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Piss-poor administrative decision-making is what got us into this mess. I completely understand and agree that this narrative has been beaten to a pulp. The fact remains that it is also all true: This is the current condition of the program. The media plays no role in the perpetuity of our situation. No one is nominating anyone at SDS for a Pulitzer. It’s their job to present the facts, offer some insight, then let us argue amongst ourselves like idiots as to whether or not we agree.
What do you want them to write about? We suck. The only way to change the perception of that is to win more. In order to win more, you have to beat the teams in front of you. This is the most objectively accurate article I’ve seen around here lately.
We won the SEC Championship just 2 years ago dumba$$. We also regularly beat FL in basketball. In fact, we historically own FL. Check the record books, or have someone else read it to you. Stop talking about things you don’t understand. You’re embarrassing yourself.
Stop making sense. Rationality isn’t allowed around here. Funny how even direct quotes can be misconstrued and twisted.
How is UGA at 10-2 if they're still projected to win their "toughest" game?
Florida has no chance at winning the East, much less the SECCG. They're comically overrated. Complete garbage.
Umm...the last sentence probably explains why. Do you want to play Oklahoma the same year you get Oregon/Clemson/Texas/FSU/UCLA?
Wow. What a complete hack job you did on this. HE DID NOT "officially announced his intentions to leave Tennessee for the 2019 NBA Draft" HE SAID: "I have decided to test the waters in the NBA Draft process and will **NOT** forego my last season at the University of Tennessee with the capability to come back and finish what I started here" HE IS NOT HIRING AN AGENT AT THIS TIME!!! This is beyond bad reporting; its complete garbage. Try actually listening to the press conference, or at least read the transcript for crying out loud. Good grief.
Exactly...when you factor in cost of living, and the fact that TN does not have state income taxes, I'm not sure this is even a raise at all.
Speak for yourselves. Why the hell would I root for Bruce? He got himself fired by committing violations, then lying to the NCAA and University about it. He screwed us by not following the rules. Not sure what's difficult to understand about that. Also, no University in their right mind would choose to ride out a show-cause penalty against their head coach. It's unprecedented for a reason. Any intimation that it was ever, or will ever, be an option is the epitome of stupidity. And yes, Tony Jones is a self-serving POS. They had their chances to make Final Fours at TN and didn't get it done. The gig was starting to wear thin. It's also no coincidence that Pearl has already had one Auburn assistant plead guilty in the FBI corruption case, and a second is now under suspension as well. Does it hurt seeing him return and have success elsewhere, particularly in the same conference? Of course. But I for one bid him good riddance long ago and I'm not about to turn back now.
There is no explanation. That call, to me, should be a fireable offense. Especially when it's not your call to make. I have no clue why we allow referees to have no accountability whatsoever in their job performance. The whole crew should be suspended, at the very least. Those are the types of calls that can, and do, decide games when they're screwed up that badly. It's unacceptable in a tournament game.
This is what you get with a Bruce-coached team. You have to take the bad with the good, but its maddening at times. Got the "W" though, which is all that matters in March. Should be a fun matchup with Kansas.
Only ugly thing about that game was the refereeing. The SEC has a huge officiating problem, particularly when it comes to Kentucky. It’s beyond ridiculous; it’s borderline criminal. No one should have to play 5 vs 8 on a neutral court in March. Refs botched the end of Auburn/FL as well. I’d support having the conferences exchange refs for the conference tourneys (BIG 12 officials call the SEC games, ACC officials ref the PAC 12 games, etc) to minimize the bias and familiarity with the teams.
We’re better. The better team will win 90% of the time on a neutral court. What don’t you get about that?
LMAO @ "LSU did not consider that a strong-ass offer". Well played, sir.
What a complete clown. Forget the NCAA for now. The FBI has his balls in a vice, and he knows it. I have yet to see any public denial of wrongdoing on his part, b/c he knows it'll just get him into more trouble. Refusing to cooperate with LSU, then demanding reinstatement, is a pathetic last grasp at fleeting glory. Grab your popcorn.
It'll certainly be impressive to see Eric Gray "flash" considering he's sidelined this spring following shoulder surgery. Simple reporting 101 here.
This is an FBI corruption investigation. It has nothing to do with the NCAA.
Jordan is one of the most improved players in the SEC, if not the country. He's starting to garner attention from NBA scouts, and deservedly so. But Russell Westbrook? Come on, man.
It can't go either way if its a by-the-books charge (unless you're playing at Rupp).
Unless I'm misunderstanding the impetus here, this sounds like complete garbage. Many (if not all) teams have scheduling imbalances in the SEC slate. How can the league accommodate a scheduling change for one specific matchup without making wholesale changes across the board? Either tell AU/UGA to accept the designated date like everyone else has to, or go back to the drawing board and balance all the schedules (which is by no means an easy task). Am I missing something here?
It was 50-17. He's clearly exaggerating to make us look worse than we are.
We have 4 in the top 10, 5 in the top 13, 6 in the top 25. Not even close.
Let's not complicate this. If we play well in all 3 phases we'll be in a position to win. I concede that UGA is the better team, but the better team doesn't always win. Neyland will be a factor, and we'll have to play our best football yet, but we're certainly capable of winning this game.
Lol--and they're under contract w/adidas effective next year. But adidas has much bigger problems than Paul Johnson right now, obviously.
Right, everyone is either ignorant to the context of the "fake news" comment, or they are conveniently omitting the context so that they can spin it however they please. I get that there's blood in the water, and Butch makes an easy target, but its laughable watching all of the media members gather their torches and pitchforks.