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It's insane that Auburn would fire Gus without already having a great HC lined up as a replacement. If Steele becomes the new HC this is going to turn into a disaster. Why the FAQ would they spend 21 million to replace Gus with Steele?? Ugh.
Sadly I think a good number of Auburn fans including myself are hoping we struggle against MSST so we can end this thing once and for-all. Everyone is ready for Gus to go and this year with a loss to USC, no ranked wins, and blow-outs to our 2 biggest rivals, GTF out of here Gus.
100% agree just cancel 2020 and restart Fall 2021.
Fullmer summed it up yesterday. If you want to see college football this Fall everyone needs to get on board and get a mask on to stop the spread of this thing. Until that happens the numbers will keep a bad trend and they have no choice but to delay or cancel. The US is way behind on this one simple practice that's proven over and over to be so effective in slowing COVID down.
You do realize even with a 34% tax increase we still have insanely low property taxes right??
You can't trust the # of cases right now, it's way lower than actual because of testing issues. The # to look at is deaths, and right now that's around 33,000 but with only around 650,000 cases. That's over 5% death rate which we know is not acurate. Death rate is probably close to 1% - 2%...meaning we probably have more like 3-4 million cases in the US right now.
I think officials from county to state to federal all know this. That is why they are pushing very very hard to get widespread testing in place so that anyone can get a test anytime they want. Without widespread testing what we are doing now is all for nothing. Even with shutting down the entire country and everyone staying inside we have millions of cases and already 30,000 dead. Imagine how many dead if we had just lived our normal lives? Millions. But I agree, they have to figure it out rapidly, people are starting to lose their minds. Massive widespread testing is the answer.
Give it time. We are doing the right thing right now, and we have to figure out the next "right thing" for moving forward. I can tell you this, the right this is 100% not just everyone saying screw it let's just get back to normal now. The key will be widespread testing and that is starting to ramp up. Once everyone can get a fast test, including an antibody test to see if they have previously had this virus, then things will start to get back to a new "normal".
You nailed it man.Here in TN the Governor just announced free statewide testing starting this weekend at pop-up sites in every major county. He urges ANYONE to get a test that wants one and also says the results can be quick. If that happens how they say it will happen, it's a whole new ballgame, and it's only April. I really think necessity will drive innovation here, and we will have major widespread testing in place by August, including anti-body testing to confirm those that have already had the virus. Once that happens, and I'm confident it will, life will return to a new normal that involves lots of testing and everyone waiting their turn to have to do mandatory isolation when they test positive. I think we see football this Fall. Too much money is riding on it and we have time to figure it out.
EH...slow your roll bro. Alabama still pulling in way better recruits by the numbers, and until that changes would be hard to ever say AU has surpassed them. Now UGA? LSU? Case can be made that they have surpassed Bama as the better programs for sure.
I don't see how people can blame Clemson for the ACC being full of garbage teams. At least they have @ Notre Dame.
Auburn fans praising Auburn...but still a great point.
SEC needs a big year. That 6-6 last year stung.
As much as I want to see Derrick and Marlon murder some B1G OL's, I hope they sit out this one. They both did Auburn a huge service coming back for their Senior year and playing lights out. They are probably the main reason we aren't sitting at 7-5 or worse. No need for any further risk, go get paid boys!
Michigan is an elite program and they expect to compete against OSU. Harbaugh isnt the guy to get it done, it's very clear. His days are numbered.
Jimbo needs to win this one or going to be a lot of grumbling is College Station.
I'm curious if we have any players sit out.
It's about where a team finishes idiot. That's what dictates how good they were in a given year. Not some preseason ranking.
Not about the loss, it's about how UGA fans win. They suck at it, and have zero class. It's pretty universally agreed to on these boards.
With UGA's talent top to bottom, yes going 10-2 with 2 embarrassing losses is a failure. You know it, everyone knows it. Now Auburn going 9-3 with our schedule and huge question marks on offense was a great season for AU fans. The losses were hard fought, and then an Iron Bowl victory makes it a good season. That's just how it goes man.