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Tennessee has the most returning starters than any other team in the SEC and most of them are still only juniors. Have there been some down years recently sure did we stumble out of gate an lose to GA st. yea, but remember we pretty much had an entire system reboot after year 1 with Pruitt. Replacing both offensive and defensive coordinators is no small task especially with a team that was predominately underclassman. We gave Bama a run for their money when things just started to click. Next year we have a pretty balanced schedule moving Georgia to the end of the year. I would fully expect this upcoming team to take care of the teams we're supposed to beat and turn the rest of the games into 50/50 games. TN isn't a team to take lightly next season. Which from our fandom is refreshing.
Trying to say as unbiased as I can... However you never know what has happen between the Kevin Mays and UGA. Possibly he has tried to follow the proper channels of getting compensated for something that he feels was negligent in some way and UGA's insurance denied him a proper settlement, and now has to take another route for getting compensated for his injury. You're jumping to conclusions that you could be right on or you could be very wrong. Would you want your kid playing/promoting a team/school that under your understanding has treated you unfairly? I know I wouldn't even if it was the University of Tennessee.
We all know why Fields got the transfer, he had a certain trump card in his back pocket if he was denied.
The production from Dameon Pierce, Malik Davis definitely doesn't show all SEC type of numbers, and 108 receptions isn't that much when Mullens offense throws the ball 30 times a game. How many TDs do the returning WR have ?
Mullen's first recruiting class fell apart usually us see those results 2-3 years after, and I'm not sold that Trask can put a team on his back without experienced skill players.
Tennessee fans (me included) were talking mad shat at the state of Tennessee football Butch Jones left behind. I don't blame him for taking a shot at the then contender UGA, and first class oline coaching from Pittman.
Maybe he would rather start on the same O line as his brother in 2021.
Grantham would be the only name I would want to hear if I was an MSU fan.
He sees a paycheck and a way to stay relevant. end of story
I remember when Kiffin told Tajh Boyd to look elsewhere because he wasn't good enough to play for TN...
Berry Odom and Butch Jones (not a joke) should be on this list. Odom fizzled out this past year but Missouri was in a deep hole when he took over. He coaches smart football. Butch can at least get some talent in the door. Neither will take you to the promise land but they can build a solid foundation for a better hire down the road.
If I was on the coaching staff I wouldn't play him at all. I would make him a defacto associate head coach and stand him next Pruitt with a headset on so he gets more air time during the game! Maybe even give him call a few plays.
The SEC has no problem issuing fines and at the same time they will use that image of fans storming the field for self promotion of the league. It is a win win for them.
OSU's defense took a big jump this year over last year's squad. Urban loaded his coaching staff up with former coaches and they are doing better without them.
If he is such a good coach why is Ohio State's Defense, a lot better this year than last? Same players look at the jump Chase Young made without him as a coach.
The type of players Penn State is recruiting will not allow them to compete with Ohio State every year. They are pretty far behind them right now and Penn state is probably doing the best they can do
I really want see Florida and Clemson to have to play this guy every year!
Just reported James Franklin is a candidate. Penn State's level of importance is so far behind Ohio State and Michigan that Franklin feels second rate. His ego wouldn't allow him to pass up this opportunity. Also I really want to see Clemson, and Florida to have to go against him every year. Dollar for Dollar he is probably the best coach in america that hasn't won a championship.
FSU should throw a large number at James Franklin. He has peaked at Penn state and he knows it.
Mike Norvell should be the first call. Fayetteville is only 4 hours from Memphis and he should already have plenty of recruiting contacts in that area.
Matt Rhule, Matt Campbell,and Mike Norvell would be a good place to start. If I was a SC fan I would want a top notch coordinator that has been waiting for the right spot or a proven winner. Recruits do what coaches contracts if schools don't renew or extend that is sending a message there could be change in the future.
We've lived through Dooley and Butch years. If SC wants to be successful they should learn from other programs mistakes. Those lame duck years are program killers. Buyouts limit which coaches you can go after and recruiting tanks because the good hires don't happen and it takes years to get back. Is Muchamp's record of 26-23 good enough?
Zero chance Muschamp can get better assistants than the ones that are already on staff. Quality coaches don't sign on with coaches unless the outlook is positive. SC should rip the band aid off before they add more dead weight contracts next year.
This was a good game, however Kentucky played as if they already knew they were out matched. Which being on your third or fourth QB will do that. Playing for time of possession, is never a winning strategy. That's not a knock sometimes that is the only hand to be played. Just act shocked when it doesn't work out.
Playing competitive football gives us credibility. TN still got hosed during the Bama game that is the one I look at more than the SC game. Pruitt took Muschamp to the wood shed with a bunch of scrubs at QB.
Tennessee has a top 10 coaching staff. We replaced both the defensive and offensive coordinators from last year. I know there is no excuse for Georgia State but stumbling out of the gate shouldn't have been a shock. If this was a Dooley or Jones coached team they would have already packed it in and given up but finding these games interesting to watch is this late in the year is refreshing.
Good size. Hope he knows he already needs to drop 50 pounds
FSU should throw a very large number at James Franklin.