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I know, I avoided commenting for so long because of it but posters like Boxter and Kirby Smart are rational and make good points so I figured I could try too. I honestly think we have a good chance against LSU if we follow Auburn’s blueprint. But if Fromm misses receivers like he did today we don’t stand a chance. As a fan I’m predicting a UGA win in the SECCG but I realize I’m in the minority and I understand why.
It’s true, disagree with UGAGrad or usmcdawg and you have to be a troll account. Did you notice the comment I made was directed at a Florida fan complaining about officiating or is reading comprehension hard?
Yeah! Either ignore all of our faults and blindly praise a lackluster effort or cheer for another team!!!
I think you’re spot on. Fromm has looked bad the past 3 games and can’t seem to turn it around. Missing wide open receivers in multiple games is killing me
I agree, we got a lot of lucky breaks from the officiating crew and I agree it influenced the final score. We’ve been on the receiving end of some poorly called games and it sucks. If we would’ve scored TDs instead of FGs it would’ve been a moot point.
Exactly, he had the flea flicker perfectly set up and overthrew the 6’ 5” receiver. Fromm has been off for a while now
You’re all over the comments. Alabama Western Carolina page must be slow.
I’m with you. The Illuminati and SEC refs worked with the Bildebergs to make sure UGA won the game. It’s impossible it was due to human error
Exactly, Auburn showed heart and when Nix felt comfortable he carved us up. He also scored the only rushing TD against us this year. He is going to be solid
GatorGrad, I was excited when Cox chose UGA over OSU. I listened to quite a few recruiting podcasts and thought he was going to do big things in his first year. I HATE losing him to Florida because I know how talented he is. My only concern about him came from a 2 second clip I saw from a UGA practice. CKS was yelling at the defense for something they did wrong and then he flipped out on Cox for giving him attitude. Thats not much to go on but I always pay attention to the attitude of players and feel a good attitude can make up for a lack of talent and a bad attitude can ruin a promising career. Hopefully he does well at Florida except when he plays the Dawgs.