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We dodged a bullet. 3-6 in that conference last year is absolutely terrible.
The defense won't be as dominate and the offense has question marks upfront and on the outside. Not sure where they will come from, I would say 2 losses(Norte Dame, A&M, Auburn, or Mizzu)
I’ve seen the video a woman on is laying on the ground an he can be seen punching her in the head.
Joe that is BS. The truth is those riskier recruits are more of a liability, you can't depend on them to be there week in and week out. I understand taking a flier on a guy every now and again but I can assure you that loading up on all those types of guys is not a winning formula.
What Mullen can do is make character more important in the recruiting process. He doesn't have the best track record bringing in players that are both talented and decent human beings. Remember Jeffery Simmons, Mullen didn't pull his offer after plead guilty of beating up a woman in high school. Tennessee hasn't been the poster child but at least there has been a concerted effort to clean up the image. Mullen has yet to prove he is committed to bettering Florida's image.
you're right about leverage but hopefully he can knock down a few passes and his speed could be used to tie up backs trying to bounce to the outside. He has the same size as John Henderson but they ran used 4 down lineman back then.
I know Butch was the worst wasn't he, but if you're living on what UGA did 2 years ago your team has already peaked. Just remember it was TN that gave LSU the defensive game plan to get to Fromm go back and watch it was the same blitz schemes. TN just didn't have the players to keep up the pace however LSU did. The UGA Oline gave up more sacks to TN than anyone else last year. TN still might be middle of the road this year but they won't be an easy out.
I would like to go ahead and congratulate the UGA fans on another 2-3 loss season where you believe UGA was only one or two key injuries away from winning a Championship.
Congrats good get. Depth is always a great factor in having a successful season. The one shining light from a competitors prospective when a team loads up at RB and WR there is only one ball to go around in a game, so executing, timely turnovers will always be a equalizer.
Concentration levels of THC you idiot. Speed is a non factor if you can prove in a reasonable doubt that the driver was in fact a sleep. If the DA pushes too hard they could in up with no not guilty verdict if it goes to trial. Which I doubt, look for reduced charges of involuntary manslaughter charges 6 months in jail, 5 years of probation, and No felony
Not if he truly fell asleep at the wheel and wasn't currently under the influence of a drug. The report just said that he had marijuana in his system, which leaves a lot of speculation on the levels of concentration.
WDE that is the law that allows minors charged with a felony to be charged as an adult. He is being charged as an adult based on the charges that DA has applied.
WDE he is being charged as an adult because the DA is charging him with a felony which is why they can classify him as an adult. If he would have been charged with criminally negligent homicide or involuntary manslaughter those charges wouldn't allow him to be tried as an adult because they are class A misdemeanors.
The kid said he was asleep, so I doubt he would known what speed he was traveling at. Crash report should show if attempted to slow down or not. If he didn't that could very well support his defense that he had fallen asleep at the wheel.
The DA should have released the full toxicology numbers, if this had involved alcohol they would said the driver's BAC was this much over the legal limit, however if they release that info and its not strong it could poke holes in their prosecution before the trail even starts.
There will always be political motivation in any public case. District Attorneys are publicly elected and how they use their discretion applying the law is how they keep themselves in office. So being that this happened to a public figure definitely changes how aggressive the DA is pursuing the Max charges. The wasn't premeditated this kid is a minor and should be treated like one.
Weagle, you can't proof that and speculation doesn't usually work in court.
These very well might be your concerns but that argument isn't a strong enough argument to say you can keep alcohol legal yet marijuana should remain criminalized because you can't accurately tell whether someone is just high or really high. You are correct though even just a decent lawyer should be able to get this thrown out, and police are only using this arrest to save face for the public. It seems to be a very weak charge. This type of allegation should be saved for civil suites. You shouldn't ruin this kid's life over being criminally negligent yes a crime was committed that resulted in 2 lives lost. Given that he should be charged processed with a stiff judgement but lock him up and don't charge with a felony. He will already have to live with this the rest of his life.
Toll looks like a great athlete but man based on his highlight video Arkansas high school football looks really bad.
He is all vol... He has been active reaching out to other prospects. Expect a 5 star WR soon
Tee Hodge is who I've read they are focusing on. Randall Cobb's cousin another local recruit. He is a bigger back at 6-2 230
Strong won't be there when these games are played and Saban would be well into his 70s, their current "brand" won't be even close to what it is now. Once again Bama takes the easy way out with there non conference scheduling. Why not call up OSU, Oklahoma, Wisconsin or even Miami for a Home and Home series. Those schools provide the stability and reliability of having a decent products on the field.
I think your forgetting Chaney was TN's OC for a longer period of time than he was GA's OC. We know who he is and what he can do. That is why UT wanted him back. The more important question to you is does Fromm take a step back not having him around?
Just let him go in peace. Reopening the same wound will cause a worse infection. Advice to Gators put it in the past and focus on whatever good you can do in the future. You shouldn't mention either player's name or the situation.