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If the buyout wasnt insane Gus would already be gone. He does have plenty of great numbers to lean on, but also some very bad ones that show a problem. Def a make/break season for Auburn. I'm hopeful our defense is going to keep us in a lot of games as Gatewood gets better and better. We have the talent to shock the naysayers.
Bringtherain totally agree. My original post says same thing. But it seems like some people here wanna treat this kid like a cold blooded murderer and lock him away for the rest of his life.
And the "serious problems with our legal system" you're referring to is mercy for unintended outcomes.
SevenT...have you never sped in a vehicle? Or driven drunk? Or Tired? Or looked at your phone driving? How about some stupid things you did at a teenager? This kid didn't intend for any of this to happen, and it was an incredible tragedy that it did. Don't act like 4 years in jail, as a teenager especially, is nothing.
Oskie...you have a skewed view of the world man. People make mistakes and accidents happen every single day. Accidents are not intentional. He didn't intend to kill anyone. You are acting like you've never sped in a car, or looked down at your phone, or anything else. People make bad choices, and very rarely those bad choices lead very bad consequences. Yes, THAT'S LIFE. It's insanely tragic. And...it could happen to you or anyone you love. I went to Auburn, I love Auburn, I've met Rod Bramblet so many times I've lost count. He was a great man. RIP.
I drove fast, I smoked pot, I drank. Me and my group of friends did TONS of stupid things that could have gotten people hurt or killed. Certainly things that I look back on and go..WOW I got so lucky to get out of my younger years unscathed. Kids take stupid risks. That's life. It's not coddling to not make those mistakes ruin the rest of their very long lives. This WAS an accident, he didn't intentionally do anything. There WILL be consequenses, including jail and felony convictions and the living with his actions for the rest of his life.
Alabama laws for vehicular manslaughter are 2-20 years sentence. A good lawyer will get this down to negligent homicide w/DUI(assuming they can prove he was high at the time with odor or paraphernalia) and that carriers a 1-10 year sentence. Mostly likely this kid will get around 4 years with possible release after 18 months, and then a long probation period. It's good he was charged, actions need consequences. I'm sure a majority of the people posting here today, including myself, are very lucky our actions at 16 didn't get somebody killed. He didn't want to kill anybody, but it happened. He will pay a price for that and I hope can move on with his young life after this and be a good productive person. RIP Rod & Paula. Such a tragedy.
The even years always tend to suck when UGA & Bama both road games. I'm honestly relieved we aren't playing some huge game to start the year like we have in '16, '17, '18, & '19...
Results speak for themselves so it's hard to argue with the points he made. It's always been a major criticism of Malzahn. This is the make or break year. He's either going to develop a young QB with plenty of raw talent and win some big games, or he's going to be fired.
Zero mention of the double dribble missed call that would have iced the game. Interesting!
Auburn basketball will be around quite awhile with what Pearl is building here on the Plains.
Definitely a make or break season. I'm hoping Gatewood channels his inner Cam Newton and takes over the QB position with some nasty runs and clutch passes. Also worth noting, probably 2 of these guys will be in transfer protocol before the season is over.
If we can keep our heads in the game and not get swept up in the atmosphere it should be a really fun game. Hope we get some great support from AU fans making the trip. WDE!
The fact that Auburn started so poorly against KY and was down by double-digits early in the 1st half, just to come back and make it a great game before HT really shows everything you need to know about this team. They are well coached, play their game, and have extreme confidence that even if they hit a rough few minutes, they are able to run with any team in the country and get back into it. Hard to bet against a team like that, on a run like this.
Think it was a foul, but before his shooting motion. Would have been 2 shots.
Benefits both teams...which is why it was mutually agreed upon.
Am I only one wondering what prevents say a MSU fan in a UGA hat throwing something and helping his team win? What a stupid stupid rule.
This is just a fallback plan if he doesn't qualify with Auburn for whatever reason. We haven't lost anything yet.
What a mess. It literally should be Saints in the Super Bowl that call would have ended the game with a FG. Also...if Dee Ford wasnt offside its Saints vs Chiefs. Crazy stuff.
Eh you lose to TN at home you dont deserve a thing.
Does he even count against the class with no scholarship?
Wonder how much longer Saban stays...nothing else to do and only a successful year if you win the NC.
All these big guys coming back for Senior season is making me all warm and fuzzy about 2019.