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Duke Mayo has ACC and Big Ten tie in this year. SEC won’t have enough bowl eligible teams to fill in the Gasparilla spot.
We are. Looking forward to next week. Should be a fun one.
It’s football. Anything can happen. Upsets happen every week.
Ethan, It’s impossible for a pac-12 team to go to the gator Bowl since it has a SEC vs Big Ten tie in. My god.
Against the defending SEC champions and national runner up. UGA didn’t lead against Missouri until 4 minutes left in the game.
A four point win against Missouri gets you ranked at #1. Meanwhile beating the defending SEC champions and national runner up gets you a #3 ranking.
You barely beat Missouri. Hell, Florida looked more impressive against Missouri
Lol Kentucky is struggling against South Carolina.
Vols will lose to Bama. Close game until Bama scores two late touchdowns to win by 14
You beat a Texas team that Texas Tech beat. Texas Tech was actually more impressive
LSU vs Tennessee will be a wild one
Let’s leave politics out of this. It’s a sports site. Let’s keep it that way.
So wins over UL Monroe, Utah State and an unranked Texas team that’s riddled with injuries gives you a number 2 ranking?
After seeing Florida against Utah I thought for sure they were going to beat Tennessee. Now that I have seen them struggle in their past 2 games it gives me hope that Tennessee might pull off a win. Florida covers but Tennessee wins.
Las Vegas Bowl has an SEC tie in.