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Look at all of us coming together to hate on more than each others team. Hooker's articles have always been trash. Reminds me of the main news channels. Just spewing out crap without any proof or citations. Learn to write a real sports article
Hahaha the fact that you are talking is hilarious. You beat a team by three that went 4-8 last year and has a completely new coaching staff. Isn’t your staff well established? You have this year, but ou better enjoy it because if we can hang with y’all now just wait until we aren’t down. I would say a year called back for you, but that would require USC to have won something.
Is your sports writing so bad that all your articles focus on bashing a down Tennessee team? Imagine if you put some effort into making a sound and well thought article? That’s a joke because that would take you knowing the slightest bit about football.
I answered your question with depth. We don’t have the talent that UGA has. We don’t have a Dline that can push that OL off the ball. We don’t have a great second team that can come in and switch plays with fresh legs. You’re asking them to coach like we have a Georgia, Bama, Clemson defensive front and backups. We don’t have the tools to do that. There is no coaching I. The world that can change that. So, when you play a great team like UGA all they have to do is pound the rock.
Are you talking about the defense that halfway through the fourth had held UGA to 24 points? Forget the offense fumbling on our 20 with 2 minutes left? We have 0 depth and UGA is very deep. If you think last week was a bad showing for Tennessee then you don’t know much about football. We had a strip sack that took a lucky bounce into Nautas hand and resulted in a Td and then we had a turnover on our side of the field. That’s 14 garbage points. Our defense wasn’t an issue last week our offense punting the ball 7 times is the issue.
I have an honest question to this article. Do you watch Tennessee football at all or just look at stats? If you think our pressing question is who will we recruit at Qb then I will go with the second one. JG has done exceptional considering our OL play. Show me another QB in the SEC that takes shots like him and still gets up play after play. The real question is how will we recruit solid OL players not a QB.
The reason is your first TD came off a lucky strip that just so happened that the guy who got beat picked it up. Then the last TD was on a stupid fumble by Banks, so you had 14 bad points. Your offense looked awful, but the defense looked great.
If I wanted to hear ignorant rants about Tennessee football I would tune into social media. I come hear to read up on things about my team that isn’t another babbling moronic tirade. Good job Saturday down south on letting this one make the page. I’ll go scroll through the other teams and see what other teams you all belittle. Probably none
Scratch that. I made the mistake of not knowing what the 21st century is apparently. I am an idiot lol but the Richt and Franklin hires are stupid still.
Can I ask a serious question? So, you have 2 coaches on this list who haven't coached a single down at either school and you have a coach who is in his second year on this list. I am not taking away form Smart's accomplishments, but to say he is one of the best hires in the 21st century already is baffling. Here is my favorite part of this article, does everyone just hate anything that has to do with Tennessee??? Philip Fulmer isn't good enough to make this list?? His record is 152-52 with a national championship, 2 SEC championships, and 5 east Championships. He coached one of the top 3 QBs of all time who has played college or professional football. He is a College Football Hall of Fame coach. You have MARK RICHT and JAMES FREAKING FRANKLIN, but no Phil. The media bias and hatred for UT is really getting old.
7-8 years??? This isn’t SMU and the death penalty. Be realistic, a good coach could bring that program back to 9 win season in 2-3.
"Georgia freshman quarterback Jake Fromm has already seen a tough environment inside Notre Dame Stadium and came out victorious" Did you watch the game? That may as well been a home game in Athens.
His statement doesn't make any sense. I don't understand why the media thinks ND is so good in the first place. I'm calling 38-17, Georgia rolls through them!
I don't know if it is just me or not, but I don't see Georgia losing to a 3-9 team from last year. I see more of Georgia running through ND.
You are such a mediocre writer, like the Vols defense as you say. You down the Vols the entire time and praise GT, who by the way lost. I can't wait to read the rest of your crap this season downing Tennessee about everything they do.
I wonder if this guy watches Tennessee football, I mean he does live in Knoxville. The fact he said not much confidence in Kelly who put up those kind of numbers last year as a 3rd stringer is laughable. Then he goes on to say some confidence in our WRs???? I believe our receiving corps is going to be unstoppable as long as they can get the ball too them. Then of all places that we have depth in he says some confidence in our OL. Get out of here man. I'll take all the hating the media wants to give them, because I believe we are going to surprise alot of people this year.
The way these writers on here talk about Tennessee you'd believe we are going to go 0-12.
I love how they hate on Tennessee and then praise Kiffin's tenure there....