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But like the sun rises in the east each morning, we'll beat the snot out of UT.
I'm just saying; we lost last year. An embarrassing loss as well given what we had to play for. This passage of yours was nauseating...sounds like the 1980ers talking about all of their preseason accolades and how they should have beat Bama. And I know what I saw in 2020 was a fluke upset. In reality since 2016, Florida has been 3 times out of 5 the better team, and won in 2 of those 3 occasions.
Gator fans on this post talking trash make as much sense as the UGA fans trolling us right now.
I just skip; always have. Always will. You should do the same.
All of their leverage and power got them nowhere vs OU in recent history.
It's going to weird seeing OU and Texas fans posting regularly in the comments now.
Conor...I don't think many people watched the NBA Finals from the viewership numbers I saw so you might want to drop the references.
Stingley is very good, but there has a player more hyped by the media since Ron Powlus.
Much respect. Something tells me he's going to have a great season. He's certainly focused.
Only Tom Brady could make Buc fans forget about this loser.
Well Mizzou ain't been whining about hand gestures either, so you kind of missed the point.
The LSU v UF game is the always entertaining and close.
I thought we would add NC State and TAMU back when we added TAMU and Mizzou.
And when they were on top in the 80's and 90's they were a force. If they ever get the players to stay like some of the better coaches could, everyone should fear UM.
Most Gator fans are extremely happy with Mullen. The narrative created by the media shouldn't be confused with that fact.
Gators got a lot of good backs that are being passed over since they will split carries. Not sure anyone will recognize the Gator offense this year. Will be very reliant on the spread option game; closer to the 2008 play calling then the 2020 play calling imo.