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You really think that Clemson can beat tOSU or LSU?!
Thank you! I was about to comment the same thing. That guy apparently knows nothing about football history.
Yeah I read that and was thinking "wtf?"... But then I remembered that it is that clow cowherd that we're talking about..
That's a lie! Because from everything I've read Auburn absolutely blocked Freeze from coming to Auburn!
Coming from an Auburn fan... LMFAO!!!! Now maybe all of the idiots that have been defending malzahn will realize how trash he really is!! I hope we lose every game the rest of the season and are forced to fire him!
Either he's trolling or he needs his head examined. Either way I agree that was the funniest comment I've read in a long time!
As a life long Auburn fan I have to kind of agree with you. It pisses me off to no end that Auburn thinks they always have to hire someone who has already been associated with the program. Nothing will change until Jay Jacobs is actually gone for good and either Pat Dye dies or gets too senile to even function. As far as Malzahn is concerned I was pissed when they hired him and I’ve been pissed about that ever since. Why they keep giving that idiot contract extensions and bonuses I will never understand...
But then again we haven't saw Kentucky swearing that they were gonna win the East/SEC every year either.. Just saying.
That's what I'm saying lol. They really got their feelings hurt by this article didn't they? Lmfao
I think Virginia Tech is going to beat the Vols in a really close game. I also think Arkansas State might beat Auburn. It will be closer than what people are thinking it will be.
I'm picking Arkansas State to "upset" Auburn. I won't be upset because I think there's a very real possibility for it to happen. It will definitely be a closer game than what people are thinking it will be.
Have fun getting your a** handed to you by FSU! I love how Ole Miss, who hasn't even played in an SEC championship game, thinks they're all of a sudden a powerhouse! Keep that mentality please so you can have a meltdown when, once again, your team doesn't do s**t this year!!
I agree with you on that. This loss is definitely on Gus and that high school quarterback he thinks is an offensive coordinator.
Exactly. If Bo or Herschel had 15 games nobody would be close!!
Holy hell what 3 year old wrote this article?? Get the records straight before you post an article. I mean really, how hard is it to do some simple research?? Whoever wrote this, please quit and never write an article again!
I honestly don't think he's even that age. Shame on his parents for not keeping him off the computer because he's clearly not of age to be on here.
It's amazing how you have proof of Auburn paying players but yet the NCAA didn't find anything..
InUrFace my 3 year old nephew can come up with better insults than that.. Do yourself a favor and just don't comment on here anymore.
That's what I'm saying lol he's said the same thing on every single post. We get it guy you're 110% sure nothing will happen to the football program.
Why doesn't Tre Mason get any love on these articles??