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Mike the tiger hands down. Alabama's mascot is a sweaty guy in an elephant costume, pretty sure a tiger would maul him to death.
And we would know about getting our butts kicked. Home, away, neutral site... doesn't matter to us, we'll find a way to lose!
CO Jones - funny you say that as you and Joe Marks are the Florida idiots on here.
I didn't even mention Knoxville being better or UT, so not sure where you got your "insane superiority complex" comment from. I said that Athens, GA (which I hate more than Mizzou) is a better town than CoMo. Don't get your panties in a wad.
Mike-Are you trying to say that Mizzou is a better school academically than UT or UGA? Because according to the rankings they aren't. Also not sure what the Association of American Universities proves. It certainly doesn't prove that the schools in the association are better than those that aren't. No one would argue that Mizzou or UF are better academically than Notre Dame or Georgetown (two more schools not in the AAU)
Corch, I will keep thinking that UGA 2019 is the same as 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009... Basically I think UGA will choke away a game they shouldn't and come up short from achieving their goals... again. Also I know UT is down right now, I'm not arguing that we are dominant. You UGA fans think you are Bama or Clemson. STOP. You aren't and you won't be until you win multiple National Championships.
Yea I'd take anything SDS posts with a grain of salt. The comment section seems to always have much better information (if you can sift through all the trolling and lighthearted jabs)
Also one of those years we lost to Vandy, we BEAT you guys in Athens!
I'm not saying Vandy is trash, you are.
Ehh I'm not so sure about that. You don't have the same talent level at backup QB that you had the last two years and we all know GAs weakness is against the backup.
You guys lost to Vandy 3 years ago, stop acting like you've dominated everybody you've played for over a decade.
Never overlook a SEC opponent, not even Mizzou or UK.
As a UT fan you are crazy if you think CoMo is better than Athens.If you want to have any journalistic integrity you should stop being so biased towards a crap school/town like Mizzou and CoMo.
Please don't associate all of us with TruVol. Every team has one. You guys have Corch, Florida has CO, Bama has BamaTime... We can't just an entire fanbase on a few idiots.
OK this is getting annoying. We get it, Mullen made a mistake with how he handled Steele at UF (Granted it now seems as though Steele may have transferred regardless of who his roommate was). Can you just drop it and focus on your team and the upcoming season.
The article literally says that Justin Fields was also on the show...
You sound like you were an a$$ as a kid. I didn't treat disabled people differently but I was raised to respect others. Try it some time.
Why commit to UF in the first place if he wanted to play closer to home?
I never understood why UGA and UF fans like to pick and choose results from the series to support the argument that their team is superior. Honest question because I'm too lazy to look it up myself but, who leads the all time series between the two? That's the better program, plan and simple.
Agreed but I don't think Auburn or UF are considered top recruiting programs at the moment.
What a ridiculous statement "forever be known as the longest game in the tourney's history" is. I really hope a game goes 18 innings today just to prove this statement false less than 12 hrs after it was made.
wde0012 hahaha I love how you just point out the facts right in BT's face and he still argue's against it somehow.
CO Jones... what? I think you need to re-read Kirby's post and come back again once you understand it. You completely twisted around what he said. Reading comprehension is important, try to use it next time.
Too far oskie, don't let the troll Corch pull you down to his level. Just ignore him and move on.
Yea I'm very surprised by his response to all of this, let the judicial system sort it out, no need to put your 2 cents in at this time.
He graduated from UF & UF law, but you're right I rarely see a state attorney speak like that to the public about an ongoing case.
Joe Marks-You are comparing a first time HC's very first year to a guy who has been a HC for nearly a decade and are trying to say that it is comparable. It's not and I hate both of your programs.