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WAIT A MINUTE!!! Check this computer for a virus!!!! A pro Georgia article on here???? And no Negan comment?? What happened???
Partly true. CB spot is deep. Safety is very thin. We have some numbers but mostly position reassignments plus 2 new signees coming in.This pickup will help depth if nothing else. Still need to pursue the Vandy kid. And I really don’t think the coaches are happy with some of the players from the previous regime. That being said, yes we do help on offensive side of ball. I think a quality QB would have to be top priority. Grant Loy under center in an SEC game is a huge concern. RB, WR, and OL must be addressed. You pick the order.
Would not be a bad pickup. I think Texas is the front runner, though
In a recent interview with 24/7 sports, Fair said he actually weighed 345. He is listed at 335 now, which he wants to play at. I think we have a much better S&C staff, so reaching that weight while converting to more muscle should be doable. Fair said he is getting to Auburn early to start in his position group meetings and summer workouts. Looks like he has bought into the new culture.
S&C group is much improved over the previous regime.
Agree. Think another RB would be good. It wouldn’t hurt to have another QB as well. The idea of Loy running the offense if Nix goes down is disturbing. Davis won’t be close to ready until mid season at best. This is a good start.
Negan: Is there an article out there you DONT post on??
I agree FULLY with you. I love Harsin’s mantra: Do you want it done right? Or do you want it done right now?? Do it right. If it takes a a year or two, so be it... And get rid of all Malzahn’s malcontents while you are at it...
Serious question: Would you play for someone as hyper as he is??
Last walk on QB that I remember starting and having an impact was Kerwin Bell at Florida back in the 80’s. Some of the Gator fans may correct me on this. No, you aren’t missing anything. If just doesn’t happen anymore. Particularly at that spot
The transfer portal is making everyone a one and done. But in this case its a none and done. Seriously, consider this: 1. The kid has never set foot in campus. 2. We brought in 3 transfer guards, all with experience. 3. If ( and its a big if), Scoot reclassifies and commits, where this guy going to get minutes?? 4. OU has a new coach. Kid probably didn’t want to play for Lon Kruger, but the new one he does. Its close to home. 5. Everything I read is this kid is a great shooter. What about his defense?? Rebounding ? TO/ assist ratio? Not much news on it. While disappointed, I get it. Supposed to be looking hard at the All Pac12 guy from Arizona. And with 1500 players in the the portal, plenty still left. I noticed this site can’t wait for anything resembling bad news on AU to post it. These guys are right up there with Pat Forde, who is a Mizzou grad himself. Must be something in the water in Columbia.
Transfer portal is making almost everyone a one and done. In other words, if I don’t play, I leave.
What’s the source on Thor? I haven’t seen him on any mock drafts. Seems like his options, if goes pro , are G league or overseas. And since he moves around a lot, both may be viable. I am not holding out much hope for Scoot. We have 3 guards now plus Flanigan probably is playing more 2 than 3.
Considering you are on your third coach in 5 years, who are you to talk? And don’t be so sure about Drinkwitz. He had one year of success at App St, and with Satterfield’s recruits no less, and he’s the best you can do?? Mizzou is a G 5 school in a P5 conference. And that’s been proven on any number of occasions. Made it to SEC championship game in 2013 and 2014? Big deal. You got blown out both times. And the SECCG rushing record for yards given up was set by AU against Mizzou. Tre Mason only ran for 304 yards. And while Gus was our coach then, he is only a shell of that now. When the substitution rule changed , he didn’t adjust. So I really don’t know why uninformed fans like you make remarks like this. If Don Faurot and Dan Devine are the best you have in coaching history, thats nothing to hang your hat on. Go smoke some stuff and party all night, like you are famous for. Then come talk ball.
Hope you realize that was more of a shot at UT than LSU. Hope he works out for you all. I wasn’t much of a fan of his game. Too inconsistent for my tastes.
Traditionally freshmen don’t normally play a lot of minutes early on at UNC, MJ being one of the rare exceptions. There are probably a few others. Carolina had always believed in freshmen earning their way onto the floor even more so than most places. Probably no other reason, other than The Carolina Way
Only 2 problems and I know Bruce will solve them: 1. One basketball 2. Forty minutes. Got to keep everybody happy!!!
Be great!! Now, if Thor comes back and Tyty signs, you got him at PG, Flanigan at 2, Jacouri at3, Thor at 4, at Kessler at 5. Cambridge and Williams coming off bench, along with Zep and Greene. Plus the big backup center. Think The Jungle will be rocking??
Defense is not WIll Wade’s strong suit as a coach. IMHO, that’s what cost LSU in the tournament.
Don’t know why the sour grapes on the Vol guy above you. Heck, they just grabbed Powell from is.. Besides, from what I understand about Pearl at UT was the NCAA was only the final nail in the coffin. UT got tired of all the off court drama with an ex wife and multiple girl friends. They got tired of getting embarrassed. Funny story: after BP paid off his ex wife, she opened a beauty spa on Kingston Pike in Knoxville appropriately named “Alimony”. It has since closed. But Pearl us still loved in Knoxville
From what I understand, there are many out there who oversign players. Not just Saban, not just Oates. This follows the Law of Unintended Consequences. This transfer portal has created very serious problems. Everyone going to sign a class full of recruits, then a coach sees a better fit for his program, then someone isn’t going to get their scholarship renewed, or be encouraged to go elsewhere. It’s happening NOW. And being practiced by a lot of people. And paying the players for their likenesses is only going to result in players going to the highest bidder. Not to mention adding multiple issues to college athletics.The heck with amateurism. Not to mention Title IX problems. Mu guess is the NFL with have a D league soon enough like the NBA and they will pay around $1M after one year of college.It will be one and done for football. These are major issues facing coaches in every sport. Roster management will become THE issue going forward. Just a hunch, but if anything drives Saban out of the game, this will be it.
When is Georgia going to a 7 ton Bulldog for Samford Stadium????