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I read/watch news from both sides, the far right works keep portions of the populations marginalized plan and simple.
I wouldn't say he is trying to dictate his political views but is definitely saying there are consequences for having them. Its kind of the free speech argument Gundy is free to say or promote anything he feels strongly about but he is not immune for the reactions he causes.
You do know all it take is one positive in a football program to cancel at least two weeks of games right? SEC may play a few games but I would expect it to be spotty and no clear winner will be crowned SEC champ. If I was an up coming sophomore is there any real gain besides getting film against limited competition?
It may not look the best from the outside, however there isn't a better stadium in the SEC for watching a game.
I think will be competitive in whatever type of season we get this year. Maybe not sec championship contenders it’s not that big of a stretch that UT takes no one of those three games
Funny of all the bad streaks UT has had over the last decade a 3 game losing streak is nothing our fan base will bat an eye at.
The Cowboys should enter into the conversation, a healthy Cam Newton should be able to beat out Dak or be close enough for them to make a business decision. Over pay for Dak or go with Newton and maintain their stacked roster.
Dak is really good but not elite. I would try bring in Cam Newton on a very rich back up deal. Then once Dak feels the heat he would sign any contract the cowboys offer and if that doesn't work trade him and roll with Cam.
This was a great team win. Beat Auburn and win 1 or 2 games in the SEC should be good enough to receive a bid to the NCAA.
Honestly all jokes aside good for him trying to figure out his a** from a hole in the ground.
Georgia St. was arguably better than South Carolina was last year.
He'll be gone half way through the schedule when he starts SEC play going 1-3.
The fix was on during the last 10 mins. Phantom calls against Tennessee and the refs were allowing Mitchell to get away with the James Harden step back move which is illegal in high school and College. The bump from the ref should be enough to get him suspended for the rest of the year or fired.
Not some much a troll but sowing doubt in the Dawgs' heads. but to your comment about Mike Debord, his offense did beat UGA 2 years in a row.
All Pro Football Focus can account for is returning talent, and recruiting which there is no denying Georgia has talent. There is no way to predict how fast a new offense can take hold. Alabama, Auburn, and Florida are in the first half UGA's schedule, Georgia could have 3 loses before they see TN.
In 2018 Dooley's offense was ranked 8th out of all fbs schools. Just saying
The TN offense was vastly improved over the year prior.
The Tampa Bay team the went 5-11 and had 36 touch downs and 26ints for the year? You should look at his most recent work for the 6-10 Browns that had Landry and Beckham on the same team that produced 22 tds and 21 ints.
Jim Cheney has overs 20 years of being an OC. Your new guy has 4. His resume is no where near Chaney's.
This guy seems like a mistake to me. I could end up being wrong but there is nothing on paper says this guys is the answer. You could make a case that Derek Dooley would have been a stronger hire. Is the deal just for 1 year?
Kind of a weird hire. Quality analysts are usually for up and comers, or someone with an analytics background this guy from the way the article is written strikes me as neither.
Tennessee has the most returning starters than any other team in the SEC and most of them are still only juniors. Have there been some down years recently sure did we stumble out of gate an lose to GA st. yea, but remember we pretty much had an entire system reboot after year 1 with Pruitt. Replacing both offensive and defensive coordinators is no small task especially with a team that was predominately underclassman. We gave Bama a run for their money when things just started to click. Next year we have a pretty balanced schedule moving Georgia to the end of the year. I would fully expect this upcoming team to take care of the teams we're supposed to beat and turn the rest of the games into 50/50 games. TN isn't a team to take lightly next season. Which from our fandom is refreshing.
Trying to say as unbiased as I can... However you never know what has happen between the Kevin Mays and UGA. Possibly he has tried to follow the proper channels of getting compensated for something that he feels was negligent in some way and UGA's insurance denied him a proper settlement, and now has to take another route for getting compensated for his injury. You're jumping to conclusions that you could be right on or you could be very wrong. Would you want your kid playing/promoting a team/school that under your understanding has treated you unfairly? I know I wouldn't even if it was the University of Tennessee.
We all know why Fields got the transfer, he had a certain trump card in his back pocket if he was denied.
The production from Dameon Pierce, Malik Davis definitely doesn't show all SEC type of numbers, and 108 receptions isn't that much when Mullens offense throws the ball 30 times a game. How many TDs do the returning WR have ?
Mullen's first recruiting class fell apart usually us see those results 2-3 years after, and I'm not sold that Trask can put a team on his back without experienced skill players.
Tennessee fans (me included) were talking mad shat at the state of Tennessee football Butch Jones left behind. I don't blame him for taking a shot at the then contender UGA, and first class oline coaching from Pittman.
Maybe he would rather start on the same O line as his brother in 2021.