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Better enjoy every college game we can watch. After MLB bent over to politics in Atlanta and pulled the All Star game I’m not watching MLB this season. No coke products, no Delta airlines and no MLB. Come on college football.
Fantasyfootfetish....After last year you should still be crying!
Nubbin Negan....The woman never mentioned Alabama, she was talking about Georgia. Yet, you mentioned Alabama 19 times in that childish rant style of yours. You’re existing on Georgia playing one good half of football against Alabama. Not sure where you get your standard “race card” comment from either. I do know that my friends that are Georgia fans are embarrassed almost every time you post and act like a 6 year old child throwing a tantrum.
Joe Marks....Please define what you mean when you say “ losing every offensive weapon and several defensive players 3 days before the game.” What happened all those players?
Yup, no taunting in the NFL. Also, no putting on a Darth Vader costume and being a complete idiot.
Fantasyland 2019- 15-0 2020- 5-5 Bahahahahahaha!
There’s a reason you have the word fantasy in your name. Your childish obsession is always so sad. Your poor niece, must be the offspring of one of your litter mates.
Negan..... your posts always are a reminder for me to cleans the cats litter box. The irony would be if you were born in 1980. But obviously, you are only 13-14 years old.
Aubie108....and keep paying Gus for a while. The Waffle House needs his business
sgt.... you seem to like to call Saban lord and saviour. He’s living in your head rent free.
legaltiger..... got Saban stuck between your ears and Gus in your craw. See, therapy..
There are a lot of good, knowledgeable Arkansas football fans. You are not one of them. 3-7
CWRollTide..... I’m surprised as well. After all, it was Mac throwing those passes that made it possible for DeVonta to make those catches. I think Trevor got some points for that extremely hot girlfriend of his. Poor Trask would have fared better but since he was just playing a meaningless game with opt outs I guess he was just overlooked.
Hoping the offensive line is ready. Got to open some holes and also give Mac some time back there. RTR!
MattyJ....I guess it’s safe to say Saban has had a “modicum” of success.
One thing I’ll say about Herbstreit, he makes no excuses about being the biggest homer Ohio State has. ..... He actually said that only playing 6 games hurt Ohio State. Said on the air that the Buckeyes were feeling salty and that Saban had better watch out. Don’t mind him pulling for his Alma mater but his bias is really overwhelming.
srg..... every “kid” in college football went thru the same thing this season. And as for the “drama” with Gus and the rest of the staff, that’s completely on Auburn for keeping him there and giving him all that money. So, you shouldn’t be calling anyone a loser just because they’re frustrated with the way things went this year.
Obviously, according to the video, Heath is a English major.
The it’s all about me culture. To play dumb here. This mindset is in every sport
Obviously he’s a English major.Maybe someone will read this to him. Clowns like him are rarely successful in life. I understand the culture he’s coming from but looks like he can’t overcome that. I’ve seen too many like him not make it through their twenties. Too bad, wasted talent.
ITSGREAT7..... I agree with part of what you say. My question is if this game is “meaningless” because of a chance of getting injured, then which game was the last they played that was “ meaningful”? Players could get injured in any of the regular season games. Hate to see the SEC get whooped like this.