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Think it was a foul, but before his shooting motion. Would have been 2 shots.
Benefits both teams...which is why it was mutually agreed upon.
Am I only one wondering what prevents say a MSU fan in a UGA hat throwing something and helping his team win? What a stupid stupid rule.
This is just a fallback plan if he doesn't qualify with Auburn for whatever reason. We haven't lost anything yet.
What a mess. It literally should be Saints in the Super Bowl that call would have ended the game with a FG. Also...if Dee Ford wasnt offside its Saints vs Chiefs. Crazy stuff.
Eh you lose to TN at home you dont deserve a thing.
Does he even count against the class with no scholarship?
Wonder how much longer Saban stays...nothing else to do and only a successful year if you win the NC.
All these big guys coming back for Senior season is making me all warm and fuzzy about 2019.
UT fans will feel some level of justification from this news. They are still so so wrong.
Wow! YES!! Never thought in a million years he was coming back, especially after dominating the Music City Bowl.
It's that kind of "logic" that had UCF claiming a natty.
The point hes making is Auburn will be good enough to challenge UGA and Bama at home next year...making them part of the playoff conversation. As in...if we knock off UGA they wouldn't make the playoffs.
I think he could "get away" with losses to LSU, UGA, and Bama...9-3 finish and a good Bowl keeps him around. That will be very hard to accomplish.
I'm confused how him being on the sideline is some kind of distraction to the team. If anything he can help coach up the guys stepping in for him and also stay part of team for years to come. Helps recruiting!
If Gatewood has a strong spring and develops we should surprise people next year. He's perfect for Gus.
You saying it was the same play calling as the rest of the year makes you look ignorant. Anyone who has even an ounce of knowledge about Auburn this year saw the play calling that got us to 7-5 vs the play calling in MSB was night/day different.
No kidding...bitter sweet stuff here. What could have been in 2018. Now...who's QB in 2019?
Bitter sweet of what this 2018 season could have been...but yes a big sigh of relief. We needed this one.
I think we looked pretty solid on Offense last year. This year a very young and inexperienced O-Line really defined our entire season. Granted that is still on Gus for not having a better developed O-Line ready to go for this year. Either way, Auburn isn't in the nose dive that so many want to believe. We can still win big games next year, and will.
I think(hope) the Auburn defense is going to play distruptively strong much like our 1st game against Washington. In fact I think the game is going to be almost exactly like that first game, Auburn 21 Purdue 17.
I guess I just have to ask why they wouldn't play Asa when we clearly could have used him. Gotta be a good reason and I dont feel like this is as bad a loss as writers trying to make it.