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I feel like a lot is being made of the UF O-line being young but that same issue isn't really being discussed much by the talking heads on the UM side of the equation. Blackmon brings it up a bit but that is a big question mark to me. Plus the first ever start at QB by their guy and their young secondary vs a very good WR group. The area of concern for me is the UF D on run defense. Everywhere else I like our chances.
You guys had production outside of Deebo last year?
Heggie isn't being counted as a "starter" as he didn't start last year due to injuries but they are really breaking in only 3 starters (not the 4 that most mags are referring to). At LB Joseph was out of position as much as much as he was making big plays. He cost the Gators two TD's vs. Mizzou by being out of position. The thin DB situation is by far the biggest concern. I think the OL will gel.
Gator schedule could be really tough or tougher on paper. Let's see what FSU and Miami are like. I think Taggert is in way over his head in Tallahassee. Miami's offense was tragic last year. Their D is salty though.