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First game we lost was the one KJ went down (@FSU) but never let facts get in the way of a good lie.
Beat LSU without him. UK is down. We would have won the SEC with Lewis and KJ healthy. Your just salty cause I call out your forgettable posts you moron leatherneck.
Man UF would have run away with the title this year...KJ situation really sucks.
Wright and Pierce are a good change up combo. Anxious to see Lingard and Bowman in action.
Top 3...respect my decision? You haven't made one yet dummy. Learn words.
The coaches shouldn't have let him play. Was foolish. Every kid wants to play and come back early but it doesn't mean he should be allowed to Homer.
He could have gotten hurt worse. The GMs saw a guy hobbling around. He didn't earn any money on Monday night.
They shouldn't have let Waddle play imo. Reckless.
Good luck Urban. Except when you play Tampa.
No contest; Corral is a better QB. More skilled. More athletic. UGA will win more games but that is the defense not Corral.
This front the guy who coined the term "Sweet Hawaiian Prince".
This is the most condescending article you could ever write. It epitomizes why people hate Bama. It's because of their obnoxious fans and the sportswriters that follow them. Burrow doesn't beat Mac by much huh? Unreal.
Not sure Clemson will be in the top 3 (Bama, OU and UGA).
Think of the season he would have had without the cheap shot that cost him a couple of games. UF will remember that UGA.
Either OSU fields a team or the forfeit. Classic example of special treatment for OSU this year. I never root for Bama but I will this game.
I saw him in person torch the Gators...he's awesome. His style isn't Henry though. Henry is 100% power with surprising speed. Najee has more moves and acceleration and not as much power as Henry.
Najee if more a Trent Richardson clone in terms of styles. He doesn't run like Henry.
I'm not sure that I've seen a better RB than the OSU back. He looks like a Derek Henry clone.