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This guy flashes a lot on the tape. A lot of the time being visible to the recruiting sites have a lot to do with it. If he doesn't attend "X" camp on this date then they don't bother with proper evaluations. All it takes is for him to get a 4th star is to show up to camp and have good publicity. This guy may take time to develop but at as 16-17 year old at 6-5 250 with a lot a room to grow shows a lot of potential and Tennessee as a lot of open scholarships from players that have left. There is no question I am happy they got him to sign on at least for now.
In state non conference rivalries are over rated. When they happen it should happen within the first 2 games of the season.
UF has been in a constant state of rebuild since Billy D left.
The defense will fix itself once TN shows that they can put points on the board. If TN's offensive players can jump out to scoring early and often defense is an after thought when it comes to rebuilding. Rebuilding a program doesn't start with defense we know this because of Fulmer's Jeremy Pruitt experiment. It just doesn't happen, what you need is excitement. What is the best way of creating excitement in the SEC? Gaining long runs, breaking tackles for yards after catch and putting early points on the scoreboard against Alabama and Florida. TN can lose 7 games this year, but if they're averaging over 35 pts a game I will be a happy fan.
You can go ahead and mark off LSU as well. The Manning family probably has plenty of stories about Orgeron from his short time at UT. If he lands anywhere in the SEC besides UT I hope its A&M. He would be a god down there like Peyton in Knoxville if he can win a conference title.
It is easy to predict TN will have better QB play next year. Honestly as a Vol fan as long as we are putting points on the board I could care less if the defense is giving up yards. Pruitt's defense was good in the first couple of drives but could never make adjustments during half time to keep up with the opposing team's offense. All TN needs is a serviceable at best defense to emerge as a competitive team in the east.
Orgeron should be on leave until internal investigation is completed. SEC should definitely step in and do their own investigations as well into the LSU athletic department. Sounds like between Wade and Orgeron LSU is walking a very dangerous line of unethical behavior.
Panic mode happens if they don’t get Braden Davis. That legacy recruit to me seems like has a higher upside.
All things considering I believe Tennessee has put together a good staff that will put points on the board. Our defense is going to be a work in progress because the talent there was probably under developed under Pruitt and Ansley. They aren't going to be the flashiest when it comes to in person recruiting but the brand of football getting points on the board is going to really appealing to upcoming offensive talent. Both Auburn and Tennessee probably ended up settling on coaching picks. However TN has an excuse so what's Auburns's
To most people it seems like Steele is just working towards retirement. He seems to want to live out his career as a position coach and continue to collect his Auburn buyout. Building out a staff with experience across all levels right now is a very stabilizing way to create a foundation. These players are need development and getting quality position coaches is best way to start that build up. A coordinator will just be calling the plays and we can afford to develop a young coordinator if we have good position coaches.
uh no one is stopping you from leaving... If I was the coach I wouldn't want them getting on the field if they weren't committed. The committed players play better in the long run. Raw Talent only gets you so far.
Steel was signed to be the incoming Linebacker coach, to replace the out going Niedermeyer (we all know why). Theoretically they can still keep him as the Linebacker coach and still hire a new Coordinator (depending who they hire it could be a requirement that he stays on staff because money has already been committed). Everyone is jumping ahead of themselves on this Steel wasn't hired to be a Coordinator!
Steel is only getting paid 450k that isn't necessarily coordinator pay these days. Ansley was making 1 million per year. I would keep steel around just for the Linebackers.
A lot of reports have been not been accurate in this whole cycle. I'll take a wait and see approach, these "reporters" are getting paid by the click and putting crap out there just cover their typically slow time of year. TN has steel locked in why not make him the (coffee guy/analyst) until he finds another job.
JH better have a quality name... I've been fairly positive about the hire but letting Steel walk out the door without having someone to his degree is putting the players at a disadvantage. If I was Danny White I might step in on this one.
Tennessee administration found something egregious, NCAA schools according to the NCAA jury committee are required to self report. This wasn't just an effort to get rid of Pruitt. Hopefully that will look favorable on us doing so. Now would they supported Pruitt more if he was successful... That would be a toss up. It would be nice if all schools did the same, maybe there would be more parity if they did and these "dynasty" programs wouldn't be as prevalent. No one can say with a straight face Bama isn't doing something to effect of having "bagmen", most likely from boosters and not the coaching staff like in the case of Tennessee. Tennessee's boosters are not organized enough to ever accomplish like that.
Hopefully he keeps Tee Martin and Jay Graham, and brings in Lebby.
The scale of the job would have crushed Chadwell. He has never been on power five staff in any role.
Dan Mullen was in a downward trend at Miss st. When he was hired away. Heupel just needs to make sure he has a good defensive staff. Which supposedly it will be Steel, Ansley, and Gardner that is a very solid start for the defensive side of the ball.
Its the best viable candidate yet. James Franklin is TN only chance at an “elite” coach and he isn’t worth 7-8 mil a year. The other names being floated Dykes, Elliot, Napier I would take Heupel over them. Malzahn has no reason to get off the couch, Fisher has no college experience, and Herman has baggage from OSU and TX. So... Welcome Heupel! Bring in Lebby and hire a the best strength coach you can find. Get to work
UT’s schedule balance was too front loaded current layout is much better, Florida would never entertain the idea of moving that game to later in the year so everyone else had to adjust to make it more balanced.
This is just my opinion but I can’t see Mauer getting on the field unless he is the last resort. Coming public and talking about suicide, and 6 months later putting him on a very large stage with very little chance of being successful is good for his stability. I would trot out JG for one last time and have Bailey ready to start our next game after Bama.
You got to produce. If he ain’t producing on the recruiting trail or on the field you’re not going to be around very long. Don’t mind mind the change at all. Yeah offense has been bad so they might get the point as well.
Kentucky is own worst enemy, losing the way they have they don't deserve to be in the top 25. If anything Kentucky got way too my preseason hype.
You're correct WDE a lacking a quality oline will restrict ability to go deep. I figured the reason they were rolling with Bigsby was turnover. That game resembled something TN fans saw during the Butch Jones years.
Dog, History doesn't mean crap in college football.
I said Auburn's play calling allowed Georgia to walk all over them, and or their lack of ability to stretch the field. Which based on the based dispersion of Auburn's passing stats at the end of the game is a pretty accurate statement. Auburn had a lot of turn over at their skill positions in addition to adding a new coordinator hampered their ability to fully compete in the game. TN doesn't have those holes in the roster which is why I'm predicting a lot closer game.
yeah the job was probably guaranteed to Bigsby during recruitment