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Who knew there were so many cry babies in Texas.
If Texas in going to join the SEC by 2023 he is going to Texas.
I love that Tennessee doesn't have those an non conference "rival" it allows to play home at homes with bigger schools across the country. Like I said play those games at the start of the schedule and not at the very end when some teams are still playing conference games.
Basketball and Baseball will get a huge bump in visibility and level of competition. Every star high school player is going to want to be at an SEC school.
That only applies to football all other sports will play compete against each other every year.
I honestly hate out of conference rivalries, they usually take president over conference play being at the end of the schedule. It builds the pressure trying to close out the season to get into conference championship. If they are so important to local economies they should be the first game of the year.
The money Texas is generating stays with the school and goes back into its operating budget. Its the revenue that is generated by playing games, winning championships that goes back to the conferences then shared. Texas doesn't even compare when you look at shared revenue money. Bama got paid 6 million dollars for making it the rose bowl in 2020. I'm pretty sure the revenue is shared equally among schools. So if you bringing in the biggest piece of revenue you're going to get your say on how things should be run. I would like it to be totally impartial but that will never happen.
Missouri and A&M don't understand that Texas and Oklahoma will have to kick Bama off the top spot before they have any type of real influence on decisions. Texas and Oklahoma won't have friendlies running the conference like the big 12. You think they are going to boss around people in Birmingham? Bama unfortunately will always be the sweet heart to the conference. Until another schools starts producing Bama money, then they can start to get a say. Until they if they have a grip you'll need 5 or 6 other schools to back you to have any success in grain influence.
Michigan writer just said Tennessee is now the favorite. Powell isn't a power house high school football team. Its actually a surprising transfer destination for a 5 star player. The family could be positioning themselves to be close to their son for the next 3-4 years.
Emory Jones will be replaced after the Alabama game.
This pure and simple greed at work. Dissolve the big 12 and do a major realignment. Something thank makes sense geographically and from a competition stand point as well.
Harsin isn't what I'm worried about its the reject SEC assistants he brought in to keep recruiting together (it worked out this year). Auburn's fans will absolutely hate Will Friend as the Oline coach. TN had its best Oline talent in a decade over the last 2 years and they greatly under preformed because of coaching. Honestly how did y'all let Rodney Garner walk out the door? Vol fans give Harsin a big thank you!
I think Daniels is a good QB, not sure I can say he is difference maker based on the level of competition he has seen. Cincy was the best team he faced last year and he only put up 24 pts. Mizzou has a good upcoming QB but TN beat them so I don't put too much stock them being on the upper level. Its pretty obvious the Clemson game will be very telling on how Georgia's season will go. A loss to Clemson and a loss in conference play sinks their season even if they beat Bama in the SEC championship. I expect Bama, Clemson, and Ohio state to take care of their business in the regular season.
Georgia Tech at this point brings nothing to the table in form of facilities or revenue generating sports.
They are making money now. Congratulations welcome to the work force!
This ^^^ play the teams in your region and seed a playoff after 9 games
Kiffin isn't going anywhere especially if a Manning is coming to town.
Dabo is a afraid to play the teams that ready to compete. Teams that win their conference but my have lost a game or two along the way.
Players that work hard and have success deserve the right to compete. Too many teams are left out because of their conference's name or one play fluke play could decide a season being in the top 4 vs top five. If you want to see a more exciting game make it a 12 team playoff.
It is what it is with the Tennessee defense's talent/depth issue. From a fandom prospective if Tennessee's offense can put points on the board makes that gives them the best chance to be a threat in the 4th qtr. Not having an above average defense with a so so offense. Teams will have to take risks to put the game away or to keep up and timely turnover could help tip the scale in their favor.
It not going to be as bad as everyone says. Also defense is less important as long as UT is scoring points.
Nevermind Covid canceled it last year.
Eli Drinkwitz is not a first time coach at media days.
Tennessee has played in Memphis on a regular occasions historically last game was in 2010, and in terms of scheduling non conference games that wasn't that long ago.
The Vols rebuild from a talent prospect is not going to be that big of a hit. Only 5 of the guys that transferred out were a hard hit. The rest of them were addition by subtraction. There is still some of the same issues as last year most notable will be lack of a pass rush.
OK cool that guy that got kicked off was QB4 on the depth chart, and has already been replaced.
ESPN FPI has UT's chances of beating SC at 68%. Tennessee's offense has a lot of weapons, Defense will definitely bend at times but if the offense scores points fast like its supposed to, teams will have to play very risky on offense and abandon the run to keep up.
You forgot South Carolina. I put that one as a win. Tennessee would be favored against the toss ups too.