have thrown your name in the hat. I'm guessing your Play Station Team is good.
We need to leave Coach Pruitt where he is. If you watched Game 1 & Game 2 it's clear we played better in week 2, we made mistakes for sure but much better than week 1. We have good coaches in place, we have good players on our team and a lot of Freshmen playing (which to me is a good thing). Coach Pruitt needs 3-4 years to work on what's been messed up for a long time. I've been a Vols Fan for a long time and yes it sucks right now but I do believe our Team will improve in Week 3 (with a win)and we will see them improve each week. The players see something or they wouldn't be saying stand behind us, we will get better. Go Vols.....
Issues started at UT when/ how they fired Coach Fulmer, like him or not you have to admit that's when we went South. We've had our share of different coaches but Coach Pruitt will get this program back on course again. I picked us to go 6-6 this season, all the time hoping 7-5 but we didn't make it this year. 2019 season will be better and 2020 will be even better so look the history up because that's what we have to go off of. History says: - Alabama is at the Top- .723 win%- 26 SEC Championships - Tennessee is next - .677 win% - 13 SEC Championships - Georgia is next - .651 win% - 13 SEC Championships The top 5 - 3- from the west & 2 - from the east and just so we are clear, Florida and Missouri are not in the top 5 (Surprise)
Coach Fulmer was 152-52 over 17 Seasons, 2- seasons under 500, 15 Bowl Apperances and 14 Seasons in the Top 25. Don't think either of you could put those kind of numbers out, if you could we would be reading about you. And Georiga, well just hope you don't play Mami because your old coach will show you why he should still be there at UGA.
If you "Google" Mark Helfrich it shows him as the OC for Tennessee, don't know how true it is but that's what it says.