Have been a Tennessee fan from the womb. My biggest desire is to see my beloved Vols, in all programs, do things the right way and hold their heads high win, lose or draw.

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I'm sorry but I beg to differ. Jarrett Guarantano is a fine young man but, IMHO, he isn't an SEC caliber QB. Granted, the rest of the offense, line - receivers, hasn't helped him much but when passes are ten feet overhead or thrown behind, they are pretty tough to catch. I hope CJP won't get the dreaded CBJ "tunnel vision stubbornness" on starting players, although I don't think he will. GBO
"We were a young team last season and will be younger this season, albeit with better talent." Ya know, I hear this EVERY year with almost every Vol athletic team. I really don't get it. Why are we so "young" EVERY year, in almost every sport?? I cannot remember the last time anyone said "this year's Vol team is 'senior laden' ".
I think UCF came out and played like a bunch of playground thugs. Officiating was, again, horrible. In a well officiated game, most of UCF defense, especially secondary, is gone by the second quarter. I have no love for LSU necessarily, but was happy to see them step up and show this classless bunch how real football players look AND act. Good job Tigers.
I've never been fan nor foe of Penny Hardaway. He just looked like a butt hurt coach who just lost arguably the biggest game on his schedule, has a .500 record and is smart enough to see the writing on the wall. I'll be very surprised if he lasts three years.
Win, lose or draw, I absolutely love Coach Jeremy Pruitt. He is a COACH, not a used car salesman as we have had previous and shall remain nameless but not shameless. I know he will do things the right way and our guys can hold their heads up no matter what. I hope he stays for a long, long time.
Hmmm......Another ex-head coach celebrating a beatdown of the Vols. Anybody else see a pattern here??
I didn't really have a dog in this hunt although Vandy winning sure makes Saturday's game with UT much more interesting. Catch or no catch, the defender, first of all, interfered with the receiver which should have resulted in automatic first and goal. Adding insult, the defender also face-masked the receiver on the way down. Either way, of those three possible scenarios, none were considered.
A prime example of Butch Jones' pigheadedness and tunnel vision. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, (Jones), but one of his failings was locking in on something and refusing to be swayed one way or another. An admirable trait in certain situations, but not here or in the case of Justin Martin or Colton Jumper or etc, etc, etc.
Only one thing to do to shut these people up coach.........WIN!!!!
Does anyone else think Dillon Day looks like that "Michel" kid that Will Smith threw up in the air in "Hancock"? Come to think of it, he was a bully, taught a very dear lesson, too!
Since we can wire the referee into the PA system, why not have, on his person, a "beep" or a "vibrate" of some kind in sync with the play clock? Sort of like the light on an ice hockey goal.
Ok.....you have no confidence in the O-line, playing a VERY short field against a VERY good D, what call do you make?