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Wheels fell off after we beat up on UT.
Adam...you write "Mike White followed up a loss at Oklahoma on Wednesday with an even more embarrassing loss to Texas Southern". Losing to OU at OU isn't an embarrassing loss. Perhaps it could have been "Mike White followed up the loss at Oklahoma with an embarrassing loss to Texas Southern".
Champ couldn't coach...but he was a great recruiter. White is the most inconsistent head coach in the history of basketball. Beat FSU and Ohio State and follow that with a loss to Texas So (winless). He is just a terrible in game coach.
That might come back to bite you. I see you throwing 2008 all over the place. you better hope UGA gets it done this year cause if not the pressure will really ramp up.
There's a reason Saban never won a championship at Michigan State but did at LSU and Bama...
Ghosting means leaving without ever saying anything. The news broke before he could tell people in person. Not remotely the same thing but the media is nothing but sensationalists now. I'm not a Kelly or LSU fan but this story is complete garbage.
Agree completely. Treon was an instant three and out while EJ is good between the 20's but then throws a pick in the red zone. EJ had better stats but in the end, the results were essentially the same as Treon.
Ya; cause everything the media says is true. Everyone knows that.
Was it me or did the refs seem compelled to get this game to OT. I don't know if I've every seen a series of calls go to one team on like 15 straight plays. From spotting the balls to bad calls to missed calls, it was beyond one-sided there in the final 2-3 minutes.
Gators off a nice start. Square off vs Ohio State next. Would be a very strong start if we can pick up that W.
My comment about 6 coaches was in response to Leghumper U. My comment about Muschamp being the answer is in response to your post. That's why I posted them in that order. Capisce?
Where did LeghumperU ever say this century? His direct quote was: "No, the real answer is the Gators will be on their 7th head coach (10th counting interims) since Steve Spurrier left the program in 2001." And you call me out for reading comprehension? Seriously. BTW, no UGA fan should ever call out a UF grad when it comes to academics. Ever.
Above response is to Mountain Dog who is as dumb as a mountain dog. Let's go through this slowly for Moutain Dog the fool who can't count. "Since Spurrier" means you don't count him so 1. Zook; 2. Meyer (2x champion btw); 3. Chump; 4. Mac; 5. Mullen and 6. TBD. See how that works?
Zook, Meyer, Champ, Mac and Mullen is five by my count. UGA teaches math real good. But even our SIX coaches since Spurrier won TWO more titles than you guys have over the past 40 years.
Its amazing that we've continued to dominate UT through all of the changes.
Exactly. They are cognitively lazy and their takes suck out loud. Trying to be real sports reporters.
I've been reading stories on SDS for the past two years about Dan's erratic behavior (e.g. Vader costume at presser; starting a brawl at halftime vs Mizzou; claims about outgaining UK, not holding assistants accountable etc.). But now all of a sudden its the program's fault that Mullen got fired. Make up your mind Connor, was it Dan that caused this or was it UF? Your takes suck Connor.
The real disappointment for UF fans regarding Dunlap is the DUI the week before the 2009 SEC championship game.
If Young has a Marino-like moment vs the 85 Bears when playing UGA, UGA can be beat. I don't expect it, but it's possible.
Not sure about UF getting to 7 wins. Could but I'm giving it a less than 50/50 shot.