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I see Tennessee trying to play max coverage allowing Bama run the ball chewing up the clock. TN holds Bama to lowest point total of the year so far 39-17.
No chance of winning out. They should have dropped further in the polls at least behind Auburn who lost to Florida, and Oregon. You lost at home to a team who lost to North Carolina who then a week later lost to Wake Forest and Appy st.
Kirby might be the modern day equivalent to Fulmer. Except he won't have as long of a window to win a Championship. Fulmer did it in year six, but if Kirby doesn't do it in the next 2 years its not going to happen.
If you're trying to be Mr. Highandmighty I would be focusing on those dirty hits Georgia had throughout the game, and not the hedges. Can't beat them then take out their knees should be the new Georgia motto
So what is it going to mean when Georgia's best teams in 30 years are still not good enough to win an SEC championship?
Chubb's injury was a freak accident, there are dumb fans in every base. However the Shy Tuttle injury caused by a dirty hit from a Georgia line was no accident. That player should have been kicked off the team.
Lots of playing time to be had at TN, would be playing next to 2 five star OTs Wright and Morris with Harrison Bailey behind you.
These teams that Kirby is putting together are no better than the teams Mark Richt fielded early in his career. If Kirby doesn't get over the hump this year and win at least an SEC championship you will see a slow decline just like in Richt's teams. Butch lost the recruiting battle the year prior and failed to sufficiently stock up talent for the seasons to come that is why following season was such a let down.
UT suspended his access when he was stalking Inky Johnson after he got hurt during the 2006 season. Pretty much got run out of Knoxville
I think he getting paid by the click. If only SDS would show who the author is. Then we can filter out the crap.
No. Sure if I was an opposing fan base I would probably troll too. There still is one thing that is just about always true the worst games in Neyland still draw more people than the best game at Sanford. Even though TN fans are currently jaded they still show up.
Reading comprehension must not be that good in Alabama... I just said he was late. There is no rule that mentions a defenseless player after the whistle is blown its just a late hit.
He was late but not that late. These guys are trained to play till the whistle. If the refs are going to wait that long to whistle the play dead those things are going to happen. The player was technically a runner and isn't defenseless. Just a bad hit that was helmet to helmet definitely not egregious.
Refs were late blowing the whistle it wasn't that late of a hit. He should have wrapped him up though.
Butch don't forget about the cost of living increase when negotiating your deal! We need you off our books so we can fire another coach.
Lack of a D line is making a serviceable secondary look very bad. QB is also very bad. If those two were decent we could compete
There is no QB on this team that can change the direction of this offense. I just hope they can hang on to Harrison Bailey in the current class. If Maurer can complete a bubble screen I would rather see him play. I read somewhere this team is doesn't lack the talent to compete for 4 quarters they're just a group full of "losers" and I mean that in a sense they've seen the same story too many times in previous games. You've got groups on this football team that will play well enough to get the job done yet when they see the QB or defensive line not holding up and costing them the game. Why should the offensive line finish out blocks or line backers cover a TE that sneaks out into a route, or the secondary play tight coverage and stick it out for the next 2 quarters? They already know the game is out of reach. At Tennessee the coaches really shouldn't have to coach effort. That is the current state of Tennessee football.
Remember that time Chris Rainey was charged for stalking and threating his then girlfriend telling her it was time to die bit**? Yeah he was back after 3 games too.
There are plenty of young dumb entitled suburban white males in the southeast to go around. They are at every school in the SEC.
5 of 16 on thirds down and 1 of 3 on fourth down. I wouldn't say awesome. I was mainly referring to the blown defensive plays that put away both games.
Go listen to the player interviews they admit the coaches were telling were telling them exactly what was going to happen and they continue to fail to listen and execute the play calls. Its a player issue
TN's current situation is not a coaching problem but a player problem. They lack the ability to be coached and keep their heads in the game. We have a QB that is afraid to throw the ball down field, an offensive line that can't push back D lines that are 40-50 lbs. smaller than they are and a defensive line that can't line up correctly. These coaches are giving them every tool to get the job done however they fail every step of the way.
If he did take over coaching responsibilities it would only be through the end of the season. The board would never let him take over unless it was well under market value. Say less than a million a year just to pay off the previous coaches buyouts. I see Pruitt getting another year unless things get really bad like player revolts or there is a lack of institutional control on his part.
This play was text book Mullen, he always tries to cap off a lackluster game with some garbage points. Just back off and move the ball pick up a first down or two and lock down the game, it will make winning close games easier in the future.