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That's why UCLA has 118 national championships vs USC's 107...don't let facts get in the way of a good argument.
UCLA's pedigree in basketball was so high in the 60's and 70's that I would say that they were by far the most important member. No school dominated basketball like UCLA did.
Saying he is not better than Manning does not mean the same thing as saying he is the next Tate Martell.
How could Sunbelt Billy end up on the shortlist UGA fans?
So you're saying lots of people are going to see SEC teams beat down the B1G teams each January? Got it.
I agree. Ole Miss just feels like a team that needs to outscore you to win...and many times with Kiffin they will.
He played basketball at Florence and was the best player in the county. I always thought TE.
To me, Smith and Banchero are toss up. But both are clearly better than the rest of the class. Not saying they will be the best cause sports can be weird like that, but based on what we know, they are the two best choices by a pretty wide margin. Auburn just peaked too early last year. I felt that way once they lost to UF a week or so before the SEC tourney. If they lost to Florida, I knew they weren't playing their best basketball. Jabari reminds me of Durant a lot. Banchero reminds me of Kenyan Martin but with more skill.
If the Magic pick anyone but Banchero and Smith, they are crazy.
The biggest issue that Spurrier had was Bowden was in an in-state rival at his peak (they both were at their peaks) in the 90's. If either team didn't have the other to contend with, they would have won multiple titles.
I stand corrected. You are right.
Kind of crazy how Ole Miss was the favorite before the year and now again at the end.
Neil...if you back out the games against Samford, USF and Vandy, UF's offense was not very good.
Given we didn't use Pierce much...I don't think he's a key loss. He should have been a key loss but Mullen didn't want to start his best players last year. smh. We should be better wo Jones inconsistency.
Gus Malzahn at Auburn, a year after he beat legendary Alabama coach Nick Saban for the 3rd time— more than any other coach in SEC history. Here's a little-known tidbit: Spurrier has a 3-1 record against Saban in SEC games, the best winning percentage (. 750) of any coach who has played against him multiple times. When I asked Spurrier if he knew his record against Saban, he replied: “Of course, I do.” Of course Saban did beat Spurrier in the Citrus bowl while at Michigan St so the all time series was actually 3-2. Does the writer only count games while Saban was at Bama? If so, that is more of a claim of Bama's greatness than Saban's.
Discipline was worth at least a game last year (UK we had like 10 false starts...many of them after successful plays which eliminated any momentum).
Gibbs is an upgrade over Robinson imo...don't see the drop off in the running game honestly. The line for Bama wasn't that dominate last year to begin with so losing some of the guys there won't be as big of an impact although I do think Neal was a great player. It's not like there won't be another great recruit who has waited his turn.
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