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I think the Vols beat West Virginia, and Florida will be a coin toss. After that I see injuries and fatigue playing a major role in slow decline of play. Chryst gets the start and they do their best to play for time of possession keep the scores low and play keep away.
Get that man some Jorts and he will fit right in.
Then they would have passed on a player that was 1 of 7 Backs to ever rush over 2k yards in a season. 7 of his 10 seasons went for over a thousands yards, and one of those years he didn't even play a down. Don't confuse hype and talent.
Bammers apparently can't add,find another College duo that has almost 20K yards from scrimmage and 16k yards rushing in the pros.
Jamal Lewis and Travis Henry were buy far the most talented. Injuries and playing in an offense that threw more hurt their numbers.They deserve and honorable mention because they went on to have the best pro careers.