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Good for Kelly. He said what needed to be said. I appreciate the straight talk.
Jayden to Chicago, ..... Nooooooooooo! Chicago, ... where QBs go for a career death.
Exactly what I luv about this format! LOL Let the golden dome tears commence
Really? Really? WTF is in (or missing from) these kids’ brains? If true, this is life changing for them (him). Reeeaaally?!?!?!
What an idiot! I have no remorse in calling this guy an ultimate F___tard. Nothing about his actions supported the team. Nothing an about this betting was smart. Nothing about this is about anything other than him. May his career implode with the roll of the dice he has CHOSEN. And may his actions not reflect on LSU. This is HIS doing. May the vortices of stupidity and narcissistic behavior be accordingly rewarded.
Good for him. Everyone needed a new start in this situation.
Not a huge monetary difference. But the career upside is huge.
2nd JTFs comment. Stl. Gator is hereby elected official interpreter. Thank you sir. LOL
Right. The money is not tremendously different! But the upside of this job is quite different.
Booches,.. lateral job? Mizzou vs LSU? Whaaaaat? Now you’ve really discredited yourself. Try a 7 step sobriety program!
LSUMC, … Booches is just a hopeful Mizzou troll. You’re not going to fix irrational stupid.
Booches, … you need to quit the juvenile posting while you’re behind. You’re embarrassing your school. Hey Mizzou,… sorry bout this hire. We really need def help. Sorry that it’s at your expense.
Yesss, ... THAT game performance was one for the ages! Definitely top 10 material.
LSU is on a reasonably good path. Relatively good recruiting class with HEAVY local roots. Now IF the development and retention occurs, ... then LSU may be up to the stout schedule of 2024.
As an LSU fan, I feel we owe a debt of gratitude to A&M for outbidding us for Jimbo! Thank you to your boosters! Thank you to your AD! ... and thank you to the A&M blatant monetary overreach. YOU all protected LSU from the dumpster fire that ensued,. ... and now to further contribute to the rest of college ball via the grand exodus of players via the portal! Ya'll are such a philanthropic dumpster fire. Thank you!!!
"He have move" .... excellent. When seeking to lead in a communication based medium, always lead with ... you know ... the english language. LOL. Braaaaaahhaaahaaa
You are clearly not keeping up with LSU. Nuss is the starter. Competition is a good thing. Behind Nuss there is virtually NO experience. That means we are one play away from a freshman equivalent at the most important position. This move gives LSU options and a backup. It even give LSU competition at the position. Consider: Didn't LSU bring in competition when we had a full QB room in 2018? ... and despite a full QB room, they made room for competition. What was that guy's name out of Ohio State? Rinse and repeat: LSU had its QB in 2022 room when they brought in "competition" from some California guy who was playing in Arizona. What was his name? Hmmmmmm. Have we learned anything?
BK locking down the homefront! Welcome Keylan
I hear ya'. That whole "results" thing. It clearly get in the way of stuff sometimes :)
Local spin for the money: I see a bowl game of LSU vs Tulane brewing. Now there's an old school resurrected rivalry. Bonus: Did you know that Tulane used to be a member (perhaps founding members) of the SEC?
... and then there's that other scenario that's not even discussed. LSU very plausibly could beat Alabama. Now look at the water that takes us to! Yes, I know cornerback hell. But I'm suiting up and stretching, waiting for Kelly's call! LOL
It's what Ron does. Sophomoric lowering the bar for juvenile amusement.
Try LSU! They seem to be coming together. Will be interesting to watch. .... or if you are a Miss homer, you might try a long shot with Ole Miss, ... though I'm not a fan of theirs.