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Georgia actually has scored more PPG than the Vols. As for your "bend but don't break" defense...you just gave up 42 points to Kentucky...which is only 10 less than the Dawgs have given up all year (not counting UABs pick-six). Team Stats Points Per Game 38.4 38.2 Points Allowed Per Game 6.6 28.2 Total Yards 430.0 457.6 Yards Passing 240.0 240.6 Yards Rushing 190.0 217.0 Yards Allowed 230.9 418.0 Pass Yards Allowed 151.1 264.7 Rush Yards Allowed 79.8 153.3
This right here...if we don't beat Bama on the way to a Natty, there will always be detractors saying we didn't beat the GOAT. However, OSU scares me more than Bama right now. It's a hard road ahead. November will be the silence before the storm.
So we're free association writing about an obscure UGA player that I've never heard of, even in UGA lore. No start, no plot, no message, no finish. You lured me in with Lewis Grizzard a few weeks back, but this was just not good writing. And Grizzard always finished a story.
I have heard this too, regarding Nick's father. As for how long he's going to coach, I just hope he's not like the Bear and dies very shortly after retiring. But I do think it's too much in his blood.
That game reminded me of the Dawgs in the 70s and 80s. I loved watching that game!
How did the UGA-TN "Hobnail boot" game not make this list? It's all I still hear about from TN fans during game week...how disrespected Munson made them feel.