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We'll find out if we have depth today. WR depth seems good but losing Sampson with Small already being a little banged up could hurt. Not having Calloway for that first half might hurt too. Idk, either way we should be good to go but really going to miss Tillman today. #GBO
And Im well aware of the many of our delusional fans. But we all have them. And, its not been easy being a Vol fan over the past decade and a half. Cut us some slack, guy! Lol
Sounds to me that they're "plan" revolves around a dirty hit on Hooker to take him out of the game! Wouldn't surprise me at all coming from one of the dirtiest teams in all of CFB!
Im personally pulling for UK to stay undefeated till we play them! It makes destroying their dreams(no matter how ridiculous a basketball school's expectations are for their football season may be) and their salty tears taste just a little sweeter. "Mmm, mmm biatches!"
It was a subliminal message. Giving us UT fans that feeling like 1998 again, lol
SDS: "Tim Tebow has thoughts on the Gators' biggest question" Tebow: "Put ME in, coach!"
Playoffs??? Basketball doesnt have playoffs. Pshhh
I personally think Beamer should just shut his blowhole, quit taking jabs at teams that ring him out on the field and maybe coach his QB and team better.
Im just here to say that it's FINALLY Florida Hate Week!! I feel good about our odds but I definitely have BVS so Im just going to say FVVVVVVVVVVVVVCK FLORIDA and GBO!!!
Targeting is immediate ejection from the game. If that occurs in the first half, the player can come back the next game. If it happens in the 2nd half, the player also sits the 1st half of the next game. That is by NCAA rules. This University punishment sounds like the right call with current bylaws. He didn't shoot the m@therf@cker, he lost his cool, punched the guy 4 or 5 times IN THE HELMET(what a dumbass) and got ejected for the rest of the game. UT didnt have to further punish the player but chose to do so internally and that was the right call. You f@cking haters are ridiculous. These are 17-23 yr old kids... However, "Im a man! I'm 90! I'm not a kid!" so I can control my emotions a little better than some 17-23 yr olds.
#WGWTFA Tennessee 98, Florida 17 Texas A&M 21, Arkansas 20 Georgia 63, Kent State 6 Mississippi State 42, Bowling Green 10 Auburn 13, Missouri 20 Ole Miss 41, Tulsa 17 Kentucky 28, Northern Illinois 14 South Carolina 20, Charlotte 19 Alabama 45, Vanderbilt 9 LSU 27, New Mexico 9
I just wanted to make a comment below your username so when combined it reads; "bighairyvols" and "volsinyourmouth". Cool.
Everyone on this site says that Corch is a prepubescent punk but his comment above has to make you wonder, maybe he is just some 50 yr old virgin living in his mother's basement watching Casablanca and old westerns all day(stares off while stroking beard)...
It was something we used to say back when I played for UT in the late 40's, lol
Something like that. Im 90 yrs old and my smartphone is from 2012. It acts up when Im trying to type some times...
Defend them all you want, EKing, there is video evidence surfacing everywhere on how aTm players, cheerleaders(yes, they're male cheerleaders, bruh) and fans(speaking "despicable" racial slurs to black aTm students) all over the place right now. It is what it is. You coming at me with some half-hearted rebuttal trying to defend "despicable" behavior is further proof of a delusional fanbase in a state that we would all be calling "Tejas" right now if it were not for the actual Volunteers from Tennessee...
Wooooooowwww!! I just got Georgia fan to sing Rocky Top!!! Sing it again, TDOE!! I could listen to that tune allllll F@ucking day!!!
We haven't had the football gods on our side since Arkansas layed the football on the ground(literally! Layed it on the ground and walked away from it) in our magical 1998 season to help us get to National Championship. So, I like having them back on the sidelines!
I think AR15 would be GREAT at parkour! Football? Ehhh...
Makes absolutely no sense except for the fact that he has no sense at all...
TDOW calling TN fans hillbillies is laughable. You know Deliverance was filmed in backwoods GA, aintchya boi?