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Sure, he clearly had possession of the ball, but not until several seconds after the refs were blowing whistles and waving their hands frantically, and everyone else stopped trying to go after the ball. Face it, there is no guarantee Arkansas recovers that fumble if the ref doesn't blow the whistle. That's why it can't be overturned. That's what the explanation was, and it was totally correct. The refs missed the initial call, yes, but the replay officials got it right, as well as the explanation later.
We don't actually know what the mortality rate is for COVID-19. So many guesses without enough data. And the trend right now is that the estimate keeps lowering the more data we get. It could even be at 0.1% by the time we get enough data.
"Whilst?" Really? Is this rugby, or was this game just played in the U.K. and I missed it somehow?
Charlotte Rebel: Your vitriol towards Auburn is unnecessary. We feel terrible about Treadwell's unfortunate injury, and I personally have been very happy Ole Miss' success this year. But to get to the point, the Opelika-Auburn News, as it is called, is mostly an Opelika paper. Having lived here for a while, I can attest that the majority of Opelika folks that I run into are actually Alabama fans, and I can almost guarantee you that the person responsible for this poor combination of photo and headline was not an Auburn fan. Also, unlike the Updyke situation which garnered a mixed love-hate reaction from Bama fans even to this day, Auburn fans en masse have unilaterally condemned the headline in question. Please be careful with your judgments, and good luck with the rest of your season. I hope you win out, and that Treadwell has a speedy painless recovery.
There was nothing "controversial" about the "late fumble on a play at the goal line." Very unfortunate, but not controversial, as it was very clearly a fumble.
Amen. I'm very nervous about this weekend. Bama fans are the only ones putting down Mizzou, trust me. It is their arrogance in thinking that a Mizzou win will put Bama, rather than Mizzou, into the BCS NCG!
What a load of crap. These Bama fans are just so jealous that Auburn beat them that they would make up ANY and EVERY lie they can think of to motivate our SEC Championship opponent. I can tell you as an Auburn student that we are VERY concerned about Missouri and think they're having a season nearly identical to ours. Bama fans are only spreading their crap because of their ARROGANCE in believing that a Mizzou win over Auburn will put BAMA in the BCS Championship game rather than Mizzou! It's utterly futile though, because the first team to move into the BCS Championship game if OSU or FSU loses WILL BE the SEC Champion this year. Regardless of how close or not the game is. Mizzou has just as strong a case as us, and if they beat us, they will ABSOLUTELY jump Bama.
<> Mizzou: A shot? If you guys win out and beat Bama, you will be the undefeated SEC champions, and you WILL go to the national championship, GUARANTEED.