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We haven't won in Baton Rouge since 1999 so it makes some sense.
I think it's pretty fair to say after this loss, attendance is going to drop off the map. At least according to my UT friends here in Nashville. They are beyond over it, until UT gives them some reason for hope again.
We did run for over 200yds against a very good Oregon D so don't get too discouraged. I think Gus was just trying to get the win and get the hell out of there.
Agree the play calling did not match what was happening on the field. Gus went into ultra-conservative mode and it could have been a disaster. Thankfully it all worked out. Defense won the day!
Literally everyone knew this was going to be a "hangover" game for Auburn, and many were calling for a possible upset or at least Tulane to beat the spread. We did enough to win on Offense, our Defense was not hungover at all, and we beat a good team. It's painful to hear grumbling already from Auburn fans who want to look at this game as a step back. 2-0 and probably the best D in the country...plenty to be excited about on the Plains!
Agree. 9-3 is very possible. And if our offense finds itself, I could see us upsetting UGA at home.
Our O-line is turning into a huge concern. At least Bo Nix has a lot of room to grow and could be great. Our OL is all seniors and I don't think there is much growth that can happen. Not really sure how we fix that. Thankfully our Defense could be the best in the country and is winning us games.
"In fact, Auburn is only projected to win four out of the final nine games of the season, according to ESPN’s Football Power Index." 10 games left...we are "projected" to win 5 of them. 7-5 with no big wins, and I don't think Gus survives. Gotta at least get 1 win against TAMU, FL, LSU, UGA, or Bama. I think we will.
7-5 the party is over. He'd may survive 8-4 as long as the 4 losses were competitive. Still losses to TAMU, LSU, UGA, & Bama would leave everyone prob wanting a change.
If we dont flip any of the odds, that's 7-5. Even with the good vibes, Gus wouldn't survive that. BUT...I think we win 2 or 3 swing games to go at worst 9-3. UF and TAMU? Maybe a well rested Auburn catches a beat up UGA at right time?
You have to admire his poise. In the game, talking to the media, wherever...Bo always seems calm, cool, and acts like a true Auburn man.
Teams have nothing to do with who they schedule? Umm.
Bama missed 2 kicks. Auburn missed 1 kick.
I think Oregon is a very good defense. Unfortunately we play a lot of very good defenses this year.
Oregon looked good, they wont fall that far IMO.
That Auburn line will climb for sure
What a win. Our defense is just plain nasty. Bo is going to be something special as the season goes on.
Love this kids story. Could be a huge star for AU next few years.
I think Oregon could have enforced the 15yd unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on a 2pt try. So he had to just kick.
Gotta give Gus credit for hanging with him. Bo is gonna win a lot of games at Auburn.
26mil...but yes Gus struggles and Gus is gone. Its boom or bust this year.
Agree with everything except the 50/50 crowd. I think Auburn will have the crowd advantage. Going to be a hard fought game. AU 24 Duck 20
Couldn't agree more on the start times.
Even 8-4 with 4 losses not being competitive means Gus still won a few big games and probably going to finish 9-4 in a decent bowl. I doubt hes fired if that happens, we have too much young talent for a coaching change right now and it's a huge buyout. Anything less than 8-4 though...say bye bye.
So basically only 3×5 signs that say Go Team!