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Remember Maurice Smith? Kirby should have reprimanded by the SEC for tampering.
Blue Bloods are only blue bloods when they are at the top. The school loses their status if they aren't but can always gain their status back when their time comes. Tennessee made a lot of mistakes over the last 20 years, but the current administration is slowly righting the wrongs.
According to a 247 article Tennessee, Texas A&M, Auburn, and Miss st. have all reached out to players, and that was a week ago. I would be willing to bet money that every school in the SEC reviewed every available senior to see if they were are an upgrade or could provide depth. What Pruitt has shown is that he willing do everything within the rules to get the players needed on campus. That is nothing to be a ashamed of. The only thing that matters is the score at the end of the game, which TN has been bad at, and Pruitt is there to change those outcomes. If Missouri is upset they should look in the mirror first because they caused it to happen.
It should alternate between Atlanta and Jacksonville
Just what Florida needs another game in their home state
Holly needs to resign as coach out of respect for the University. TN has given her ample time show improvement. She still is a great ambassador for TN, maybe if find her a nice office job that she could excel at.
2nd most talented roster in the east? Maybe in a few spot you could say we had some talent, but our offensive line's average weight was close to 290lbs after Trey Smith went out with blood clots. Average weight now is probably 305 after adding Morris and Wright in this class however that is still close to the bottom of the SEC.
It appears Dabo/their strength program may have been juicing up a few players up to get the most out of them. Not saying it directly correlates to winning a Championship, however it definitely raises the question.
He must be getting some type of ownership share in the league.
It was just a hypothetical, however I'm pretty sure the TV networks & some type of governing body own the bowls and the sponsors just have the naming rights no allegiances to the conference. The TV networks wouldn't pass up the chance to air extra SEC games.
I get that Mizzu probably did something wrong, but if the SEC believes that the NCAA is playing favorites( not bringing down the hammer on UNC) hypothetically speaking I wonder what an SEC bowl boycott would do to the entire college football system? I'm sure athletic directors would have to vote to unanimously approve. SEC could make up their own matchups at home sites for a big middle finger to the NCAA.
definitely a better landing spot than most. JUCOs need the early exposure if they want make a career.
Or maybe a position change? He is the same size a Jauan Jennings who was also a 4 star Qb and 6th ranked dual threat
I would rather play Florida the last game of the year. Most Vol fans agree years ago there was effort to get it moved but Florida declined because the FSU game
Like I said move them to the start of the season or homecoming. I singled Georgia and Florida because in recent history they have been winning the east. The last game of the year should be saved for conference games.
I think the bigger issue is the permanent out of conference opponents some schools have. there is no reason why Georgia and Florida aren't finishing with conference games. If you want to keep them play them at the start of the year. Off hand I don't think any team in the west finishes with a non conference opponents.
Tee has never coached at UT so how is it recycling?
Defender made contact going for the ball on a driving offensive player. It’s a reach in
Technically the reach in foul should have been called before the walk.
He is better than Enos. How did he work out at Arkansas ?
In before Dawg fan says they will be better off
Memphis has a lot of work to do. TN is definitely the better team, however Memphis’ scheme is high school at best. Penny is going to get out coached a lot.
It really is baffling to me how Liberty can hire him but the moral authority at Auburn and Tennessee put a stop to any negotiations.
The lead witness in the Penn state named Schiano as someone that witnessed something under sworn testimony (whether he did or didn't is noted but it is not something to completely dismiss), also he had multiple issues with dealing with players in Tampa. They had the Mrsa outbreak that wasn't dealt with properly on top of that he leaked medical info about QB Josh Freeman. He had plenty of red flags and there is a huge difference in a Head coach and a Coordinator
What coach doesn't come with baggage? Pruitt has some but TN didn't want a guy that could have possibly turned a blind eye on a pederass.
Edgy hire, good with Xs and Os, and hopefully has been smart enough now not to do any or say anything dumb. Sign him up and get back to recruiting.
Can't argue with that record but Muschamp just finish what year three and the best he could do is a bowl game vs. Virginia? Butch Jones even did better than that. SC will be looking for a new coach in 1 or 2 years after he continues to field under achieving teams.