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Andrews? Seriously? Not even top10 on our O Line. Royce Smith should be there for sure.
So Auburn is counting on Johnson, who I believe has completed only about 30 passes so far in his career, and a true freshman in Cowart to make them the favorite for the playoffs. I guess nobody else has anything to beat that! … Methinks your Warbird/PlainTiger-man bias is showing just a bit. Yeah, I remember when John Brantley won the Heisman because he was the sexy pick that year. … Oh, that's right. He didn't sniff the Heisman and was one of the worst QB's in the league! … Muschamp's D will suck as it usually does and Auby will be lucky to finish 3rd behind Bama and Arkansas. But y'all go ahead and dream.
Wolfman, please tell me you're on the second day of a three day bender. Seriously, you don't know who's better between TG3 and Stacy because of their respective OLines? Man, you got ahold of some bad tequila tonight!
Saban will be on a mission to beat the Tiggers worse than the Dawgs did.
So what's Todd Gurley? Chopped liver?
So LSU, a team with two losses, is #3 in the country? What? Is your memory just two weeks old? They did get BLOWN OUT by Auburn (who is NOT a great team, just ask Spurrier) 41-7. Then they could hardly put out that dumpster fire in Gainesville. Writer of this assessment is an idiot.
Dawgs lose 14 points on a phantom holding call on Gurley's long TD run and on Bobo's refusal to use one of our four 5-star RB's on the 1st and goal at the four, but because SC benefits from those two plays and ekes out the win, we're supposed to forget all about how bad they were against A&M and ECU and proclaim them a top 10 team. … How much did Spurrier pay you for your brilliant analysis?
Winning percentages over a period of time is the best judge of a coach. Minimum, say, 100 games at least.
Ranked according to what criteria?? Somebody's subjective feelings? This is a joke. Name your basis for the rankings. It has to be driven by data, not anything else.
Now I wonder what could have possibly motivated those women not to press charges? I can't imagine.
Harvey-Clemons was hardly our best player on defense. He wasn't even settled at a permanent position. True he was being counted on as (finally) a regular starter this year at safety and he had plenty of upside for the coming year, but there are plenty other candidates for the "Best Player" distinction, including either one of our returning inside linebackers, Ramik Wilson or Amarlo Herrera, possibly Leonard Floyd at OLB, or even one of our D-linemen like Ray Drew at DE. We lose one of those guys and it's a MUCH bigger deal.
Say hello to the future QB of Auburn where no violation is too severe to totally overlook.