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UT’s schedule balance was too front loaded current layout is much better, Florida would never entertain the idea of moving that game to later in the year so everyone else had to adjust to make it more balanced.
This is just my opinion but I can’t see Mauer getting on the field unless he is the last resort. Coming public and talking about suicide, and 6 months later putting him on a very large stage with very little chance of being successful is good for his stability. I would trot out JG for one last time and have Bailey ready to start our next game after Bama.
You got to produce. If he ain’t producing on the recruiting trail or on the field you’re not going to be around very long. Don’t mind mind the change at all. Yeah offense has been bad so they might get the point as well.
Kentucky is own worst enemy, losing the way they have they don't deserve to be in the top 25. If anything Kentucky got way too my preseason hype.
You're correct WDE a lacking a quality oline will restrict ability to go deep. I figured the reason they were rolling with Bigsby was turnover. That game resembled something TN fans saw during the Butch Jones years.
Dog, History doesn't mean crap in college football.
I said Auburn's play calling allowed Georgia to walk all over them, and or their lack of ability to stretch the field. Which based on the based dispersion of Auburn's passing stats at the end of the game is a pretty accurate statement. Auburn had a lot of turn over at their skill positions in addition to adding a new coordinator hampered their ability to fully compete in the game. TN doesn't have those holes in the roster which is why I'm predicting a lot closer game.
yeah the job was probably guaranteed to Bigsby during recruitment
I hope your around Saturday night because I'll be coming back to this comment.
Auburn basically laid down and let Georgia walk all over them with their offensive play calling/lacking the ability to stretch the field. Tennessee I would say has a better secondary than Auburn and should be able limit the chances for explosive plays, however the defensive front vs Georgia's Oline will be Tennessee's steepest task. If the linebackers can keep the RBs in check this game is going to really fun to watch. TN's WRs are rating higher than most people realize, and there are 5 very talented pass catchers that will be utilized in contrast to Auburn that on had 2 WRs that had any significant production.
I saw the headline and immediately wanted to offer up my two cents. However I think the gators fans need to head up this response. I hope it involves a swift rebuke of the governor, choices he makes for his state doesn't stop at the state-line.
I think UGA fans are putting a little too much faith in Bennett... There has to be a reason why the program viewed him early on as the third string QB. You don't become an all American overnight and average QBs can look good with a talented supporting cast. He will see a lot of different blitzes this week. Thus far Tennessee on defense as been pretty vanilla. Our offense and the Oline have been the topic of discussion so far, but this defense will have to be the X factor pull of a victory.
you can even take it a step further if they coaches aren't coaching this year then take their salaries and use those funds for housing for off campus housing if they are locked out of the dorms.
This is where coaches need to be supporting these kids with life lessons. Football gets these kids into college however for 98% of them its not going to be their life after their time in college is over. If there isn't football then they need to transition to part time jobs and focusing on school. Get an apartment and focus on school. That what I had to do growing up.
Negan its funny that you're putting in that much effort pumping up this kid when there is a high possibility that there won't be a football season this year.
I read/watch news from both sides, the far right works keep portions of the populations marginalized plan and simple.
I wouldn't say he is trying to dictate his political views but is definitely saying there are consequences for having them. Its kind of the free speech argument Gundy is free to say or promote anything he feels strongly about but he is not immune for the reactions he causes.
You do know all it take is one positive in a football program to cancel at least two weeks of games right? SEC may play a few games but I would expect it to be spotty and no clear winner will be crowned SEC champ. If I was an up coming sophomore is there any real gain besides getting film against limited competition?
It may not look the best from the outside, however there isn't a better stadium in the SEC for watching a game.
I think will be competitive in whatever type of season we get this year. Maybe not sec championship contenders it’s not that big of a stretch that UT takes no one of those three games
Funny of all the bad streaks UT has had over the last decade a 3 game losing streak is nothing our fan base will bat an eye at.
The Cowboys should enter into the conversation, a healthy Cam Newton should be able to beat out Dak or be close enough for them to make a business decision. Over pay for Dak or go with Newton and maintain their stacked roster.
Dak is really good but not elite. I would try bring in Cam Newton on a very rich back up deal. Then once Dak feels the heat he would sign any contract the cowboys offer and if that doesn't work trade him and roll with Cam.
This was a great team win. Beat Auburn and win 1 or 2 games in the SEC should be good enough to receive a bid to the NCAA.
Honestly all jokes aside good for him trying to figure out his a** from a hole in the ground.
Georgia St. was arguably better than South Carolina was last year.
He'll be gone half way through the schedule when he starts SEC play going 1-3.
The fix was on during the last 10 mins. Phantom calls against Tennessee and the refs were allowing Mitchell to get away with the James Harden step back move which is illegal in high school and College. The bump from the ref should be enough to get him suspended for the rest of the year or fired.