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Ummmmm, of course anyone in his position has leverage. Do you believe any NFL franchise would waste a #1 pick on a player who says he'll not play there? I'm not saying he won't agreeably choose to play there. But to make the statement that he has no leverage is short sighted.
Good point. BTW-Please thank Felipe Franks for hosing LSU at the very end of the recruiting process. Without his leaving LSU in the lurch, we may have never gotten Burrow. We are grateful for Franks lack of understanding of the word commitment.
Why should we mind a little pole dancing. Next year I'll have my cash ready. Don't worry. Our kids should be exposed to this at an early age.
LSU fan here. Gotta agree with this review. Spot on.
Lost 3 of 4 best receivers? Huh? Name them. Given that Chase and Marshall are returning, DarthA's credibility is thin. LSUZach is posting with knowledge and facts.
Gotta agree with that. Luv me some coach O. But even as an LSU fan, I believe coach O must put up a few years more of consistency before we reference him as elite. With that said, I can see it very possibly come to fruition.
LSU, ... middle of the pack? Dude, ... come back when you have credible content.
Love me some Coach O. My boys in Baton Rouge will be talented but young. Don't get me wrong, they will have good talent. But the trail off of experience by the mass movement to the NFL is hard for anyone to to overcome in the first year after such a profound Natty. (Respect to BAMA who regularly gives it a good annual effort). LSU will be competitive. Look for a possible return to contender in a couple of years.
Thank you sir. This season is one for the ages. Best wishes to Brady as his pursues his upward trajectory back in the NFL.
Bayou Tiger is spot on. Would have loved to see Lee try.
2nd one word, .... unicorn season. Well, two words.
No kid is perfect. That's not what's being discussed here. His FACT pattern is way out of pattern.
Certainly the kid's call. But it's accurate to call out the shady way he's handled it.
Fun speculation, .... and Les Miles runs the dominant LSU via a cloud of dust!
Who knows what occurs behind the scene. But respect Auby for calling out the fallacy and game playing with the work "commitment"
I prefer to think of it as .... NOW, ... just take care of business. Bring another one home to the SEC.
He's a troll that is masquerading as a Bulldog fan. Fine bait.