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The easiest way to fix this is to go by Playoff rankings. You can keep the divisions as they are but make the championship game based off of the 2 highest ranked teams in the playoff poll. If you do that you won't wind up with teams in their conference championships that took advantage of a weak division. It also eliminates CFP gripes like the kind Penn State had. If you use this method you would have had a rematch between UM and OSU and Alabama and Auburn. It would have made for more interesting football and given each conference a legitimate champion. It would also eliminate the gripe people had when teams that did not win their conference make the playoff even though it was clear they were the best team in that conference see OSU. I think all the power 5 conferences would go a long way to make the playoff committee's job easier if they adopt this method. You don't need to change up the divisions to do this and also it basically covers a conference when teams go into slumps. It can survive the cycles of good and bad years for divisions if you send your 2 best teams from your conference to the conference championship game regardless of what division you play in. Just because Bama is riding high right now doesn't mean anything. If we use this they could have potentially had to play aTm, LSU or Auburn again. That makes for great football too. This easily solves the playoff situation and conference championship issue.
In games he's started we had a a chance to win. If he had been healthy against UGA we would have won that game too. I wanted JF3 to come in and win the job because I like what Auburn's offense looks like with the threat of a qb run. I am more concerned with Gus's playcalling this season. We lost games because of redzone offense. We settled for FG's too many times last season. If the defense has improved on 3rd down and our red zone offense has improved we can be a 9-10 win team this year barring injury, if we get a few lucky bounces again we could win the SEC....These are a lot of ifs though