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Anybody else find the Kelly LSU combination a hilariously awkward fit? Im not saying its a bad hire, he should have no problem winning games in Baton Rouge. He just happens to have one of the worst personalities this side of Bobby Petrino. I just can't picture him fitting in around a bunch of Louisiana boosters.
The article ask gator fans to be patient. Gator fans immediately start comparing him to Urban Meyer.....
Well this poll is some d#$n nonsense.
Ya thatd be pretty low to leave a program after one year.
Same here man. On second thought that might've been the alcohol
Well that would have been a sick comeback in grade school. Come on Jerrion, put that ole miss education to work.
Wait, people have only been saying "hate is bad" for a year??
So Lane Kiffin says something mature and composed instead of spouting off nonsense and it makes fans mad? Ya that sounds like Mississippi.
Well since he's IMG, I like our chances. We seem to be doing something right down there
I'm a lifelong UGA fan but went to VT. I loved Hendon Hooker, thought he was a terrific player and was pissed when he was benched for Braxton Burmeister. It makes me happy to see Hooker thrive at Tennessee not only bc he is by all accounts a great kid, but it proves just how terrible Justin Fuente and his staff were at taking advantage of the strengths of his players. So glad he is gone.
I'm scared to read the comments because I know whenever there is an article like this, SECicon is all over the comment section spouting insane nonsense.
We always talk about the 5 star talent on this team but between Stetson and Dan Jackson, we have some seriously talented walk on with awesome backstories. But Stetson deserves this award hands down.
Manned up and turned himself in? What was he gonna do, go on the run? Or wait at his apartment for the cops to come take him out in handcuffs so everybody can take pictures of him getting arrested? It was surely set up by his lawyer to prevent that.
Spoken like somebody who truly has no idea how the criminal justice system works...
Maybe she woke bc there was an unwanted nob inside her...just saying. But stay crazy bro, ur doing a terrific job at it!
Lol. I can't believe I cheer for the same team as this nut.
That's awful. My older sister was an oustanding cross country runner heading to UNC when she died from an undiagnosed heart problem. I'd love to tell the family that the loss gets easier but it really doesn't.although eventually u learn to cope. I hope the family gets the support they need. Sad.
That was an oorah that was changed by spellcheck to Oprah by the way. Lol
Oprah devil dawg. I completely agree with you. Haven't we as uga fans learned anything yet?
"the Oklahoma and Tennessee head coaching jobs are held in similar regard." -How? I mean maybe in the 90's and early 00's but after 13+ years succession of bad coaching choices and subpar teams i would not consider Choaklahoma and UT on the same tier. I do think that cfb is better with Tennessee competing at a high level. As a UGA fan I would love to revive the competitiveness of the rivalry. Meanwhile, I hope florida stays down and never gets up. Look forward to being in Knoxville this weekend
Well if Chris Fowler said it, it must be true.....the only team beating UGA this year is Georgia...
Remember when Texas Tech found its kicker during an extra point contest at half time??? I feel like the Gamecocks are going to end up doing something like this at quarterback by the end of the season...even then they'd probably still curbstomp the Gators.
It failed to mention how a sub .500 team just gave them a run for their money.
Thats pretty good math for somebody from Tennessee. Well done lol. All jokes aside, this game makes me nervous and I'm really looking forward to being at the game on Saturday. Heupel has done a helluva job
I do agree that the me too moment has overcompensated but what does that have to do with a rape investigation? Its not like the chick came out 8 years after the fact to blast him on Twitter. She believes this happened so now its up to the police to investigate. Thats just simple legal process. Far different from the me too movement.
U guys had Aaron Hernandez....u have lost the right to cast judgment on the legal troubles of another team
Jesus, ur a potential first rounder, there are plenty of eligible and willing women in Athens. Even if u are innocent, why put yourself in a situation that could be perceived as questionable?
They would've left most likely at 9am on Friday so I'm guessing he won't be able to use that as an alibi