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On this I have to ageee with a BAMA fan!
Wow, … luvin’ those combo stats. Makes a good case for your point.
Nothing meaningful here. Let's move along.
LOL, ... I too tapped out after paragraph 2 or 3!
Good call out. Cal-boy fell off the wagon and hit his poor lil head.
I agree with the Stingley assessment. But to be fair on the video: The Tennessee receiver had the 1st down. Had he come back for the ball, Stingley wouldn't have had quite as easy move toward the ball. But it changes nothing. Stingley and Ricks 2021!!!
Trying to understand that 250th stat ...??? Can ya' hep me??!?!?!
Yes, ... but with a little help from the OL, he needs to deliver that potential on the field .... and on a consistent basis.
"HOPE" ... That's the differential word that gives content to expansion. OK, sure ... like the article says, expansion will likely not change the outcome of heavyweights. However, we must consider the "staleness" of the game may benefit from an intravenous infusion of hope via that next tier of contenders that still believe they can take on the big boys on any given special Saturday. Whether delusional or not, everyone loves an underdog. Everyone desires to have another chance. Consider the addition of a taste of hope and relevance late in the year as teams ranked somewhere between 9-15 still believe they can get back in the fight if they can scrap their way to a backdoor 8th slot. Consider the additional national interest (outside of the south) that is good for the game. Even if the final national champion ends up being the same teams, ... hope bring more along for the ride longer. And that hope may shake up the current state of staleness.
A valid concern. But the QB room turnstile keeps spinning year after year. Too soon to tell what Arch will be up against.
They want us to "respect their decision" ... while they disrespect the fans who were all in.
Agreed. The 18 is usually more of a team "member" than a star.
Slow the roll. Tons of potential and homer cheering doesn't deliver the W's. Actual, on the field results is what we are looking for.
Gets you nowhere? Except for .... president of the United States! You sir win the idiot politicizing comment of the day. Crawl back to your loser SC program.
Watching for another team's tampering. This one doesn't smell right.
.... and THAT is how it will go this season at QB!
You do have a point. 60% IS reasonable numbers ... certainly with improvement potential.
Still, ... those games were lost by the defense.
Yes, R&B. Good summary. T'will be a bounce back year. Does that mean they will beat Bama? ... probably not. But the west of the west is on notice.
Except for the part where it's not hard evidence. It's been been well documented and argued both ways. If it was that easy, he would be gone. You're being simplistic.
While there's he said/she said smoke, ... the fact backed portion of this is starting to look more like a monetary extortion case.