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“80% of success is just showing up.”, Woody Allen. Love it!
Both the QB & WR’s are to blame for the dismal showing the last 2 games. Can Hill suddenly get more mobile and keep from throwing interceptions & WR’s catch the ball better in one week? We’ll see. Surprised Hilinski hasn’t played more this season...don’t know what’s going on there. Haven’t seen enough of Doty. SC’s had more success with QB’s that are someway of a run threat like Garcia and Shaw. And the defense must play a lot better this week. They looked lost against A& M. Will watch and hope Cocks figure it out this week.
I don’t remember SC beating an SEC West opponent, other than OM, State or Ark, since Alabama in 2010. Not sure that streak will end against Auburn.
They’re not doing the little things right. Turnovers, missed tackles, dropping passes. The bungled punt return was poor communication. Too much barking with the other team. Big celebrations when they haven’t done anything yet (see taking branches off the hedges at Athens then nosediving) The coaches are ultimately responsible for these issues.
So was is the “certain fit” Orgeron was referring to? He said after Ole Miss, he vowed to treat each player like his own son. I hope he has given Kiffen the same advice.
Love this year’s schedule! Lots & lots of good teams. Should be this kind of schedule every year. If SC makes a bowl game this year, what an accomplishment.
Come on, man, we’re talkin bout officiating, not practice. You see me out there, right? I get it, I do but we’re talkin bout practice, sorry meant officiating, not practice, officiating.
Mizzou fans, you’re calling Kansas names and your state actually went to war against Kansas. This is the only game that can be accurately labeled Border War so don’t give us this I don’t care BS.
21 unanswered points means Florida played better. Officiating got in SC’s heads, lead my their coach.
Poor officiating notwithstanding, the Florida corner blitzes and Mullen’s playcalling, I thought, won the game for the Gators
Kelly Bryant was a great pickup by Mizzou but they have to now go through their tough SEC games. I think GA gets mad and wins out to the SEC championship game. Hoping SC gets back on firm ground and is ready for FL.
Cock’s defense huge improvement from NC game. Dawgs have a great defense. Their receivers dropped passes all game. SC must build on this.
I wish Jake a quick recovery. Unfortunately, broken bones in the foot are notorious for not healing quickly. That means SC only has two qb’s. Even if Jake was demoted, he would’ve been a good backup. The team really has to pull together now.
Thought Feaster was The better RB early on. Don’t know why coaches kept rotating RB’s. Never understood the optimism this season as SC didn’t have a good year last year. Time for Muschamp to do scorched earth refocusing/reevaluating.
UNC wore down the Gamecocks offense AND defense. Coaches have shown astounding patience with Bentley. UNC QB was accurate, calm & confident the whole game. Shi Smith & Fiester were SC’s best players today.
Very excited about SC playing these good teams. I hope the players are too.
Gamecock players must believe they can compete in this game. Gotta keep it close.
I’ve been a Gamecock fan for a long time. Any team, other than Vanderbilt, that loses to S Car is just incensed. Coaches called for their heads or just outright fired.
You seem bitter about Muschamp. He’s lost two games to two very good 5-0 teams. Still plenty of time to string a few wins together but they need to get their mental game better.
Yes, the SC / UK line is a definite head scratcher. Predict it will change in favor of UK by end of the week.
Just pick one home and one away uni and be done with it. Nobody really cares all that much. The teams that win on a regular basis don’t change their unis. It’s like teams that don’t win on a regular basis think changing uniforms is going to make them win more. Only two teams get a pass, Oregon & Ole Miss.
Way to get the SEC off the schneid, Gamecocks! Auburn needs sudden inspiration, right now. Come on, Tigers!
Great game, great atmosphere! State played really well. Mullen had a smart game plan. Alabama finished the game, State didn’t. Bama’s big game experience helped them (and their jimmys and joes) SEC West has so many good teams.
Hope Ole Miss stays with Luke. He’s got this team finishing strong. Can tell he loves the school.
Congratulations Gamecocks! Great job in close games this year. Florida looked disjointed and could never get in a rhythm. Understandable when you lose your coach mid season.
That being said, Gamecocks much improved this year. Now play hard and you will beat the Gators!
SC 5th? I’m a Gamecock but let’s be real. Only beat one team with winning record? Can’t ever just show up and beat anybody. They play hard though.
Removing shirt is just proper brawl procedure.
Damn, that IS a brawl. Glass shattering, women screaming, tents a'shakin'.