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Glad to see us on top of something for a change (besides basketball!!). Also, I may be wrong, but I thought NE's center, David Andrews, went to Georgia too. Could've sworn I remember him playing there.
I don't think you do know what it says. It says play and beat the Tide IN THE PLAYOFFS. Auburn & Bama aren't both making the playoff next year. No guarantee Oklahoma or Bama will either but a much better chance of it happening.
Saban was mad that he took the Maryland job, which was a promotion. Nothing Weagle said was wrong
Would've thought UGA would go after a bigger name after letting Chaney walk, a little underwhelmed by this though he will have a major talent upgrade at UGA. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
I can't see him picking a team that Bama plays next year. Guy has too much love for Bama to go up against them.
Yea we shouldn't be talking trash to a program that has beaten us 3 years in a row...
HATE UGA but they didn't offer him. They refused to match our offer, the report you are referencing was false.
LOL BamaTime may be the biggest idiot in Alabama (and that's saying something). I just told you that this guy is a troll and you keep falling for it and what do you do less than an hour later? You fall for it again!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Oh got me. My whole life revolves around UT football so that cut deep! BamaTime, hurry up, your sister wife is back at the trailer waiting for you to come back with that pack of parliaments.
You know that guy is a troll and yet you keep falling for it... sad!
Wonder what changed in the last 11 days to make him switch again like that.
Also BT I think you meant "Do the Vols still field a team?" We speak english here, not inbred.
Snowflakes proving my point, its so easy with these clowns
Alabama QBs who transferred under Saban: Star Jackson Phillip Sims Phillip Ely Alec Morris Luke Del Rio Parker McLeod Cooper Bateman David Cornwell Blake Barnett Jalen Hurts? Please elaborate on how easy it is to keep talent on the bench because it seems like Saban has a QB transfer every other year. Also this isn't to bash Bama but to point out that any team that recruits at a high level year after year has to deal with this, great players want to play, not sit on the bench for 3 years.
Lots of snowflakes in Alabama this winter, look at all of them emerge from mom's basement!
I hate when recruits do stuff like this. I’m all for getting hyped up for a commitment but to throw another team under the bus, a team that showed you nothing but love, is disrespectful and speaks volumes about this young man and his character.
Is being Jewish a bad thing to you?
The controversy surrounding Durkin aside, can anyone tell me what this guy is bringing to Alabama from a football standpoint?
I think he is talking about Jonathan Taylor who was kicked off of UGA for domestic abuse and then immediately picked up by Bama who then kicked him off their team once he was accused for a second time.
I was wondering the same thing, at this point it was a tie game and they still needed to kick the extra point to win it. HS kickers aren't the most consistent and moving the XP back 15 yds could've easily led to a missed kick & OT.
Correct, 247 Composite rankings have him as the #1 kicker in the 2019 class
It is, though I believe they've started pulling back on their most restrictive rules. Students can now hold hands on campus, watch R rated movies, etc.
Just a realist bud. UT could one day compete with the OSU's and Bamas but the last 10 years have been awful, we are no longer a national power and can't expect to compete for the same coaches/recruits as the national powers. Never said we couldn't get there again. Also I've had this profile for almost a year now and you even admit in your comment that we aren't good so not sure why you're mad that I said the same thing in mine. Go home snowflake, this isn't your safe space.
More likely he was saying kids at Bama are stupid with the "there's a lot of high-end football and low-end academics". At UT we have low end both.
He's not wrong. Any UT fan that thinks we are on the same level as OSU right now is smoking too much crack. If Alabama were to hire Butch Jones as their next HC after Saban leaves everyone would say thats a terrible hire because they can clearly get someone better, but if a local middle school hired Butch Jones as their next HC it wouldn't necessarily be seen as a bad hire for them. Same thing here, OSU can get a much better coach than we could.