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Yes, R&B. Good summary. T'will be a bounce back year. Does that mean they will beat Bama? ... probably not. But the west of the west is on notice.
Except for the part where it's not hard evidence. It's been been well documented and argued both ways. If it was that easy, he would be gone. You're being simplistic.
While there's he said/she said smoke, ... the fact backed portion of this is starting to look more like a monetary extortion case.
On this we agree. LOL ... a nasty no talent.
Nice to see a once upstanding role model ... get no standing.
If he does actually come back on the team, I hope it's with some disclosure ... to send the better messages on how this works. You know, ... as a team.
Hey, congratulations to Michigan. They earned this one.
Let's assume BlackandGold is correct. Therefore, since Vandy seldom prospers in athletics, .... .hmmmmmmm
This is interesting. Historically, an institution and its current program paid the price even if the perpetrators were long gone. This time around, those directly involved are paying the price even if they are at another institution. Its good to see Kansas and OSU take care of bus (not that they really had any other choice). I'm not sure what LSU should or should not do. But it's good to see the people involved suffer consequences.
1. Brennan 2.Johnson (4 years left, would be foolish to leave), 3) Nus or whoever follows next year (can you say Arch?) Finley is talented, but needs to find a place where he can show his wares and get playing time via portal. I wish the Louisiana talent all the best. But he has to do what's in his best interest.
Even if story is outside of the SDS box, .... a worthy career to celebrate. Brees represents the best that sports and sportsmanship offers! A toast!
One day perhaps we will learn what the real reasons were for his departure from LSU. Just curious to know the truth.
Don't get me wrong, ... this IS a position of need. What I want to know is why he is leaving Clemson? It looks like he was getting plenty of starting time.
Would like to know what this was really about. Too much smoke, and no solid story.
Perhaps the SB will feature two LSU RB's going against one another. Clyde Edwards Helaire (KC) and Leonard Fournette (TB)
The separator: 2019 LSU beat more top 10 and top 25 teams than any team in history (not just 2020 Bama). What were the comparative stats on that again?
VERY rational thoughts, especially when it would have been easier for a BAMA fan to simply gloat. Thank you sir.
This transfer portal THING is watering down the "team" mentality. Sure, I get that players are basically free agents, just like coaches. I understand that the player wins and coaches win when they move around. But the losers are the fans who are supporting all of this and are STILL LOYAL to their respective team.
Yep, ... the colored glasses of recency bias are afoot.
Recency bias didn't take long. BAMA 2020 was great, but didn't slay as many ranked giants as 2019 LSU. The test was passed on the field.