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Bruce Pearl. We hired him with about 90 days left on his show cause. I think we had to get NCAA clearance to hire him.
Been saying this all week. Maybe if enough of us keep after it, they will listen and quit putting Gus news on AU page. If not, then don’t look at the articles or buy from their advertisers.
Cant help but notice how fast this one made it on these pages. Considering the fact that McGriff was his primary recruiter at AU and who coincidentally is now at Florida makes it likely that he will land there. And just so happens that these homer Gators picked up on that with warp speed. And that’s ok. What isn’t pointed out in this story is AU currently has 5 guys that have starting experience in the CB room. Plus a few reserves. But that is inconsequential here.
Malzahn never used him like he wanted to be used. He wanted NCM to be primarily a blocker and not a downfield target. I guess he got tired of it. Also, I think he was in Gus doghouse. Once there, you don’t get out. Can see him at FIU, FAU, or USF. Maybe Miami. But I cant see a reunion.
Doubt Gus ever learns. If he makes 3 seasons down there, I will be surprised.
While Bigsby and Shivers are good, we are untested behind them. We could use one more RB
He didn’t produce for AU while he was there, so why would it be any different at UCF?? When healthy Gus wouldn't play him except in mop up duty. Same old Malzahn. Its showing in his hires and now its showing in his recruiting. Bet anything the offense looks the same, too. BTW SDS, this is an SEC forum. Not AAC. Auburn stories please. Neither one of these two are associated with AU any longer
Cam is old news. Just like Gus. If we want to read about them, we will go to either the NFL page or UCF’s. It’s obvious you have nothing to write about, since the teams are in winter workouts now. Enough already about both.
By the way, what do mean “ the first”? We have been watching his screw ups since Jeremy Johnson in 2015. And it never let up after that.
He only wants yes people working for him. And he’s taking control of the defense as well. Travis Williams is a good guy but its too soon to make him a DC. So Gus will be meddling there as well. Now there’s 2 places Gus can mess up.
He just hires his cronies and HS coaches He has not learned anything. And he won’t. Just like this site. Gus doesn’t work for AU anymore. And SDS hasn’t learned that. And they won’t.
Last time I looked, Gus got fired from Auburn back in December. And there is more posts about him and his cronies that he is hiring than about AU on these pages. If UCF has a page here, put it on that. Don’t you guys know how to dig for Auburn articles?? Or cut and paste some of them?? Gus doesn’t work for us anymore.
Great news!! Any word on Brown, the other one UT released?
Be recruiting a bunch of guards for the OL. Herb/Gus may say he is an OT but they are all guards who can’t pass protect. This kind of stuff got AU into the situation they are in now. Texas fans will tell you the same thing. No line play.
Only job Cecil has up north AND west of Auburn is to look for comments on SDS. Or Twitter. Or other social media outlets. Cant let Saban get his feelings hurt by us mortals.
He has already said he will be calling plays. I assume from the same playbook as he had at AU. Thats about a dozen running plays and 2 pass patterns. Follow the Hback and you have the play called. And everyone knows it.
You are spot on. Heupel is most likely a stop gap for the foreseeable future. Main 3 issues for UT as I see it are: rebuilding the roster, NCAA sanctions, and winning back the fan base. I know UT is as passionate a fan base as you could hope for. But you all have taken some serious hits since 2008. Gus is not the kind of coach that inspires the fan base. He is much too private an individual for that. He has too much of an inbred mistrust of people in general and the media in particular for the kind of rebuilding job you need. I think UT did the right thing right now. It may not work long term as far as wins and losses go. Once you are thru the sanctions and get the roster back where you need it, you should know if Heupel makes it long term (if you keep OU out of the picture) or another change is necessary. I wish you all luck. You need it and the SEC needs you all to be good.
I see Gus has already hit the ground running. First statement to the media upon his hire is “ going to a place where the future is bright.” Good luck UCF and Orlando media. Probably going to be about as revealing as you are going to get from Gus. And forget about alumni meetings and pushing the program. He doesn’t do that.
Not really much choice left. Garner will be fine. Always did s good job. As far as Steele goes, might as well get something for your $900K
You would think at some point we will return to normal... This is ridiculous!!
How about “Spineless Wonders”? These people can’t be serious!!!