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Can I even admit to myself, that I like Steve Smith just a little ... when he ate crow. Try that more often loudmouth!
I agree. Bama backlash is afoot. However, let's be realistic. If it were your money in Vegas, would anyone really take Utah, Georgia, Oregon or Minnesota over Bama? Really?
Fun article. But kinda light on the content.
So said differently, ....and more clearly: The committee values and rewards a reduction in the level of competition. Its recognizing consistent high level of play against lesser teams. What's the message here?
#3 doesn't hold up. Purple and Gold = the best colors in college ball. Or you could wear red, ... because certainly nobody else does!
#19 is truth. What 49.5? That's the number of states that root against you each week. Auburn counts for the .5!!! LOL
Want him healthy. Don't wan't the spinning of the excuse train.
Great to see such positive coach O comments from around the SEC brethren.
LSU fan here ... cheering for Tua to heal quickly. We want to play (beat) Alabama with no excuses.
Have to 2nd the LED lights extermination campaign. Let's hope this thing is just a trend.
If the cocks give the fake Tigers one in the a__, the entire SEC world would be your new best friends.
"Cockslap?!?!?!" LOL. Love it. Yes, please do the college football community a favor and cockslap Clemson.
Awwwww, the tude this was written in. Fabulous!
So unaffiliated is basically making a case based on history, not letting this year stand on its own. Tebow challenged that nicely this week. Haloing history is specifically not what the rankings are designed to be based on. The reason for the subjective method are for the "informed" to make their judgement based on what they are seeing on the field.
Welllllll, ... isn't recruiting a big part of being a great head coach?
Burrow, ... makin' his case for the tight end position!
Well, yeah I suppose. In a mythical world, Auby "could" beat LSU and BAMA and then the SEC Championship game. Then again, why did I even bother typing this? lol
I hear ya Nashville. BTW: Florida game to play! Kudos. The scenario to keep an eye on is the most likely one. What if Ohio State, Clemson and OK are undefeated with their easier schedules. Either BAMA or LSU (plausibly # 1 & 2) will lose one to the other. What then?
I don't wan't to be #1 ... even if the 2 wins support it. #2 keeps the attitude with something to prove. And the BAMA vs LSU table is then set!
Right!?!?! There can be NO other explanation? Huh? ... and then we saw your comment is from Florida. Well, there's your hint. Now we understand.
I too cared enough to comment, .... that no-one cares that Mississippi has a football team.
He-man move. That'll get you in a commercial .... for something! LOL
Funny to read that 1st sentence of the article. What parallel universe did we wake up in? I think LSU's defensive woes will improve markedly simply by the return of several of their starting linemen and Chaisson for QB pressure. The DB's (Stingley and Fulton) proved they can hang. Now imagine if they are supported by better line play and some QB pressure.
Look, it's one thing to make a split second decision on whether to throw the flag. But quite another to review this and to fine him, when pretty much everyone viewing sees no blatant call here. The NFL needs to become more concerned with the integrity of this process. It's harming their product.
Yes, ... and therefore I'm thankful for a back end weighted schedule this year.