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... then there's the reality that Saban was right, ... when viewed from the perspective of the best interest of the player, and BAMA, and the agent. Not a fan of the lil tyrant, but he's right on this one.
Slow news day SDS? Sounds like a lil' mishchief worthy of a local sheriff making them clean toilets for a bit.
Top 10 is reasonable. Not totally convinced with ND. LSU got lots of respect as did UF. Is Texas finally waking out of a 2 decade slumber?
I'm with you Bayou Tiger on the B+. Nobody loses to Troy and tastes an A-. However, what a growth curve those kids did over the course of the season! We saw more development in this season than any under coach Miles (and I'm a fan of Miles)!
Far better to graciously say, .... "I stand corrected. Auburn does not control its own destine!
The win here was that the kids looked like they brought their hearts to the game. We didn't see that last week when Troy was in town. They are clearly still a work in progress. But the effort and enthusiasm was much better.
Agreed. Quality article. Journalism!
Not a huge CowTurd fan, with all his rants. But he's not too far off on this one. Lots of facts backing it up.
reasonable comment from the reasonable Tiger
This is soooooo important. LSU is predicted as perhaps the #3 SEC west team this year, mostly based on the regrowing new defenders. What's not accounted for is the "outlandish" possibility that LSU's offense might bust loose. Did I just say LSU and offense in the same sentence? Lol
This is the classic, "nothing happening, so we better create some news" article!
Sorry, we don't have a surplus at LSU! lol Hopefully that's changing. :)
Agreed LSUMC. Although optimistic regarding positive direction of the program, ... the top end expectations needs to be tempered.
Agree with h LSUMC. However, I am happy that LSU has expectations of greatness. They are one of the teams regularly capable of it. No reason to expect anything less.
Thank you for this objective writing .... and recognition of how well this kid handled himself despite his disappointment.
Best wishes to this kid. My guess is that he is committing himself to his studies (rather than spring ball), which enable him to graduate, ... which enables him to transfer without losing a year.
"Selling that click-bait!" ... and we bought it! lol
LSU's hiring of a real OC is not just "a bonus." .... its THE DEAL. To see improvement from where they've come, would be normal, reasonable, and expected.
I wouldn't be surprised if Trey Quinn is not done. Still potential there.
I'm liking the interest in this model. Lowest paid HC, and highest paid coordinators. Interesting! Could it be that that even coaching is a team job? hmmmmm. Perhaps LSU is on to something here!
They did handle this Heisman. But I'll give him this. He was by far the best player for Louisville on the field. Even Heisman winners need help from their team. Louisville just isn't SEC caliber ... evidenced today.
Good call out LSUSMC. Christ is a bag-o-wind. LSU did its part to hold up the SEC flag today! I would be great to see the rest of the conference "big boys" do the same. ... and then there's KY today, doing the jelly thing! lol
Pitiful? ... like your spelling of "Shreveport?" You should hang out with this Miami of Ohio fan!