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MSST got screwed in a huge way. Changed the entire game, what a shame.
A very young O-Line and a coaching staff that cant make crucial adjustments.
Save the Black Jerseys for a big game, where the result is actually is important and in question!
**devolved There I fixed that for ya'll.
I'm not sure I've come across any AU Fans who are right now sitting there saying "Good Job Gus, you dug in and got some gritty wins against Ole Miss and TAMU." Nah. If anything the win against TAMU showed just how bad the coaching was for 55 minutes of the game, and then flashes of the potential, of what this offense COULD have been this year, in the last 5 minutes. When you have great talent and still lose games like LSU and TN solely on horrible coaching, changes have to happen. 7-5 with this team is unexcusable.
You should want us to win and at least make the Iron Bowl interesting until kick off LOL
Sucker punches can be lethal. If you wanna fight at least square up and be a man. What a shame, hope they get some good jail time.
It's a computer. For example us dropping a spot and TAMU gaining a spot after we just beat them should make you see how they work. We played a horrrrible game and won on a very late burst. But we still only put up beyond horrible offensive numbers, while TAMU had great numbers. The computer only interprets data. We are a beatable team, that's what the conclusion is. And TAMU is a little less beatable.
Until you are forced to play a hard schedule you just simply don't deserve to be in the Championship discussion. Period. Go over UCF's schedule, and I would say 10 to 12 of the SEC teams would go undefeated. It's not an idictment against UCF, they are good, you don't win 16 games in a row without being a good football team. Still doesn't mean they deserve a shot though.
Of course, I agree. After the disapointment of how the season ended, it was very clear Auburn did not give a crap about the consolation game, against UCF. And for UCF, this was their biggest game the programs history. But still, we should have just bucked up and taken care of business. It was a sad game to watch, and now we have to listen to this UCF garbage.
Forget about UGA and Bama. We're gonna lose to Ole Miss and TAMU and finish 5-7.
Brutal. If we finish 5-7 or even 6-6 do they figure out how to pay Gus 32 million to go away?
Just a matter of time. And honestly we could really screw the pooch and lose the rest of our SEC games. 5-7 would surely end the madness this year. I assume 7-5 forces one more year. Gus just isn't the guy. I hope if the right coach comes along they pull the trigger.
I think the bolder statement is Nick Fitzgerald gets yanked after MSST scores 3 points in first half. Hard to argue that Auburns offense has been lifeless though. The under is a great bet on this game. AU 20 MSST 9
How is Mizzou only -6 to Purdue? Bet of the week for sure.
The rule makes sense, but it is just brutal. It's almost always enforced just like in the TAMU game when it's an effort fumble with a guy reaching out trying to score in a huge situation. That's why it's such a horrible rule, because it gets enforced at the most brutal times. I'd love to see a new solution. Like others have said, maybe the offense should just get the ball at the 20 and whatever down it would have been next.
Jesus enough already about Auburns "fumbling problems". Those happened by backups in garbage time. How many turnovers against Washington?
That MSST estimate is garbage. We manhandled the same team last year and we are only better this year. They must be putting a lot of stock on cowbells.
They will probably be in the CFP at 11-1 and the Pac12 champ. I thought they looked outstanding...our D-Line really stepped up to win that game for us.
I think the better stat would be his 26/36 vs. Washington...some real competitition and he completes 72%. We were trying some different things out against ASU.
LSU should get slightly exposed here in this game. Revenge will be sweet. AU 28 LSU 13