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Recent Comments
Might as well consider Ohio st. HIV positive because that program doesn't have a chance to make another push for Championship after this year. Their pull for talent is eroding quickly. Urban has already been talking about his declining health and we all know what that means.
Well tell the big 10 upgrade their conference. The reason why they have 9 conference games is because their mid to lower tier teams are typically garbage and have a cash flow problem because they can't get people to show up for games at Illinois, Rutgers, purdue or Indiana when they aren't Ohio st or Michigan. Playing Rutgers is the equivalent of scheduling the Citadel. If anything the SEC is doing college football a favor by spreading around money. It could be more inclusive, but scheduling those games is important revenue those schools operating
Louisville can't afford him with the Petrino buy out unless Papa John opens up the wallet. Brohm will need at least 4 mil a year to leave Purdue, and Ohio State might be open at the end of the year too.
Gotta admit that is pretty impressive, but on the other hand could there be a lack of exclusiveness felt by some of the more elite players that definitely crave attention during the recruiting process.
I think it is a Fulmer thing. It got really out of hand his final years.
We don't need to over load on lineman there is not a single senior in the 2 deep, and there are 3 that are red shirted. The current class has will end up with 3 or 4 signed. What they need is to add weight get stronger, and tougher. The previous oline was built for a spread offensive lighter weight and that could play 80 offensive snaps. The philosophy has changed now they need bulkier run and pass blockers to create a clean pocket. It takes time for current players to transition into that. Plus
They have 3 red shirts this year that haven't played and 3 more committed for next year and possibly adding another 5 star along with the returning players. Depth is there they just have to lean to play and get stronger over the off season. They didn't have strength program in place until almost March.
Big deal it was an uninspiring win. Getting bowl eligible is the goal and they took care of last week whether it looked good or not. Vol fans should care less if they looked good doing it. They let the SC game slide after controlling for most of the game that is a huge gut check to a team that is still in the early stages of a rebuild. If they can get some points on the board early and play aggressive then there might be a shot at winning 2 of the next 3. It more up to the players than the coaches at this point on how they want to finish out the year. Do they want the extra practice time or are they ready to pack it in.
Butch wanted Canada on his staff at Tennessee, I figure they know each other. He would just the a figure head/recruiter for the program and would keep existing staff together. Maryland should go for it, especially since it lowers the amount we owe him on the buyout. I think lyle had compensation clause in his contract.
The oline is a pain point. We didn't need 8 weeks of data to figure that out. I knew after the first 2 offensive drives against WV TN was in trouble.
Trevor was committed to UT dumbass. He was a Vol fan growing up. Butch messed that up by being Butch Jones. Same reason why we lost out on Cade Mays
That would be the best Christmas present the Haslam family could give to Vol fans. So much talent lost to Clemson over the last few years Trevor Lawrence, Tee Higgins, & Amari Rogers are just the headliners. However with Trevor Lawrence as QB Dabo isn't going anywhere for at least 2 years, maybe by then Saban will be looking to retire. I fear Dabo far more as recruiter than a coach.
They were before we beat that ass and would still be if they had won.
Is Auburn Elite... No. Are they a top 25 team... Yes. TN is building for the future and they are just now showing signs of buying in. I believe that LSU learned something from the UT Vs UGA game. TN defenders were living in the back field harassing Fromm. Were we good enough to take advantage No, however LSU was and now your fan base is calling to bench your All American QB, and you just lost you best commit. The UGA Foundation is showing some cracks. You better hope you win soon or this new found dominance might slowly fade away, then DAWG fans will be calling for Kiby's head. Loosing Saturday would be a huge blow.
Every team have those types of fans. I don't care what big name you choose, if you had the string of bad coaching hires that TN has had it they would be just as loud. Kiffin (not a bad coach just the wrong hire at the wrong time), Dooley, Butch... Hell if that was Florida they would have burned down the swamp.
I think they grew too quickly. The maturity isn't there from the coaching staff to the players, you've had one all american QB forced out and another one heading in that direction. Players coming up could get apprehensive about joining a school that is willing to completely hang out them out to dry over slump. It screams of desperation build it up, and do it right. If you drop one or two that is part of the process. Give the upperclassman the benefit of the doubt, and plug in the younger players where they can fit. Promising playing time to freshman is something up and coming programs do, not one that could be knocking on the door of a natty.
He only live there for a few years, no need to keep it around.
I said bright spot definitely not saying, they are all Americans like Berry.
Warrior and Taylor are going to remembered like Eric Berry was, bright spots on teams that under achieved. Really glad he kept the legacy alive even though he really didn't have to.
He should get a contract extension as soon as possible. Production like that deserves equal compensation.
Not much of a fan of Hype videos, but the message is perfect continue getting stronger and eat right. TN is on the right track, it takes time to build and break bad habits.
Was Bentley and his dad a package deal? If so Muschamp might stick with him to avoid the friction.
There is a drastic difference between truth and an opinion... Dumbass
This team doesn't have the ability put it all together. I currently live in Columbus, OH and I hate hearing about OSU, but one thing I notice when I hear their players speak they talk about bettering themselves for the betterment of the team you don't hear TN players taking ownership like that. They were never taught it starts with them taking care of their business and making sure your teammates do the same. VFLTRUTH... Man honestly you are part of the problem with TN fans I get its been a dumpster fire since fulmer hired Dave Clausen, but everytime we hit the reset button it takes years to turn it around.
Pruitt does lack experience, however our position coaches are some of the best in the country. That is why Fulmer went with Pruitt, he guaranteed those guys would follow him and they did. From top to bottom TN players need what they haven't got from the last few staffs and that is quality coaching combined with an accountable strength training program. Outside of Will Friend which I have my doubts about I am confident in their abilities. Everyone has an opinion but one thing that is not debatable is that this team lacks toughness. TN didn't have a strength coach until March (let that sink in), and before then this team gave up on football after the South Carolina game last year. I doubt we see any real growth until the middle of next year. As a life time fan I'm ok with that because that is where we are as a program. Instead of talking about following the Alabama model or Geogria model we more closely resemble what Kentucky was when they hired Stoops. TN has the infrastructure to cut the time in half where KY needed 5 years to get where they are now, TN could probably do it in 2-3 years.
The guy lunged at a QBs knees. It was dirty its plain as day. Pruitt has enough to worry about with this relatively small things. Mullen was cordial after the game, FL players weren't like they were after last years game. He doesn't want to mess with it.
I'm more sore that we told Pittman to hit the road in 2012 than loosing out on Mays. Pittman is probably the one of the best offensive line coaches in the country. Mays will be recruited over, he is too slow. He continuously got beat in high school.