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I'd flip #3 and #1; we knew Saban's offense was going to be special.
I agree. Auburn firing Gus could put them into several year tailspin. I don't know who they could get that would be so much better. Meyer aint going to Auburn and there aren't really much better coaches out there. Plus Saban will be retiring relatively soon so I say stick by Gus. Nix should get nothing but better.
My thoughts exactly. ND always getting too much love.
And you think that UGA will just roll out the Joe Burrow offense in three weeks?
Agreed...Auburn's dline creates chaos. They are the real deal. If they can't slow down LSU, I don't think it can be done with this year's teams. Clemson's dline last year might have been able to but they are all in the NFL now.
Props to UK for a gutty win with there best WR playing QB. Mizzou is playing well now. How the hell did they lose to Wyoming? Gators still have all the key SEC East games remaining so the rest of the season should be entertaining. Hoping we get Greenard and Zuniga back at some point as our line struggles to generate a pass rush with four without them.
Really Bama guy? You better watch out with your defense. Derek Thomas ain't walking through that door.
I don't think Bama's offense has been good lucking and would debate the both sides of the ball comment. Especially given their competition thus far. LSU v Bama should be epic.
1. LSU 2. Bama 3. Clemson 4. Wisconsin/Ohio State winner After watching Oklahoma yesterday, I think their offense could be stopped with a defense that actually has a pulse. Texas' defense missed so many tackles it was kind of ridiculous. Still a lot of football to be played. Will be interesting to see if Auburn's defense can generate a pass rush vs. LSU and Bama. Auburn's dline is the best in college imo. UF's line yesterday wasn't the same. Greenard out all game and Zuniga wasn't still 100% and had to leave mid-game. Not making excuses for the Loss (LSU has injuries too) but our dline isn't as physical as Auburn definitely wasn't near 100% yesterday. USC v UF game this weekend should be interesting.
I expected the Gators defense to play better. Got to give it to Burrow and the LSU offensive coordinator. They've got a world class offense. I thought Trask and the offense would be able to score and they actually played better than I thought they would. That pick was tough. Hoping Greenard and Zuniga can be back for the games v UGA and Mizzou. I doubt either will be ready for USC, but no matter. USC is equally banged up after the double OT win. In the grand scheme of things, this loss doesn't really hurt our chances all that much for the East title. Hope we can right the ship and get back on track. Well done LSU.
I think Burrow might pass for 400. What's not getting talked about is LSU's defense. Is it great or even really good? I'm not convinced. I think they've let the standard slip a bit since they feel the offense will bail them out. We'll see. Should be a great game. We ran the ball on LSU the last trip to LSU in 2016 with a really young O-line. LSU's Dline isn't as good as Auburn's. The LSU offense vs the UF defense is all everyone is talking about. 50% of the time UF will have the ball and UF is loaded at WR and TE.
Smith got hurt in the UF game...his hand. Performance has fallen off ever since.
Sweet Hawaiian prince...good god I love it. Take some of the joy of having a generational QB away from Bama fans with that gay phrase.
Greatest passing game ever in Bama history, but I don't think its the best Bama team.
I'm worried we won't have much left in the tank. Trask and Greenard both got nicked yesterday. We'll show up but this is going to be a tough game. I'm sure LSU is still upset about the goal line stand from 2016. One thing I feel comfortable in saying...this game will be tight. Every time LSU and UF play whether football, baseball or basketball, the games seem to be down to the wire classics.
Seriously...Auburn is now broken or damaged good. Nix has question marks? How about UF's defense is all world and leave it at that.
Auburn's Dline was incredible today. But they couldn't cover the Gator receivers. Total mismatch. If UF had a better Oline this game might have been 45-13.
When we played UK and Miami they were undefeated and still thought they had great seasons ahead of them. When you play someone matters a lot imo. Not the Towson/UT Martin team, but programs where there is some level of success. I'm not saying UK is Bama, but I think the UF comeback put UK into this nosedive.
The 94 game was during my sophomore year. Still the toughest loss to take as a Gator fan (other than the UT loss in 2001).
I remember a certain Kirk Herbstreit talking about how great Michigan and Ohio State were in 2006 and that it was a total travesty that UF should even be considered in the conversation for the national finalist. Ohio State (and Clemson and to a lesser degree Bama) has a cupcake schedule. Better hope you go undefeated.
Gators will show up...don't give that victory to Auburn.
This was surprising; I expected UK to right the ship and be better on the lines. Give Champ credit...big time win.
Greenard has been such a huge pick-up for UF. Every game has been lights out for him.
This was the most surprising game of the day to me. I thought UK would beat Miss St soundly. By 10 - 14 points. Big time game by Moorehead to get his guys ready after last week's dissappointment.
They should put that photo in a museum; it's a rare artifact.
UGA needs to beat ND or else the SEC will take a serious hit; I don't root for UGA often but when I do, they usually are playing team like ND. UK is better than Miss St...Stoops>Moorehead. I don't buy the Jones is ahead of Tebow talk, but we do need to get him some more reps between UT and Towson in advance of AU. Go Gators.