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EH...slow your roll bro. Alabama still pulling in way better recruits by the numbers, and until that changes would be hard to ever say AU has surpassed them. Now UGA? LSU? Case can be made that they have surpassed Bama as the better programs for sure.
I don't see how people can blame Clemson for the ACC being full of garbage teams. At least they have @ Notre Dame.
Auburn fans praising Auburn...but still a great point.
SEC needs a big year. That 6-6 last year stung.
As much as I want to see Derrick and Marlon murder some B1G OL's, I hope they sit out this one. They both did Auburn a huge service coming back for their Senior year and playing lights out. They are probably the main reason we aren't sitting at 7-5 or worse. No need for any further risk, go get paid boys!
Michigan is an elite program and they expect to compete against OSU. Harbaugh isnt the guy to get it done, it's very clear. His days are numbered.
Jimbo needs to win this one or going to be a lot of grumbling is College Station.
I'm curious if we have any players sit out.
It's about where a team finishes idiot. That's what dictates how good they were in a given year. Not some preseason ranking.
Not about the loss, it's about how UGA fans win. They suck at it, and have zero class. It's pretty universally agreed to on these boards.
With UGA's talent top to bottom, yes going 10-2 with 2 embarrassing losses is a failure. You know it, everyone knows it. Now Auburn going 9-3 with our schedule and huge question marks on offense was a great season for AU fans. The losses were hard fought, and then an Iron Bowl victory makes it a good season. That's just how it goes man.
Could be the nail in Harbaugh's coffin.
It's mostly just what UGA fans deserve. As people have said already, y'all have a Bama arrogance with a Vanderbilt trophy case and everyone is tired of it. Year after year UGA blows it with some serious talent.
LSU vs OU OSU vs Clemson Great Playoffs! I think it comes down to LSU vs OSU and Burrow leaves with a Natty, Heisman, and #1 draft pick.
Maybe a nice beat down from Bama will send him on his way. Safe to say he's peaked at Michigan and isn't the answer to beating OSU.
God I love watching UGA get smashed. Going to be a veeeeery quiet message boards from cocky dbags.
We felt it a bit with Cam and Fairley in 2010. Felt like the entire country was rooting against us. Cant imagine that feeling every year.
Interesting thought. Something tells me Kiffin is a bit too much of a wild card for Auburn. This is a huge get for Ole Miss if true though.
@TrophyKing80: Regarding Bo Nix...I think just watching him this year he has made some very freshman mistakes and throws. The kind of things that get better with experience and practice. He has also made some really great throws, like the bullet to Sal Canella on the run in the Iron Bowl, or the very accurate pass into double coverage to Seth Williams(which Seth caught with 1 hand to make it amazing). Heck...if Bo didn't make a terrible freshman mistake against UGA and underthrow that 4th down play to end the game, I really think Auburn would have won and we are 10-2. Then combine that with his scrambling ability and the RPO, whicch this year as a freshman again he didn't make some good decisions on when to pull the ball. I just think he WILL get better, and he has a skill set that should make him a very good QB as he matures and gains experience. My hope is by his Junior season we are a threat to make the CFP.
Swings both ways! We have some games we just look so so so so bad and nothing goes our way. Which is why a winning coach who has beaten Bama more than anyone else is still considered on the hot seat. Hell, if we hadn't won the Iron Bowl this year, there's a decent chance Gus was gone with an 8-4 record.
Gotcha...we can agree on the poor title. Because when I first saw it on Facebook I was like...hmm, do they?