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Only ugly thing about that game was the refereeing. The SEC has a huge officiating problem, particularly when it comes to Kentucky. It’s beyond ridiculous; it’s borderline criminal. No one should have to play 5 vs 8 on a neutral court in March. Refs botched the end of Auburn/FL as well. I’d support having the conferences exchange refs for the conference tourneys (BIG 12 officials call the SEC games, ACC officials ref the PAC 12 games, etc) to minimize the bias and familiarity with the teams.
We’re better. The better team will win 90% of the time on a neutral court. What don’t you get about that?
LMAO @ "LSU did not consider that a strong-ass offer". Well played, sir.
What a complete clown. Forget the NCAA for now. The FBI has his balls in a vice, and he knows it. I have yet to see any public denial of wrongdoing on his part, b/c he knows it'll just get him into more trouble. Refusing to cooperate with LSU, then demanding reinstatement, is a pathetic last grasp at fleeting glory. Grab your popcorn.
It'll certainly be impressive to see Eric Gray "flash" considering he's sidelined this spring following shoulder surgery. Simple reporting 101 here.
This is an FBI corruption investigation. It has nothing to do with the NCAA.
Jordan is one of the most improved players in the SEC, if not the country. He's starting to garner attention from NBA scouts, and deservedly so. But Russell Westbrook? Come on, man.
It can't go either way if its a by-the-books charge (unless you're playing at Rupp).
Unless I'm misunderstanding the impetus here, this sounds like complete garbage. Many (if not all) teams have scheduling imbalances in the SEC slate. How can the league accommodate a scheduling change for one specific matchup without making wholesale changes across the board? Either tell AU/UGA to accept the designated date like everyone else has to, or go back to the drawing board and balance all the schedules (which is by no means an easy task). Am I missing something here?
It was 50-17. He's clearly exaggerating to make us look worse than we are.
We have 4 in the top 10, 5 in the top 13, 6 in the top 25. Not even close.
Let's not complicate this. If we play well in all 3 phases we'll be in a position to win. I concede that UGA is the better team, but the better team doesn't always win. Neyland will be a factor, and we'll have to play our best football yet, but we're certainly capable of winning this game.
Lol--and they're under contract w/adidas effective next year. But adidas has much bigger problems than Paul Johnson right now, obviously.
Right, everyone is either ignorant to the context of the "fake news" comment, or they are conveniently omitting the context so that they can spin it however they please. I get that there's blood in the water, and Butch makes an easy target, but its laughable watching all of the media members gather their torches and pitchforks.
I've been vocal about Butch not being our guy for 2+ years now (since Oklahoma game in 2015), but there is a 0% chance of him getting fired next week, regardless of the result. There is literally no incentive to do it, and it's idiotic to project otherwise. Currie has been nothing but supportive of Butch publicly, so he's not all of a sudden gonna pull the plug on him after 1 month. Honestly, I think another close loss bungled by coaching blunders would be worse for Butch than a straight blowout. His fate could be sealed after Saturday, but they won't fire him next week. Also tired of all the fans saying "Well what about the top 5 recruiting class?" as a reason to keep him. Well, what about it? He's had 2 top 10 classes and the rest have been top 20 classes, and what does he have to show for it? Talent isn't the issue, coaching is. Most of the top recruits in the class are in-state, and if we make the right hire, most of those guys will honor their commitment anyway. All that being said, we do have an opportunity to win a big game Saturday and keep the season alive. "Pivotal" is an understatement for the magnitude of this game for Butch and Team 121.
Which is a separate issue, but not uncommon. I'm simply pointing out the irony of a media member countering Butch's fake news claim with a diatribe that literally perpetuates a fake news item.
The Battle at Bristol rings were given to TN by the BAB organizers (TN bought eight more for staffers). This is exactly the kind of "fake news" crap that Butch was referencing. If you feel the need to retort and defend yourself as a media member, you should at least get your facts straight, instead of actually helping to support Butch's point. It's a shame, b/c the rest of your assessment was spot on.
Frankly, I think another bungled game with a close loss would be worse for Butch than a blowout. I can handle getting beat down by better teams, I can't take blowing any more close games b/c of coaching blunders. Butch won't get fired next week regardless of the results, but the result will go a long way towards the decision of firing or retaining him after the season.
Where is this coming from?We've worn them 2 times vs UGA, last 2 home games. Can't wear smokey grey on the road.
It's called "faking fouls" in NCAA basketball. Subject to penalty after video review to determine if a foul was flagrant. Never claimed it was illegal in football.
You're joking, right? You really don't get the issue with pretending to be hit so that your team can get 15 free yards?
Do you watch basketball? Flopping is illegal in college and pro ball, because it's cheating. It's a pathetic and embarrassing practice, in all sports. How bout grow a pair and play the game like a man. What ever happened to playing with some dignity?
I couldn't disagree more. The team is hurting, and they should be. But I don't see how rushing into the GA game would help any. Last year's consecutive stretch of FL, GA, A&M and Bama left the team in shambles. No, it won't matter at all if we beat UMass 100-0, but it's clear this team needs more practice and reps, as well as time to clear their heads from the FL disaster. Maybe they need to let their damn chili stew for an extra week.
I'm pretty damn angry about the last play. And the poor play calling in the red zone. And the 4 years of garbage decision making that preceded that.
What do you expect them to say, "no comment"? They don't have good explanations b/c there aren't any, as you just alluded to.
Neither of those plays were "miracles". It was a designed pass to Jennings in the end zone, and he caught said intended pass. Cleveland ran a simple go route, got behind the defense, and caught an uncontested pass in the end zone (same as Eason's pass against TN). Pisspoor defense is the simple and obvious explanation for each of the results. Occam's Razor.
Unbelievable. Every single week it's something new.