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LSU lost so much this wasn't really all that surprising. This team will be really good by the end of the season. You can't change 95% of the team and staff and think there won't be any setbacks. Especially in a year when you don't get a full Spring.
4-6 after a 2-0 start would not be a good outcome
Do kids today remember Deion? Seems like he could be a great recruiter if they did.
Was thinking Ray Goff since they lost to GaTech.
I don't see the pressure angle. LSU has lost a ton and I don't think anyone is expecting a repeat of a year ago. Now if LSU returned everyone but Burrow, then I think the pressure angle makes sense. But they are retooling in most places.
I honestly didn't think Newman was the best QB of the bunch they had anyhow. Hurts depth but doesn't change things much imo.
Franks doesn't know where to go with the ball consistently. Trask does.
This doesn't fit the the three star recruiting machine narrative.
I'm not the one who can't understand the meanings of everyday terms like "brief" and a "couple", and then get mad and start calling people names. Learn that in the Marines? Army wouldn't teach you that kind of thing, but there's a place for everyone I guess.
If it was intern, then shame on LSU for allowing an intern to make that call.
Attempt; brief; a couple. You guys hone in on one word. Reading comprehension means taking the whole sentence, passage and paragraph and interpreting them together. I suspect if the "fake money" would have passed muster it would have ended there.
And TexsippiDawg would put a dild0 in his A$$ if he was told by the local health official that it would prevent him from catching a cold.
If you can't see how COVID has been politicized, I guess you also can't recognize that Danny boy was the best coach you'll ever see in Starkville.
Seems like there was a brief attempt of a cover up. Saying it was fake money for a couple of days before it was confirmed otherwise.
Everyone did stay home for the first month and a half. It wasn't until late May that people started to breakaway whether it was for Memorial Day or BLM protests. Establishment never intended for us to come out until there was a change in the WH. I don't get caught up in your two party BS. Leave me out of it...I got work to do. Mouths to feed.