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I couldn't disagree more. The team is hurting, and they should be. But I don't see how rushing into the GA game would help any. Last year's consecutive stretch of FL, GA, A&M and Bama left the team in shambles. No, it won't matter at all if we beat UMass 100-0, but it's clear this team needs more practice and reps, as well as time to clear their heads from the FL disaster. Maybe they need to let their damn chili stew for an extra week.
I'm pretty damn angry about the last play. And the poor play calling in the red zone. And the 4 years of garbage decision making that preceded that.
What do you expect them to say, "no comment"? They don't have good explanations b/c there aren't any, as you just alluded to.
Neither of those plays were "miracles". It was a designed pass to Jennings in the end zone, and he caught said intended pass. Cleveland ran a simple go route, got behind the defense, and caught an uncontested pass in the end zone (same as Eason's pass against TN). Pisspoor defense is the simple and obvious explanation for each of the results. Occam's Razor.
Unbelievable. Every single week it's something new.
Hats off to GA fans for doing their part to represent their team and the SEC. I've made my point repeatedly on many posts that ND is garbage, and no one feels sorry for them. Their ship sailed 2+ decades ago when their turned their nose up to the Big 10. Still have no earthly idea why clowns like Crist and even Vegas favored ND in this game. The allure of ancient history still seems to have a hold on people. Apparently ND fans themselves are the only ones getting the message. They sold out to make a point that they want more, and I can't blame them for that either.
"It sets the tone for the East", until you blow games at SC and Vandy, then everyone becomes tone-deaf to coach speak BS
True Volunteers! Very glad we're stepping up to make this happen so that FL can allocate their own resources where they're needed most.
Lol, you again? Back for more of your "guarantees" this year? Haha. I said I respect Georgia, but that's not good enough for clowns like you. Truth is that no one does less with more than GA. They're always talented, b/c they're sitting on a goldmine of talent. That doesn't scare people anymore b/c you consistently underperform to your potential. I'll take tangible progress over a perpetual state of disappointment any day. Thanks for actually stepping up and not embarrassing the conference this weekend tho.
How can GA be in the drivers seat in the East if they haven't even played a single conference game? Also not sure why a 1 point win over a ND team that went 4-8 last year is more valuable than a 1 pt TN win over a GT team who went 9-4 last year and swept half of the East (including GA of course, who has frequently lost to GT recently). ND is garbage, they're ranked early every single year based on nothing but ancient tradition. I respect GA and do believe they're the most talented team in the division, but to think they're leaps and bounds above the rest of the division at this point is BS. These knee-jerk reactions 2 weeks in are even worse than the crap SDS spewed out all summer.
Congrats to KY on another impressive victory! Don't know why I ever doubted all the off-season hype.
Outback can't take FL or TN anyway b/c they played in it the last 2 years. This is a simple procedure that you should already be aware of if you're going to comment on possible bowl selections.
Blah blah blah..blah blah blah.. u can't beat UT or GT, so you're miserable, we get it...someone had to step up for the SEC to handle them, cuz we all we know we can't rely on UGA to do it... pathetic
Couldn't agree more. This was another trash performance by Butch, but you have to credit the kids. They find ways to win based on talent and willpower alone. The coaches do nothing to put these kids in a position to win. Been saying this for 3 years now. A win is a win, but damn was it ugly. At least we can say we did our part by beating GT, something half our division failed to do last year.
Butch is full of crap, Dormady was always going to be the starter. If it was remotely close JG would have gotten snaps, right?
How many catches did Osborne have? If you're gonna come on here and continuously gripe about our team you can at least get the personnel right.
This is probably the single worst injury that could happen to this team. Sucks for him and the team, but no one is gonna feel sorry for us. It's an opportunity for the youngsters to get reps and build experience, gotta find the silver lining in a tough situation.
I sure as hell don't feel bad for McElwain. He's enabled a culture of arrogance and entitlement by allowing his players to publicly run their mouths to anyone and everyone who'll listen. Hell, he even does it himself sometimes. Nobody talks more trash than the gators. And now we're supposed to be surprised and sympathetic when the kids go do something selfish and immature? What a joke. Of course they're suspended, they conspired to defraud the same university that's providing them a free education and platform to display their talents. If I were a gator fan, I'd be far more concerned about the university kicking them outta school than the punishment McElwain will levy. This whole "I'm not gonna turn my back on these kids" crap is wearing thin. If they had a stronger fear of repercussions and consequences, maybe this whole fiasco never woulda happened. So yeah, quit whining and get a clue.
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Uh, Maleik Gray will barely get on the field this year on defense, at least in competitive games. He's buried behind Kelly, Abernathy, Warrior and Berry. Trey Smith is the answer you're looking for.
This is a huge problem. He was the one guy we couldn't afford to lose. Smfh
They shouldn't even be considering playing him against GT. Why risk it?
I doubt it changes our preparation much at all. GT is the epitome of a "plug and play" offense. It's all about the QB reads, he'll pitch it to whoever is in the backfield if the defense collapses on him. Defensively it's all about discipline and containment, that won't change just b/c it's a different RB than we were expecting.
Double LOL @ Florida--what a great way to start my Saturday morning
Perhaps if Butch would have hired a head S&C coach before last summer we wouldn't have dealt with the inordinate amount of injuries????? Not blaming all of the injuries on Butch, but seriously: Butch not having a full S&C staff for an entire season is one of the dumbest program management decisions I've ever heard of. It's basically unprecedented at this level of college football nowadays. Btw, what evidence do you have to support your claim that Butch has grown and learned from his mistakes?
If you don't think there's a scenario where Butch can be fired after this year, then you simply don't understand the landscape of college football. You can call it whatever you want, but he is on the hot seat. Is it scorching? No, but almost every single coach in the country (not named Saban, Meyer, etc.) is constantly under the microscope, especially in year 5. What if he goes 5-7 this year (which is unlikely, but not outside the realm of possibility)? You can damn well bet that the donors and administration will have a tough time justifying his retention. Am I happy with the progress we've made? Absolutely, we all should be. But we should be equally concerned that he's peaked. His idiotic comments (genuine or not)and dumbfounding decision-making raise serious questions as to whether he "gets it"/"has what it takes" to legitimately compete for championships. This is year 5, I'm tired of hearing about the Dooley disaster. This is entirely Butch's program now. The upperclassmen this year were all members of consensus top-10 recruiting classes, and he has had more than sufficient opportunities to upgrade the coaching staff to build the support he obviously needs around him. Butch needs to prove this year that he's learned from his past mistakes. We expect players to make notable progress every year, it only seems fair to expect the same from the coaches.
Winning the East last year was not an unrealistic expectation.
I couldn't agree more, his reasoning is absolutely pathetic.