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Yeah, was typing that early in the morning and wasn’t really into proofreading it. I’m educated I swear just not in English or writing
There’s a comment below meant for you. The set up of this website is frustrating. I’ll sum it up, I’m not saying our program in terms of history is better, in the here and now we are enjoying a better win loss ratio than you and similar wins and losses to UF and UGA. You’re not head and heals better than us RIGHT NOW, and projections are that won’t change unless you get your version of Stoops. Noting delusional about what I was saying.
See below, I’m not saying our history the past 50yrs is comparable, I’m saying the past few years since 2016. We have been better, while you’ve beaten us more, we’re more stable and more consistent being able to bounce back. All I was hoping you would see is that perspective is important and you not a solid member of the big 3 any more in the East with UK challenging you and probably more wins coming for us. Again I’m not saying our program, in history, is better. I’m saying that we are on the same playing field now and for many recruits, that’s what matters.
I think you hit the point I was trying to make, they need to be realistic. I was making slot of what I was saying in comparison, certainly wasn’t saying the programs are comparable in terms of history. I was more so referencing the last few years, we have been better the past few years and in the modern era that’s what matters. I don’t think, understanding from a point or perspective, anything I said was delusional or unrealistic.
*players and probably a bunch of other grammatical mistakes like a missing paragraph break. My bad!
So any time any one puts criticism on your school you’re just going to throw random jabs at them? UGA: “1980”, UF random name calling (I hate UF too so I don’t mind that), even heard some UT fans moch bama. As long as you keep pretending that you’re heads and heels better than UK the more you’ll be passed up by them. Our faculties are better if not on par with yours, better development (turning 3 starts into 4 stars compared to 4 into 3). I gave y’all credit and you just say “stick to basketball”. God forbid you have some humility about where you’re program is at. It’s better for the SEC if you are good and even better if the northern most school is stealing layers away from the big 10 beating everyone outside of conference. I’ll stick to basketball the day UT wins a national title or beats bama or UGA or UF again. Our state has better HS players over the past few years and we can actually lock down our in state talent. God bless you and your family, only he can make you see through your excuses.
Excuse the long post, also some grammatical errors. I don’t see them as well as I would on my laptop so if it hurts your eyes to read, I apologize.
I’m going to say it. For now UK has passed UT in football, at least for the foreseeable future. We’ve had much more stability since Stoops was hired, 37-26 since 2016 compared to UT who has had 2 coaches and are 30-32. Recruiting rankings, UT has the edge but we’ve been able to develop players much better and find hidden gems more often. You do hold the overall star lead however to your credit. You haven’t necessarily dominated us on the field since 2016 being decided in the 4th qtr, aside from 2 being 2018 and 2020. I’m not saying we’re elite ourselves, we have to beat you consistently and find away to be competitive with UGA more constantly before I personally would make that leap but UT is where we were comparatively in 2013, lost without a direction. Stoops gave our program stability above all and pride in our program. You have pride, in some ways unfounded the last 20yrs, but you haven’t had stability in 14 yrs. UKs program is very much a rebirthed one in the SEC, we aren’t great yet but we’re good and have solidly passed USC, Mizzou, and of course Vandy. Same thing with USC until you know where you are at you won’t get back to where you want to be. UK is your main competition now, you aren’t on the same level as UF and UGA any more. If you don’t do something UK will beat you next year and constantly do so for years after if you don’t find your Stoops.