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26 yards on 10 carries against Miss St - Definitely negative.
I think this ends up being a great hire. As long as NCAA does not do anything to cripple program - Rebs will be in good shape with this hire. I hate it because Mullen will never hire a real OC - he does it all himself - but with Patterson and Fitz - Rebs and Dawgs could challenge in West for next 2 years plus if either of them can play a little D. Crime Dog was good hire too - I hope our DC turns corner in year 2.
Honestly - I thought these were both good hires. I hate the way people are all the sudden doubting Freeze and his decision making. After the Sugar Bowl last year - he crapped gold nuggets - now everything he says or does is met with doubt. Does not make any sense. Total over reaction in my opinion. This is all coming from life long multiple generation Dawg graduate. I think in 2 years - if the NCAA doesn't do anything to really cripple program - people will look back on these hires as good moves by Freeze.
Can you imagine Dak and Fournette together for 2 years with that D?! Woulda been something to see.
Miss St Dawgs were 3 plays away from being an 8-5 team during regular season. Missed a 24 yard FG as time expires, has KY hit at 52 yarder as time expires and ran all over BYU and gave the game away in OT. They are bringing back so many solid Sophomore contributers. I hate how lazy SDS about their analysis. MSU might suck next year but right now they are trending up.
Who Let Them Dawgs Out?! Poor Poor Weebles. Back to partying away the pain. Maybe Freeze can buy a linebacker that can tackle this off season. If you can't beat the most awful MSU team in recent memory - you got major problems.
If Hogs get a TD on either one of their 2 trips inside the 5 - it is a totally different game. Not saying they win but can't get inside 5 twice and come away with 3 points and win. Really took the fight out of them.
Joe - Mullen has run a 2 QB system half of the time he has been a coach or coordinator. Leak/Tebow, Lee/Relf, Relf/Russell, Russell/Prescott. He ain't scared to platoon his QB's. Not sure he needs to in this situation or should, but he definitely will do it. MSU's problem is that Mullen won't stop running Holloway up the middle and commit to running the ball with a back who can handle SEC defense.
Joe. Joe. Joe. You tea bagging douche. Richie Brown is a Dog. Dawg. Not a Reb. You suck. Go home.
With the Arkansas Razorbacks for Rhodes
How you gonna leave off Geoff Collins for Paul Rhodes?? Has NOT coached a down in SEC Football. Even Aranda has to prove himself. Collins has done it for for several years now.
He will defend his articles but he won't ask his daddy Saban any tough questions. Bama = Two players found with weed and guns + One of Top Defensive coaches fired for recruiting violations = John Crist = Umm, Coach Saban, what do you think of the weather in Alaska. You will never live that down chump.
Eventually people will start to give Mullen credit for being an outstanding coach and evaluator of talent. Dawgs beat Arky and Auburn because those games are at home. And will also beat BYU and Kentucky. Will be a much better team than people think. 8-4 at worst. Will be heading into the Bama game at 7-1 Book it.
Rebs better worry about coming into the Egg Bowl at 5-6 needing a win to get to a bowl. Losing to FSU, Bama, LSU and Georgia is not a given by any stretch but certainly in the realm of possibility and AT A&M and Arky is no gimme for any team. Not saying Rebs can't go 12-0 regular season if the offensive line shapes up and the pass defense isn't hurt by losing 4 all SEC performers in last 2 years but it could go south quick. State fans study Ole Piss a lot less than the bowl cut county club spoiled douche bags who call Oxford home think.
God you are such a tool. Saban did not get asked about Cam Robinson once. Or the coach leaving. Everyone is talking about what a joke it is. Just cause you lick Saban's balls too does not mean anything when it comes to him not getting asked about an obvious situation that deserves a few questions.
