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Will Muschamp is laughing all the way to the bank. He took Florida and then South Carolina. If ever there was a con man. Steve Spurrier was right. He knows about contracts. He would have liked to have been fired too. But South Carolina just would not go along, so he had to quit. No wonder there are so many wannabe coaches out there.
After watching a replay of South Carolina vs Alabama, I thought Carolina played pretty well. However the game really showed the difference in talent level. When you have great talent it can make you look like a great coach. Alabama has both. South Carolina will never play at that level. They are unable to hire a good enough coach or recruit the best players. (Why would Ryan Hilinski come to South Carolina? He must be an escapee) Two fairly good coaches tried and left. Its not going to happen here. I attended Carolina in the early sixties and it has always been a mediocre football school. Go ahead and fire Muschamp. Who are you going to hire, when no one wants the job.
You can blame Jake Bentley, but last I heard football was about blocking and tackling and team play. These basics require coaching. I saw none of these on Saturday against North Carolina. What have the coaches been doing for the last three weeks of practice? Duh