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They were young with bright futures and now they are dead. That's all that matters you scumbag.
my heart breaks for the families of both Devin and Chandler...I think about how wild and dumb I was during college (especially once I was no longer playing baseball) and how invincible we all thought we were and how something like this couldve happened to me and any number of my friends. I don't know what happened but by all accounts we lost 2 very young, promising people last night. Just sad..especially since they were on top of the world that day.
That is the best name in the history of football....move over Kovosiay Smoke, Peanut Whitehead, Bumper Pool and Natrone Means. Lol
Kirby, like Saban and Urban Meyer is a great college coach because of his ability to micro-manage 18-23 (+ a 34 y.o. stetson) year Olds. It is a terrific approach for college but it does not translate to the NFL. Kirby has already seen this with Saban (and Meyer). I do not see that happening unless he gets truly warn out by the grind of cfb...
I don't know where yall are from but back home eating frog legs is not a punishment...it's a sign you did something right lol
This is so dumb. Even the worst NFL team would smoke the best college team....every year...without a doubt. That is why they are pros. Move on.
Sure Bama would've put up a better fight but that is meaningless when u don't do what you need to do in the regular season...they lost 2 games they had no business losing given their talent and played two close games vs mediocre Texas programs.. that means something. Bama and Georgia have the talent to Contend for the natty every year but u gotta take care of business in the regular season. Only 1 of those teams did.
Bama ain't going anywhere. We all no that but I'm going to enjoy this for while it lasts and look forward to at least a half decade of Dawgs and Tide battling for supremacy. Should be fun.
Gators tend to just sign qb's who spend their free time diddling themselves to pictures of children....I'd rather lick my own slobber. Go dawgs.
I was watching with my dad, another lifelong Dawg and he said "I just hope we dont start acting like Bama fans." There is arrogance in winning but its not from everyone in the fan base. Please don't act like Bama has quietly gone about there business through 7 championships without many fans being brash and arrogant as well. Let's be real.
If you had told me 3 years ago that we would accomplish all this with Stetson as our qb I would've laughed. I've never been so happy to be so wrong. What a legend...he's a DGD 4 life. Go dawgs!
I totally forgot about Durkin....he somehow might be the worst of the 3. Lol what a mess
The fact that Petrino takes the job less than a month after taking the UNLV HC job tells u all u need to know about Bobby. My parents always taught me to finish what u started, especially when it came to joining a team. This is what I predict....one maybe 2 years of positive results from TAMU. There is no denying he is a great offensive mind. The problem will occurr when the media and fans start doling out credit for the turnaround. That is when the ego's of Jimbo and Petrino will clash...that will be ugly/super entertaining for non Aggie fans.
It wasn't pretty but it's still amazing. This team has balls and they don't quit. We got a Lotta work to do before the natty game but we passed the test. On to the frogs. Go Dawgs! Happy New Years and F the Big10 (even though I got a Lotta respect for Stroud and the Buckeyes).
Who tf cares....our defense is getting gashed and we have lost 2 starters..that's more important
It's articles like this that make that month long break between last game and bowl/playoff feel even longer. It's Dec 31 and we are talking about the exact same talking points we were on Dec 7. Not one new thing was presented
This early signing day reaffirmed why I am proud to be a Dawg. We may not have 7 5-stars...u don't hear national media talking much about are #2 ranked class but who cares..UGA has become drama free and quiet over the last few years. They just go about their business, recruit at an elite level, load up on defense and skill players and keep the machine running. U don't hear Kirby out their hypocritically whining about how other teams paid for their classes and causing unnecessary drama and distractions. It's a great time to be a dawg
I mean, he's a terrific athlete but I think we will live
He probably would have been a wr...he doesn't have the size for a top sec corner
I honestly think the only true breakdown of this game is this: Ohio State got smoked for the second straight year by their hated rivals, Michigan....their consolation prize is having to play the only team in the country that can (and already did last year) out-michigan Michigan...good luck with that. Maybe I'm wrong, OSU has the talent to match Georgia but they lack the physicality. Go Dawgs
Remember that time Doug Gottlieb got kicked off his college basketball team for stealing credit cards and using them? I do....it really happened. Yet here he is casting judgements on other people
It's too bad SDS censors our comments like we are schoolchildren so I can't say what I really think about Mcshay's irresponsible and unfounded accusations. All Jalen has done is produce at the highest level and manhandled lineman and quarterbacks. Never suspended, never arrested...or at least nothing that was ever made public. Same bs Orlovsky did to Justin Fields before the draft.
In a league where Nathan Peterman has been gainfully employed going on 6-7 straight seasons now...do not tell me that Stetson Bennett can not contribute at the next level.