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Barnes as done everything except win a championship. He wants to be in the best situation he can put himself in to accomplish that goal. As a TN I'm happy he is pushing the Athletic dept for better assistants. This has nothing to do with the university or fans. TN athletics should have learned from past failed experiences when they were being cheap. Pay up if want a quality return.
This will definitely hurt recruiting the AAU coaches won't give him the time of day because they will never know if someone is listening in on their "conversations"
I would've gone with a bengel's style helmet but in yellow and black
Once it clicks though its gonna be in over drive real quick!
You shouldn't imply anything unless you know otherwise. As much as you know he could be the most well mannered kid just trying to get in the best position he can put himself in. Are you as dumb as you sound... See how that works?
Pretty sure if he committed to Tennessee, Wright, Morris, Johnson would make it he Best in the country for the next few years.
That is some Butch Jones stuff right there. LSU is gonna regret going this route. It is nice to have that element in the offense for a change of pace but it should not be the primary basis of the offensive. Very slow developing plays and makes stretching the field difficult. Running this type of offense through a non running QB will be very frustrating from a fan's prospective. Why even bother with a QB run fake if it only happen 5 times during the season. TN fans saw it the entire Jones tenure.
LSU you are better than this. Your coach got caught and your team should probably forfeit the rest of the season because they played 90% of the season with a ineligible player, and no way to tell if others were paid for as well.
You can ask him to get rid of the ball faster. You can blame the Oline for a lot of the sacks but he caused just as many.
Ja'Wuan you should be seeing a letter from TN shortly congratulating on your well deserved new contract, and reminding you TN is open for donations.
I agree with you however the championships are still there they just put an * next to it.
The NCAA will be opening up an office in Baton Rouge. Better hope all the other sports are on the up and up. Paying players is what leads to the death penalty.
You being an Auburn fan you should already know how this game is played. Deny deny, deny, win the sec then go on to be a contender for a Natty. Then deal with the issues when during the off season when no one cares.
He gone. Probably best to keep the coach and the player out of the SEC tournament.
Getting an extra bye week early in the season is a pretty big deal for a team. Would they have one week less for fall camp?
Are your roots in East Tennessee? Mine are, and I've actually opened a history book. The vast majority of the East Tennessee's population was very much pro union. Our part of the state was too poor to own property, the land wasn't good enough for big plantations and good land flooded regularly. I take pride in my family not being on the wrong side of history.
Marching with the confederate flag is a 1000 times more disrespectful than taking a knee. Why not start there and then the other problem might go away.
Why aren't we talking about the confederate groups supporting a flag other than the stars and stripes? I think that is bigger issue here.
Kraft doesn't own Gillette Gator fan they are the stadium's sponsor. He made his money in packaging
We play 3 or the top 5 SEC teams every year. Don't want to here it. We deserve a balanced schedule if that is what we are up against every year.
As someone that has no dog in this fight, beside the chance for bragging rights there isn't much to gain. Texas treated the Big 12 like it was them then everybody else. Also to make this work another SEC West team would have to find another non conference rivalry to start and I don't see that happening.
No explaining from the TN side. It needed to be done.
False, TN plays a top heavy schedule every year. I would have rather seen the Florida game moved to a later date, but moving the Georgia game helps TN have a much more balanced schedule with bigger oppoents every month of the season. I have a feeling TN had something to do with this as well. Fulmer wanted to change up the schedule later in his coaching career but never got the chance. I guess this either moves the Missouri or SC game to late September early Oct.
Colleges have intramural leagues which are glorified pickup games I don't know why people can't wrap their minds around this. Those aren't jerseys either those are those cheap netted pull overs every high school gym has in the country.
Remember Maurice Smith? Kirby should have reprimanded by the SEC for tampering.
Blue Bloods are only blue bloods when they are at the top. The school loses their status if they aren't but can always gain their status back when their time comes. Tennessee made a lot of mistakes over the last 20 years, but the current administration is slowly righting the wrongs.