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The separator: 2019 LSU beat more top 10 and top 25 teams than any team in history (not just 2020 Bama). What were the comparative stats on that again?
VERY rational thoughts, especially when it would have been easier for a BAMA fan to simply gloat. Thank you sir.
This transfer portal THING is watering down the "team" mentality. Sure, I get that players are basically free agents, just like coaches. I understand that the player wins and coaches win when they move around. But the losers are the fans who are supporting all of this and are STILL LOYAL to their respective team.
Yep, ... the colored glasses of recency bias are afoot.
Recency bias didn't take long. BAMA 2020 was great, but didn't slay as many ranked giants as 2019 LSU. The test was passed on the field.
UNC, Cincinnati and Iowa State ... it would be nice to see these refreshing faces in the top krewe.
That's the thing. Lots returning. But shouldn't I be concerned that its the same guys from the historically bad defense ... only 1 year older?
I hear ya, ... and as a homer, I'm wanting to be optimistic in the retention. Objectively however, shouldn't I worry that these are the same guys that looked pretty bad ... just a year older?
I agree that “you never know.” But that’s a throw out statement in any situation. What we do know is that Racey’s draft stock needs a boost. 2021 offers that!
Agreed. He needs (and seems capable of) a breakout season. 2021 should be THAT for him. Someone must be in his ear.
All those legacy names ... capping it with a Manning finally going to LSU would be ... would be .... ooooooooooh yea!
Not sure that it's about benefiting Clemson. It's about the integrity of the system.
Good comment/wondering. I like to think that if Brennan starts, Johnson is so young (was a true freshman this year) that he should stay put. Should Brennan not get the nod, he will have to make a move for career purposes .... think Burrow's decisions at Ohio State.
Both looked great. However, the difference in success had more to do with the defense stepping up with a huge number of turnovers in the last two games. Had they done the same early in the season, LSU would not have been 1-2 to start.
Thanks for the vote of confidence. What came around was turnovers. The yards racked up both in the air and on the ground continued.
... and yet you allocated the time for your "thoughtful" comment. LOL
True that they had the best OFFENSE. However, they also had an absurd margin of victory over top teams. THAT speaks to the overall supremacy.
LSU fan going against you on this one. Bama is legit #1 this year. Our beloved 2019 TIgers were generational. The long haired one QBing for the fake tigers will be humbled again in 2020.
... and Bamatime tries to deflect and change the topic
I'm with you LSUMC. I'll trade a few of these years for last year!
Love Coach O's honesty. He knew this was a mismatch. His focus is on the development of all these young players for the future.
... and as a team, 2019 LSU had more top 10 AND top 25 wins than ANY team in the history of Alabama.
With all of Bama's history of success, they NEVER accomplished that.
Hey Bamatime: Get off the crack. Deal in the currency of fact. 2019 No. 1 LSU beat No. 2 Clemson, No. 4 Georgia, No. 6 Florida, No. 7 Oklahoma and No. 8 Alabama. Auburn finished at No. 14 and even Texas finished the year at No. 25. Those would be considered signature wins for any program. LSU had seven. Nearly half of their games were signature wins.
This was the "forgone conclusion" game. We didn't see anything that wasn't already known.