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Very excited about SC playing these good teams. I hope the players are too.
Gamecock players must believe they can compete in this game. Gotta keep it close.
I’ve been a Gamecock fan for a long time. Any team, other than Vanderbilt, that loses to S Car is just incensed. Coaches called for their heads or just outright fired.
You seem bitter about Muschamp. He’s lost two games to two very good 5-0 teams. Still plenty of time to string a few wins together but they need to get their mental game better.
Yes, the SC / UK line is a definite head scratcher. Predict it will change in favor of UK by end of the week.
Just pick one home and one away uni and be done with it. Nobody really cares all that much. The teams that win on a regular basis don’t change their unis. It’s like teams that don’t win on a regular basis think changing uniforms is going to make them win more. Only two teams get a pass, Oregon & Ole Miss.
Way to get the SEC off the schneid, Gamecocks! Auburn needs sudden inspiration, right now. Come on, Tigers!
Great game, great atmosphere! State played really well. Mullen had a smart game plan. Alabama finished the game, State didn’t. Bama’s big game experience helped them (and their jimmys and joes) SEC West has so many good teams.
Hope Ole Miss stays with Luke. He’s got this team finishing strong. Can tell he loves the school.
Congratulations Gamecocks! Great job in close games this year. Florida looked disjointed and could never get in a rhythm. Understandable when you lose your coach mid season.
That being said, Gamecocks much improved this year. Now play hard and you will beat the Gators!
SC 5th? I’m a Gamecock but let’s be real. Only beat one team with winning record? Can’t ever just show up and beat anybody. They play hard though.
Removing shirt is just proper brawl procedure.
Damn, that IS a brawl. Glass shattering, women screaming, tents a'shakin'.
I think Tennessee is better than people are giving them credit for. I would think that spread gets narrower. To me, K-State and Vandy are even. K-Sate fans should help fill the stadium.
In two games, Gamecocks have proven they're a different team this year. Mizzou was punching them in the mouth in the 1st quarter but after the run back, they lost their fight quick. Then absolutely no urgency in the 4th quarter......didn't use any timeouts. Congrats Gamecocks!
I don't think SC has won at Missouri since Connor Shaw's heroics. SC hasn't proven they're that good yet. Drew Lock looked super last week. Gamecocks showed toughness last week. We'll see,
Coach Saban is paid 372x's his interns (assuming min. wage). CEO's make 204x's their workers (on avg,). Alabama, along with the other SEC states are relatively poor. Instead of complaining, what if he offered to lower his pay by 1mm or so to properly compensate his interns. I find his complaint hollow.
I don't think Clemson fans are any more ridiculous than any other fans of successful Southern college football programs. That being said, I've been in the same tennis group for two years and one of the guys is a 40 something Clemson grad. He wears a Clemson shirt EVERY time we play. We kid him, "Dude, do you not own any other shirts?". This is what you're dealing with.
Congratulations Gamecocks! Legion Field has a lot of history and Birmingham's a great city. No shame in going to any bowl game. Have fun.
Welcome to the SC-Clemson rivalry, Coach Muschamp. Nicities, decorum and class go out the window. After last night, I'm pretty sure you get now.
Clemson was hyper focused. Disappointed with USC's intensity. Deer in the headlights look from the get go. I think this young team was stunned by the whole atmosphere. Congrats to Clemson.
It's not just Ole Miss with this problem. How about serving beer and wine at the games? What about letting fans get on the field after games? (It works at Clemson). BTW, what's wrong with khaki shorts and loafers? Surely, you're not suggesting cargos with clunky New Balances?! (Sorry, didn't mean to call you Shirley)
Thought State should've rushed more than 3 on the last drive. Make the U.K. QB scramble a bit and use clock (see Penn State vs OSU) Mullen doesn't call a TO before the kick to try and ice the kicker? They had a chance to steal that game.
State will be hyper focused this week after last week's poor showing. USC has some confidence . MSU - 21. SC - 16 (3 field goals and a TD - we're all about field goals now). 😉
Nice try, Esec but you're not going to discourage Gamecock fans. They were selling out that stadium when they were 0-11.