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Too far oskie, don't let the troll Corch pull you down to his level. Just ignore him and move on.
Yea I'm very surprised by his response to all of this, let the judicial system sort it out, no need to put your 2 cents in at this time.
He graduated from UF & UF law, but you're right I rarely see a state attorney speak like that to the public about an ongoing case.
Joe Marks-You are comparing a first time HC's very first year to a guy who has been a HC for nearly a decade and are trying to say that it is comparable. It's not and I hate both of your programs.
BamaTime, actually the author of this article thinks Bama is thin at QB, neither UGA fan said anything like that. Reading comprehension. Try it.
GatorMania, you bash another poster for posting outlandish stuff and then you do the same. Jsut curious what Dan Mullen has done at Florida that Kirby hasn't done at UGA yet? Neither have won a NC, but Kirby has one the east 2x (Dan-0), Kirby has one the SEC once (Dan-0), he made it to the NC game (Dan hasn't). I just cant think of anything that Dan has done that Kirby hasn't.
Hate to lose out on a kid like this, but this article is a complete waste of time. Wish the kid well though, just not when he plays UT.
Haha OK bud. Can't tell if your serious or doing your usual trolling on here. Using your logic of the better a team does on the field and recruiting, the more difficult it is for their rivals would mean that the SEC west (outside of Bama) would have terrible rosters due to the fact Bama has pretty much dominated recruiting and on field results for the last decade. But the facts dispute this, the SEC west still has more talented teams than the east. East may catch up if UT & UF can turn it around but that remains to be seen.
Georgia, like Alabama, can't control how the other teams in their division recruit. Your logic could use some serious work.
Why the shot at Mullen? I hate him too and gave enjoyed this last week but this article isn't about him. If you want to bash Mullen go to one of the 25 negative articles SDS wrote in the past week about him. Also trying to say UGA is doing something that Bama isn't is misleading. Using your example, Auburn & LSU are doing things that the rest of the SEC east (outside of UGA) isn't doing. Has nothing to do with Bama (and trust me I love to bash them as much as anyone on here)
Steele didn’t want to be around a guy sexually assaulting him but Mullen didn’t care, these players don’t care, most UF fans don’t care. Truly sad to see this program put their mediocre football team ahead of an individuals wellbeing.
CO Jones-You are right up there with TDOW, Corch, Joe Marks & BamaTime as some of the biggest idiots on this site.
Man ya'll UF fans are butthurt like no other hahahahahahahah
According to Gator fans every time a UGA player gets in hot water it's Kirby's fault (before that it was Richt's fault). But this isn't Mullen's fault? Who allowed this sexual abuser to join the football team then?
I don't know why he would leave so soon, that's why I said it seems fishy to me.
Solution for the SEC to boost its schedule? Stop scheduling PAC-12 teams.
You're right they aren't even close. Justin Fields stayed the whole year at UGA and then left. This guy left UF after like 20 mins. Everyone knows why Fields left, he thought he would beat out Fromm and be the starter, that didn't happen and he left. This guy at UF leaving so soon after arriving is fishy.
I see more of an up and comer taking over for Saban than I do an established, successful HC.
Your draft #s kind of prove MattyJ's point. Look at it this way, two years ago 7 DBs were drafted in first round, last year 6 DBs were drafted in the first round, this year? 3 DBs taken in the first round. Looks like teams are starting to value the secondary as a whole less and less.
The one thing that every SEC and College Football fan has in common is their hatred for the NCAA. And quite frankly they deserve all the hate they get.
I think I may be. If that's the case and she helped lock down Nolan Smith she should be getting a raise and not fired! We'll take her!!
Check out Dacia King & Nolan Smith's instagrams. I think there was something going on between the two. Honestly I don't blame him.
You literally just did what all those UGA fans you were complaining about do. Are you that stupid that you don't even realize it or are you a troll as well?
Not a huge fan of a coach taking a shot at a team he gone blown out by the previous year. Spurrier could do it because he actually beat the teams he talked about. Mullen needs to just quietly focus on turning the program around. He had a great start in Year 1 but needs to build on that. Glad Pruitt is more focused on coaching up his team and not trying to come up with lame zings and one liners.
Like when he won his first start on the road against Notre Dame or when he came from behind in the Rose Bowl to beat Oklahoma? Not a Georgia fan (obviously) but to say that he needs to lead the team to a close win to close the gap while dismissing the fact that he has already done that is just ignorant on your part.