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I hope this a public enough place to write this where you will see it. I owe you a major apology for what I posted the other night. There was no excuse for it and I am not going to try to justify it with any rationale. In a few words: I acted very foolishly. No one deserves to suffer let only have to pay the ultimate price for a dreaded illness as that. I only regret that is that cannot apologize directly to you in person. If you find what I said unforgivable, I completely understand and don’t blame you. While I don’t always with what you say, you are usually close to the mark in your analysis. You have always done it without rancor or malice, be it here or on AL.com. Again, my sincerest apologies. I wish you luck in your continued recovery.
Grow up yourself. Why didnt cancer get you while it could??
You got to post here every f……. article, everyday? You are worse than Negan
I keep trying to remind myself that: 1. This is going to take time and 2. Saban was 6-6 his first year and had a 4 game losing streak as well. After watching some of these in game decisions, optimism is a little hard to come by. That and the fact that our recruiting class has a long way to go doesn’t bode well for next yesr either
Corch, you Georgia guys just go into Atlanta and beat the snot of this bunch. Be interesting to see what would happen with Bama if they have 2 losses and Cincy is undefeated.
I live not far from Tech. Chadwell and Hugh Freeze are shaping up as top targets
Hope you are correct. I think Harsin is doing a good job. He is somebody we need. Per BSPN, he is a name” worth watching “. Like the internet, they are never wrong.
Garner was heavily rumored to be involved in the insurrection that resulted in the Gus firing. No way he was going to kept. He is an excellent coach and a great recruiter. You are probably correct in the analysis of the assistant coaches. To me, Mason has been a major disappointment. I know a lot of UT fans were not happy with Friend and South Carolina wasn’t overly thrilled with Bobo. Some of the Georgia fans didn’t think much of him either. Still, there were ties and I think Harsin reached out to people he knew.
That would not surprise me one bit. And they should want him. If I am a betting man, he goes after it. His only tie is Alan Greene and he is openly looking for another job. The president is retiring and there is a search committee in place. There is additional university oversight over the entire athletic department, not for misdeeds but for some of Greene’s hires and overall performance. Finally several boosters (Lowder, Harbert, Rane) were rumored to be none too happy with Harsin’s hire. I think Coach Harsin is what we need. If he stays, he will need time and recruits. A lot of fans support him. But a lot seems to be working against this.
Nix is confirmed on his Twitter account this afternoon about 2PM. Surgery is tomorrow. Carlson was reported to be a torn ACL. Al. com calls it a lower leg injury. Haven’t seen any definite confirmation of the extent if it. If this is what you needed.
You used to have class posts on al.com. Now you don’t. Guess what.. all AU fans are UPSET today and rightfully so. So we are going to vent. We are not going to fire Harsin. We have spent $31M in dead money for coaches NOT to coach, so we got a right to be upset about that too. Our day will come. And Saban won’t live forever either. Contrary to what some Bama fans think. I hope I am around to see it.
Sure we had a few plays in the second half. But minus 8 yards rushing on 14 attempts in the second half won’t win very many games. When the opposition QB goes 35-38 over any period of time that doesn’t get many wins either. Adjustments could have been made to salvage this game. We didn’t. Therefore, this one is on the coaches. Right now we are too undersized and lack any depth on the DL. The OL is just too inconsistent. Face it, we don’t have the “jimmies and joes”. And its going to take time. I am certainly not advocating a firing and cleanout of Harsin and company,contrary to what others believe. What I am saying is the coaches did a poor job of coaching in this game. We will fight another day. Maybe not successfully, but we will.
To be equally fair, you adjusted. We didn’t,
This one is on the coaching staff. No adjustments either side of the ball in the second half. Especially on defense. As far as I concerned, the honeymoon is over
Who cares?? Thought this was an SEC site
This is an Auburn site. Yet the first four articles are about a QB who played for us 11 years ago. Between your moderators, your writers and your editors, I don’t which one stinks worse
To say that I was disappointed in Nix’s play yesterday is an understatement. However, we obviously cannot consistently protect him. And we cannot: 1) Catch the ball on a regular basis and 2) Create separation. A& M had everybody within 12 yards of the ball, daring us throw deep and we couldn’t. We have a lot of slot receivers. We don’t have someone who can take the top off. Frankly, its a talent disparity. And it is evident every time we play a good team. Its going to take time to get BOTH lines back to where they need to be. The defense was ok yesterday, but we need a pass rush. No sacks and only one QB hurry is going to lose us games we could have won. We should have won that one. Penn State too.
I agree with the statement that Mullen is more of an NFL guy. Several years back, when Tennessee was getting rid of Fulmer there was a discussion among BOT members about whether or not to go after Jon Gruden. One trustee adamantly against this for the following reason: In college, its about recruiting and player development. In the NFL its personnel management. If the guy is not doing his job, you fire him and get someone else. They are two totally different concepts. I believe this to be true. Mullen isn’t a good recruiter. In a state of 22M people, he can’t find ONE quarterback?? Hard to understand. That being said, he leaves “ who do you get??” Do you have a better situation than LSU? Or Southern Cal?? The pickings for a new coach look slim. Be ironic if you picked Georgia’s DC for your new HC. But you could do a lot worse.
How about Gus to the Gators?? He is every bit the genius Mullen is, likes to tell you about it, every bit as stubborn as he is, and is a better recruiter?? Besides Gus will be living off our buyouts for several more years, so he comes cheap and less moving costs!! Winner, winner!! Waffle House dinner!! Sorry, couldn’t resist.
Look what Valdosta just got rid of.. Is Mullen an improvement over Rush?? Or, better yet, how about Gus Malzahn to Valdosta??
Perception IS reality. Gators are 4-4. Mullen has not recruited well and it’s showed . By the way, can somebody tell me that in a state with 22M people, why can’t Florida find a QB??
I don’t doubt the Aggies have improved over earlier this year. But they have beaten Missouri and South Carolina, which are 2 of the 3 weakest teams in the SEC. I think this fits into the Lee Corso category of “ not so fast,my friend.” This will be a better game than many are predicting. AU plays well here. And Harsin & company gets us well prepared. Should be another good one.
Real class SDS. Now you are a gambling site and promoting it.
Agree 100%. And I am also glad your comment didn’t get moderated