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Well sure. But what other mantra would you lead young talent with? Yes, next man up! Let’s do this!
Gotta agree on the fit. Coach O and LSU equals serious home cooking! LOL
LOL, ... unfortunatively they may not even "participate." Perhaps we could set up a GoFundMe account to purchase ribbons for them. LOL
Just wait for the "other" interesting shifts. Here's a conjured up interesting one. What if you were injured early on a team this fall (less than 4 games). Could you heal and then use the transfer portal to one of the other teams and play in the spring?
Legit comment. Don't be surprised if we see LSU's balance shift somewhat back in the direcdtion of a strong running game. They have the horses for it. ... just somewhat back. Not full throttle back.
Stunning levels of selfishness ... the real infection in our country.
You see. Even a Tennessee spelling bee fumble can be an outreach.
Indeed. We all have our crosses to bear .... and philanthropic causes to support.
Soooooo, you're counting Vandy and Arky? ... dealing it up cold tonight! LOL
Agreed. That's why spring ball works for the college little league conferences. Very few of their players are destined for the NFL.
Let's look at the silver lining: LSU will be the national champion for 2 years!!! LOL
Let's celebrate perhaps the best SEC line up in the history of SEC play. EVERY week is relevant and enticing!
Always good to see a different face rise in the rotation. I think it would be great to see KY rise up against Georgia and Florida.
The HUGE hidden issue here is the lack of out of conference play this year. I'm a huge SEC fan. But many big conference offenses and defenses will not have minor league teams to assist in stat building. Look for some no names from small conferences to climb the stat chase ... only to be disregarded (as they should be UCF ... ad your little leage team of choice) as we close in on 4 playoff choices.
Well played Ol' Mizzou. Truth right there.
Solid point right here Noble-dude. Myles has his tools and the tools around him. However, It's a wild card to expect top play from any given quarterback against SEC defenses. But it's not a reach to expect a top-quality defense from LSU. If LSU is to return to the throne, it will likely take a more balanced game.
All fine, except #4. I like to enjoy the thought of an 8 team playoff and the "hope" infused for quality teams with a loss on their resume. They would still be in the hunt. Even outside looking in at the 9-12th rankings would retain hope of backdooring in. More programs would still get the hype of "still have a chance" later in the season.
They will be good. Need to not compare them, or anyone else to the 2019 squad. Simply put, they are in transition, but should be good. How quickly they mature will determine a lot. Certainly they are to be in consideration of being in contention.
But you have to admit, ... its great to have those dreams. I'll bet most programs WISH they could have those dreams have the opportunity to bloom into reality. LOL
How thankful we should be for this cluster f____. 2003 was a hugh contributor to the momentum that eventually gave us a playoff. How much fun was that this past year (2019)? Now just enjoy watching the evolution, as we head toward 8 teams. Thank you 2003!
Tiger fan here. While I'm disappointed by the team move, .... I cheer for your comment. SDS actually has an updated football article! Let's celebrate
Am I the only one who misses Miles post game interviews? You never knew where he was going, barely follow his point or what was coming next. But always liked listening to him. I guess Mike Leach will have to take the mantle.
LSU fan here. I appreciate the inclusion. While we return reloading with excellent talent, we don't return too many with depth of experience. I can see LSU looking something like 2018. Quality team. Just not quite the depth of experience for the big dance.
Auburn didn't just play these guys last year. They played them well.