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Peyton Manning needs to make an offer to show his loyalty to his alma mater. Maybe even Ely as his OC considering what NY did to him.Guess its a hail Mary and a wild dream. Probably not even possible, Idk but Currie is the cause of this curse that's getting worse.Currie is just too incompetent and apparently turned down again by a losing coach from SMU?! Seriously? How is the chancellor supposed to keep that job? Looks to me as if we needed to fire Butch much earlier,Currie's next and obviously needs to run for the hills along with the chancellor and start all over the correct way. Your days are numbered Currie! He's dumb as a bag of hammers!
Currie is a disgrace to the S.E.C ! Look what this idiot has done. Maybe Fulmer as HC for a year before promoting him to AD to get the right man for the job.
As bad as I hate to say it,I'm beginning to think Lane Kiffin is the best solution for Tennessee at this point.He may be our only choice after the horrible decisions Currie has made.