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No...you INFERRED. I do believe coronavirus is a nasty bug. My point is that people die and life is dangerous. We die from all types of things. I'm more concerned about the reaction to coronavirus than I am about coronavirus. 9 million people a year die from hunger worldwide...how many people you think will die of hunger this year when the economy is in shambles? You pick and choose stuff to worry about.
But did Americans in WW2 rush out and buy up all the toilet paper in the first first five minutes after Pearl Harbor? To say we are not "panicky" is the most delusional thing I've ever read.
I never said a word about your god coronavirus. Where in my two lines did I say anything that could be debated? You are a tool.
And we have 49k dead every year from flu and 14k dead from swine flu in 2009. This just in...life is dangerous.
The fear factory will prove Herby right. How this country ever stormed the beaches at Normandy is beyond me.
The goal line stand vs UF has to be up there too...with all the talking before that game, UF had no business winning that game.
And this just in...the NFL season will be canceled. It's why I can't even get excited about Tom Brady as a Bucs fan. It's us drafting Bo Jackson all over again except worse. How do I know the football season won't be played? Cause the Bucs got Tom Brady.
Good luck against this front: DE — Jevon Kearse DL — Glenn Dorsey DL — John Henderson DL — Nick Fairley DE — Myles Garrett
The comment on Mike Evans ("See Howard, OJ") doesn't make sense. Mike Evans is an absolute beast...top 3 receiver in the league. HOF material. The distance between OJ Howard and Mike Evans couldn't be larger.
OJ Howard...you have to be kidding me. Anyone who follows the Bucs knows he was absolutely terrible last season and is borderline bust material right now. Not saying he can't turn it around (and I hope he does) but dude had a bad case of the drops in 2019.
If D Mac should have won in '07, then I say Tebow should have won in '08.
In summary, the Big 10 bias cost McFadden the Heisman. I recall the talking heads saying UF didn't deserve to play Ohio State and that it should be a repeat vs Michigan. Thank god that didn't happen.
What Adam didn't report was the dig Winston put in his Twitter feed about seeing the Tampa fans in February (i.e. when the Super Bowl is played in Tampa). I think the Bucs had every right to put that in their press release.
We beat the UK team by 10 in Rupp that season and by 21 in Gainesville.
Equating Winston's classless examples to an insensitive press release is like equating jaywalking to rape.
And what would they be grateful for? His off the field issues? He got suspended at the beginning of last season and basically shot the whole season in the process.
Agree...this list is overthought. I wouldn't argue #1 but #2 has some serious chinks in the armor. First of all Williams has been at TAMU one year and it wasn't some incredible Cinderella story. The verdict is still out. Fisher has underperformed honestly and has what many feel is a make or break year coming up. #3 and #4 are hard to argue with, but #5 is no better than Auburn imo. Pearl clearly is the better than he and Oats and Saban is clearly better than Gus but Gus has won an SEC title. Plus Saban's shelf life is limited at this point.
That 2013-14 team ran through the SEC like a hot knife through butter. Only five games were decided by less than 5 points and that includes the three games in the SEC tourney. I know it was a different era, but the 53-54 team at UK would have been beaten by 20 points. And that's just the way it is.
Only in the eyes or morons like you who listen to CNN and believe it. Just like your pathetic coach who yells at your student body to honor Kobe's death. Get lost you dork.
SEC proved my point and pulled the plug today. NBA players are giving it to each other...you can't possibly that stupid can you?
Happens every flu season. How about stay the fVck home when you are sick?
There are 168 players alone you dummy. You get to over 200 with trainers and head coaches. You get to 300 with media and camera people. How high do you get with family members? You are the dumb response. If you are so concerned about coronavirus, why are the games allowed to continue? Isn't it all just tempting fate? Plus all the people who already traveled there have to get home somehow.
I guess family members and players are immune...how arbitrary are these rules? The players will literally be bumping into each other for 40 minutes; 14 teams with 12 players each not to mention staff and family members and some media. They should just cancel the whole thing at this point if they are being serious about the coronavirus.
I don't give a rats a$$ about a sporting event event getting canceled, but when an entire country (Italy, China) goes on quarantine I think that is way over the top.