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I think the offense will be fine. QB will be better suited to run the offense and the playcalling will improve with the entire playbook open. Pitts only played in about half the games last year missing these contests: OU, LSU, 0.5+ UGA, Vandy and Arky. The real absence will be Toney imo. He really came on last year and by the end of the season was playing the best football of anyone on the team. But we've got a good group of WRs coming back. Time for Copeland and Henderson to step up. The line should be better than the past two years which will help.
Not sure I've ever seen such a powerful block on a running play that wasn't a crackback.
0-0; crushing it Connor. Absolutely crushing it.
But Plumlee lacks the same cutting ability that Toney has.
Trask would be a 2022 starter at the earliest I think. I think Cam might be done. His shoulder and arm haven't looked right in a while.
Plumlee has more top end speed than Toney.
Is Arizona a great job anymore? Haven't made the tourney in a while.
He's always one missed block from being the guy. Look at Trask. It can happen that quickly.
I don't think I have ever in my life commented on Jerry Jones and Herschel Walker trade, but whatever. You pick and choose common decency whenever its convenient and act like LSU doesn't have any issues of its own. Whatever homer.
I agree; Payton is gonna be there after BA leaves. The Bucs are gonna have a nice couple year run here though. Looking forward to it.
Yes; definitely a casualty of Coach Mac’s non-existent S&C program.
Man I hope you are right but the track record is something like this: a) 22-10; 3rd in the SEC. b) Lose in the second game of the SEC tourney c) Make it to the round of 32 or Sweet 16 and get bounced after blowing a 12 point lead with 10 minutes to go. It could worse I suppose.. My issue with Mike White is that players seem to ditch out on him after every season in droves and he doesn't seem to make 2nd half adjustments while the other team does.
I just don't see KJ coming back. All I can think about is Reggie Lewis. If UF is #6 next year, then the SEC has issues.
If you think you are smacking me around, you really are a dumb leatherneck. But hey, I've been saying that for a while now. For ANY fan to think that they are owed anything from any school is pathetic (no matter what kind of donor level you achieve). That's why they call it a donation or a gift...the expectation is that there are no string attached. This is an entitled douchebag of a USC fan and you are trying to defend her you fool.
In case you missed it Captain LSU, Chase was the first on my list. How dare I put the more electric and dynamic Toney ahead of Marshall....who's the homer now, homer?
UF being on this list is so epically incorrect that Adam should turn in his notice to SDS and never write about sports again.
Back to back only #3? Ok Joe.
Toney is better than Marshall without a doubt. I can see why you'd put Moore up there. He's gifted. Chase is the best of the group in the NFL though.
I agree. Reminds me of Reidel Anthony in terms of size and body type. I think Chase has the better NFL body.
I never root for them to be bad. I'm just predicting they will be. The entire team bailed on him. I remember the David Lee and Matt Walsh team well. The difference is that Donovan took over nothing and White has ruined something. It's not just this year. Half the team transfers every offseason. Just watch Nembhard this weekend when he plays for a coach that doesn't cut his team off at the knees by playing slow. I'm sick of hearing "we were tired". Then train them better and more effectively Mike. If you are OK with getting beat by Oral Roberts when you have a double digit lead with 9 minutes to go, then Merry Christmas. You got Mike White.