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If UGA loses this game, it will be a major blow for their program. This is what the last three years have set-up for: a game where they are either better than Bama or don't have to worry about Bama (i.e. LSU getting there). A lot of pressure for UGA in this game. LSU is playing with house money really. They lose a close game and they are still in the CFP.
You should change your screen name to "bamausedtobeateverybody"
Love Bowden Jr. Only player in the SEC not on UF that I actively rooted for this year.
Joe Cox...this list blows out loud. You must have cried when Bama lost.
10-2 is a solid season. Only losses to 2 of the 4 teams in the CFP. Swept FSU and UM. Let's hit he recruiting path and cement a top 10 class and keep the momentum going. Love me some CDM.
Let's play a quick game of find the quality win in OOC play. a) Ohio St - FAU, Cinncy, and Miami of Ohio b) Michigan - ND, Midd Tenn St, Army c) Penn St - Idaho, Buffalo and Pitt d) Iowa - Middle Tennessee St, Iowa St and Miami of Ohio e) Minn - SDST, Fresno St, GA Southern f) Wisky - Kent St, South Florida, Central Michigan g) Illinois - Eastern Michigan (THIS WAS A LOSS), UConn and Akron h) Indiana - Ball St, Eastern Illinois, UConn So in the top 8 teams in the Big 10...I only see three quality wins outside of the conference (Notre Dame, Iowa St and Cincinnati). Two of the three wins were at home (exception was the Iowa St win). Tack on that Penn St was only in the game due to turnovers, I think we have one good team (Ohio State), two dangerous teams (Michigan/Penn St) and a handful of paper tigers. The bowl season will prove this out.
Baylor and Minnesota would be 2 - 6 in the SEC.
My point wasn't that LSU had good players...my point was that stopping Fromm isn't the real issue.
Penn St was only in that OSU game cause OSU had 3 fumbles. That game was not as close as the score indicated. I think the Big10 is getting too much love. What do you think would happen is Minn played Auburn? Exactly.
Hard to say since they just play each other and avoid big OOC games.
Can you stop Swift is the real question.
And Michigan was better than UF in '06...this guy's story never changes.
The UNC things just goes to show how corrupt the NCAA is. What they did vs what Mizzou did isn't in the same universe.
When LSU drops 40 on Kirby, all those top 10 recruiting classes will just be washed aways like tear drops in the rain. UGA will not be partying like it is 1980.
Have you ever been to Jacksonville or do you just watch from Mom's trailer in Social Circle Jerk GA?
He's saying they can label anyone right of Mao with one of these water downed tag lines and then attack them and feel justified. Have you not watched the news in the past 10 years?
UGA literally got away with defensive holding on 5 separate plays. I think the SEC was protecting it's CFP plan B. These were on drives where A&M was going to tie or take the lead mind you. I'm not saying UGA wouldn't have won, but it was unbelievable. The NFL changed the rules (i.e. implemented the illegal contact rule) when the Pats did the same thing to the Colts. It was blatant. UGA will beat LSU if they are allowed to just hold the receivers.
Does Bama beat Auburn? I'm not sure. I know I'll be watching though.
Good catch; that is remarkable
Stoops would be a very good hire for FSU.
1. No; Penn State is going to get wrecked. 2. It doesn't matter if Mac "let's it fly". This game is another "who cares" game in a Bama schedule full of them. This game will not help get Mac ready for Auburn all that much. 3. Maybe but I doubt it. 4. Yes; UT beats Mizzou. 5. Fromm won't need to take over late. UGA will take over early. 6. I think the NCAA and SEC are generally top heavy this year so I wouldn't hold your breath for any big time upsets. I hope I'm wrong.
I don't see A&M winning this game. UGA has too much to play for and A&M is a year away from really being good.
It's kind of crazy that any fan of an SEC school not named Vandy or Mizzou could talk trash about UF in academics. Then I remembered that not everyone actually obtained their degrees from the school they root for. Certainly TDOW has not.
God please bring us a game...we are desperate for an actual game. I can't stand another Tua story. Hope he gets well and is drafted high, but I'm just sick of the Tua injury story.