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Harsin could just be aligning himself up for a big time buy out. Nothing get you fired faster that hiring a bad OC.
Urban isn’t a high character guy. Bob on the other hand has always been a class act.
If Bob thought the stress was too high at Oklahoma what makes any of you think that would be any better at Florida? He ain’t coming back
Some pretty bad Tennessee teams have been able has been able to stomp Stoops’ teams. Please sign him up.
He was never in the conversation beyond anything other than spit ballin. Also if he was the coach at Tennessee do those emails leak?
I am by no means an Auburn expert but the building of the staff seem be odd in the beginning. They wanted to keep the recruiting ties and ground work so they brought in SEC underlings like Will Friend, Mike Bobo, and Derek Mason. The problem with that is that they have proven to be beyond their peak coaching ability, and its showing. Thank you for not keeping Rodney Gardner he has been great. Harsin should have been allowed to bring in his own staff build it up his own way even if it took some time to build up the recruiting. Auburn looks like they have delayed their growth by a year or two by doing so.
The black helmets were originally planned but supply chain issues/manufacturing delays wouldn't allow it.
Coaches may have played too nice early on trying to keep players from entering the portal. Sounds like they should have done more of the weeding out process.
A lot about this game will depend on the opening drive of the Tennessee offense. Georgia subs more on defense than most because of their depth. If TN can move the ball on that first possession that is will be a major win, they don't even have to score for it to help later in the game. It would be really good TV for Vols fans if a very winded Jordan Davis is left stranded on the field while TN is firing off plays once every 10 seconds moving down field. However if the game starts off with the way Arkansas' game started against Georgia it will be hard for TN to over come that.
There are some straight garbage football fans out there to stick up for a guy that they know idea if he is innocent or not at very less you reserve judgement and keep quiet. AJ Johnson went through this exact same situation, however from what I can understand there was a lot of witnesses in AJ's case there was an entire party going at the scene, and the accuser's story lacked believability based on her actions right after the alleged rape. This situation seems to lack witnesses and the accuser from available information hasn't done any suspect behavior. Johnson still had to go through the justice system even though the full story was readily available from the start. Anderson faces an uphill battle in this as long as the accuser has followed the proper procedures in reporting.
Being charged means there is a beyond reasonable doubt this occurred, and that the accused must be formally processed as an accused criminal and go through the justice system and possibly stand trail.
2 staffs now thought that Bailey had 3rd string ability. Maybe Bailey is the issue. Time will tell
Before my time but it looks like here was fired from the Rams or left on his own before take over USC.
For some reason off the top of my head I didn't remember Spurrier.
Besides Saban, because he royally sucked in the NFL has there been a coach that took a self imposed demotion?
Dude can only play like 20 snaps a game. I wonder what happens if TN's offense can get rolling on the first few drives of the game and he gets stuck out there while needing a breather.
Not every team is lucky enough to have coach as solid as Kirby is. If Kirby ever wants go for the NFL Georgia would be in a situation where someone like Franklin might be your best option. Currently until another coach steps up in a big way its Saban and then everyone else. Dabo looked to be trending to elite but this year could be the signal of the bubble burst at Clemson.
TN has played 3 top Heisman candidates in Matt Corral, Kenny Pickett and Bryce Young. All three of those games were at one point in the Winnable stage. I hate to sound resentful to current players but if we had the current starters plus depth we probably win two of those three games. Also not to mention TN has been getting jobbed by the refs. Young fumbled that ball in the endzone and he didn't come up with possession.
So are TN fans still the worst or is Ole Miss now the classless fans?
Praise the players that are out there as well. There are some guys out there that are laying the ground work. If they don’t put in the work future recruits don’t take notice. I hope Heupel get some of these guys into the league.
Heupel owes it the team to put the best players out there ever week they are available. The team has been working really hard this season. It would be a terrible message that we should pick and choose our battles instead of showing up ready to compete at our best game. Heupel is building a program not working on his resume of quality wins.
Impartiality is what me as a fan wants. The SEC picks its winners and losers, it is to their benefit that they do so.
Totally agree. Do away with conferences and just have all the big schools that can compete in one big association .
Same types of punishments was alittle harsh. But yes it could spur investigations into those schools as well.
If this goes to trial Bama, Georgia, and Florida St could have the same types of punishments because all his previous experiences of how recruiting is done will be fair game.
No one should listen to this guy. The old guard of Boosters are no longer relevant at UT. Randy Boyd, and Plowman kicked that old system to the curb with Fulmer and Pruitt. That old guard also is also what brought Schiano to our door step as well. Danny White is not the type that kneels to boosters allowing them to tip the scale. As much money that is generated by the conference they are no longer worth keeping around except for giving donations for new buildings.
TN is sticking to their guns, so far Plowman and Boyd have played their hand pretty strong. They have no problem burning burning the old guard of boosters. They could pay their own settlement to keep their names clean. Pruitt has worked at Georgia, Bama, Florida ST. if this goes to trial all previous work experience is fair game especially with the freedom of information act all that information will come out.
He may get a less than 2.5 million in a settlement because the cost of trial would just about equal that.
You should have saved yourself the time. Most of the people here watched the game and saw how it was playing out. Ole Miss players were falling down just standing still. There are too many variables the are unknown what context did the injuries occur did it happen immediately after the play and the player didn't get up or did the player just fall down out of no where. Most fans here could careless if they player was injured or not if isn't well enough to the point he has to lay on the ground while standing in place the player shouldn't be out there and would need 2 series to be properly evaluated vs trotting them out there the very next play.