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I heard some predictions before the season that Orgeron's last game is in Lexington. Things are set up pretty well to see that come to fruition. If you think Kentucky is the Kentucky of years past still you haven't been paying attention. 2-2 against Tennessee and Florida last 4 years and consistently beating the rest of the East. I know they aren't a playoff contender and never really expect them to be, but unless you are Georgia or Alabama, Kentucky is no longer team you can look past on your schedule. Saturday will be the final nail in Orgeron's LSU coffin.
Agreed. I'm a Kentucky fan, but not a dilusional one. I know an SEC only schedule will be a W-L hit for us because we aren't one of the traditional teams, but we have great lines and that's how you win games in the SEC even if your skill positions lack the talent you opponents have. Either way I'm glad to see them finally getting the respect they deserve in the preseason for once. At this point not recognizing they aren't the old Kentucky would be like not recognizing that Auburn basketball isn't the old Auburn basketball.