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Would not be surprised at all to hear he will transfer out. Just my opinion
Game over before the 1st quarter is
Besides the mystery of why Gus won't at least give Gatewood a quarter or to of playing time, why in the world isn't Will Hastings involved in the offense. That kid is a player. He has a knack for getting open and can certainly catch the ball. Last year he saved our butt many times with good plays, haven't seen anything of him this year. Shorten up the routes so Bo doesn't get happy feet too quick, much like LSU did Sat.
How could you leave Auburn completely off this list when we sill have to play No's 1 3 and 5
I certainly wouldn't call that a dominating win! That was a winnable game for Auburn if they just had an average quarterback.
If we gave up 34 against "IDAHO" Bama can name the score.
It seems this year a 5 yard pass is considered a bomb. One QB hurt another can't throw the ball over 5yds, really? Do we only have 2 QB's on scholership?
I agree 100%. With first and goal at the 4 yrd line I would have fed Barber or Robinson the ball 4 times, just don't think they could have stopped either of them 4 times.
I think weagle could use a reality pill.
I've probably been an Auburn fan longer than you are old, not interested in your excuses. If you can't see how pathetic an effort that was then you need to move on to basketball or some other sport. Sick and tired of Gus telling us "we're getting better". We're not going to get better with the effort our defense and offensive line is displaying.
What a pathetic display from AU. Don't give me this ra ra WDE bs. It's time to write this season off and play our Freshmen and Sophs. Maybe we can be competitive in a couple of years. We've got to recruit some decent offensive linemen and some defensive backs. Those we have now can't do the job.
I had posted on another site about Toledo/Arkansas and i guess it was still in the back of my mind. Should have been the mighty UCONN that u dominated. Stop throwing rocks in your glass house!!
I swear, these Missouri fans are worse than Bama and FSU fans.
I agree with the MSU statements above, however JJ wasn't all of a sudden gonna get much better. May as well make a change and see how it goes, don't think it could be much worse. JJ just couldn't get a grip on the situation, couldn't run the zone read, couldn't throw the ball and just seemed to be lost on the field. We were wasting 3 of the better receivers in the league with Williams, Louis and Ray not getting an opportunity to make a play. I'm happy that they made the change either way it goes Sat. good luck MSU and I hope no one gets injured on either team.
We have 2 or 3 of the best receivers in the conference that are being totally wasted because of JJ's inability to get them the ball.
The play calling, in my opinion, is awful because our QB isn't capable of running the offense. He has no mobility, can't run the read option and can't throw the ball. We would be better off having a tackle hand the ball off and then help block. I just don't understand the coaching staff sticking with JJ. I'm certainly not trying to coach the team, just saying I don't understand.
We have 2 or 3 of the better receivers in the conference, and they are totally ineffectual because of our QB. I certainly don't consider myself a better coach than Gus, but I just don't understand the mindset of the coaching staff to basically waste these receivers just to stick with JJ. He isn't very mobile, can't run the read option and can't throw the ball. May as well replace them with a tackle for all the good they are doing.
#1 ? I guess they will be claiming national championship #16 now.