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I think the problem is for both our teams is that we’re good enough that UGA has to play an A game or risk loosing it or it being really close. Basically we’re both to good to be overlooked. USC and Mizzou can still lose with UGA playing B or C+ level ball, unless both come out really good this season.
Forgive me, you all won 8 last year. Well done, do it again when every school is improved that beat you in your miraculous year.
I love USC fans man, none more delusional barring some Tennessee fans. Every year you make the argument you’d beat Kentucky to be disappointed every year. We’ll have a punchers chance against UT and UGA; you guys just try to win 7 games and then we’ll talk about it.
I believe Texas state was a decent power 5 defense; although record doesn’t show it. This is probably more of a quality depth guy to help plug holes. He could start this year but he may stay for 2 years. 1 for development to SEC level and 2 for maybe starting. He could shock us though like it’s believed the d2 transfer could. But this is much more for development being that it feels our coaches are happy with the players we have already.
We aren’t going any where either. Should be fun to see the recruiting battles between UT and UK moving forward. We used to keep to Ohio and any where north of us. Now that we have established some since of a winning culture we can start to go south for real players not just the ones that either the rest of the SEC slept on or didn’t want. Either way I’m hear for it!
We’d probably have faired better than y’all against them considering we’ve beat you all 6 of the last 7. Especially this year considering this was their down year and supposedly you all were on the up and up. You’ll get all the medias love this year again and we’ll beat y’all again. Like clock work.
While 2005 was the first season I really remember, I was 6, 2007 was when my College football fandom was born and became a true UK football fan. Such an awesome year across the board. Wish CFB could have another season like that.
First of all, don’t put UK with those programs any more. UF is one thing but look what UK has done in recent years to those other schools. 6 of last 7 vs USC, 6 of last 7 vs Mizzou, Vandy being Vandy. We’ve broke even with UF also so don’t be rude.
It’s not delusional to say, I genuinely doubt it.
Recruits in Tennessee clearly feel like we haven’t plateaued. Just ask our top 15 class that includes a few your states top 15 players. Recruiting is what breaks those ceilings. Plus a revamped offense with a good QB does wonders. I’d agree with you if we hadn’t made the offensive change.
We do, I a first year offense and missing spring ball he’s thrown more TDs and yard than any other QB. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s one thing to do that this year. Don’t do it next.
I’d also add that I doubt UK gets that 4/5 star wr is stoops isn’t staying.
Also Bryant was at one point on record stating that if he could’ve he would’ve stayed at Kentucky. He felt slighted because he was told by the administration that Rupp was gone for violations. That didn’t happen and Bryant was gone because he wanted to make football the main sport at Kentucky.
Just for the record, the more talent argument is going to go away soon. Our recruiting classes continue to get more and more “blue chippers” in them. The days of 2-3 stars are shrinking as we are getting a lot more 3-4 and more and more 5 stars. That being said it would be easier to get a lot more blue chippers at LSU because you don’t have to do the whole 8 hour radius thing he does here. But we compete now in the south much better than we ever have plus still pretty much take who we want in Ohio, OSU still king in that state though. To rap it up, the recruiting thing is soon to be a thing of the past like UK only caring about basketball.
Really disagree, I think he would’ve. A program that’s trying to build to your level, that was a positive.
Don’t really know why your pissed. Makes no since to me, do you want him to just lay down and quite. You may have I’ll will but I guarantee Kirby probably doesn’t and even would’ve done the same thing. We’ll be good next year too sand welcome the challenge on our turf.
Hey man, we gave it our best shot. We’ll be back on that stage, but y’all just had the dudes to do it. The fact we drove on you for long stints was encouraging and certainly won’t be looking forward to bb like a lot of y’all’s fans kept saying.
I mean this when I say, this is y’all’s first true test. We’re a physical team unlike what you’ve seen. That doesn’t mean I think we’ll win but we have a much better chance than any other team you’ve played. I personally think next year is our shot for the East. You guys have the same senior Laden defense we do just more stars. I do personally think our offense can be better than yours but we’re still learning.
Yeah but do you not see that changing IF stoops gets us consistent. I even see it now, we may not be a UGA yet but don’t you think Stoops and Marrow are capable of getting us there? Our state may not be Georgi hs but Ohio and any other place in and around 8 hours can make up for that. I don’t think any current generation will put pressure on stoops the way Georgia fans do but it’s not out of the realm of possibility in 10-20 years of consistent success. Our fans have always wanted success in football but an older generation has always pretended like it wasn’t worth it. As a younger fan, 25, I grew up with a bigger and louder crowed in football. Basketball almost seems like it’s loosing its luster, not that I don’t love UK bb, because it appeals to more affluent people. Look at the crowds at high school football compared to basketball and you’ll see what I mean. The tide is changing here, for many reasons besides these.
Not as much as it used to be, get out of 2012.
How many successful seasons does UK have to string together to get rid of that stigma? We’re a good team and program now that’s investing in it. Why is it a shame to loose to us? Not that I don’t find it sweet to be on this side of the coin a little, but it always feels as no one gives UK credit for just maybe being good and as talented as just about every one not named Alabama and Georgia on D.
This is a high iq roast darthA. I appreciate you for this, have a nice morning.
This pisses me off, you really think that all those yards really mattered vs us. I admit you outgained us, but we still scored two offensive touchdowns and you scored one. We gifted you a TO and you did nothing with it. What you seem to consistently miss is when it mattered we had the answers and you didn’t. That’s out coaching, with talent that isn’t all that behind yours and could very easily pass you as we secretly did UT a couple years back, you better get used to games where you can no longer just rely on your talent to beat us. Last year will prove to be an exception to the rule as it seems to be. You guys will be okay, but stop pretending like your significantly better than us.
The thing that’s posses me off with all y’all. You don’t give credit where it’s due. We played a better game than them, we gave them easy dink and dunk like we have with every team. But when it really mattered, on our 40 and in we stopped you nearly every time. It’s the same thing with every bigger team we’ve beaten over the past 9 years, if you beat us it’s going to be hard fought and physical. Despite what y’all think, loosing to us doesn’t always mean you’re bad anymore just maybe…. We’re better.
Just for the record, we’re not as “less talented” as you think. It’s probably closer to even than it’s ever been and the recruiting class we’re building now is going to be good not just nationally but also sec. I’m just saying talent gap isn’t as wide as you think it is.
Best argument for complete buy in. Kentucky, not at y’all’s level yet, took complete buy in across the board. And doing so can allow even as bad a team as we were, challenge the top. Teams, even if they beat us, remember when they play us just on shear physicality. Buy-in matters more than stars and just about anything else. Find a head coach who is driven the way Saban and in some ways Stoops is, not to the same level as Saban, and Florida can go places like always.
I wouldn’t say we’ve played terrible, at lest not across the board. I think it’s more impressive that we’ve hadn’t had a complete game yet and we’re still good enough to 5-0. Let’s just stop being a pessimistic cats fan for the night.
Teams tell us the same thing every year and still, here we are. There a good reason why we’re 7-8 over USC, 6-7 vs Mizzou, and passing UT up. I’m not saying we’re anything other than a constantly good program who recruits at a good level but develops at a superb level. Only a matter of time before we start getting more and more 4-5 stars who’ve seen what we’ve been doing with 3 and low end 4 stars. We’re a consistent program now, that’s all I’m saying.