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That USC team was really good though. Tough to say they beat LSU or not. Would have been a good game.
I agree with the delta aspect although determining the FMV can be tricky. I was disagreeing with the notion that buyouts were absurd. That is a self-inflicted wound.
Ok; we'll see how this ends up. You can't walk away from the entire bill when only a portion should have been forgiven.
Nothing will be back on track until the election is over. Sorry to say. But the virus, riots, etc. ain't going to stop until after the election. Football is an after thought unfortunately.
Disagree. What this will do is force the schools to not overpay for crap coaches or not make rash moves and fire someone too soon. No one put a gun to the heads of the Arky AD. They shouldn't have fired Bret anyways. How good did the replacement do? That guy sucked out loud.
Don't sign on the dotted line if you can't live up to your end of the bargain. New England is historically cheap and part of the value is learning from Bill Belichick. At least that would be my argument. To hold up $7 million in payment for a fraction is crazy. They will need to pay the delta and interest.
Well in this case, a UF players life was taken by felons. Meanwhile you are a puddle of sh!t.
Not sure I'd say they rallied around him...maybe less mad than they used to be.
2010 Gator team had no business being ranked No 4. All Gator fans knew that was going to be a rough year. The Bama vs USC game was truly a shocker. Don't really remember the 2002 Vols team that well; kind of figured that Miami would win it all that year from the start (of course the Buckeyes got a lot of calls to win that championship game).The 2000 Bama team was a shocker. They had a lot of pieces coming back from the SEC championship the year before. That might be the biggest disappointment in terms of surprises on this list.
Agree...when I started to get into SEC football (about age 10), Pat was the best in the conference. He was the coach of the 80's in this league.
Not unbelievable if you think about how many people bowed down to COVID and were ready to have 40 million unemployed at the drop of the hat. 50% of the country would do it again.
Fromm was good when he had good targets. That was the issue last year. He willed the victory vs UF...don't sell Fromm short. He was a very good player at UGA.
I put the Fields loss on Fields not on Smart. Fields should have never went to UGA to begin with. Why would you go to a pro style program with that skill set? Should have been at Ohio St from the start. It just shows Smart is a great recruiter if he can pick kids that don't even fit his scheme.
You think the opioid problem was because of a "few bad doctors". Captain Naive strikes again. The level of stick your head in the sand is strong with this one. I guess cigarettes were always safe when doctors said they were on TV too. Just cause your doctor family members say that hospitals weren't incentivized to diagnose COVID don't make it true. Believe who you want to, but just know this. This is what is happening and we are all gonna be just fine and it had nothing to do with staying at home. And by the way, I always try to stay out of the hopsital sugar t!ts.
Yeah, I'm morally bankrupt cause I point out a system that incentives human behavior in a particular way. You are naive. I guess you didn't think that doctors overprescribed opoids either for financial incentive. Am I being too negative for you? Grow up and grow a pair.
But he was 0-4 vs UF in the SEC. And we pushed him down and stole his lunch money in '97 when Doug Johnson beat the Vols.
Considering the heights at which UF had been immediately preceding Champ and that Meyer left him with a #1 recruiting class that included stud top 10 DL (Ronald Powell, Dom Easily, Shariff Floyd), it was pretty underwhelming. I agree not Chad Morris bad but it was pretty rough.
OU, UF, Bama and UGA are almost certainly losses. UK and at USC are tricky to say the least.
I'm partial to Wuerffel but Tebow was the total package in terms of the ability to run and throw. Burrow and Newton had the single best seasons however.
Well if NFL success is the only thing that matters, I guess Manning is little more than Brady's do boy.
Bama, Auburn, and UF make this a tough over. Lose one of those three and stumble anywhere else between UVA, UK, UT or USC. Or just lose two of the first three listed. I wouldn't touch this one if I was an UGA fan.
I never said it was a mass conspiracy. It's in the #'s. Look at them...you won't cause your little mind can't handle it. The hospitals get more money if they call it COVID, only a tard could have missed that story. Go back to sleep.
No question I'd rather lose to LSU...not even close. UGA and FSU are the two must have wins every year; bottom line.
Copeland, Grimes and Toney are still there plus Pitts so I think we lose the numbers but the production will be there. We'll just have 4 guys with 40+ balls in instead of 8 with 25+.
LSU and UGA games are the ones to circle along with UK game. All of the "at Tennessee" stuff is a bit early and in response to the hot recruiting, but those kids aren't on the team yet and UF has recruited slightly better than UT for classes that are on the rosters. Plus UT loses the standout WR's this year. If Terry Wilson comes back to form, UK should be a tough out. LSU will be easier than last year (how could they not) plus the game is at home. UGA has a lot question marks on offense but defense should be the class of the league. Sets up well for UF but that really doesn't mean much; still go to play the games.
I guess you believe everything you see on TV. They are over estimating COVID deaths and attributing anything and everything to it. Think I'm lying then look up the pneumonia deaths on the CDC website by week over the last 10 years and run the numbers yourself. You'll see that this year has the lowest number per week of any year and it's not even close. They are calling all pneumonia deaths COVID deaths. If you don't believe me check out this excerpt from the Miami Herald...I'm not being difficult on this, but you are being lied to and fooled: So if a person tests positive for the virus that causes COVID-19, that would count as a case. But what counts as a COVID-19 death? During Gov. JB Pritzker's health briefing on Sunday, Dr. Ngozi Ezike, the Illinois Department of Public Health director, said anyone who had COVID-19 at the time of death, even if the person died of other causes, is counted among the COVID deaths. In fact, even if a person is in hospice for other reasons but has COVID, too, that death is still counted among the COVID deaths, Ezike said.
That's kind of the definition of it. If was the lowest rated then I guess it would be impossible to be overrated. He's good, but he had several lapses vs Bama and Florida. He's not Deion Sanders good but people act like he's the best ever. I just don't see it. He's young and can continue to grow. CJ Henderson same thing last year. I thought he played tentatively was clearly trying not to get hurt. Better as a Sophomore and Freshman. It's like we talk these guys up and then its their reputations that the talking heads just repeat ad nauseum. When I think of the best of the best in the SEC, I think about Champ Bailey, Louis Oliver, Patrick Peterson, Carlos Rogers, and Antonio Langham. It's like we give this guy the best every monicker halfway through his freshman season because Joe Burrow and LSU was having an incredible season. Waters down the statement.