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Terrible. Auburn fans are pretty much all frustrated but what the hell do you gain booing the team or leaving games in disgust? We are 7-2 chill. Do your whining here on forums.
Hello 8-4. And hello to another year with Gus. I guess it's just the way it is.
It's situations like this that make me always second guess my wish for Gus Malzahn to be fired. Grass is always greener until you go over and step in a giant turd.
Think Auburn should be ahead of UGA but doesnt really matter in the grand scheme.
UGA, UF, AU...who has the worst loss
I think that is universally agreed upon. UGA games are the worst in college football and everyone celebrates them losing. Luckily UGA always seems to UGA every year.
Getting blown out by UNLV at home should be the nail in the coffin for Mason.
FL defense kicked our ass and our freshman looked like a freshman. Good win Florida yall look legit AF.
If we lose I'll be impressed with UF and back here rooting for y'all to punch LSU in the mouth.
I think Auburn getting up early is the key. Otherwise it will be a game that comes down to the final minutes.
This game is getting a little TOO hyped at this point. It's starting to feel like the UGA vs. ND game where everyone was so sure UGA would be up by 3 scores by the half. It's going to be a very hard fought game in a hostile environment, throw the stats out the window. The under is the play. I was feeling Auburn by 10 earlier in the week, but after all this hype and build-up it just feel like this will come down to the final minutes and could go either way. AU 24 UF 21
I wish it was still Frank's under center. Trask looks like he can be very good.
Gus wasnt calling plays last year, until the bowl game at least. Yes it's hard to swallow blowing the lead against LSU, or losing to UT at home, or MSST killing us. That's why this was the make or break year for Gus. So far he's back calling plays and exceeding expectations.
Auburn O-line is not a question mark, unlike Florida. Whatever credit you give to Trask goes out the window when UF becomes 1 dimensional and is running for his life. Yes, Bo is a true freshman, but he's also an undfreated true freshman with 2 huge wins away from Home. And a bit of a coming out party last game where I think everything really started clicking. I agree on the slugfest, until about the middle of 3Q when Auburn D starts enforcing it's will, and Auburn O starts wearing down a gassed UF defense. AU 27 - UF 17
1. Yes - but that will only last so long. We will adjust and start to pound them into submission in 2nd half. 2. Yes - he has proven himself plenty already that at minimum he is a very cool customer and doesnt make stupid mistakes. I expect a close game through the 1st half, with Auburn adjusting and pulling away 2nd half after some big defensive plays. AU 27 - UF 17
It's important to keep it all in perspective. I'm sure TAMU fans were thinking Auburn wasn't going to score against them after watching us struggle against Tulane. UF will be ready, and will have a good game plan to counter the issues. But by the 3Q they will be gassed and I think AU pulls away in the 4th after some big defensive plays.
UF didn't open as a 7 point favorite...maybe preseason I dunno? The opening line was "Pick" and it has shifted to -3 Auburn. This article sums it up pretty well, UF is going to have a huge problem with our D-Line and Linebackers. I'm expecting a very close game until about the 3Q when Auburn pulls away to win by 10. AU 27 - UF 17
Please just STFU. Maybe if we are still looking pretty Nov 5th when actual rankings come out we can talk.
So IF we beat UF by a good margin will u then say UF was exposed as a bad team who squeaked by Miami and Kentucky? At what point would our wins be because we are a complete team?
Yes will be very fun to watch. Auburn D is def for real and UF running game is suspect, so I feel good about Auburn coming away with a big win. AU 34 UF 24
Yes starting to feel very 2017ish. Hopefully we stay healthy and hungry.
Line opened as a Pick and then jumped to AU -2.5 quickly. I'm thinking by kickoff it may be closer to Auburn -5 or 6. This has all the makings on paper of exposing UF and Auburn winning big.
I agree but last year was so painful. THE LSU debacle, then MSST sh1t show, and icing on the cake losing to a very bad UT at home. That's some very tough stuff to just shrug off. But overall you are right, Auburn is a well run program that is pretty consistently good and every few years flirts with Nattys. Safe to say Gus will be here for quite a few more years.