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Me too, I wish I could take my web traffic back. You're trash, Nick Cole.
Those are only fun for SEC fans. lol. The Wisc/USC game pretty good, if I was a Wisc fan and they lost after having that TD called back incorrectly I would have been a very unhappy badger.
I'd like to think that after that first head-butt he thought to himself: "I immediately regret this."
That wasn't meant to start a political conversation. It was only to liken him to other trolls on the internet who lack any sort of wit or creativity. But after coming back and reading my comment I can see why you came to that conclusion and I apologize, I had no intention of being "that guy".
"ALLBARN", really? You must be the guy who also posts on political websites calling Obama, OBUMMER.
I feel like the same people who would call the police for something like this are the same people who protest when police show up.
I think we should do whatever Katherine Webb says.... like immediately.
Eff the people who turned their back on him and didn't get him the help he clearly needed. Their inaction resulted in the death of an innocent person and devastation for countless loves ones.
They have 607k followers vs Auburn Football with 166k. :-(
I'm serious about that cream. Don't be stubborn.
If you post your address we'll be happy to send you some cream for that butthurt.
I think it would be more advisable to ingest your comment with a grain of salt instead.
Ha, the only thing more embarrassing than an Auburn grad making a simple math mistake is a Bama grad trying to point out that mistake. However, this thread should be deleted immediately before a Big Ten or ACC fan reads it.
The year doesn't in any way change the premise of his argument. Whiny Brat > Moron.
There are players on Auburn's poster, but obviously the emphasis is on the new coaching staff under Malzahn.