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Proof that Payton is washed up please? He's been one of the best minds in the game, until proven otherwise.
Congrats GA. But that was so brutal and non competitive that I'm not sure that it was good for college ball. I'll bet the tune out ratings in the 2nd half will bear this out.
If "clutch" means ability to come back and squeak a win, ... then OK. But don't even suggest he's better than Burrow. Burrow didn't have to be "clutch", because he put his foot on the gas pedal continuously and distanced the team from most competition.
What about the long snapper and holder for extra points? We never talk about these high profile positions ...
Here's a purple and gold toast to the best pirate in college ball. Geaux forth to the great beyond coach. PS - They may ask you about the air raid up there.
We appreciate all that Daniels did for LSU behind a scratch work of an offensive line. Nobody ran for his life better. However, he's capped out. As this line improves, and can really support a QB, LSU needs better upside. Nuss and Howard are your keepers.
NIce. The perpetually overshadowed position of OL. When two OL on the same team are freshman starters in the SEC, ... and ONLY have 8 sacks cumulatively attributed to them, it is an extraordinary thing. Well deserved accolades.
Yes, yep ... and yep. Wish him the best. But these receivers ...
How dense do you have to be to realize that this has worked successfully for the NFL for decades?
I beg to differ. This year is all THE example you need. The year, the only Championship game with playoff implications is USC in the PAC-12. If we had the new format now, then EVERY other conference championship would have implications both from seeding, AND even getting in.
That just feels soooooo gooooood. LOL
... and you left out one "possibility". You know. The team that THIS WHOLE article is about!
Kelly is keeping his head down and has LSU's future "in business" again. No matter what happens in today's Bama game, .... any early success this year is just premature icing.
That's OK. Take solace in A&M's $$$ is everything pursuits!
Interesting to speculate on Brennan. Especially since the OL has been more solid than advertised.
Don't get caught looking too far. Worry about LSU first.
A&M transfer portal about to be the seed team for the rest of the SEC
Coach O retired with 17 mil ... and time on the beach! LOL "Geaux Tigahs"
The winner: LSU ... NEVER FORGET: When Jimbo played LSU for leverage to heap that $$$$ neck weight on those "buy a win" boosters of Texas! This is soooooooo GREAT!
I'm with you. With one exception. Daniel's effort was worthy of a thumbs up. He was under duress on almost every play. His legs kept LSU at least partially in this game. Sure he took off running a bunch. But I would submit that a less mobile QB would have gotten killed back there tonight.
Strategy: With the well below average play of the new OL, I would have hoped that the OC would have considered an adjustment of keeping an extra RB in for protection .... even if that limited the receivers out in the pattern. Remember: These are excellent receivers that were all but eliminated from the game due to the pressure.
I'm going the other way on this one. The main reason that LSU was even IN this game was because of Daniel's legs. He was under pressure on almost every play (except the deep to Boutte (PI) and the last TD pass. I think the kid showed out without much help from the OL. This essentially negated the talented wide receiver pool. Strategically, I would have considered keeping another running RB in the back field as extra protection.
It’s now or never for Emery. We’ll find out very soon, or his career in the NFL will never materialize.
Curious what you are referring to regarding meltdown. Was there something in his past?