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Thank goodness Saban has never been accused of shady recruiting before.
He's not swallowing his pride, he's saying what he has to say to get more money. It's a business decision and nothing else.
Also I didn't include his freshman year as he was a backup and played sparingly but his #s from that season were better than any other, seems like once he spent a little time with Mullen he went downhill.
Sophmore Year (first as a starter under Mullen): 196/361, 54.3%, 2,423 yds passing, 21 TDs, 10 INTs, 124.3 QBR Junior Year (still under Mullen): 159/286, 55.6%, 1,782 yds passing, 15 TDs, 11 INTs, 117.5 QBR Senior Year (under Moorehead): 145/281, 51.6%, 1,767 yds passing, 16 TDs, 9 INTs, 116.8 QBR. Yea he really fell off after Mullen left. Then again math is hard when you're always ingesting bath salts.
I think Riley is too high, he doesn't seem to be able to make great in game adjustments if the original gameplan falls apart.
is that why Nick Fitzgerald's passing stats got worse every single year under Mullen?
paris10 are you responding to me? I'm not sure what you're talking about
KirbySmart, he said you can't argue against what he said, but what he said was an opinion so you absolutely can argue against it. I'm not saying Jeudy isn't the top WR in the nation and I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the top 10, I'm saying that one can argue against those statements. Bama324 claimed that you can't argue against what he said but you absolutely can, its not fact.
I think you might be projecting your own sensibilities across the entire "west"
You really need to learn what an opinion is because this is your opinion again, not fact.
Everyone everywhere gets offended. We in the South cry like babies when someone wants to remove a Confederate statue or when a gay couple walk by holding hands. I bet people will be offended by my post.
What you said is an opinion, so yes someone can argue against that. I think Jeudy is a top 15 player no doubt, maybe top 10.
Another fake profile? This site is getting out of control
Was something I said wrong or did I just trigger you with the truth?
No. You just proved that your still falling behind UGA, just not falling behind by as much this year. Gap is still growing.
Isn't the gap getting bigger? UGA and Bama have better classes this year than UF.
Just pointing out that your bragging about beating a rival OFF the field knowing full well that both teams would skull drag you guys on it.
Cool stuff! Maybe you can beat them on the field too?
Glad to see us on top of something for a change (besides basketball!!). Also, I may be wrong, but I thought NE's center, David Andrews, went to Georgia too. Could've sworn I remember him playing there.