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I don’t think anyone felt we’d beat UGA so yesterday doesn’t really mean that much more except the almost guaranteed playing time our young freshmen will get next year when they decide to keep their commitment to CBN. The play call was stupid, but so was the call by the refs. This was a classic game between two teams that were not evenly matched. Don Shula wouldn’t have coached the Gators to victory yesterday so your entire post is garbage. You’ve already been relegated to tard status by saying UF would go 2-10. So every other point you make is the same…meaningless.
CBN needs more time. Stoops got time at UK. Norvell at FSU. Chris Wright needs to lose his job. His stories suck.
I eat some crow: UF defense couldn't stop the UK run game. Lane Kiffin can win a big game.
It's possible Mizzou doesn't win another game this season. Schedule gets real real quick.
UK more physical. Congratulations to them. Beat UF upfront from the first play to the end. Gators didn’t help w inopportune penalties but it really didn’t matter when they were getting 10 yards a run. Gator defense got gashed.
Agree. Especially with the suspensions along the line after the bush league timeout by UT.
Did Hayes just cast himself as a “social media dork”? Introspection is a good thing.
Man; USC got the injury bug early this season. Tough luck.
Milroe is clearly the best QB Bama has right now.
Pretty clear Milroe is the best QB on the roster. Not sure why they benched him. He wasn’t great v Texas but the dude from ND looked rough and Simpson just isn’t ready.
*Supposed to be "kick'em while they are down".
Certainly an element to kicker while they are down. But UF's schedule is rough. Not a ton of gimmes.
On3 said the line opened at 8.5 for next weekend's game between UT @ UF.
Might be make or break if its a blowout. Momentum is the biggest takeaway from this game. The team who wins has some. The team that loses better find some.
In all kinds of weather we all stick together for.....F-L-O-R-I-D-A.
A lot can change in two seasons especially with the talent on both Texas and OU rosters.
Swamp79 never said the season is over or that UF was the best team. Your retorts don't make sense in light of what he said. He pointed out that LSU was deemed the preseason "best" by SDS before the season. Just like Neil in another article two days ago deemed UF the best. He's pointing out the fragility in mips1775 post. Imagine the blasphemy of thinking someone other than LSU might be the best. The horror.
We blaze through a tough USC team behind one of the great Gator pitching performances ever in a super, and LSU fans coming out like UGA fans posting garbage. Too funny. Stay classy corndogs.
Jason Marshall should be on this list.
Why don't you get a job at SDS and figure it out Humper? Could be your first big scoop. You couldn't be any worse than some of the "reporters" they have.
He didn't pick LSU so something must be wrong...that's about as homer as homer gets. Dude's dad was a Gator. I guess he didn't read the story.
Tack UF onto that list although Arky and UT were unquestioned favorites when they choked.
"My Gators"...lol. Hayes primarily writes two types of stories: a) AR should not get drafted; and b) CBN needs to get fired.
Didn't Hayes already publish this article like 3 times already. We get it SDS...you wouldn't draft AR. Let's cover some new ground.
They just took 2 of 3 from South Carolina...not like they are playing a poor schedule.