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See, that's the problem I have with Gus: It's like a Russian roulette - every time Sat rolls in, we don't know if it will blow up in our face or not. Wheres, Alabama has been consistent for a decade.
If Gus calls the game, expect exactly that!
"8 things Auburn can do to avoid another loss"???? How about "Do not let Gus call the offence"!?! That would be my #1 suggestion. I am tired of watching him walk up and down the field with his hands crossed over his chest and picking boogers off his nose because he cannot let the OC to do his job...
People still underestimate TA&M... so AU could easily be 7-5 by the end of Nov.
The reason Chizik was fired from AU was because of all the problems with discipline among the players - drugs, weapons charges, DUI's, missing practice and curfews... let's not forget the "Cam scam" as well. All this lead to the pathetic 2012 season when we lost all SEC games. It seems to me that OM was heading the same way and they would have... correction, should have fired Hugh Breeze for that alone. As for the phone call, in my opinion there are more questions about it than answers and is too early to judge him on that.
I am not defending him, because there are definitely issues at OM, but aren't we judging too fast? All we know is his phone was connected to a 1 minute conversation to escort service. Did he make the call? Did he make it for himself? For whom were the services called for? A recruit perhaps? Or may be for the AD of Ole Miss? For him to resign so quick, I think he either did something waaay worse than that, or he covers for somebody. Lets wait and see.
Wow this comment section's anger-meter went to red very quickly. On a separate, but related to the article note, I no longer believe a single word Malzahn says. No matter how injured our team was, we should have "scored" at least one first down in the GA game. I no longer buy the "offensive guru" nonsense and bringing yet another qb from another school is not going to solve our problems on the offence.
You were always great in defence, but with the addition of those two, things are getting really interesting for the next season.
I don't get it, why Bielema does not get the popularity and recognition he deserves? I guess because he does his job well and there is no drama. Sucks for Auburn that we did not land Martin, but this commit only shows how great Bielema is as a recruiter and a coach.
Despite you are rivals, I hope things workout for him. Talented, but unfortunately brings lots of unwanted luggage as well.
@bunkerbuster I absolutely agree with you. He is the stronger one but she is the one who escalated the verbal conflict into physical. Woman or not, if you put your hands on someone, be ready to follow through the consequences. BTW I am pretty sure if this was between two guys, the verdict would have been different. May be two game suspension.
And we can be all Thankful for that :-) This year (fortunately) shapes up to be a very interesting season. I know those are BIG IF's but if Bama Loses to LSU and Auburn, and then you beat LSU, TAMU is going to ATL and perhaps in the top 4... but again, one game at a time ;-) this would be epic to watch haha
As crazy as November has proven itself to be, nothing is guaranteed, but the Aggies definitely deserve the spot in the preliminary rankings. It's almost unbelievable how little recognition this team/program gets, considering the problems they had pre-season.
Different coaching, different dynamics, different results respectively.
The stats respectfully disagree with you :-)
He is such a beast. I hope he stays healthy and has a great NFL career there. Definitely has the right attitude and character for that.
I have to say that in recent years I started to like Nick Saban more and more, especially his interviews. On the funny side, I kinda came here to see Charles piss him off and Nick to strangle him, but I truly enjoyed it hahaha
I called the main office of the GA lottery yesterday and asked the rep if I could win if I played it. He said “You know, I guess it’s always possible. It’s possible.”
Last year Duke was "distracting" the team quite a bit and they let him stay for a while. That sank the team's morale pretty bad. This year Robinson "distracts" the team and I think last year's experience left a pretty bad taste in Malzahn's mouth. I see it as a quick action to remove one bad apple from the basket before it spoils them all. Doing this at first day of Fall practice gives us a month to rebuild the system. Doing this mid-season would have given us less than a week.
Alabama has been recruiting the best signing classes in the last several years, so big whoop I say...
Predicting the Spring MVP is such a loss of time. For one it is a pure guessing based on assumptions and past performance (if any)... then we have the fact that Spring Practice is just that, practice! Nobody knows how the players will perform when put in a real game. Recent history shows that at it's best, so why do you even try to write these articles?
"Auburn less sure at QB than at this time last year" - I say this is a good thing. Keep everyone guessing, even the players. The media will always throw words in the air, but the QB's duty is to throw balls (preferably forward lol). Let them grind and compete to earn that spot! After all, that's why they became college athletes, and not college trash talkers! That's what the fans do.
With all due respect, this means nothing, well may be something. But this definitely is not the criteria for best stadium experience. Getting into JHS can be a hassle due to the lack of clear signs, the concessions at are not good at all and the restrooms need a complete overhaul. The great experience at JHS comes from the fan base, because as a whole it is very respectful and friendly, which could also be told about Ole Miss, Miss State and Texas A&M. Big screen... I say big whoop, who cares. I know I don't.
Now we only have to find a QB who can throw the ball forward and in their hands...
Concur with AuburnSucksElephantTrunks... and by the way your name made me laugh so hard I snorted...