If you really had any balls you would ask Freeze about signing Myles Hartsfield. You were so worried about Miss St signing Jeffrey Simmons - how about Ole Miss signing a guy who sodomized a group of freshmen and had his whole teams football season cancelled and had to transfer to Prep school in Mass cause Penn St. dropped him. Don't believe me - look it up.
It's a joke that they did not ask him about it during the media Q&A and had to wait on Finebaum to get tough. Just shows what type of little girlie man he is and the lack of balls. Period. No matter who your team is or what you think of Bama - it is laughable that they did not ask him one question about any of it.
Not about his star offensive lineman getting charges dismissed against him even though he had weed and a stolen gun in the car - and that he wasn't going to suspend him. Finebaum was the only one of you creepy crawlies with the guts to ask the tough questions. You already had your piece written about Mullen and were going to criticize him no matter what he said or how he responded and you will do the same to Freeze. I guarantee you already have the piece written and will fit what he says tomorrow into it. Coward
Not One Question Crist??? Not One Question to Saban about his weed smoking, gun toting, lineman?? You are such a puss bag with no integrity. Not even a question about the firing of his top D-line coach for recruiting violations?? All of you guys are chicken sh*t cowards. Absolutely lost all credibility sucking Saban cause you are too scared to get tough and ask him the same questions you put to Mullen and Freeze.
Cannot believe they left off Conner - But even crazier is that Coman is not really a safety for Miss St. If they are listing best safeties for Dawgs - Gotta be Brandon Bryant and Jamal Peters. Coman is definitely not the best safety for MSU this season. Classic SDS.
Ummmm....Mullen has had at two quarterback system almost exclusively as a head coach or coordinator. Think Leak/Tebow, Lee/Relf, Relf/Russell, Russell/Prescott/Williams. Odds are we operate out of a 2 quarterback look most of the year - Probably Williams and either Fitzgerald or Staley.
Forget Bolden - How in the world did Deuce get left off this list. If the list is underrated, he is definitely on it. This coming from a Miss State lifer.
The reason no one will be able to show you statistics where a team is so much better/worse with or without a player = the players in this list actually played the whole season. This argument makes no sense. If the best players played the WHOLE season then you cannot make a comparison of the team defense with or without them. Lawson is great and whether he should or should not be on this list IS debatable but trying to use the fact that Auburn has much better defense with him is NOT a knock against players who played the WHOLE season and made this list.
He is a first round draft pick at QB who has not done jack crap. He is a total bust. A. Complete. And. Total. Bust. He may redeem himself and turn into a pro bowler but this article is not about predicting the future. As of right now. Today. Manziel is a complete bust. Period.
And another thing Corey "Hugh Freeze is my Daddy" Long - Certain players are not and never will be a good fit in Starkville, MS. When guys go to other schools, especially Ole Miss, and they love the big party scene - they DO NOT FIT at MSU and Starkville, MS. It has been that way for years. People who are in the know recognize that certain people do not want to be in a small college town and want to be a part of the huge party scene that certain schools have. Mullen does not want those kids any more than they want him.
So did this guy just decide to write an article to bad mouth Miss St? I do not get it. How about an article praising the unbelievable job Mullen has done with recruiting classes that outsiders say are not that great? How about an article on the job Mullen has done grooming 2-3 star guys to play in the SEC and win games? How about an article re-ranking Mullen's classes based on how the former 2-3 star players turned out? Was Dak really a 3 star? Thanks Corey "I suck Freeze's Balls" Long for a piece of crap article that just shows you are trying to bad mouth a program.
Just for the record - Deacon was as guilty as any media member of hyping JJ preseason last year. His greatness was guaranteed on more than a few posts and the first half of the Arkansas game as proof of his Heisman credentials. Just saying. Nobody saw Dak's 2014 & 2015 coming and JJ could be the man this year but every Auburn fan was on his hype train before 2015.
No one knew who Manny Diaz was before Mullen hired him from MTSU - Definitely gotta give him benefit of doubt when hiring someone that does not have instant name recognition. Time will tell.