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speaking of mediocre apparently Florida returned a few thousand tickets for the game. Sounds like the Florida fan base is heading down the road of mediocrity. Even bad TN teams would fill there allotment.
This game should be moved to the end of the season. It won't have the chance to be great again. Florida's excuse is that the FSU game is there but non conference games should be played early.
He was right get a few guys in with some talent and a lot of heart (IE Grant Williams) and turn them into all SEC players. The talent is literally lining up on his door step to play for him.
No Mullen is nothing like Spurrier. I have to admit he was one of a kind even though I have my doubts that he didn't some type of inferiority complex. He would poke teams and coaches to get them go in a certain direction. Like most good coaches he hit his high water mark mid way through his coaching stint at Florida. Mullen has a long way to go to live up to that contract. 6 mil a year for a coach that has never made it to a conference title game? Mullen has no reason to shoot for the moon because Florida already gave away the farm. He doesn't have anything to fight for and you can tell there isn't any fight when he speaks to the press. He just seems entitled.
Rivalry aside if I was a Gator fan I wouldn't be liking on how loose Dan Mullen seems to be. Have you ever seen a championship football coach that didn't seem to have any intensity either during their time with the press or on the field. Basketball coaches are more threatening than this guy.
Saban absolutely did that in his first year at Bama. He inherited a team just as bad as TN currently is. You don't go from what they were to what they are without hard intense coaching he needs to be toeing the line now so he doesn't have to later.
This is just my opinion here and I haven't witnessed it in person, however I don't understand why the grove is such a draw. It looks trashy AF. I'm biased here, but UT's circle park seems better, it is controlled by the university, rentals tents, TVs, grills and tables are included. Businesses and Charities typically buy them up and there are still loads of parting and women to go around. If fights continue to go down I would expect Ole Miss to follow that model.
Jerry always wanted to be a Russell Athletic school anyways
Jerry Fallwell... They same guy that allowed pro-segregation politicians on his radio show, and openly questioned weather Martin Luther King jr. was sincere in his efforts for civil rights? That Jerry Fallwell? I couldn't imagine he would be against a guy fighting against racial injustices.
I would start Trevor Lawrence day one. He might take a few lumps early but it could lead to something very few teams see.
Just shows that Fields may have made a bad personal decision thinking that he would come in a start over any QB in the country. When he should have looked at programs on the rise that still needed an elite QB that could come in right away and not a team like Georgia that lit their schedule on fire did very well with a Freshman QB. He should have been looking at schools like LSU, TAM, Michigan, Oklahoma. Teams that just need an elite QB to right there in the conversation.
Fromm seems like a guy that might stay 4 years. Unless wins a National Championship, gets hurt, or has some mediocre games I don't see how Fields has any shot of starting any big games before he is eligible for the draft. I would take a guy like Fromm who can still put up big numbers but minimize mistakes over someone that has the mentality of having to live up to the hype in any big SEC match ups. I wish TN had the same problem. Just my opinion.
Your reading comprehension must not be so good. All I said they we have the edge on talent. Not that we are going win the game just based on that.It a contributing factor that I think we keep it closer that the experts expect.
I know it is a faux pas in some circles but TN's average star ranking per player is greater than WV's recruited talent. That doesn't mean there aren't going to be miss matches across the field or that some players were under rated were over rated. However when a game has yet to be played there only so many metrics you can use to gage a prediction.
At least he won't be all roided up unlike the last time we played him. It was reported that he gained 40 something pounds in 6 months. He is a good QB however he isn't that special. Its easy for a good QB put up those numbers we you throw the ball 50 times a game. They let a lot of bad teams put points on the board Baylor took them to the wire and Kansas put up almost 40. Tennessee has the edge on talent but first game in a new system will have its growing pains. Tennessee might not win but we keep it within the spread.
Dooley? He has never been an O/C in his career how can you say it is automatically a good hire. It might pan out it might not, just shows how much trash is on the SEC Network.
That element won't be gone but it does help keep people from slamming those last few beers right before you walk to the game.
Damn, We just need football to start these articles are just stirring every pot. No one truly knows what they got until week 2 or 3. There isn't any need to talk S*** until game week then the gloves come off.
I've said it on here before I think Chryst will get the start against West Virginia. This isn't going to be an up tempo offense TN will take the play clock down to 1 or 2 seconds each possession, keeping the scores low will give us the best chance to win. JG doesn't have that type of patiences checking down for 3-4 yard gains will bore him into making mistakes going for longer/splashy plays down the field. Chryst will have those opportunities as well but they will be by design and it might only happen 3 or 4 times during the game.
SDS staff... No one wanted to put there name on this garbage. Also yes Texas does suck.
The Gators are set for probably 7 wins, I wouldn't take a bet on the under or take the over either. Its a pretty manageable schedule in terms of what most SEC teams in the west see or what Tennessee has to deal with every year.
I think 8-9 wins is a pipe dream. Legacy... Didn't the Gators lose 45-16 to Missouri, sorry that big of a jump doesn't make since. Teams like Kentucky, Missouri, FSU,South Carolina and even Vandy should be improved over the previous year solely on not having to change systems and experience. You seem to be under the impression Mullen is going to come out of the gates like they have been running the same system for years. There are growing pains every team has to encounter.
He seems to be banking on having wins do his talking for him. If he isn't a guy that relates to players, then that is most likely the only hand he has to play. Pruitt is unproven but he appears to be able to get under a player's skin and ignite fire. However if he doesn't produce wins or has the tendency to make mental mistakes on the sidelines that motivation will fade.
Being the 4th best recruiter in the state isn't going to help the Gators win of that home grown talent. Willie Tagert>Mark Richt>Lane Kiffin>Dan Mullen.
The saddest thing about this is that it learned behavior. Either someone in Lock's family said something similar or he picked up from a friend with a parent that said something to the effect. Adults have to know kids act like the adults they're around. If you say racist s*** around kids, they will learn to speak like you. It wasn't until later in high school I learned that stuff isn't cool and that some people/adults around me weren't the best role models.
While Florida trips over explaining why their players are allowed to have assault rifles in their cars, TN coaches are up here talking about how to create a life where guns aren't a necessity. I know who I would want to be taught by.