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Dylan Sampson should be on this list. Wright was fifth over all last year with only 138 attempts when he shared the load. Sampson I think will get close to 200 rushes this year if healthy because Tennessee doesn’t have as much experience behind him. Tennessee still gets looked at as a pass heavy offense but reality is they led the league last year in avg rushing yards per game
Because the big 10 media writers think it belongs to Edey. Edey cleans up the stat sheet with points and rebounds but Knect is the better all around player I feel.
I'm from Knoxville and I am a current Athens resident. Athens is a good game day atmosphere but so is every other SEC school except Vandy. Georgia had their cake schedule last year and this is their off year and next year will they will have more home games.
If Tennessee takes 3 of the next 4, and a solid showing in the SEC I would say yes. They are the best team in the SEC but they've had a few games where they've struggled getting production outside of Knecht. The old guard on this team needs to start showing up consistently. My main concern is burnout playing the best teams in the SEC in a row then going straight into the SEC tournament is a huge task.
I don't think anyone is cra pp ing on Bower just saying his hype is too much. Kittle was drafted 5th round gronk 2nd round, Sam Laporta 2nd round. The hype feels like Kyle Pitts, which is why I'm not buying.
My opinions are more about the hype of him being a top 10 pick. I haven't dug too much the into the draft but for Bowers to go top 10, I think the only options that make sense is Titans and Chargers. Titans need offense but to me getting a top 2 draft WR would bare more fruit than going after a TE that potentially has a ceiling of being the 5-10th best tight in the league. So that leaves only the Chargers.
I am definitely not a buyer on Bowers. He had a great college career and put up some awesome stats however He doesn't have elite size or speed. He will probably get drafted top 10 but NFL safeties won't have too much trouble with him. He will be productive in the red zone if he lands on a team with a decent QB but if a team lacks a QB I wouldn't take a chance on him.
Basketball and baseball already have unions so probably just expand those as well. Most of the other sports don't have unions so they would just be employees of the university or scholarship athletes. Most of the time being on a full/partial scholarship for a non revenue generating sport is good enough and probably not worth splitting hairs over.
Courts just ruled that Dartmouth basketball players are employees of the university. There just needs to be an American football union. What I would do is use the NFL union and create a different branch for college players or have a union for each conference where the player before signing to a school joins the conference's union. Each conference could have their own collective bargaining agreement this would provide choices on how players are compensated as employees of the university and would create a level playing field between all schools in a conference.
This has always been the plan they just had to wait until there was a viable Antitrust case to start the proceedings. This was put together way too quickly they weren't caught off guard by the lawsuits it was just a matter of when.
Tennessee didn't skate by with the Pruitt situation. They found an issue and reported it as they should. They opened everything up and even invited the NCAA in to help clean it up. This is completely different Tennessee didn't violate any rules that were in place at that time. Retroactively trying to enforce a policy is not an honest way to be a governing body. Also Tennessee is 1 of 7-10 schools that are being investigated for this "rule breaking". Bama could also be in on this too. Pat Forde only leaked Tennessee but there are more schools out there and those states may also join the lawsuit once they are leaked.
They didn't weasel out of paying a buyout for Pruitt. Pruitt was fired with cause. They found out he was legitimately breaking NCAA rules, and knew they would get in more trouble trying to hide it. This is completely different Tennessee was operating within the frame work of NIL and now NCAA wants to walk back the collectives. NCAA thought Tennessee was going to be an easy target because one Tennessee is already under probation and two the gigantic spot light Nico brought when this deal was made. NCAA I think just made a major misstep here, I don't see Tennessee backing down from this one and could also get other states and universities in on the fight.
Word is they are nosing around but have nothing specific. Tennessee is standing pretty strong they were operating within the framework of NIL. The Nico deal seems to be the focus of their "investigation"
I would say the more likely story is that Ole Miss ran out of money or he was no longer wanted. You don't just randomly switch to from a contender in the SEC to Louisville. The deal must have changed in some regard.
Supposedly he played corner during his senior year and did very well at it. It could be his long term position.
What I am in favor of is that these schools start paying the player directly and putting them on contract. They would still have the ability to go out and earn NIL money through the collective. However if they want to leave they would have to buyout the contract they have with the school. The contracts itself wouldn't be astronomical maybe all recruits receive the same base but include training, production, and school based incentives.
That was just a some personal advise. He is free to work in the system to achieve the best outcome for himself.
If I was an "elite college" RB I would do the same thing. They aren't guaranteed big money in the pros and they have a short life span if they do make it on a roster. I have no problem with a player finding their worth if it helps him and his family have achieve a better life. Just don't p**s it away
He did the WRs also showed up to the bowl game last year. The game yesterday the WRs didn't show up and they still won by 35. Also they were playing majority of the up coming talent so there is a lot to be excited about on Rocky Top.
Did you see Ohio State's opt outs? Starting QB, top 2 WRs, Top 2 RBs, 2 OL, 2 CBs and more. It wasn't they're best vs. Missouri's best. The Michigan vs Ohio state game had vastly different rosters you shouldn't even try to compare the two games.
Missouri defense played the majority of the game against a 3rd string QB. I find it hard to give them a pat on the back.
Joe has some skills that will allow him to get drafted. On paper Tennessee should have been better, as fans we knew the Oline would be a concern it ended up being more of issue than initially thought (early in the season), WRs were not as dynamic as they should have been and we were not able to replace the TE play. Tennessee's playbook looked drastically watered down from what was on the field with Hooker. There are also some assistant coaches that need to step up their game. Hopefully the young talent is ready to step up.
Vandy should go to the AAC or big 12. They take from the athletics split and give nothing in return.
Fun fact he actually had 10 more carries last year than he did this year yet rushed for an additional 150 yards. He really started to show his talent midway through his Sophomore yr, and he continued to work and it definitely paid off
Not sure what you mean about over? Dobbs will get another 2-3 year backup contract. Dobbs on a roster is like having another coach. He is best suited to back up a high end QB like he did in Pittsburgh.
Ethan Davis is coming up and there will be a transfer. This guy isn’t SEC ready
This is more of a “your gonna that too long to develop” he wouldn’t see the field until year 3
Lane isn't a fit for A&M. They will expect too much of him off the field which he is not good at. Elko or Kalen DeBoer would probably be decent fits.