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All of this needs to stop and make a 75 team league of regional and non regional games. Play 9 or 10 games and seed a playoff. Its stupid to spend all this money on lawyers and TV deals only to have to eventually go to this type of model in the end. There are too many schools and fan bases out there that don't deserve to get left out.
I always figured he would stay with the Texas lean. I've read Cooper is a big private sector energy guy, I'm sure the big money Texas connections run deep.
Really excited about this kid, looks like a really good prospect.
Its because he has booster money outside of NIL most likely. Once you take "dark" money you are in their pocket for the forseeable future.
Beto would probably be better than Abbott at this point. Its a struggle to come up with the right words but I hope the parents in Uvalde are supported in their time of great loss.
Bama needs to lay off the innocent act. Saban is mad because his booster club no longer works like it used to.
They ain't going to win that fight, it would be best just concentrate on beating him 2 years in a row.
Major split down the SEC currently, teams that are embracing the change and some who are trying to hold onto the past. This could completely flip the dichotomy of the current league standings and I'm all for it.
Honestly if I'm Bama I would probably be rooting for a night game too. 96 degree game in the sun is taxing
Vols will be in contention for the SEC once again next year !
I'm good with it, its all apart of the game now. Just don't want to hear it from hypocrites criticizing how Tennessee does it. It happens all programs now.
Outkick is reporting he was driving a Mercedes BTM, I wonder which dealership he got it from? Doesn't Saban own a few Mercedes dealerships in Alabama?
First mistake he did this in Mississippi, not as many bamer friendlies there
The supreme court told the NCAA their rules regarding restricting compensation violated the Sherman act. Doing so again will fall to the same fate. I've read what it is about and have studied the Sherman years ago in business school.
I never said the supreme court made NIL, NCAA did when the supreme court’s ruling told the NCAA they can’t restrict an athlete’s earning potential. The NCAA never said it had to be an established player. I’m saying its going to be unenforceable because the singular players are going to sue NCAA more times than they they can keep up. These guidelines are only to placate teams that don’t want to compete. It took the NCAA 5 years to deal with Will Wade. How long is it going to take for them to tackle collectives?
every person looking at 247 or rivals knows who TN is recruiting for QB
NIL came about because of the supreme court ruling so it has everything to do with it. Ruling says you can't limit an athlete's earning potential. So NCAA created the rule that allows them to earn money. If they limit them from earning from collectives they will be violating ruling. Collectives are lawful in the current legal frame work. There has to be a federal law before they can weed out collectives.
The schools have no part of the collective its a contract between the player and money making activities. It is outside the privy of the NCAA. The NCAA will be buried in lawsuits.
Collectives will eat the NCAA up in lawsuits. They won't have the power to touch them. NIL was a result of a supreme court decision ruling against the NCAA. For them to enact another rule against it will open them up for more legal action.
To fix this they will need an act of congress, NCAA can't touch this. NIL was established because of a ruling from the supreme court not the NCAA.
The problem with this is they are trying regulate collectives that aren't violating any laws, and they can prove they are operating within original NIL legislation. So there will be many lawsuits if they try to limit any player earning what they can in the open market.
The 2023 football team at Tennessee will have an open QB competition, the best man will get the job. Nico may not win the job because the new freshman has showed out in this spring apparently. We will see but one thing is for sure teams will have to be ready for when they play Tennessee now and in the future.
Tennessee has improved personnel on both sides of the ball. I hope they make even more noise this year
Honestly if I were Georgia would you risk the entire QB room leaving if Arch commits? Betting the farm on Arch could actually cost their program. I don't see them getting him. Cooper has big contacts in Texas energy companies. I think its Texas or Bama, and ultimately going to Texas. Mannings love money and Texas has a lot of it.
Wait you talking about Bryce Young or Iamaleava? Iamaleava is a better Athlete than Manning, Heupel's offense runs the QB more so his legs will be needed, Second his QBR is better than Manning's so far in high school, third he attracting talent that wants to play with him TN currently has 3 blue chip WRs that may commit soon. I think they will get at least 2 to sign.
In all honesty I would take Nico over Arch. Arch would be cool with the Manning name and all but having a guy like Nico showcasing the program puts TN in a whole new light. Think current TN baseball swag on the football field.
Florida has a population of 21 million people I would hope for humanities sake that they could attract a student body that possesses an elevated entry GPA. Tennessee on the other hand only has a population of 6 million people, so the socioeconomic numbers are going to be weighted in Florida's favor. But lets not split hairs here once you're in school whether its Vanderbilt, Florida, Tennessee or even Mississippi Calculus is still Calculus its not like they are teaching anything different
Messed with? Come on... I guess the university can send the bill of the damages