Still dreaming of Lundquist...

Recent Comments our programs are at the same place... Glad to arrive there finally. I was worried some of you guys wouldn't realize such basic stuff. UGA isn't there yet...I'm right...and I will continue to talk. Also, while Maryland is brought up, we have an active streak against you guys too! Pretty awesome isn't it! At the end of the day, all I did was ask a simple question because your boi ignorantly over-looked a good Auburn team. And as all other fan bases in this forum who can spell their mascot properly, you guys react so...childishly...when one of you guys are called out for willful ignorance. Oh least you have "the Next Saban" to guide you to fortune. I admire Bama, Florida, Auburn and LSU accounts who don't so often sh!tpost like you Bulldogs...everyone notices the sensitivity.
@DawginTX, like Ben said, I can do whatever I want here. You guys seem natural to sh!tpost on everyone else's articles because you think UGA has set some standard. Come join a Tex site, bring your boots and a harder attitude. UGA ain't there, buddy.
@ben7254, I know right? They get their a$$ chapped so easily...not indicative of a program used to excellence...maybe one day
Mullen would have Fromm running like a 'Vette compared to the John Deere Kirby the Coach has for him...dang shame...
Buddy, the top 4 resumes are in the south, and one those states is not Georgia. Until you leave your nest against someone half decent, you aren't in the conversation right now.
Yes, sir, Boxster sir. Your platitudes have convinced me to worry about my team now. I will concede. Lol Not disregarding context, we got beat by one of the top 4 programs (Clemson, Bama, LSU, Auburn) in the country, LSU deserves all the credit. That game obviously wasn't meaningless to them, their coaches seemed to have instilled that into the team...
@Shark Phucker UPDATE: Just finished She liked it Wants more I'm tired, but will satisfy She said she'll be home in a couple hours Remember, you brought this upon will receive royalties, though
@Dirty, welcome back, brother man! Sounds like you know a lot about dirty stretches! Sounds painful.... I'm sure there are some other sites you can remind yourself of that besides here...please keep this forum clean...
@Ben7254, it's too easy...I ask an honest question, the question goes through their IQ 25-heads and out comes autistic screeching equivalent to that thing from the Jack Links Beef Jerky commercials makes...maybe a little worse
Meaningless? I'm surprised anyone showed up, then! Dang, I didn't see that memo...also, for context, I'm talking about this year and reminiscing on the time we took the dogs to the wood shed. But back to the real topic of discussion, are you guys (fans) overlooking Auburn? They're kind of a big deal...
Your girl is the first cow up, buddy! Hope she can handle a little cow pokin'! You fell into this one, man. Stop talking.
@17Tide, no one has proved you wrong. Take it a step further: "Fromm is a game manager and nothing more because UGA is incompetent in offensive talent utilization" The kid could be so much better...
LSU gave us more competition than UGA, that's a fact. They are so much more talented and can beat P5 teams...which ND still isn't ironically!
Holy crap, man! Your wit is as legendary as watching Amy Schumer making fun of people who eat at Golden Corral! "Stop being mean to me, I don't go to places where you eat and tell you how to eat"
Typing from the bar our alumni group is celebrating at after wins...same bar we celebrated for the win in New Orleans... against the "next Saban" and his band of puppies...
By the way, before you worry about the SEC championship, you may want to worry about Auburn because you have a road game there against the best defense in the SEC and at a place Fromm and Kirby couldn't quite wrap their minds around last time... similar to New Orleans...just trying to jog your memory. I know your brain worked hard tonight trying to think how UGA couldn't cover a game they were so heavily favored in...
I asked myself the same question when I was watching your game tonight..."why am I watching these guys when we have their card already?"
Our 3s were almost non existent in the 1st half relative to how we normally perform....and still led at the half. Irrelevant.
Natty is not hard for UGA if they can pull their heads out of the sand in big game 4th quarters. Tua analogy not comparison. Heisman only if he were to start and UGA use his skillset with the offense... like how Saban leveraged Tua's talent with their offense. You will not be able to find a more talented and seasoned group of guys outside of Bama in two years. UGA should make the playoffs next year and with consistent recruiting and returning starters 2020 could be this year's Bama.
If its business, its time for fans to stop wishing well to departing talent and speaking out when the decision is prospectively not a good business move. This one is not a good business move today, maybe it looks better 5 years from now but not today. In the end, "you do you" and you live with your decisions.
What will be your thoughts if he does leave? I do think in 2020 that he will be what Tua is for Bama in providing an extra dimension to an offense which could prove more dominant than any other UGA team. SEC, Natty and Heisman.
Only bowl win....Birmingham bowl after starting as a Top 10 team.
Good leaders turn boys to men (*insert pop culture joke). But seriously, the mark of great leaders is ability to create leaders and cultivate "men". I don't think he has it unless he changes his application.
Said it last week when Pruitt couldn't control himself and took all his uncontrollable rage out on a player...this guy is not a leader of men. Unfortunately, Tennessee could not be doing much better with any other coach...talent and heart is not there.
That is not what Nick Saban does. He teaches you a lesson, does hang around to argue with you and definitely doesn't grab his players. Nick is professional, Pruitt looked unhinged and as if he was not teaching a lessons but was blowing off steam...not Nick Saban.
Those wins were never vacated due to punishments and the title was never rescinded by the AP...even the NCAA website has us listed as the Champs, and its wrong to claim it? You will literally grasp at dust with your child-like petulance.
Hell yeah you're running, bud. In our current era, Auburn has nothing on Alabama's corruption in the last 25 years. Auburn had problems but not resume Bama has since Auburn's last in 93. You repeating an antiquated stat of total infractions doesn't carry in this debate, it only demonstrates you have no where else to turn because you're dead wrong. Bottom line, Bama is not a model athletic department and hasn't been in the last 25 me credence to say whatever the hell I want about corruption around Bama fans because I am definitely in good company. I'll await your reply with another sorry excuse and the use of the irrelevant major infraction total... talking about 1957? You do know the AP awarded that one to us, right? They held the keys to the championship then. Save your fingers from typing more, man.